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 3  Bring on a period I hadn't had a period in 6 months so my Dr. told me to take these; was fine while taking the pills, but afterward experienced the worst period I've ever had, had to use Super+ tampon and an overnight bad for 5 days, changing every 2-3 hours; heavy clotting and cramping; pain in ovaries it did what it was supposed to do, but I definitely never want to take this again. I had to miss a few work days because the flow was so heavy, and I was constantly worried while taking the pill as I've had a pulmonary embolism in the past from taking birth control pills (any type of hormone therapy scares me now). F 22 10 days
10 MG 1X D
 3  Prevent return endometrial cancer Frequent migraines, weight gain. The migraines almost disappeared after 6 months. Weight gain is saddening as I walk daily and go to a gym twice a week but I have a constant hunger not experienced before. . I will continue it indefinitely as my Dr says it can prevent regrowth of my oestrogen based cancer. I just wish I could stop the weight gain. F 55 8 months
200 mg 1X D
 2  i think its for endrometriosis weird dreams , back ache ,very very unbarable cramps ,nausea diorrea , headaches, large clots i was told by my docter to take these twice a day , i had been back and forth from my docter with pain in my left ovary , i didnt know what they were for as it wasnt explained what i was being treated for i had to find out of the internet because there was no leaflet in my percription , i didnt take my period for 2 month while being on provera but they came 2 days ago with very large clots and servere cramps , headaches and back ache i feel worse than what i did before i started taking these . F 18 3 months
10 mg 2X D
 4  To bring on a period Hot Flashes, Irritability, Sleepy I am supposed to take Provera for 10 days every month to try and regulate my period after going a full year without. F 22 10 days
10mg 1X D
 2  bcoz my period is not normal i took provera for 4 days now coz my period is very light.. last month my period only last 2 days and i only used 3 pads.. ob told me to take provera for 5 days but i stopped on the 4th coz my period was so heavy that i expected , blood clot and i was very afraid i might lose blood... i hope this experience is normal.. coz this is the first time i took thid medicine.. and i dont know if i cam take this again since i experience this.. F 32 4 days
 3  Endometriosis Was very nervous about taking this medicine but was in servere agony with my Endo and am on a waiting list for a lab and hopefully hyst. Am 40 yrs old lucky to have had 3 children, diagnosed 13 years ago. Started to ease pain from day one which was pleasing, no other serious side effects, accept a bit moody and sleepiness. I did bleed for 6 weeks at the beginning . The last month the pain has started to return and am getting weird pains in my left leg (where the Endo pain is localised on left side). Pain in leg is very sharp at times down to my knee....bleeding for 3 weeks (black) that has stopped now but seems to coincide with pain again... feels like ovary or appendix is going to burst. Bowels are affected too... got to watch what I eat and can't drink alocohol (Pants!) Afraid to come tablets as pains unbearable. Don't know whether to go to docs again... sure they sick of me. Hate the miserable look on my face.... F 40 4 months
10 3X D
 1  HRT - adjuct with estrogen patch Hair Loss, Vivid, sometimes gruesome dreams, worsened IBS, vaginal bleeding I was prescribed medroxyprogesterone acetate (generic Provera) to take along with Vivelle-Dot for HRT. With Provera, my hair was literally falling like rain off my head. As soon as I stopped the tablets, the hair loss ceased. I also experienced bleeding two days after my last dose. Odd because I have had a Novasure ablation and have had no periods for 4 years. I know the Vivelle-Dot did not cause these symptoms as I was on Combi-Patch which also has a progesterone, which definately caused hair loss. F 55 3 weeks
5 mg 1X D
 5  No period for 4 months my third day on my very heavy period. i am so glad to see it again. thank you provera. and no side effects what so ever. F 39
10mg 1X D

 3  Irregular Cycle Breast tenderness, weight gain, hot flashes (especially at night), bloating, fever, severe abdominal cramping, nausea, vivid dreams. Awoke day 2 after the last dose with cramps so severe I could not move. Abdomen is distended, vomiting, and low fever. Everything hurts! This is the worst set of side effects I have ever had. F 28 10 days
10 Mg
 2  Reoccurring appx 3 in diameter cyst I had a hysterectomy 1 1/2 yrs ago & now deal w/large ovarian cyst & sometimes they blow. The doc now is trying to prevent ovulation & w/out ovulation theres no cyst. Theres no end date in site, the rest of my life or removal of my ovaries, but either way im very high-risk for heart attack/stoke!!!!! My side effects were horrible!!!!!! Profuse sweating, more then ever ovarian pain, insomnia, horrible night sweats, sore breast, nausea, big weight loss, loss of appetite, panic attacks (no hx), delirium (no hx), & sucidal depression (no hx either). I've pulled myself off 2 days ago & all but loss of appetite are gone!!! I will say that the panic attack, delirium, & depression was the worse thing I've ever experienced in my life & NEVER want to go through that again!!!!!! I have a wonderful husband & 3 beautiful children w/ a career as a paramedic & I just about lost all of that because of this drug!!!!!! F 35 2 weeks
10 mg
 3  PCOS, No period for 5 months no appetite at all, my nipples hurt, moody, weird dreams, insomnia Ok, guys, I took it 5 days, 5 mg I got only a period-like period so I started taking pills BUT I haven't got a proper period I've got weird dreams and we almost broke up with my boyfriend coz suddenly I thought he doesn't love me, want me, etc. and I wanted to leave him.Thanks G.d, he's such a great man and he understood it's the pills,not me. I am still moody (stpped taking provera 6 days ago) and I start crying for nothing and I've got visions about my childhood. I feel like I got mad. F 22 5 days
5mg 1X D
 4  HEAVY prolonged bleeding and clotti Migraine, back pain, leg cramps, moodiness I went 4 months after the birth of my second child before I had a period...when I did start it last 4 weeks...and by far was not normal. I had always had irregular and heavy periods, but this was ridiculous. I would soak a pad and a tampon every hour. It did it's job in the fact that it stopped the bleeding almost immediately...but I have now had a migraine for the past 5 days and have not been able to proceed with normal life. I was suppose to take it 10 days to "reset" my cycle...but I barely made it the minimum of 5 days before I gave up. F 28 5 days
30mg 1X D
 5  Endometriosis Insomnia, headache, irritable, moody, muscle pains, weird dreams, breat tenderness, weight gain. I would take these symptoms over the constant pain I was in for 4 months and being in the hospital constantly! F 19 4 weeks
20 MG
 5  Heavy period, irregular & prolonged Headache for first couple of days, stopped bleeding after 3 months. But I feel great. The best I have felt in years. Mental clarity, sleeping through the night the last 2 nights . F 48 6 days
 5  Irregular, painful, clotting period Hot flashes, red, itchy spots on face, weight gain. The hot flashes can be unbearable sometimes, especially at night. Provera has been a life saver for me. I will take the few side effects over the nightmare I was living for so long. I had horrible, painful cramps that would go down into my thighs and really heavy clotting periods. My periods were not regular and I would bleed way more than once a month. Once I had a tampon and a pad on and filled it within an hour. I had several tests done and have no fibroids nor have I ever been pregnant. It has done wonders for me. F 39 3 years
15 mg 1X D
 1  Enderiometrial on left ovary F 35 6 months
10mg daily
 3  A thick Uterus lining. I will start taking Provera on 9/1/12.I am a little nervous about the side effects.I am 51 yrs. old and stopped my period at the age of 45.I went to have my yearly pap test and had a small amount of blood afterwards.I thought it was from the procedure and the blood got heavier like a period.I was told that my uterus wall is too thick and this Provera will help. I will take it for ten days for six months.I hope the side effects are minimal with no problems in the future !! I start taking Provera on 9-1-12. 10 mg. once a day for 10 days for six months. F 51 10 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  abnormal bleeding Headache, tender breast, very emotional, depression, some spotting from time too time.....I was on provera for 2 months because I was bleeding from June9-July19. Doctor said my lining of my uterus was too thick and they didn't want to do a D&C because one I had a miscarriage back in 2011 so she didn't want to remove those tissues so instead I was given provera to thin the lining it did stop the bleeding my ultrasound look great from my last visit im off provera its been 4 days just waiting for a normal period so I can start trying again...started spotting a little today..just wondering when will my regular cycle start?! F 30 1 days
 5  Ammenorrea absence of menses I was a little worried to take this medication based on reviews but it worked very good. I had not had a period for 4 months and my M.D. ran a lot of blood tests and the only thing that came back was my FSH was elevated which could be signs of early menopause. This medication was supposed to get my body back on track. After taking the drug I started3 days later and so far my cycle is like a normal period. I only noticed being tired the first couple of days. No other side effects so it really worked (crossing my fingers) to get my cycle back. I am hoping I continue to get one and don't need this med. in the future. F 40 10 days
 1  HRT Nausea,diarrhea,bloating,heavy cycles that lasted almost 2 weeks,moodiness, and severe abdominal pain. I will NEVER take this again nor will I advise anyone else to. F 36 10 days
10 MG