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 4  pcos, frequent periods (18-20 days) Clear mind (before it was fuzzy), my depression practically stopped (but after I stopped taking it, it is back), high energy, but tired directly after I took the 10mg at night. I also had vivid dreams. Five pound weight loss (which I didn't need to lose as I am already petite and below average weight) Prior to my taking this medicine, I felt exhausted all of the time and extremely depressed. I was really moody and all over the place. I think my body was craving the Provera, because once on it, my body and mind started working right for me. After a few days on it, my period stopped. I am waiting to see what happens next. I am supposed to get a period and have it alleviate my PCOS which I only have in one ovary. F 24 11 days
 4  induce period/PCOS extremely sore nipples and breasts, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, constipation, vivid dreams My Gyn prescribed Provera bc of irregular periods due to PCOS. I didn't experience any symptoms on the first 2 rounds of Provera. After the third round, I had these side effects. Today my Gyn decided not to do the fourth round. Hopefully my period will return to normal and I will start Clomid. F 28 3 months
 5  To start my period No side effects I was prescribed provera after not having a period for 3 months. I did not have any problems with provera. Went on it for 10 days.. no real side effects. Started my period 2 days after completing med. period was only 6 days long, and was not bad at all. I had a really good experiece with it, and felt way better after starting my period! F 22 10 days
 3  No period for 2 mo. headaches, intense drowsiness without being able to sleep, massive water retention, cramps, mood swings and day and night sweats - or hot flashes. UGH! I hate Provera. this is the 3rd or 4th time taking it in an effort to start my period to begin a Clomid cycle. I have always taken it for 5-7 days before and always started a cycle in the appropriate time frame. However, this time the doctor has me on it for 14 days in an effort to help the ovulation process along with the Clomid and I am currently on day 13 of the med and I feel HORRIBLE. I've been on my couch for 3 days now with horrible cramps, day/night sweats, headaches, mood swings, and to top it off I am so swollen that I can't even wear my wedding rings - I can hardly bend my fingers without pain from the water retention. I feel sleepy constantly but cannot sleep and once I do fall asleep I am OUT for quite a while in a very deep sleep. It's horrible! I had to call into work sick today due to the pain in my abdomen and just my body overall and the extreme tiredness. while I have always had great success with this medicine in regards to getting a cycle started - I'm F 28 14 days
 3  to force a period and start clomid I am a very antsy person so begin with but while on provera, I was livid. There are times I'd pick up fights with husband and won't even stop until I won. Which in the end must have hurt him. I hated the rage. I was also very emotional. Physically, I was nauseaus and light headed at day 2 then it slowed down towards the end of day 10. Then the cramping started. I have had irregular period since the first day I had it at 10 y/o. My last period before this one was in March of 2008 so I had no period for 8 months. I was give 10mg of provera for 10 days. Now is day 10 after last pill. I spotted and streaked brown for days 4-8 after last pill, with mild cramps and occassional clots. Then yesterday, started moderate to painful cramps and have heavier and clotty period. I will update you on more. I have an appointment with a Repro Endocrinologist day after tomorrow. F 30 10 days
 1  to stop bleeding before surgery awful headaches, dizziness and moodiness, loss of apetite, had to stop taking caffeine while on it due to sudden dizziness i had been bleeding for nearly 2 months (birth control pills were no longer working due to a fibroid growth). was prescribed 10mg for 7 days in an attempt to stop bleeding before a hysteroscopy, myomectomy and D&C. the bleeding did not stop at all (i had stopped taking Mircette while on this). unfortunately i would not take this again. hormones and birth control pills no longer worked to control bleeding due to a fibroid in my case. glad i had the surgery. F 36 7 days
 4  to induce period after 6 years Very bloated and ill in stomach on first couple of days, then for the next 10 days- extreme sleepiness particularly at night, deep sleeps and vivid dreams. Amennorea for 6 years due to excessive physical training. Want to get pregnant, first round took 10mg for 5 days with no side effcts and no period- my body did not respond at all. Then Dr prescribed 30mg a day for 10 days- side effects not too extreme after first two days. Just uncontrollable sleepiness at night- and then deep sleeping and vivid dreaming! After stopping Provera after 10 days, I got my period 4 days later..finally! Startng clomid now that I can bleed. F 29 10 days
 5  excessive bleeding for past 3 years Luckly I have had little side effects with this drug. I was told by my sister-in-law who took it, to expect weight gain, but I haven't. It's been the reverse, no appetite @ all!! I've actually lost 5-10 pounds while taking this drug. But yesterday I didn't take it @ the usual time & I had a break through bleed, which ended immediately after I took the morning dose. I'm on this med twice a day. I've been placed on this drug because I have been bleeding for the past 3 1/2 yrs, with only about 3 months break. Because of this excessive bleeding, I am 2 points away from needing a blood transfusion!! My doctor has finally said a hysterectomy is necessary, so I'm on this drug until January 2009, when I can have the surgery. My lining is so thick & my blood levels are so low, that having surgery right now would require the blood transfusion. SO I take Provera 10mg twice a day & take an iron tablet once a day. I'm very pleased with the drug, because I've not had to wear a pad since I started taking it. Before then I had been wearing pads everyday for the past 3 1/2 years!!! This all started after I gave birth to my son. I have PCOS & before my son's birth, I never had a period but once or twice a year. That's why I was so surprised when I found out I was pregnant with my son. I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids according to my old OBGYN!! F 34 3 weeks
 3  Endometriosis Basically to sum it up I feel pregnant. I have mood swings, sore breasts, nausia that's worse at night, acne, slight weight gain, food cravings (I eat constantly and I crave things I don't normally eat), I'm tired all the time and have been sleeping in very late. I was given provera by my family doctor after having surgery for pelvic pain where they found endometriosis. I was told to take 10mgs a day daily for an unstated amount of time. I was also told that it would stop my period. I started taking it on October 21st. I had had a period on October 3rd. I didn't really notice any side effects at first but I did get a period on October 28th which was 2 days early pretty normal for me and it was a little shorter than normal, lasted about 5 days instead of 7 but other than that was pretty normal. Only difference I noticed was I had no indication that it was coming, my breast normally are sore and I have cramping before a period and I had none of this. Now as for the side effects just within the last week or so I have had major food cravings, cramping in my pelvic area (but this could be the endometriosis), severe nausia that is worse at night, I am on day 13 right now of my cycle so I should be right around ovulation and I am having cramping now a F 30 20 days
 3  shed lining/excessive estrogen This is a follow up to my first post on 10-6-8. This is my second month taking Provera and I am noticing some side effects now. During this 10 day treatment I am bleeding and I do have cramping. I am going to my Gyne today to discuss my treament further. It seems very few people are on this medication for the reason I was put on it and I would like some clarification. I have also noticed I am slightly more tired and alittle moody kind of like the typical PMS I get. F 42 10 days
 2  Endometriosis, bad cramping Feel like I am in a fog, extremely tired - just have to go to bed, no way to fight it, feel depressed, and while not short of breath with exertion, I feel like I cannot breath well just sitting here. Not going to find out if this helps, cannot stand the side effects. Taking the oral 10 mg tablet once per day as a trial before trying Depo-Provera injection - glad I did this first! F 49 2 days
 4  stop bleeding/clots. shed uterus Bloated feeling and headaches. (Much better than bleeding to death!) I was given Provera in the ER after bleeding GINORMUS clots for 10 days. One of my blood clots took out my Mirena IUD on its own!! That was one bad blood clot! The Ultrasound & Sonogram revealed that I had a thick uteres with 4 Fibroids(golf ball size) and provera would help shed the lining of my uterus. I am taking 10 mg 3X a day. The huge blood clots ceased after the 3rd day of taking Provera and my bleeding stoped 5 days later. Unfortunately for me I started bleeding again (14th of taking meds) this morning with SERVERE CRAMPING AND BACK PAIN! The ER wanted to take Provera for 14 days,however my OB/GYN prescribed 4 additional months of this medication. I have gained weight but that is because the ER Dr. told me to take Provera with food. Must this drug be taken with food? I will have surgery early next year to remove the fibroids which may be causing all the trouble! F 36 14 days
 3  Missing period for 9 months Nausea, feeling sleepy but can't sleep.Vivid Dreams, Cravings for chocolate (I associated it with this since i never really have a desire for chocolate at all) Feeling sad and achey. F 15 5 days
 3  Heavy and long periods Some bloating and cramping while taking drug. I started the drug because of excessive bleeding and lengthy periods. The bleeding has become better but length of periods is still unpredictable. Some months I still have a 20 day period. Hoping to start menopause soon! F 50 1 years
 5  Induce menses, start Clomid I felt wonderful while taking Provera. I think my body craved the progesterone. After finishing though, I went through some major mood swings, had mild to moderate cramps, and felt very depressed. Seven days after completing provera, I got my period. I am having moderate cramps and gas. The depression is gone, thank God. All in all, I recommend provera because if not, I wouldn't be able to take the Clomid to get pregnant. A baby or two would be well worth the depression I felt. F 32 10 days
 3  to induce a period after 2 months o EXTREME fatigue, always tired ! and from time to time I get a sick feeling in my throat. this is my fourth day on it. tomorrow is my last day of taking 10mg per day. Very keen to know if it will work or not F 25 4 days
 3  complex endometrial hyperplasia I haven't had any side affects yet since this is my second day taking it I was diagnosed with complex endometrial hyperplasia. I had a DNC done, but that didn't take of it so my doctor put me on provera. She's sending me to a cancer specialist. Hopefully I won't have to have a hysterectomy. Since we have been trying to have kids for 8 years. This is only my second day so if anyone has anything to say to make me feel a little better about everthing please email. F 27 2 days
 3  Havent had a period in 14 months Extremely emotional. . . And bad moods. Very tempermental. I need help or advice. I took Provera for 10 days after not having my period for 14 months. About 4 days after I stopped Provera I started my period. It is now 10 days later and I still have a heavy flow. I have read articles and they say you should bleed 5-7 days well Im going on day 11 with no end in sight. My husband will probobly kill me soon if these emotional bad moods dont end soon so if you know anything that can help me or if 10 days of bleeding is normal after 14 months of no bleeding. Please i need advise. M 23 10 days
 4  Induce period:PCOS;endometriosis Just took the pill for a week and b/c of my ovarian history horrible pain... where I can't even move! It is doing it's job so I have to deal w/ it and take a lot of pain killers as well! This is my 2nd time taking provera due to the fact I haven't had a period in almost 2 years. I have had irregular periods my whole life then at the age of 18 was diagnosed w/endometriosis and at the age of 21 with PCOS and now I am at the breaking point of getting both ovaries removed so I am taking provera in hopes that my husband and I can have a kid w/ in the next year or 2. Any questions about Provera or endometriosis or PCOS feel free to ask and I will do the best to answer your questions from a personal view. F 24 7 days
 2  to shed the lining of my uterus AFter reading other comments on this website this may be normal, although my gyno did not advise me of this. I've been awake since 3 a.m. with moderate cramps, but terrible bleeding/clots. I guess this is supposed to happen. . . as the lining is being shed. I've gained 5# in a week. F 52 5 days