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 1  to stop period Major mood swings, incredibly irritable, grumpy and very drained feeling.. And the damn pills didn't even work!! F 20 10 days
 3  To "jump start" my period First few days I felt fine, just a little emotional. 5 Days in and I am breaking out, feel so sleepy, hungry but no appetite, lower back pains and have gas. Still no period I have 2 days left on them. F 21 10 days
10mg 1X D
 4  pcos/ttc I have been getting lightheadedness, sooooo tired all the time, very hungry even though I have eaten, very moody, diareaha, when I do get AF it is pretty heavy and crampy. F 33 7 days
10mg 1X W
 1  birth control 4 month Bleeding, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, fear of impending doom, female pain, moodiness, overly emotional/sensitive, sleep deprivation F 28 3 months
 2  induce period/premature ovarian fa irritability, bloat, cramps, light headedness, insomnia, depression, mood swings overall made me feel crazy F 30 10 days
10mg 1X D
 2  Miscarried and never started a AF Diarrhea, gassy, bloated, headaches, drowsiness F 27 10 days
10 MG
 4  To induce AF to start Clomid/TTC low back pain, bloating, fits of rage, cramps, tender breast.Nothing more then what women complain of during AF that comes on it's own. However, normally IF I get AF it's much lighter and less intense PMS...but my AF is not normal. F 36 10 days
10mg 10X D
 1  stop heavy, prolonged period Extreme dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, very rapid pulse, heavy bleeding, confusion, itchy skin, fatigue, awful cramps F 53 1 days
10 MG
 4  To induce my period Hot flashes, severe mood swings, violent rage, sore breasts, ovary pains F 23 10 days
10 mg
 1  To induce my period Very Irritable, bloating, increased appetite, nauseas,tiredness,dizzines, headaches and extremely painful cramps F 18 7 days
 2  regulated my cycle I started my dose on July 23 and my last pill on July 29. August 22 I still have no started my cycle. My breasts are extremely tender, to the point I can't sleep. F 34 7 months
 5  bleeding for 30+days/ttc Actual does start taking provera 12days at the end of the month. Benifit out ways side effects. Light headaches, cramping, lower back camps. Bleeding stopped second day of pills. Period restarted the second to last day and lasted 7 days. Spotting for 4 days after. Love this stuff! I have had irregular bleeding for 3 years. This is a nice relief. Also we are ttc so I will be on provera for 6 months (unless prego) then will take clomid with provera. F 30 10 days
 4  pcos, and horminal imbalance This medication has helped with the collapsing of my cysts in both ovaries! F 30 1 days
 5  (lean/skinny) PCOS/hirsutism While reading all of the other comments I am probably one of the few ladies who did not experience any dramatic side effects. The only bad thing was that my clitoris is extremely sesitive while on this, which is only 5 days and that's not too bad. All I had was some minor bloating a few hours after I took the medication, and had some breast tenderness. My skin broke out a little bit, but nothing different from how my skin typically was. My appetite is the same, I get head aches too (they go away after a bit and they're not bad). I would say I am a little more gassy, but I also eat a large meal with it which is probably the real cause lol. I feel maybe even less moody now and I only just started this.. I have a case of "lean" PCOS, which basically means I am not overweight. I am 5'9 and weigh 132 pounds, which is considered extremely healthy. I had elevated testosterone and LSH levels, along side with irregular periods and spotting in between ever since I could remember. My doctor said the pill was the worst and last thing I could be on. Most doctors prescribe it because it's an "easy" fix. It's a band-aid, it covers the problems up, however it does not actually solve or treat the underlying issues. Plus provera helps with fertility and doesn't mess with the good things that your EXTREMELY delicate hormonal system DOES have balanced. I also have minor acne/hirsutism (black spurred out chest/lower abdomen/outter pubic bone hair). Hopefully provera will keep working and do it's job! I also hope I'm not the only one with these issues who thinks the pill is a LAST resort thing! It will only do harm than good in the long run for most cases. F 20 5 days
10 1X D
 2  maintain regular periods I was advused taking provera 10mg for 2 weeks but I started bleeding from the 3rd day and my gyn told me to take 50mg to stop the bleeding ..However my bleeding dint stop andiit's my 3rd day. I'm so upset F 28 2 weeks
 5  Inducing Period/TTC I took this pill as a first step in beginning the fertility medication process. The side effects I experienced while on the pill were extreme irritability (my poor husband!!) and I was very tired all the time. I took my last dose of Provera on a Wednesday and began my period two days later on Friday. I would highly recommend taking this pill with lunch or dinner because it will make you extremely tired. I made the mistake of taking it with breakfast and always felt groggy around early afternoon. My period after Provera was EXTREMELY heavy; I actually had to take off work for almost a whole week because the bleeding was out of control and I was going through overnight maxi pads every hour. If you have to take this medication, just be aware that the periods can be very intense and heavy although it seems not everyone has this effect from it. I rated the drug a 5 because even though it sucks, it's doing the job it's supposed to do for me! F 27 10 days
10 MG 1X D
 3  PCOS/Thin out the Uterus Lining Taking Provera 10 QD for 10 days out of each month. AF typically starts 3-4 days after last pill. I don't like the PMS symptoms. The bloating, dizziness and always hungry are negative side affects. I'm taking it to thin out the lining of my uterus. Not sure how long I can tolerate the heavy bleeding. This is month 3 for me... F 34 10 days
10 MG's
 2  endometrial lining thick Still having heavy periods, cold feelings in body, insomnia, upset stomach, blurry vision left eye, headache, bloating, hungry more, acne, breast tenderness, irritable F 46 3 weeks
 1  For BC after 3rd child Cramps, cyst, dizziness, mood swings, 60# weight gain, headachs, blackouts, loss of cycle, 6mths post shot still no cycle F 30 6 months
 3  to start periods I have had hot flashes, extreme lower back pain, tiredness, swelled ankles, very bloated, very irriatable, extremely heavy bleeding, numbness in arms and legs, I have also been very weak and drained feeling. F 23 10 days