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 1  to shed lining of uterus haven't yet taken the drug My gynecologist has told me to take the drug to shed lining of uterus. I have not yet taken the drug, due to my hesitancy about all the side effects. I am producing a lot of estrogen, but not enough progesterone. Anyone else have this situation and what are the side effects that you encountered. He prescribes 10mg for 7 days per month for 3 months. Please email. Thanks. F 49
 3  induce period for conception None My dr has pescribed a 14 day dose for me, I've been taking for 7 days now & feel fine. I haven't had a period in two months. I had a miscarriage in Dec, had a regular period on Feb 1st and then nothing since then (all preg tests negative). I'm just wondering if this is REALLY going to work on regulating my cycle so my husband and I can conceive. Anyone have any feedback for me? I'd love to speak with others going through the same thing, I feel all alone!! F 26 7 days
 3  amenorrhea due to ED I DON'T WANT TO GAIN ANY MORE WEIGHT!!! CAN THIS MED MAKE ME GAIN WEIGHT IF I TAKE IT FOR 5-10 DAYS? Any emails would be REALLY appreciated! I haven't had my period in three years or so (because of anorexia) but it was supposed to come back with the weight and it hasn't. All my tests are normal but my doc thinks I might have PCOS. F 19 0 days
 2  regulate cycle i am tired all the time having really bad cramps in my lower stomach and my back VERY depressed F 29 5 days
 2  Induce Period/PCOS Acne, extreme irritability, sleepiness followed by insomnia, cramping on one side or the other My doctor prescribed Provera (10mg, for 12 days) to help regulate my periods. I have also been advised that the best way to discourage symptoms of PCOS is weight loss. I have only been on the medication for 2 months and haven't had any changes as far as my period goes. The side effects are not worth it for me. Basically I end up hating everything and everyone around me and the acne is really aggravating. The whole point of losing weight is getting yourself to the gym to do it. I certainly don't want a medication hindering that motivation. F 29 12 days
 4  Stop bleeding which lasted 30 days I feel quite out of it - mentally fuzzy and a little disorientated however I am on a very high dose. Moody but not too bad - CRAVING sugar though, cannot stop eating! Pass the chocolate! I started taking it as a treatment for heavy periods - however STARTED bleeding (breakthrough bleeding) whilst taking it. I was on approx 40 mg a day. I had to cease taking it as I bled for 30 + days and ended up in emergency getting a blood transfusion as I bled so much it was horrific! I am now back on them to stop the bleeding until they insert a thing called a Marena which is an IUD which can sit in the womb for up to 2 years and releases progesterone. I tell you ladies our uterus's have a lot to answer for!! F 32 20 days
 3  never had a period none I really have not had a problem while taking it. I am prescribed 10mg twice a day for ten days then off for twenty then on ten again. I have never had a period and this is to help regulate. I am on my third specialist. All labs and test have all came back normal. Has anyone else had this problem? F 22 4 days
 3  Irregular period, conceiving So far, just tiredness, a little moody, bloated and crampy - PMS symptoms On Day 4 of treatment, supposed to take Clomid after this round of Provera - got about 6 pills to go yet. Feeling heavy PMS cramps the last 2 days, but that's a good thing because it means "she's" coming along hopefully. I've seen a lot of posts regarding the side effects and I think that if it's supposed to induce a period, than you can't expect it to be a walk in the park! F 29 4 days
 1  To regulate cycles My OB GYN prescribed Provera to regulate my periods in attempts to get pregnant. I have not taken any of the medication yet, I was just surfing the internet for feedback on this drug when I came across this column. After reading these comments I am deciding that I may just wait the 2 or 3 month stretch for my menses to start on their own rather than put myself through this torture. I am already battling anxiety and depression apart from this so who knows how much worse it may make this. I know everyone reacts differently to medications, but from past experiences I know that my body is very sensitive. Can any one offer advice? Also, more importantly, have any of you successfuly conceived after taking Provera? How many cycles did it take you? I am glad I found this site and will let you know how my experience with Provera goes IF I work up the courage to follow through with the doses. Good luck to all you ladies! F 28
 2  Induce Period Lower back pain, headaches, irritability (but I was having all these before taking provera.) Completed 10-days of Provera. It's been 6-days since I ended the regime and still no period. My Dr prescribed because I have not had a cycle for 3 months, but have all the symptoms of a cycle. Also had an ultrasound in January and it indicated that my body was prepared for a cycle, but it never came. Not sure what to do at this point. F 44 10 days
 5  Induce period to begin Clomid took pill in the evening and the next day after the first pill I felt nauseas here and there but not after that. Restless sleeping. Besides those two, nothing. Definitely worth it It worked as it was supposed to. Once I finished the five days, I got my period 4 days later. F 25 5 days
 3  post menopausal bleeding I've been taking provera now for 6 days, and the last 3 days have been awful! I'm glad my post menopausal bleeding has stopped (I have tiny fibroids and a polyp- all NON-cancerous- thankfully), but the side effects are really kicking in! I feel depressed, angry, (very angry), resentful and impatient. I also feel this sense of doom and gloom, too. I really can't even stand myself at this point. F 51 6 days
 3  start period after D&C/start clomid NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!!! I've been put on Provera 4 times; twice on a 10mg dose and twice on a 2.5 mg dose, both doses did bring on my period in a timely manner but I still dont get a period every month. It seems that the only way for that to happen is for my to take birth control pill...NOT AN OPTION, I'M TRYING TO CONCEIVE! Hopefully I will get pregnant again (first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. ) F 22 4 days
 3  to start a period to start clomid I had really sore breasts and some minor cramping but no mood swings i am on day five after i ended provera and still have not gotten my period is this normal? F 29 5 days
 4  induce period VERY VERY TIRED! I am hoping it works to bring back my period that has been missing since I ran a marathon 3 years ago F 27 5 days
 2  Induce period No side effects of any kind Still no period either F 34 10 days
 5  Induce Period No side effects that I've notice so far. I've been taking Provera to induce my periods. I can last >6 months without my period so my doctor prescribed provera to induce my periods. At first she told me to take it every 3 months, then said if I wanted to I could take it every month. What I didn't know was it was a step to take clomid pills. Which I'm happy about because I want to start trying to conceive this summer. Since I am irregular it will be harder for me to conceive, and was considering taking clomid or any other fertility pills. This board also made me feel better knowing that I wasn't the only one going through this. F 26 6 months
 4  Inducing cycle Moodiness, like PMS symptoms I was reading alot of the comments regarding cramps and heavy bleeding and such and as a RN, wanted to post and let everyone know d/t the fact most people take this drug to get a period after not having a period for several months your lining builds up and gets thick so it is very normal to have heavier bleeding and cramping because of this. I haven't had a period in 7 months so this one is going to be a whopper. Also it is a hormone so you are bound to feel maybe a tad more on edge or hormonal than normal. Ah the price's we pay for being women, it's so much fun. F 30 5 days
 3  Fluffy lining, sporadic periods. My stomach aches, not real hungry. Need antacids, worse at night. Sore throat, sore neck. Eyes feel itchy. I take 10 Mils 2x's day, 2 weeks on. 2 weeks off. I am only into my 2nd week so don't know if it is working yet.Blood tests drawn, no cancer and all is well inside my body. F 36 9 days
 3   F