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 4  abnormal bleeding 8 weeks No side effects at all I started a period about 3 days after taking provera. It is heavy at times. Just waiting to see how long it will last. 38 10 days
 3  Endometrial Hyperplasia The first couple of days of taking the provera made me feel sick like my body was rejecting it. It gave me diarrhea and I even threw up(on the second day of taking it) overall provera made me feel tired and crampy. I have now taken it for 10 days and 3 days later I started my period which is very heavy and I am cramping 24/7 I have been taking 800 MG of Ibuprofen but it does not work at all. I called my doctor to ask if she would prescribe me something stronger for the pain but she said that the only thing she could give me was Motrin which is Ibuprofen. I feel miserable and in pain all the time. F 28 10 days
10 MG 1X D
 2  2 years without periods Tired,stomach pains This medication makes me sick period, and having a heavy periods +painfully F 26 1 days
 4  No period for three mo's moody, tired, heavier flow, cramping. I have never had period issues in the past, the only time I have had heavy bleeding in my life, was the first time I got on birth control and had "break-through" bleeding. This does mimic those symptoms. I haven't had to upgrade yet to super plus but Iam bordeline there. I never had cramps with that though and I do with this. My cycles used to be 3-5 days long and normal-light flow. With provera Iam on day 5 and no sign of letting up. This is my first cycle with it however but as of right now this is cramping and bleeding is ANNOYING! I would say this is just doing it's job and my body is making up for lost time so I don't think the drug was bad it's just all how your body reacts. F 29 8 days
 1  excessive bleeding Tired,cannot sleep,crying,moody,severe depression,headaches,legs hurt,loss of appetite, yet still bleeding. Horrible,horrible drug. Please take provera off the market. F 53 10 days
 3  Indice period Bloating, extreme weight gain, tender breast, crying for no reason, depression, moody, irritable This is my third cycle on provera. The first two times it wasnt this bad but this time my clothes stop fitting me. Its terrible. Im so miserable. Who gains a massive amount of weight over a span of 2 weeks? It has to be this medication. F 30 10 days
 4  Stop irregular bleeding/pre-menopau Headache, feeling very tired, sleepy Taking this to stop my last period. Had been bleeding 2 weeks and Dr says I'm pre-menopausal so this will help 'jump-start' my normal cycle. Dr says this should work, but irregular periods are to be expected so this is not a 'cure' because aging is natural, but it will give me relief from the bleeding. So far, I am 4 days in and it stopped the bleeding. Headache is tolerable with rest and being tired and sleepy stinks, but am so glad that there are no major side effects ( since I'm normally sensitive to any drugs I take). F 45 10 days
10 MG 1X D
 3  PCOS/Irregular periods At first I had no side effects, but by the fourth day, I had terrible cramps in my back and stomach that lasted until my period started (about four days after I finished my medication). Painful headaches, I was always tired and fatigued, not to mention, it started my period and I'm on my 8th day of bleeding. My period has never lasted longer than 6 or 7 days and it has me worried. My period is lasting far longer and was far heavier than anything I've ever had. It's got me very concerned. I'm still having cramps in my back and I always feel sore. It did it's job by starting my period so I may take birth control (Minastrin 24 Fe) to regulate my periods, but it just has me worried. F 17 7 days
10 mg
 1  heavy,prolonged period Bloating,back pain,heavy bleeding,pelvic pain Unfortunately this medication has not stopped my AF. I was admitted into the hospital last week and received 4 units of blood due to hemorrhaging and the Dr prescribed Provera to STOP it...still bleeding 9days later with large clots. Good times... F 38 8 days
 3  PCOS/missed periods Abdominal pain/ bloating I started taking Provera just over 24 hours ago, and the abdominal pain and bloating I'm experiencing is awful. Did anyone else experience this so soon in taking pill and does it get better? F 24 10 days
20 1X D
 3  Did not have a period for 4 years. Mood swings, emotional, increased appetite, painful cramps, very heavy flow. On my 4th day into the period it was very heavy! Went through 7 super plus tampons in one night. Heavy flow lasted for a few days. Made me feel weak and looked pale. I was very emotional and frustrated. Had very strong cramps, one in particular made me cry. Ended up having the period for 15 days. F 26 10 days
 1  Irregular bleeding Spotting, prolonged heavy bleeding, Severe painful cramps, bleeding that soaked a pad in an hour. Provera has made my life a nightmare worst drug I have ever been prescribed. I am so weak my pulse is rapid.I feel like this drug is making me anemic. Beware. I will never take this drug again. I just hope that these three days of intense bleeding well end soon and I can get back to regular life. F 9 days
 3  periods My breasts have enlarged surely this isn't normal they tender but I've gone up a couple sizes Plz help I'm worried anyone else had this experience My hair has gone crazy appetite weight gain all good just worrying bout size of my breasts F 44 2 months
 4  to regulate periods Extremely weird dreams, im always dizzy and lightheaded so not sure if it was caused by provera this time, insomnia , energetic, lack of appetite, no period symptoms though Doctor prescribed me to take this for 5 days then take birth control to regulate my cycle. She said I would have a period in about 2 days after taking the last pill so we will see from there. F 15 4 days
10 mg
 4  abnormal uterine bleeding Sort of moody for first couple of days, then it started to level out. Helped so much with heavy bleeding F 39 10 days
 3  heavy periods ttc Tire nausea but my breasts were bothering me but their not. I just stated provera but l taken it before for bad menstrual different doctor. Praying this time it works Haven't had any bad side affects so I'm good..good luck to me😘 F 33 1 days
 1  start my menstrual cycle Pains in my stomach and gas I been taking provera for three months skipping a month in between. I haven't started my cycle not once. only a slight spotting but nothing serious. F 22 10 days
10 mg
 4  stop heavy bleeding, shed uterine l Breast tenderness, depression, stopping my cycle, then it starts and is light and won't quit, extreme tiredness...can't function daily, dizziness all the time, lower back/kidney pain, upset stomach, hot flashes, night sweats, It does help with my cycle, I am NOT bleeding heavily, but not shedding lining either. I am tired of being tired all the time. F 34 6 months
10 2X D
 3  irregural menstruation Gained weight thanks to water retention, cravings for sugar and chocolate, abdominal cramps that kill me, can't really be in the cold, moody (poor of my bf) and sometimes depressed. It's weird. Also if you take it the first day and forget to take it for two or three days you could get your period twice a month. It just happened to me and it hurts even badly. F 22 4 months
 3  to have regular period bloating, fatigue, pain in mid back (kidney area) very dizzy, weight gain. Anxiety. Wondering how long it takes for provera side effects to get out of my system. F 50 10 days
10 mg 1X D