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 3  to induce a period to take Clomid While taking provera for 5 days, I didnít notice much side effects. In fact, I only had a bit of trouble sleeping, but nothing else. I have had irregular period since I stopped taking the pill in October 2007. My last period was from December 22nd, 2008 to January 11th, 2009. Itís been a week today that I finished my 20 mg a day (for 5 days) of Provera and I feel bloated, my belly is extremely heavy, my breasts are hypersensible and painful. Oh, and I am suffering a mega PMS and still, no period started yet. Nothing, not even a bit of spotting. I am still waiting for that period to begin so I can take Clomid. Iíll keep you posted. F 26 5 days
 3  Missed period 6 months Extremely tired. By the time I get home, my eyes are burning from me forcing them open (to stay awake). Cramps, just like menstrual cramps, without the bleeding. Breast tenderness and swelling. Can't exercise. Tried jogging, felt like someone was beating the hell out of my boobs. Reduced appetite. Have to force myself to eat (hey, at least one plus). I also have hot/cold flashes and had a fever for 2 days. Only 3 more days to go, so I'll just stick it out. F 22 10 days
 4  Lack of period for 5 months Gas and bloating, fatigue, mild sleep problems with really wierd dreams, and some bowel problems I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 18 or 19 and was just recently diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. My doctor prescribed me provera to start my period so that I could start birth control to regulate my periods and to regulate my hormone levels. I just started my period today (4 days after the last pill). I have the worst cramps ever, but am not really bleeding heavily. It's hard to tell though if the cramps are from the provera or not. I've always had really bad cramps, but usually I have heavy bleeding when I'm cramping like that. I'm nervous about how long my period is going to last. I've read a bunch of horror stories!!! Overall, the drug has helped me start my period which is a relief. I really didn't have horrible side effects. Just a few that made me feel blah. Now, as long as my period doesn't last forever and I don't start bleeding to death I'll be good:) Does anyone else have a lot of experience with Provera or with PCOS? I could use some helpful words of wisdom:) F 22 10 days
 4  induce period, 4 mos without one none so far. the pharmacist told me to only take it with food because it would definitely make me sick. i quit taking birth control in september and have not had a period since. never had a problem with irregular periods before, so the doc said this should help get me started. only taking it for 5 days, am on my 3rd day F 25 5 days
 2  I had a D&C in November This is day 9 after taking the generic brand of prevora and i haven't had a period. I am very worried. Have anyone has this experience? F 26 5 days
 3  no period for 3months mood swings, severe nausea, burning during urination & frequent urination i was put on provera before starting birth control... really want to stop taking it due to the extreme nausea ive experienced. but will continue taking it to see final outcome. hope things get better... F 20 10 days
 4  Heavy bleeding Not much side effect except slight spotting. This is VERY IMPORTANT. I read that some people have their hearth pounding in their chess. This is a sign of anemia as your hearth try to compensate for your low blood level of oxygen. It is very important to go see your doctor to correct this anemia as it will only get worse. I went to the hospital after heavy bleeding because my hearth started to beat very strong and fast after a slightest effort. I could feel it pound in my chess and ears. My anemia was at level 7, and the doctors decided to give me intravenious iron instead of a blood transfusion due to the high risk of a blood transfusion. Now I take 3 iron pilss (900mg) per day and it should take 2 to 3 months to go back to normal. Provera pill (10mg) has stopped my heavy bleeding and so that now I can recover from anemia. I think it is important to first know your level of natural hormones in order to know if Provera is right for you. In my case, I wish I could take it each For now I am taking it to stop heavy bleeding from a uterine fibrom and it has work so far. I am getting better because my anemia is slowly going away so no more palpitations and hearth pounding in my chess and ear. I have no mood swing or anything bad on this pill. I am hoping that this medication will prevent me from having hysterectomy, which I really don't want since I am so close to menopause and after menopause most fibrom shrink anyway. F 49 2 months
 4  induce period ttc gas bloating and mood swings i took provera for 10 days. about 3 days after my last dose i started my period. TERRIBLE CRAMPING AND HEAVY BLEEDING!!! i called in to work 2 days in a row! nothing takes my cramps away! tylonol 3...advil...motrin...HELP! is this normal and how long im i going to bleed? i bled allover my pajamas! ugh! i take like 3 showers a day. but im so excited that i finally have a period after 5 months. overall it's done it's job :) F 28 10 days
 3  withdrawal bleed to start clomid I never really noticed to many side affects had a little trouble sleeping,little moody but nothing out of the ordinary. finished tablet 5 a day ago now so waiting for period tummy feels a little heavy, bloated but overal after reading the horror stories about the side affects i felt pretty good im hoping now that the clomid is the same lol u cant drive urself mad by thinking because u didnt get many side affects does this mean it never worked for me ?? but time will tell its all a waiting game, anyone else due to start clomid ? F 31 5 days
 4  no cycle after DNC slight headache on day 9 and my breast lactated. Anyone else experience that? I took provera after not having a cycle following my dnc in November. I've taken provera twice before to enduce a cylce and both times my period started on the day I took my last dose (day10). But it didn't happen like that this time, I finished on Saturday, and no cycle. So I'm gonna see if my cycle starts over the next week. Anyone else experience lactating? F 24 10 days
 3  to control heavy prolonged bleeding very tired, slight dizzy spells, breakthrough bleeding within an hour if I miss a dose (taking 3 times a day to stop the bleeding) breast tenderness and some cramping I was taking this for a couple of months last year prior to having a d+c to remove the lining of my womb for biopsy and also to try to thin down the lining to make the bleeding less profuse. After the op I didn't need to take it again until last month for similar problems (had 8 months of normal periods) I have same symptoms again but am having a mirena coil fitted in an effort to stop the bleeding. I would prefer not to take this medicine but ended up with a blood count of 8 last year which was more debilitating than the side effects I have at the moment F 48 30 days
 4  i have PCOS Very tired,little moody,hot flashes This is my 4th month on provera. 10mg a day for 10 days F 31 4 months
 3  start menses after 2 months, ttc swelling in hands and feet, night sweats and sleeplesness. I've just started to spot, bright red 4 days after stopping med. Hoping for good cycle to continue our ttc journey! F 28 10 days
 5  Stop Bleeding/ Regulate Period I have been extremely tired, and have been experiencing major mood swings. Also slightly stronger cramps in my ovaries. And an increase in appetite. I have PCOS and have been bleeding for 3+ months straight. My doc prescribed 10mg of Provera for 10 days and I am on day 3 and my period has already stopped. I have had minimal side-effects. Nothing that I can not handle. I am following the provera with birth control to regulate my period on a monthly basis. So far I am very pleased with the results and it has seemed to do its job! F 26 4 days
 1  No Period for 2 years No Side Effects when I was on it. I took the 10mg tablet 2x a day ( one in the morning( 7am) after breakfast and one after supper(7 pm)). Once off the pill, the withdrawl bleeding was terrible. I woke up in the middle of the night in pain, and I felt nauseous. I have never bled like that before. would come back from my lectures and just crawl into bed and lay in the fetal position. The bleeding went on for 7 days and only got less on the 5th day. Provera works, but I think that my doctor gave me a dose that was too high, and that is why my symptoms were so severe. With a lesser dose, I think it would have worked like a charm! F 21 10 days
 4  Endometriosis Extreme fatigue, substantial weight gain, slight depression and the occasional head ache. After numourous surgeries to remove Endometriosis from my lower abdoman and bowel I was in constant pain I started Provera 10mg as a last resort along with a Mireena to reduce any further growths. I am taking 1 tablet once a day taken before bed. I have experienced the most releif from pain I have ever had since starting the Provera and although the side effects are not desirable it is certainly better than being in pain. F 33 90 days
 3  NEVER had a period When taking the pill at night I felt nauseous and I was hot and couldnt sleep and when I could sleep I had weird dreams. So the dr told me to switch and take it in the morning, then I was fine. A little irritable at times. I've been off provera for 6 days now and nothing has happened yet. I have had every test possible and idk why I dont have a menstural cycle all of my results are I'm not sure if this will help. I actually dont want one from what I hear(until im ready for kids) but my doctor has been stressing me about these pills so I finally gave in. F 23 10 days
 4  Induce period for birth control Mood swings were out of control, super drowsy during the day, wide awake at night, cramping toward the 6th and 7th days and on, extremely tender breasts/nipples, food cravings (especially sweets), slight lower back pain...pretty much PMS times 10. The only good side effect was that it cleared the few acne blemishes that I had. I took one 10mg pill each day for 10 days (so 10 pills total.) The 4th day after I was finished taking the pills I started my period. When my period was over (duration of which was about 4-5 days), I started my BC pills right away to keep my cycle regular. This drug really helped me out, and the side effects were well worth the end result. I have always had irregular periods and Provera, along with birth control helps me out greatly. I know now, to the day of the week, when I am going to have my really takes the guesswork out of the situation. F 22 10 days
 4  PCOS/ not haveing a period for 3 mo i have always been grumpy so i am not sure if it made me more or not. i do belive it made me sleep more and i was tiared all the time. and i had headhaches but as with that i am pron to them as well. i took provea for 10 days and on 12th day i did recive my it does work and it worked well for me. I might have to take it again due to my pcos and ttc. we will have to see what happens. F 24 10 days