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 1  irregular periods, heavy periods In one night of week 5 of taking Seasonale I had three excruciating painful episodes in both my ankles causing severe leg cramps. Could not walk. Called the hospital emergency room. Incredible pain. Also increased weight gain. As soon as those leg cramps happened I went off that pill. OB never told me truth about side effects. I will research before ever taking provera again. F 49 35 days
 2  TTC Extreme moodiness and irritablity, very emotional and senstive, weird dreams and poor sleep quality. I took 10 mgs for 10 days, and now Its been 9 days since i stopped, and I've been spotting since days 7, but no period! I am taking it to bring on my period for testing. I am very frustated that my period hasnt shown, for all the side effects that I am dealing with. F 23 10 days
 2  PCOS nausea, dizziness, migraines, night sweats, excessive thirst, blurred vision, pelvic pain, heavy menstural flow, loss of appetite, chest pain it did not alter my regularity of menstruation, seemed to make my condition worse. F 32 90 days
 3  regulate cycle weight gain, acne, increased appetite, horrific & violent mood swings, hot flashes it did regulate my cycle, so far that is, however, i would rather just bleed constantly then to suffer the side effects. i gained 6 lbs in 6 days. i could not stop eating, and no one wanted to be around me, i was sooo mean. so, it solved the problem, but i wouldn't do it again. i'd rather have a d&c. M 25 6 days
 2  Heavy prolonged periods terrible headaches and cramps, very emotional, depression, hot flashes, insomnia, swollen breasts, bleeding of nipples, loss of attention span I have had problems since I was 13. This was a great hope for me. I think I set my expectations too high or maybe it wasn't meant for me. I wouldn't recommend to anyone with my problem. My thoughts were this is for sex changes and fertility treatments which are the last things I need. Now my thoughts of this medication are pure fear. I am scared of any further risks. F 26 2 months
 3  excessive bleeding weight gain, severe insomnia, hot flashes, severe headaches, loss of appetite at first, and mild cramping. The provera did stop the bleeding, but it started back up again 5 days after taking the meds. And the bleeding wouldnt stop until the next month when I was taking the meds again. Very irritating b/c theres only 10 days a month I dont bleed. F 24 2 months
 4  Induce a period did not experience any bothersome side effects. After stopping birth control, I did not have a period for 6 months. I took 10 days of Provera and 2 days after last pill, I started my period. It was a normal period. .not too heavy. It made me have 1 period, but it doesn't regulate my cycles. I am now on Clomid due to anovulation. F 27 10 days
 3  Control heavy breakthru bleeding Moodiness, fatigue, hunger, headaches, sore muscle/joints Tomorrow is my last pill in a 10 day course of 10mg of Provera. I'm a 28-30 day cycle kind of gal and usually feel the pinch of ovulation. Imagine my surprise when on day 8 of my normal cycle I woke up very much like F 33 10 days
 3  to induce my period.. well i have pain in my neck and some nausa and also some cramping but not to bad F 26 10 days
 5  Induce a Period None My Doctor put me on this drug because I haven't had a period in 4 months. She put me on a 14 day cycle at 10 mg/day. It worked great for me! I started on day 13! I understand people have different chemistry but fortunately, this worked for me. I wish everyone else luck! It's nice to have answers! :D F 30 14 days
 4  Hormonal imbalance, no period Increased appetite, increased monetary spending on intimate needs :-) I was only having very light (only needed a pantiliner) periods for maybe 2 days. And this only happened MAYBE once a year, although when I was prescribed Provera, I hadn't had one in nearly 2 years. I was given 10 tablets for 10 days. After the last pill- the flood poured in! If I was a small animal I would have been dead! I went through a pad an hour. Provera DEFINITELY induced bleeding. And then I needed iron supplements... F 26 10 days
 2  Heavy - prolonged bleeding, 17 days Very Moody I was given provera on my 17th day of heavy bleeding and it almost stopped and then it started up again, heavy and clotting. It's going on 28 days now of bleeding. F 48 9 days
 1  prevent uterine cancer/menopause I have taken Provera several times to initiate a period. Each time I have had terrible, excessive bleeding ruining my life for several days. This time I ended up in the ER to make sure my blood count was OK. I was prescribed 10mg for 10 days. Might be willing to try a smaller dose, but never want to go through this again. My doctor insists it's necessary to periodically clean out the uterus. F 51 10 days
 1  Hormone Imbalance Extreme fatigue, weight gain, hunger, irrability. I have never been so miserable and have asked my doctor for another medication in place of Provera! F 43 10 days
 2  Induce period/after depo-provera Extreme Mood Swings; Severe cramping; appetite increase; severe headaches;breast tenderness; stomache aches I hven't had a period since November of 2004. I stopped the Depo- provera after the first injection and after gaining 30lbs. I took the provera for 5 days and still have not gotten a period 7 days later. I feel horrible and angry all the time. I was told by my doctor to wait it out until sunday and then repeat with another five days of the provera. I do not like this medicine at all! F 26 5 days
 2  to have a monthly cycle Major weight gain, headaches, periods of insomnia and fatigue. My doctor put me on this medication 'cause I was not having a cycle at all after 3 months after having my son. I took this for 3 months and absolutely nothing happened, except I can only remember the major weight gain as the biggest problem. Who wants that after having a baby?! Yet, I guess I am very fortunate, I guess I have a condition in which the doctor felt I was lucky to have had the 2 boys I do have(8 yrs. apart and wasn't trying for either). I feel for anyone that has fertility problems. Maybe this is the drug for you if you do have fertility issues, yet mine was to simply feel normal and healthy and have a period, and it didn't create one for me. I've always felt that it seems like when you're trying things don't work, yet when you aren't things happen the way you could have only dreamed!!! F 29 3 months
 2  for hormone replacement bloating, fatigue, I take the generic form of Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate). I have tried the actual Provera, but brand-name or generic, it doesn't seem to make a difference. The side-effects appear to be the same. If I didn't F 34 8 years
 1  No Period for a year I had no period for a year, then all of a sudden I started passing clots the size of golf balls. Doc put me on provera 5mg last 12 days of month, did that, had a period before i finished pills, started passing clots, SEVERE clots, bleeding, and to the point to where I could not walk. Ended up having a D & C, which helped the bleeding. If this dont work, have planned a hystorectomy June, 2005 Now I'm on provera 10mg daily, and ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!! I feel terriable, have headachs, feel flushed and have irregular heart beats at times. I about went crazy the 12 days I had to take it before, now have to take for 100 days, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! F 43 100 days
 3  Heavy irregular bleeding Crying, mood swings, pain in lower back, feeling of something in stomach needing to F 29 10 days
 2  To induce a period Abdominal Cramping, Headaches, and Fatigue. I have not had my period for 5 years and the Dr. put me on 10 mg a day for 10 days I took my last pill yesterday have not started my period yet. However I've had horrible headaches and moderate abdominal cramping since I began taking the pills. This is not something I would be willing to do on a routine basis. F 30 10 days