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 1  Birth control Extremely long-lasting period!!! Mood-swings, loss of sex drive, weight-gain! I have had 3 shots so far. At first I was satisfied with it, but after about a month I took my fist shot I had my period for 6 weeks. My doctor said its because I had stopped breastfeeding, so I thought that made sense. 2 days after I got my third shot, here comes my period again, 24 days and still going!!!! I wish I knew about these side effects, because they seem to be so common. Also, I lost my sex drive completely! F 23 7 months
 5  Heavy bleeding The only side effect I have noticed is night sweats. I love the shot it helped my situation a great deal F 29 8 months

 5  do not want kids. im young. I havent had any crazy problems with the depo. I get moody at least twice a week but who knows with that...im a woman. I know woman who arent on it and they are very very moody even worse than i get. I really think its just a girl thing. Anyways, i would recommend it. I think i just depends on how your body works as to how you react to it. F 19 8 months
1X D
 5  pregnancy prevention None...in fact, I feel great, have lost 7 pounds, and have no side effects! Depo has worked reallly well for me, despite many bad reviews F 26 8 months

 4  Prevent pregnancy. Less periods. A lot of vaginal discharge on my 8th month. I had very light periods on my 7 months of having the depo shot. I was scared to have one of those longer periods because my friend had said she bled a lot for a couple weeks. I think I'm starting to experience it since I've had the period for a week and a half now and it's still strong. I do recommend this shot but you have to be open-minded once you have a longer period and it's strong. Be prepared for it. F 20 8 months
1X D

 4  birth control no period, no spotting, derpression, mood swings, slight weight loss, slight increase in acne, extreme decrease in sex drive initially (the first ten days on depo) i bled enormously. it was gross, and it scared me. once it stopped, i felt incredible. i began to lose weight. had a more than healthy sex drive ;) and no side effects... approx two months after i started, up thru now: i have had a bit of acne (which i never had an acne problem, so a pimple here and there was worth not having my period). i also noticed a very strong increase in mood swings, depression, and the death of my sex drive. although it is great to not have my period, im thinking of stopping. the depression and mood swings have intefered too much with my life and my work. F 20 8 months

 3  Couldn't remember to take pill. I am currently on the shot. I am sexually active. I've been on the shot since April and all of a sudden I started having light spotting and very weird cravings! Is this normal? F 18 8 months

 3  birth control i am always tired no matter how much sleep i get. I usually feel a dull crampy ache in lower abdomin but its worse for about a week after the shot. i do not get a period which concerns me. i love that it keeps me from getting pregnant and i dont have to worry ab surgery or taking a pill everyday. however, the negative side effects are far greater. if you have other options, use them. with every shot i feel worse. discuss implenon with my doctor currently. F 30 8 months
60 mg 1X O
 3  SIMPLE birth control Constant spotting, severely decreased sex drive, increased appetite, and possibly mood swings (I am a girl!). I've only been using depo provera for 7-8 months, so I'm hanging in there for a few more shots... but this spotting has got to stop! I don't have menstrual CYCLES anymore, just really light bleeding EVERY DAY. I'd stop right away because I hate bleeding during sex, but I barely have a sex drive from the shot anyway. I only like and use Depo because it is so incredibly simple. F 18 8 months

 2  birth control, PCOS Extreme hunger, mild weight gain, acne, spotting to mild bleeding for an extended period of time (longer than a week) For the first couple of shots things weren't bad at all... coming up to the third shot, I started having major food cravings about a week before the shot and this went on about a week or so after getting the shot. Once that stopped, I began to start spotting, which I hadn't for the last 6 months, then it just kept coming more like a mild to moderate period and so far it has lasted 10-11 days without stopping. I also started to experience some minor face/body acne and some increase in facial hair growth. Don't know if all of this is due to the shot, but the non-stop bleeding, cramping and back pain is horrible. Needless to say, I will be looking for something else when this wears off. F 35 8 months
1 shot 1X O
 2  Prevent Pregnancy Headaches the first 5 months but they have decreased. Low libido. My husband would say I was very irritable and short sometimes. Irregular bleeding and Vaginal Odor. I wanted to comment on the Vaginal odor because I have read many comments but I didn't find someone who had this same side effect. I did not have any bleeding after my first shot. I had my second last month and i have been spotting for almost 3 weeks. Since this spotting started I have noticed, as well as my husband, this embarrassing odor. For the most part I only notice this smell during intercourse. I hope it goes away when the spotting stops but it's so embarrassing that I am not going to have the third shot and will try something different! F 38 8 months
1X O
 2  to manage heavy periods constant spotting is my main issue...i have a fibroid that has caused heavy periods....tried to have it removed and the doctor ended up damaging my colon!! supposedly my only alternative is to have a hysterectomy but I've been told that I will most likely have more damage done to my colon due to adheasions from the first surgery. My doc recommended trying depo for a year to try and stop my periods....so far it has not worked. I am trying to hang in there for a full year to see if my periods will eventually stop otherwise I guess I'll be bleeding until i hit menopause. Hearing so many terrible stories about depo is scary but I'm hoping that things will eventually settle down since there do seem to be some people that do well on it. As far as other side effects go, I do have depression and lots of anxiety but I had that before I started depo so I'm not sure I can completely blame it on the shot. F 40 8 months
 1  Birth control severe depression, tiredness, mood swings,irritability, headaches, migraines, leg cramps, stomach pains, loss of sex drive First month on it I was sick a lot, but the next 3 months were really good. No side effects at all. By the 4th month, I suddenly became depressed and experiencing frequent migraines. Depression & headaches got worse, started experiencing more symptoms. I'm tired all the time, I'm in therapy for anxiety/depression, I'm just not happy anymore. I seem to have a lot of seemingly random symptoms, different kinds of stomach pains, constant feeling of unwell, I cant concentrate, I get very mad over the slightest things. I've been spotting almost everyday for a month now, now there's lingering abdominal cramps. Before this, I was in very good health. Now I'm just not myself. Its terrible feeling sick all the time. What did I do to myself? F 31 8 months
 1  to regulate my menstrual. I can't stop bleeding! I can't remember the last time I haven't bled. F 8 months

 1  Irregular periods Headaches, nausea, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, extreme mood swings. This is by far the worst method of birth control. Most of all your stories break me down to a tee.. I started depo at 17 years old, got the first two shots and couldnt handle it. I gained alot of weight, had extreme depression, thoughts of suicide, major panic attacks. When i was mad it was almost impossible to make me feel level again. After getting off depo, which was the worst thing ever, i also had my period for 2+ months, and was extremely sick for years, and still am, and i believe that it is caused by depo. its been 7 and a half years now, . I have had problems ever since. I DONT RECOMMEND THIS DRUG TO ANYONE. F 25 8 months
 1  Birth Control Weight gain, Lowered libido, headaches, breast tenderness, muscle soreness, irritability, major blood clots I would not recommend this shot to anyone. I know with me I gained 45lbs during the time I took this shot. I would say may 10lbs was of my own doing because I could not control my hunger but the rest of it being from that shot. I have been holding out on my husband because I just feel no need fo sex which is odd. I have major headaches at least 3 times a week. Breast tenderness and I always feel sore and very very irritable like I wanna punch my husband in the face for no reason.. And major blood clots which made me think I was having a miscarriage. Dr's seem to think that its just me. But I went on diet and I work out 5 days a week. Hell Im in the military and am on verge of being put out just because I gained this weigh on top of other issues and I feel its making it hard for me to get my run to where it needs to be. DO NOT TAKE THIS ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO ANY MEDS. Ive been off this med for about a yr now and have been excercising regularly and eating more healthy and still have yet to loose this added weight. F 21 8 months
Normal Dos 1X AN
 1  Birth Control Loss of sex drive, irritablitly, extream mood swings, spotting, depression, unhappiness with life in general, anger issues. weight gain, headaches, tired all the time (not sure if depo is the cause), back aches (again not sure if this is the cause). oily skin, feel hot all the time. I really hate depo. it does not work for me. i am so moody and cranky all the time. i feel like i want to bite peoples heads off and all i want to do is cry bc i feel so bad about myself. i feel really depressed and i start fights with my husband over everything and i was not like this before. i am getting off of it ASAP. F 29 8 months
 1  BC while i was nursing MAJOR weight gain, loss of sex drive I started the shot 2 months after I gave birth to my son. It was the only hormonal BC that is safe while nursing an infant. When I started the shot I was back to my normal weight, 120lbs(at 5'2 tall). After the first shot I noticed a slight but steady incline in my weight, then all of the sudden, almost over night I seemed to gain 25+ lbs. I know this isn't due to poor diet or lack of exercise. My husband and I are very active at the gym and eat very well. Recently I went to a new general practiner(we moved to another area) who seemed certain the weight gain was from the shot. He told me I didn't have a lot of body fat and that it was water weight that should come off once the shot wore off. My last shot was due over a month ago and needless to say, I didn't get it. Now I'm just waiting for my period to restart. My doctor told me once I get my period that's a sign the depo is out of my system. Although he did advise me it could take several months. F 26 8 months

 5  Birth Control Irregular bleeding, 5-10 lb weight gain, no cramping, lost interest in sex. Despite the weight gain and irregular bleeding, Depo-Provera has helped me out quite a bit. I may still have a tiny period but I dont have to worry about pads/tampons anymore. I am also more active physically since I started taking it. I find it to be very helpful. I recommend this medication to anyone looking for a strong method of birth control. F 16 8.5 months
 5  birth control stomach cramping...caused me to have gastritis its a great way for birth control...i recommend it to anyone i mean its goood....but do make sure you consider ALL sides affects before taking it F 19 9 months

 5  Pregnancy prevention No period! F 17 9 months

 5  pregnacy prevention Breast tenderness, vaginal dryness, occasional mood swings, increased breast size, occasional stomach cramps. I love this shot, though I know first hand that its not for everyone. It turned my roommate insane. I haven't had too much of a problem with it. I get side effects with almost every medicine I take, and these side effects are minimal. I haven't had my period at all. I get occasional cramps, but those don't last very long and aren't as painful as period cramps. Its allowed a lot more freedom, and comfort, knowing that I don't have to worry about forgetting to take the pill (which I would) F 24 9 months
3 months 1X O
 5  Heavy and uncontrolled bleeding Was taking in a.m. with Synthroid - wasn't working. After 3 mo's of non-stop, continued bleeding, I somehow thought to take it at night (keep taking Synthroid in morning). Voila! Love this med. I stopped bleeding 3 days later. Overweight anyway so unsure about weight gain but what the heck - I'll blame the med (LOL!). F 48 9 months
10 1X D

 5  Prevent Pregnancy Weight Gain. Loss of Period I seen all these negative comments about the depo, but I have yet to experience all of the negative things everybody is saying. the only thing I have experince is gaining weight (which I have no problem with because i'm trying to gain weight) and i don't get m period.. I love the depo shot F 22 9 months

 5  Stop heavy periods No negative side effects Since getting the shot, I've had more energy, more appetite control, and have lost more than 20 lbs. Sex drive better since I'm not worried about pregnancy. F 40 9 months

 5  Couldn't remember to take the pill I LOVE IT....Before I started taking Depo I was 135, I've since gain 10 pounds but in all the right places. My boobs are bigger, butt is rounder, thighs are thicker. My boyfriend loves it. I haven't experienced any moodiness. However, I do get spotting when its time for my next shot. I LVOE NOT HAVING TO DEAL WITH A PERIOD, OR TRYING TO REMEMBER TO TAKE THE PILL AT THE SAME TIME EVERYDAY. I tried the ring, and it caused a yeast infection. F 23 9 months
 4  birth control Moodiness for a week or two after each injection. After the first shot I had a constant period, until after I got the second shot. Now I have no period. I also have a very much lower sex drive. I like the Depo shot because I have no period and I only have to take it every 3 months. F 20 9 months
 4  Birth Control I actually like taking the depo shot. I am a bit moody, and irritable, but I've only gained 2 pounds. My migraines decreased rapidly, and my acne went away. It's so much easier takiing the shot instead of the pill. My mom and I are the only women in my family that are able to take depo without becoming extremely sick. I get tired alot, but that might just be part of my depression. My apetite stayed the same, and I haven't had my period in almost 8 months, which I absolutely love. I don't even get symptoms of having my period anymore. F 15 9 months
 4  Extremely painful and heavy periods For approx 1 week after getting injection i always feel very emotional, ie. cry easily, very tired, lacking energy and don't feel very socialable. These side aftes then start to wear off, thank God!! Occasionally get very light bleeding or spotting, which only lasts a day or two but with zero pain. No period at all for last 3 months. Have noticed some weight gain, even though i go to gym regularly. Must admit the week immediately after injection is pretty awful but still feel pro's outway the con's as i feel great for rest of the 3 months!!! Which is a miracle as i have been cursed with horrific periods since i was a teenager, but no more!!! Yipppeeee!!! :) F 35 9 months
4X O
 4  very fertile -forget pills- no periods, no cramps, leg cramps, horrible mood swings, migraines, no wieght gain, insomnia, no sex drive This is my 2nd time on the shot. The 1st time was 6 years ago and I had continuous spotting all 9 moths I was on it, but I had no other side effects. I was taking the patch and became pregnant on it. I figured I would give depo one more try. I started having horrible cramps in my legs at night. I do not sleep except for a few hours at a time. I noticed 3 months ago that I was becoming a real bitch at work- I mean A MEGA BITCH worse than any PMS ive ever had. I decided to go online one day when people started actually saying F 27 9 months

 3  To prevent pregnancy I got my first shot February 2007. I just got my 4th shot today. The only negative side effect that I may be experiencing is slight mood swings, but this may be caused by depression. However, a small amount of exercise daily really helps. I only menstruate if I wait too long to get my shot when it's due. My last period was 7/29 and I got my shot 7/31. It was light and only stayed on a few days. I am Black and my hair gets very oily nowadays, but that's no problem because my hair is growing like wildfire! I am on the think side and wouldn't mind gainaing a few pounds......that's the one side effect that I want that I haven't gotten. I woouldn't mind a cool ten pounds or so. I really think it depends on the individual. I've had friends who've had horror stories about Depo and just as many who have no problems with it. F 29 9 months
 3  Contraception Weight gain, mood swings, irritability, bloated, madness It is a very effective contraceptive but I'm not sure it's worth the stress - getting fatter, feeling ugly and depressed, not really wanting sex because I feel bloated and unattractive (despite what my boyfriend says). I have had some very light periods but I don't feel like I know my body anymore. I sometimes think I am going mad, I find it harder to be friendly (I'm a bubbly and friendly person normally) and I feel like since I've been taking this drug I'm self-conscious, insecure and uptight, and much more annoyed in general! I hate being so horrible and moody; I am not going to go back for my next injection this month - I want to flush out these hormones and be myself again, and hopefully lose the weight! F 26 9 months
1X D

 3  easy bc i was like a dead person, i was super tired all the time and was very apathetic. i never experience any bleeding and gain 3 or so pounds. My boobs increased in size by a whole cup and now that im off don't seem to be decreasing. i lost my period for those 9 months and i've been off it for two months now and im starting to wonder when my period will return? i've found that taking vitamins normally can help with the tiredness, im guessing from extra iron and calcium. gave it a 3 because i didn't get preggers so it helped, somewhat. i would say that this medicine is very extreme, and that there's a number of other ways to ensure not becoming preggers that are a lot safer. im worried about what my bone density loss means for my future and what has been mutated by this drug, if there's a higher risk for cancer. Save yourself the trouble and stick with something that effects your body less. im serious, Treat your body like a temple and leave this poison out of it F 20 9 months
?? 1X O
 3  birth control headaches, constantly tired, seriously moody, nauseated easily (even from video games on a led tv!), annoying weight gain, lots of hair loss, decreased libido and vaginal dicharge or whatever you wanna call it ... not good for sex when you actually do it! lots of acne, severly oily face and hair, spotty periods i didn't connect any of these side effects with the shot until recently. i went to the dr for my scary amount of hair loss and sleepiness and mood swings and was presscribed stress medicine soon after my second shot. after my third shot i gained 10 freaking pounds all in my midsection and legs (which is extremely noticeable on a 105 lb girl!!) and realized my sex drive was really low and finally my boyfriends sister put the dots together for me because she had read this stuff online. definitely won't get the next shot and now i'm worried about how long this crap is gonna take to get out of my system! i also had one random shot about 6 months before this set of shots and afterwards i found out i had poly-cystic ovary syndrome and supposedly its gonna be hard for me to get pregnant in the first place but not impossible which is why i got it again after the dr said to fix my irregular periods (which now makes no sense because the depo causes irregular periods any)... so now i'm freakin out that the depo caused my poly-cystic ovary syndrome after reading more reviews about this!! and my possible infertility!! F 23 9 months
1X O
 3  Contraception Joint pain, mood swings, weight gain, low sex drive, leg cramps F 18 9 months
1X D

 3  Birth Control acne, mood swings, long periods months apart The first month was great. I had one period that lasted a little longer than normal but it wasn't a problem. About halfway through the second month I started getting bad acne on the sides of my chin, something I've never had before. I also have noticed recently that I am easily annoyed. I often find myself upset about little things. Also, I get very angry and jealous for no reason. I have had one additional period that lasted about two weeks but with no cramping. I have two more months on the current shot and I hope the side effects do not get worse as they are putting a strain on my relationship. I will not be getting another shot. However, I would recommend this shot for one three month interval. F 22 9 months
1X M
 3  Birth control Decreased appetite, mood swings, Bloatedness F 19 9 months

 3  contraception bloating, weight gain, acne, mood swings F 22 9 months

 3  Birth Control Lower sex drive, depression I LOVE Depo and am sad I'm about to go off it. I am taking the lower dose version where instead of injecting the shot into my muscle, it is just injected under my skin. I never have my period, I never have to think about birth control with my boyfriend and have only noticed mild depression and mild weight gain (but I have had similar side effects with other bc). What is making me go off it is a complete drop in my sex drive. I used to have a high drive and now I have ZERO! In this way, it is the best bc I've ever been on! F 26 9 months

 3  convenience irregular and prolongated periods, no period, massive mood swings, total loss of sex drive. I totally disagree with the person who says you can't blame emotional problems on this drug. Besides hearing from another doctor that she no longer recommends this drug after THREE seperate patients became suicidal while using it, I also experienced unexplained mood swings(basically complete loss of control which I've never struggled with before) depression, i never dreamed it could be my birth control! I assumed the loss of sex drive would end once my body got used to the drug but NO! I think this drug is DANGEROUS. YES, it produces the desired effect but that ddoesn't mean it's good for you. There is just so much they don't know about it, i'm glad i have become an educated consumer of this product. As far as I'm concerned the Pro's just don't outweigh the Con's. It may be working fine for some people but it's not worth the risk for me. F 21 9 months

 2  Birth control Massive weight gain, painful joints, water retention, constipation, mood swings, crying hysterically for absolutely nothing,vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive, no period until now... blood clots! been about 9 months now. i have put on almost 20 pounds all in the stomach ad butt and thighs. my boobs have shrunk seriously. Im always crying over the tiniest little thing. Very moody mostly at night. I get depressed because of my weight. I can't even bend my knees without pain (im only 21!) I have a pretty hard time using the bathroom (never did until this pill. I did like the no period thing but im 3 weeks away from my next shot and i have horrible cramps heavy bleeding and blood clots which freak me out! And major loss of sex drive. I am going to stop use and get put on a pill. Shot is not for me. Though that doesnt mean its not for everyone because all my friends love it! You just have to try it yourself. F 21 9 months

 2  birth control acne, joint pain, 20 lb weight gain in 9 months, constant need to pee, no period I've had 3 shots and have decided to not get the 4th. I immediately showed signs of weight gain (which was difficult because I've always been thin). By the 3rd month, I had facial, neck, and back acne so bad that I would lose count how many were showing at one time on my face (before the shot, I would average around 5 pimples a year! -- now I have around 20-25 pimples on my face alone every day!). By the end of the first month, I would have to pee so often that I have yet to go a night without having to wake up and go to the bathroom (never had to pee in the middle of the night before the shot). But what finally made me get off the shot?? The joint pain. The worst is in my leg-hip joints, full back and shoulders. The pain would be so bad early in the morning while still in bed, that I would have to get up out of bed (even if at 5AM) to ease the pain. The pain would be so bad, that it hurt to walk, and I would walk like an 80 yr old throughout my workplace -- it was soooo embarrassing! F 33 9 months
 2  birth control Weight gain, no sex drive, and no feeling during sex. I need some help and this is the most useful forum I've seen. I put on some weight when I started it, but not too much. What's disturbing me more is that after my last shot I really started to feel different; before this last shot I had a lowered sex drive, but now I have really no sex drive and I have vitually no sensitivity or feeling during sex. I talked to my doctor and she said the side effects from it vary, but couldn't give me diffinitive answers. I'm happy that it's so effective in preventing conception, but I'm worried that all my sensitivity has disappeared. Is this normal and will it come back? F 26 9 months

 2  Birth control Weight loss and minor issues I will cover in comments. Very negative change in vaginal discharge and bleeding: thicker, drier, and everything started to turn brown or black! I came off of Depo in January ('09). It never did what it was supposed to because after taking it I spotted (sometimes bled) almost every day and any discharge was brown or black and tacky. After about 2 months off Depo I noticed a definite change. Improved consistency and wetness of discharge, and my sex drive improved. I have never been regular and though my periods have always been super heavy, I never experienced anything else. But since starting (and stopping) Depo, I have experienced small headaches on a regular basis, cramping (sometimes severe) and I bloat and/or experience gas pain almost daily. F 20 9 months
 2  Birth Control Exceptional mood swings the week of shot. Just realizing it is drug-related. I'm normally very even tempered and thought I was just living through stressful times (coincidentally week of shot). Now I that I realize it is drug related I will stop taking it. Was exceptionally emotional and stressed at work recently (2 days after shot), made an emotional idiot of myself and now I am probably being fired. I have never come close to this in a work situation (more well versed in the art of promotion). This is horrible. Losing my job before Christmas, not knowing if how I feel/what I say is really me or just a drug side-effect is not worth the benefit of not having a period, not being pregnant, no cramps etc. F 27 9 months
x 1X O
 2  birth control, reduce symptoms Rare light spotting, no cramping, weight gain, decreased ability to be aroused/stay aroused, harsh effects after going off shot Started using it for birth control and to reduce or eliminate my horrible cramping. I was attracted to the concept of 1 shot every 3 months. After the 1st shot, my periods started getting lighter and eventually stopped. I had no cramping which was a wonderful plus; however, after my 2nd shot, I noticed a decrease in my sex drive. I had to start using lubrication, but even with that, halfway through intercourse I would be dry again. I eventually ended up completely losing any desire to have sex. I gained 8-10 pounds mainly due to the occasional heightened appetite. I waited a month before I received my 3rd shot to give myself a little break. After the shot, I was on my period for 2 weeks and spotted off and on during the entire 3 months. My sex drive was non-existent and my poor boyfriend had to suffer. I finally decided to not receive a 4th shot which was supposed to be in late August 2010. 2 months later, I thankfully had my sex drive back to "pre-depo"; but, I developed pregnancy symptoms (lightheaded, nausea, tender breasts, etc) for months. I didn't receive a period until late October and it lasted for a month, first with old blood, then new blood. First week of December I had another period (7 days) then the day after Christmas I had a period (10 days). Now I am on my period again and it's very heavy. I'm still bleeding dried blood and new blood... I would not recommend this to anyone... not even my enemies... F 21 9 months
 2  to prevent pregnancy Tenderness at site of injection everytime I got it. Bloating that made me look 6 months pregnant. Horrible irritability. Fatigue that wouldn't go away no matter how much I slept. Weight gain no matter how little I ate/how much I exercised. Constant "fog" from being so tired. I have had these side effects pretty much from day one of the injection, with a little let up of bloating every other day. I first got this birth control because it sounded easy, having to take it once every 3 months, and because I was too young to have another baby. I thought all the side effects I was experiencing was just because I was a new mother. But I'm putting it down to depo for my problems. there is no way I will be getting this again F 19 9 months
1X O

 2  Privacy Hair Loss Headaches Weight Gain Mood swings I wish I never have taken this medicine Its HORRIBLE! F 19 9 months
 2  Birth Control Weight Gain, 20lbs in one month. Moodiness, total lack of sex drive. Sometimes painful to have sex. I'm getting off this drug as soon as possible now that I realize this is what is causing all the problems. F 19 9 months

 2  Birth Control I gained over 15 pounds in 9 months even though I diet and exercise. I will not get another shot. I also feel depressed, have hair loss and mood swings. F 36 9 months

 2  breast feeding Body aches, headaches, serious mood settings, find myself stressed more often, note deciding to come off it I'm quite scared cause i've already had heat flashes every so often. Any ideas if to switch to another birth control? Or maybe just take some time off, I'm already of Mommy of 1 beautiful baby girl but planning to wait for the next one???? F 21 9 months
3 shots

 1  Prevent pregnancy When I was on this shot i suffered from horrible side effects such as HOT FLASHES, NIGHT SWEATS, weird cyst like rash on my butt cheek, vagina dryness, no period, CONSTIPATION, BLOATING, SWEATING IN GENERAL, CHEST PAINS, FAST HEART BEAT, NAUSEA, ANXIETY, NERVOUSNESS, NOT ABLE TO SLEEP, no sex drive, DRY SKIN, NO APPETITE CUS OF THE NAUSEA, AND THE LIST GOES ON... I have been off this shot for 2 months May 3rd 2013 was the last day to get this shot and i said not anymore... TILL this day i still get nausea, still no period, fatigue during the day, mild cramps, still no sex drive, i lose my appetite on days i am nauseated, vagina dryness, a weird discharge, oily oily skin, nausea, acid reflex, diarrhea, pimples that hurt, mood swings, and still my sleep patterns are alil rough at bed time. The only symptoms that have left was hot flashes and night sweats. LADIES, PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS SHOT!! THE SIDE EFFECTS ARE HORRIBLE! I learned a lesson. The depo shot ruined me! If you ladies need t F 31 9 months
3 shots 3X AN
 1  birth control Bleed for 9 months straight. Now blocked fallopian tubes. Moodiness and low libido. F 30 9 months
 1  prevent pregnancy nausea, mood swings. insomnia for the past nine months. caused anxiety and stress. i was tired all the time. i did not know that it can take up to a year for your menstrual cycle to return to normal. i stopped taking it because the side effects arent worth it. it does protect against pregnancy but in the long run it causes you more problems. it put a strain on my relationship with my long term boyfriend. i would constantly yell at him and get mad at him over nothing. i do not recommend this for anyone. F 20 9 months
3 times
 1  birth control Depression,anxiety,body aches,Headaches,random bleeding. This shot is pure evil and made me a totally different person. I feel sick always. I would love to sue F 30 9 months
3 shots
 1  Forgetful w/ pill, shot convenient Weight gain, stomach pain after sex, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, frequent spotting and bleeding, depression, mood swings, and headaches. Would not suggest this birth control method to even my worst enemy. It should be off of the market because of the side effects. When I got my first shot, I weighed at 128. I'm only 5'1 but my curves spread out evenly so I didn't look fat at all. I didn't work out or eat too healthy before the shot. Just weighed my natural weight with no effort. Now, after three shots, I weigh nearly 150. I gained 30 pounds with absolutely no change in lifestyle. And that's not even the worst of the side effects. I can hardly have sex without bleeding everywhere, especially towards the end of the three month time in between shots. My "period" is completely unpredictable, ill bleed off and on, and I mean intense bleeding NOT spotting, for up to three weeks of a month. Also, there's intense stomach pain after sex to the point where I almost vomit. My sex drive has completely disappeared, which is not normal for an 18 year old hormonal girl in a loving relationship with a very attractive guy. The vaginal dryness is terrible, makes me feel like a post-menopausal woman. The worst of the side effects would definitely be the depression and mood swings. This recently started after my 2nd shot. Ill cry myself to sleep for no reason, I have a great life. Anything my boyfriend says can throw me over the edge and turn me into a raging b****. I recently stay F 18 9 months
 1  Pregnancy Prevention/Painful Period Gained 45lbs in 9 months. Felt constantly hungry. No other side effects but weight gain. F 21 9 months

 1  Contraception Bloating, fatigue , nause, headaches , mood swings , muscle weakness and pain , weight gain , hungry all the time , constantly in pain , and my stomach feels like its stretching . F 20 9 months

 1  Birth control Hair loss, low sex drive, pain during sex, mood swings! I hate it!! F 33 9 months

 1  birthcontrol constant bleeding for the first 3 months, then no periods at all until 12 months after coming off the depo.Gained 2 stone.Low self esteem,tired and moody. Now i am finding it very hard to concieve. It is good at it's job but the after effects are devistating. Please reconsider if you plan to have more children in the future. I only took it so i wouldnt get pregnant straight away after having my son. Now we are finding it difficult to give him a brother or sister. It's not worth the heart ache. F 21 9 months

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