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 4  To induce period after D&C I've had only mild side effects, slight headache, bloating and no crazy appetite increases. Was waiting 13 weeks to get A/F after a D/C with no luck. I was prescribed 10 days of provera and by the 5th it has come. Hopefully this is just the begining of being back on a normal cycle. F 34 5 days
 4  induce my period I noticed a BIG increase in appetite. I constantly feel hungry. A little bloating, tired, headache, moodiness, and cramping. MD prescribed d/t no period x5 month, TTC x1 year. I took 10mg for 10 days. My period started 4 days after the last pill. Basically had 2 weeks of yuckier than usual PMS symptoms followed by a looong and heavy period. No fun but at least it worked. F 28 10 days
 1  induce period SUICIDAL!!!!! I took it for four days to "empty out" my uterus due to a 36 day long period. I wanted to stab myself constantly and felt the urge to drive my car into a tree! Very very bad drug. I gained 7 pounds in about 4 days. F 25 5 days
 2  To start period. (after 5 years!) CRAMPS! Flooding for two weeks now. It just won't stop. Depression, very emotional, tired, swollen ankles, fuzzy head, trouble sleeping. I have been taking Provera since January 23rd, have been having a very heavy period for 14 days, very painful. There are just too many side effects for me. I don't trust the doctors here in the UK. I wish I was back in the US. F 48 27 days
 3  endometrial hyperplasia Month 1. Palpitations, dizzy spells, sugar cravings, mood swings, headaches, flushes, crying outbursts, insomnia, racing pulses, depression and weight gain. Month 2. Mood swings, insomnia, passing water more often and weight gain. Month 3. Side effects settling down. Sleeping a bit better, crying outbursts not as often, weight gain seems to have slowed down - THANK GOD!!! I have been prescribed Provera 400mg daily for 3 months. The first month was a nightmare but after speaking to my gynaecologist about how I was feeling, he said that everything would settle down after the first month - and it did! My main concern has been the weight gain. I have put on 17 pounds in 8 weeks!!! aaarrgghh!!! Apparently this is due to water retention so hopfully the weight will come off when I have completed the course. I have just started Month 3 and I feel that I now back in control of my body and emotions. It has been a rocky road, but if the treatment works then every mood swing, tantrum, sleepless night, crying outburst, palpitation and hot flush will be easily forgotten! F 34 90 days
 4  Induce Period Tired, Tearful, Irritable, Moody, No concentration, slight cramps Had not had a period for 4 months. Took 10 mg tablets twice daily for 5 days two different occasions. Period began 4 days after last pill was taken (both occasions). Doctor did not mention side effects, so I found this site to be extremely useful. Strangely I had no side effects the first time using Provera. However, 2nd time I felt all side effects listed...Wasn't fun, but it did start my period. F 27 5 days
 1  to induce ovulation back pain,muscle cramps in legs,breast pain and swelling,acne,spotting between doses,nervousness, mood swings I was to take a 10 day cycle but because of my side affects after 6 days my doctor said to stop and have my cycle. then to only take for 5 days next month. After I stopped the pill I started my cycle 3days after. I bleed for 11 days. Then I also have been spotting.I take the second month of treatment tommorow but Iam not sure if I am going to. I would not recommend this to anyone F 30 1 months
 5  TRYING TO CONCEIVE EXTREME BREAST TENDERNESS,INCREASED APPETITE, VERY FIRM BREAST. Actually Provera worked for me in 2003.My husband and I was trying to conceive but I was diagnosed with unexplained ammenorhea. We started taking Provera 10MG x 5DYS.3 Days later my period came and on the fifth day I began taking 100 mg of clomid x 5dys. Well Ladies I became preg my first try. Therefore I rate Provera a 5+Because it helped us acheive something we all thought impossible. Even though I am having problems again we now know that the problem was PCOS all along. Once again we are ttc so wish us luck. BABY DUST TO ALL THAT ARE TTC. ************ F 28 5 days
 4  Induce period/Regulate cycle Increased appetite, food cravings, mood swings ,headaches, water retention, swollen breast, irritability, heart palpitations at night,warm body. The first time I took this medication was to induce mentruation. Dosage: 10 mg, one pill daily for 7 days. My period came 4 days after the last pill. I am giving it a 4 because it made my period come like it was supposed to but other that it was not the greatest when it comes to the side eefects for me obviously. This cycle I will be taking it form cycle day 21-28 to regulate my cycle because I am tryin g to get pregnant. F 22 7 days
 4  induce period / PCOS and ttc foul mood - very short tempered - bloating, migraine, hunger, VERY HEAVY period with lots of clotting (reminds me of the bleeding after birth-- ladies, don't be embarrased to use the "poise" pads -- they are awesome and long and hold a LOT of fluid if you are like me and sick of having to do your sheets everyday when you have your period! I did what it was supposed to do, I think - induced period 2 days after cessation. But I don't know if I'll end up having a long cycle with it or not. The weight gain and bloating are ridiculous. The depression and hopelessness aren't much of a walk in the park, either. F 39 10 days
 2  Abnormal Uterine Bleeding -3 months Severe nausea. I couldn't even ride in a car. Mood swings. Did not want to talk to anyone. Sleeplessness, irritability, dementia I'm taking the 10MG tab. I'm only on day 5 out of 10. Not sure I can take it much longer :( F 25 10 days
 2  Endometriosis upped dosage to 10 mg when 5 mg did not lead to cessation of periods as predicted. I will be going back to the 5 mg dosage. After a month of 10 mg, my breasts are huge and hurt worse than they did when I was pregnant. Mood swings have started and 'd honestly like to kill something. NOT GOOD! I was fine with the 5 mg even if the periods hand't ceased least I wasn't contemplating murder! F 40 3 months
 4  PCOS--Induce Period Acne, Horrible stomache cramps, Very heavy flow, Hunger, Mood swings, Dizziness, Headache I am starting my second cycle of this tommorow. So far, the acne is the most noticable side effect. My period was insanely heavy -I had to miss 2 days of work because of it. But, I do think it caused me to ovulate! F 23 10 days
 4  To induce Menstrual Cycle Horrible headaches, violent mood swings (broke a door during one), I am losing masive amounts of hair, back pain, hardly ever sleep(I have to drug up to get to sleep) and cramping I take a 10 mg for 5 days and like clock work on the 6th day after the last pill I start my cycle. The last two cycles ranged from, 1st cycle last 5 days and the second lasted six days. F 26 5 days
 5  5 mgs add back with Lupron weight gain, which I have learned to control. At first the weight gain and water retention were difficult, but they seem to be less of a problem now, and I have learned to lose weight and keep it off anyway. I am off the Lupron, and tried getting off Provera, but felt horrible. I went back on it again. I seemed to be addicted to it, because I only feel normal when on it now. Feel pretty good actually. I'm thinking about hrt, but I'm afraid of estrogen. Since I feel fine with just the Provera, I'm not sure why that alone can't be enough. F 2 years
 2  Start absent periods Severe mood swings, dizziness, headaches, nightmares, insomnia, joint pain, lower back pain, major increase in appetite. My doctor said it would be just like going on birth control, maybe a little bloating. THANKS DOC. Also, it got my period started, but the cramps and bleeding are AWFUL. I feel like Freddy Krueger gave me a pelvic exam. Missed 2 days of work for cramps, and I *NEVER* call in sick. Yeah, it did what it was supposed to do, but the side effects were a stiff price to pay. I'm supposed to do 2-3 rounds of Provera to regulate my periods, but no way. Screw this. I'm trying acupuncture. F 25 10 days
 5  PCOS - to induce period lower back-ache, fatigue, HUNGRY!!!, sugar cravings!, loss of concentration Without Provera I don't get a period, so I'm thankful to be taking it. The worse side effect for me is the loss of concentration. F 34 10 days
 3  Induce period. I have been taking this for three days and I can't stop having random giggle attacks! My breasts have swelled to the size of two small countries and my stomach has become the size of the earth. I tell you, having PMS symptoms for four and a half weeks due to never getting my period (I missed two in a row) was bad, but this is ridiculous! What's going to happen to me the rest of this week?! F 20 3 days
 4  missed periods couldnt sleep for 2 days. sudden crying fits. my nipples were very sensitive as well. i took the medicine for 5 days. My period came 11 days after stopping the medicine. I was starting to think it wouldnt come. The side effects were minimal and the medicine worked. F 23 5 days
 4  infertility Gassy stomach and constipation, breast swelling This is the second time that i have used the drug. Both times were to induce a period. There are no real side effects and if you need to start a menstual cycle this is the way 31 7 days