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 3  Ovulation and pregnancy Wow just serious cramps as though I have an ulcer. Good gracious. That is all, and a runny tummy. Appetite out of the window. I took panado to calm the pain. Other than that I just have 5 days for baby dust. Waiting 7 years, so this pain is nothing compared to the next few years of joy. So gonna make it happen. Eyes closed, stomach on. :) F 35 5 days
10 1X D
 3  Provera to jump start my period Taking Provera for me was easy. It made my spotting slow down. The only side effect I had was insomnia. Woke up several times during the night. I did not have my period for 4 months, and the last month I was spotting without a normal flow. MD prescribed Provera for 10 days, he said at least take if for 5 days. Provera worked. It slowed down my spotting, and I started my period the next day after taking my last 5th pill. The first three days I was bleeding like a normal period however had very annoying cramping, and lower back pain. Day 4 I had to leave work early as I started passing clots and bleeding heavily. Day 5 I had blood clots passing every hour, and changed heavy pads every hour. Woke up twice at night to take myself to the bathroom to let the blood clots leave my body. I am on day 6 now. The night was a hell. I woke up three times passed about a cup of blood clots at 5 am. And another 1/2 cup at 7:30. Cramping started to goaway as of this morning. Started taking Iron supplement 50 mg twice a day. Feeling week, having palpitation, crying and feeling depressed. Thinking if I should go to ER. But then again, are they gonna put me on more Provera? And maybe schedule a D&C later? Feel miserable. I don't know how to avoid taking Provera in a future. I am 43 and skipping periods is a normal aging process. F 43 5 days
5 mg
 1  Abnormal bleeding Dry mouth, fatigue, constipation,sweats,bloating,headache, blurry vision I hope I don't ever have to take this again. Despite of using it for 10 days I am still bleeding! F 38 10 days
10 mg
 4  No period after miscarriage/ ttc Weight gain, really tired first few days, irritable, moody I had a miscarriage (had to use misoprostol bc body wasn't expelling naturally) on Dec. 16th and haven't had a period after 7 weeks. Took Provera 10mg for 7 days. Finally started bleeding on day 9 very heavy. Hopefully it reset my system, will o and get pregnant. F 36 7 days
 5  endometriosis, constant pain Almost nothing, brief period of morning sickness type nausea but that didn't last. Was still able to maintain and actually lose weight. My period started when I was 9 and I had severe pain right from the start. At 12/13 I saw a specialist and had ultrasounds which came up mostly normal but they suspected endometriosis. They told me to come back when I started to have pain when I wasn't on my period. At about 18 I started to wake up in the night with what I can only describe as labor pains that would last anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours. I haven't had children but my sisters who have (and also have endo) have agreed the intensity of the pain is the same and sometimes worse than contractions. I had been on The standard pill since 13/14 to skip periods as pain management but when this started I couldn't find a pattern, or control it with the codeine I had been prescribed as it was so sporadic. Eventually had more scans done showing an abnormal wall of my uterus but nothing else. My GYN then prescribed me provera for 3 months. Immediately my pain stopped. I had 2 and a half months 100% pain free and then had two weeks (in my mind a long periods worth) of near constant pain but that stopped. She was highly suprised that's had no side affects and has allowed me to stay on it indefinitely and I don't see myself stopping any time soon it's the most effective thing I have ever taken and its been 11 years of trying to sort out my pain! F 20 3 months
 2  Force a period Back pains, abdominal pains, breast tenderness, tingly fingers, headaches, mood swings, so tired all the time Haven't had a period in two years hoping this gives me a period I only have two days left F 21 7 days
 3  fibroids and menorrhagia Mood swings, hot flashes, tender breast, constipation, andLABOR PAINS-cramps like contractions and lower back pain First off I hate this synethic mess. I should have just demanded a partial hysterectomy and been done with it. I have 3 beautiful children and a set of unexpected lovely Twins whom I would NOT trade for the world. I started having heavy bleeding in Oct 2015. I did not have pain but just a flood of Biblical proportions. I finally decided to tell my internist who ordered an ultrasound. It was discovered I had multiple fibroids she sent me to my GYN asap. My GYN prescribed this mess instead of a partial hysterectomy. I started the meds on 04 Dec. The emotional roller coaster started, very tender breast, constipation, night sweats,and hot flashes from hell. Mind you prior too taking provera I was comfortable as far as no pain just heavily bleeding and anemic. I told my doctor and her nurse said that is "normal" with hormones and see if I could hang in there for 3 months. Then my period came 12 Jan. It was spotting brown and it acted as if it was stuck and I started having labor pains. Yes contractions not cramps. The same pain I had with all five of my angels starting in the lower abdomen and lower back simultaneously aka labor pains. I could feel my enlarged uterus hardening. I took motrin my menses came in slow and med flow and with all the fine clots with it. It is 16 Jan and I am still tossing and turning like a woman expecting a child. I have to take this until March 2016. I can't. The labor pains never ends. I am just going to say good bye to my tired F 36 3 months
10 mg
 3  Heavy prolong periods Headaches, insomnia, heart racing, tiredness, cramping and bloating I have been taking this medication for 6 days and I'm still bleeding. It's not heavy as it was but it's still here. It's light and spotty but I thought it would be gone by the 6th pill. 6 days
 3  amenorrhoea Excruciating lower back and abdominal pain. Heavy bleeding with clots. Bloated. Constant hunger. Always tired. Don't know if it is normal but my lower back felt as though it was tearing apart. I was in so much pain that I cried literally as I drove home. Felt as though I was having early contractions when in labour. Is there another way to regulate my cycle. F 30 5 days
 3  Absent period HEAVY bleeding, bloating, extreme cramps in stomach and lower back, constipation, diarrhea, and mood swings. (Still bleeding on day 7. Omg) My doctor prescribed me this med because I had not had my period for a year and a half. My period was regular for months before then suddenly stopped. My period started on after the 10th day. That night I bleed so much it went straight through a heavy flow pad an onto my bed. The first three days I had vert heavy flows with lots of clots is what it looked like. Day three was when the pain started. I've never felt anything as painful as this in my life. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I literally could do nothing but lay on bed and writhe in pain.(pain in lower stomach and lower back) It came and went throughout the day, but was usually the worst when I woke up. Thank god I'm on Christmas break from school. Its day 7 and I'm still bleeding. I'm so tired and done with this. Maybe my period will be regular after this because I'd rather not take it again. Also id love it if my doctor could find out why I wasn't having them in the first place. :/ F 14 10 days
 4  Regulate cycle for fertility treatment I took only 7 tablets before I got a cycle after two months of not having one. I normally have a 3-4 day fairly light period but after taking the medication my cycle is extremely heavy. I normally go thru maybe 6 tampons a day now I change tampons every hour and a half which is really too late. I have bled heavily sin Mon and today is Saturday. Hopefully it will be over with today ugh. F 27 10 days
 1  Abnormal uterine bleeding Bloated, can't eat, hungry but can't eat.... I don't like this drug at all! F 28 7 days
 4  continued spotting After being on this medication for over a year I have stomach,side and ovary pain even while not taking it... I am wondering if anyone else has the lasting effects of the med even being off for 25 days after using so long... Please contact me.... Stomach pain side pains ovary pains??? Please Help F 35 1 years
10 mg
 3  Lean PCOS and Shed uterine lining Insane fatigue, weight gain, migraines, EXTREME nausea but super hungry,night sweats,varicose veins on legs,waxy build-up on hair and weepy crying for no reason, tightness in chest and blurred vision. So I got my period the first round on the last day. It was heavier than normal. Then the next two rounds I just had bright red spotty bleeding that was just enough to ruin my thongs but not enough to wear a tampon. I was 113 when I started and am now 120. I am an avid jogger and eat super health. Lately I feel like I HAVE to have sugar and my appetite is insane; like I have been starved for ten days. I literally have to sleep the first day I take it because I am so nauseas and tired. I am going to a REAL hormone specialist bc these obgyn's don't have a clue. Provera will start your period but also make you gain weight and feel like a zomnbie. Eaches own I guess. F 32 3 months
 3  Amenorrhea Light headaches and extremely gassy. Was expecting a lot worse side effects reading reviews. Surprisingly i felt an increase in energy and overall well-being. Its day 2 off Prov and no period as of yet. Apparently for most people it comes from days 3-5 after stopping the last pill of the 10 day course so we will see. F 27 10 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Heavy bleeding/ Fibroids Nausea, insomnia, loss of concentration, extreme fatigue. Absolutely awful drug, can't wait for it to get out of my system. I was on another drug before this, Esmya which worked really well but my consultant was reluctant to prescribe a second, 3 month course as it was a relatively new drug. I am going back to see him this week to plead with him. I have stopped taking Provera, it has robbed me of a normal life now for 5 weeks, can't funtion properly! F 49 5 weeks
2X D
 5  Irregular periods I initially had some mild anxiety and stomach pain with bleeding for the first 6 days then started feeling better afterwards. The bleeding has stopped altogether. I was told I might have breakthrough bleeding or spotting 3 days after finishing, but has not happened yet. I finished 1 week ago. I feel much more like myself again. Wow! Is all I can say. F 44 10 days
10 mg
 1  To jump start my period/ regulate Worst medicine ever! Bloated, no appetite, nausea, exhaustion, weak, leg pain, heart pain, body pain, shoulder pain, anxiety, severe gastrointestinal problems, severe constipation, insomnia, depression, personality change, moody, no interest in the things I normally love, could not function on this medication at all, bed ridden from day 1 to day 5 when I threw the bottle away! My doctor prescribed this to me to jump start my period. I have exstremly regular cycles and then my periods stopped completly for 4 months so he put me on provera 10mg for 10 days and clomid for days 3 to 7 whenever I start my period if I do. I called to tell him of my side effects, but he won't be back in office until Monday. I took it for half the time I was supposed to. I called the pharmacy and they said stop taking it!!! I had to stop as I felt my wold was turned up side down. I was no longer able to play with my son or work. I could not function and am terrified of the pain that will be coming with my period! If my period even comes. My recommendation for this doctors is prescribe natural progesterone cream, or birth control to regulate these poor women. My advice for patients is always check side effects and do not take this medication. Always try herbal methods and ask about birth control if that doesn't work. My husband and I wanted another child hints the clomid, but now we no longer do if this is what I'll have to go through. Kids are so wonderful, but this medicine will put you on your ass and I felt as though I was being poisoned and still do. My son misses me and so does my husband. Not worth the risk or side effects at all! Am telling my doctor on Monday what pharmacy said and that this is not a good medicine for me at all. I'm not even done with my experience. I just hope I feel back to normal in a day or two. F 28 5 days
 1  irregular period Bloating,constipation,breast tenderness,dizziness,tired in the daytime,insomnia, period went from 3-5 days to 14 days,swelling of legs/feet,mood swings,gassy. I have been on it for 2 months and I don't think that I can take it anymore. I will be seeing a doctor this week to talk about this medicine. Not happy with the results F 44 10 days
 1  Regulate menstruation Hemmorhaging with blood clots, abdominal pain and swelling, cramps, gas, constipation, fatigue, shortness of breath, legs felt weighted down I am 54 and in perimenopause, with a history of fibroids. My gyn prescribed Provera to regulate my period so that I could get a routine ultrasound to check on the fibroids, which has to be done 6-9 days after a period. After day 2 of a 10-day course, I began to get terrible stomach pains and cramps. My abdomen swelled drastically. I was exhausted, and could barely walk up a flight of stairs without my chest hurting and heart racing. Bleeding began after day 2, horrible flooding with clots. My legs were "heavy"--I could barely lift them to walk. Honestly, I felt like I was being poisoned. I was completely unable to function. Just awful. The symptoms came in bursts, though. I would wake up feeling fine, and then feel worse over the course of the day. My dr., unfortunately, went on vacation the day after I started the Provera, and when I left her a message after day 2 about these symptoms, her message back was to continue taking the pills. After day 6 I couldn't take it any more, and finally spoke to her. She apologized, and said these symptoms were not the norm, and that I should stop the pills. As I write this, 2 days later, I'm just starting to feel like myself. The Provera did its job, and I got a period as soon as I stopped the pills--awful, heavy, crampy bleeding. Even so, it wasn't as bad as the symptoms I had while taking Provera. I know that most people don't experience these serous side effects, and it does work for many. Caveat emptor nevertheless. F 54 7 days
10 mg 1X D