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 1  birth control EXTREME DRYNESS leading to PAINFUL INTERCOURSE. causing me to stop sex mid way through.. loss of sex drive along with the pain made it very effective considering the thought of having sex made me cringe. 10-15lbs weight gain. some mood swings that leveled out after the first month. headaches, body aches. chest pain. bloating, gas, abdominal pain. I was on depo for 6months. and refused to get my 3rd shot because i was so dissatisfied. i was unsure of what was directly causing my side effects, but after finding this website i am convinced they are all caused from depo. i have been off depo for roughly 3 months, i have regained only a quarter of what my sex drive used to be, i have a hard time becoming aroused. intercourse is still painful, luckily my boyfriend is very understanding but i feel it is still straining our relationship.. intercourse feels very tight, even with the use of lubrication and easing his way in. after only a few minutes it begins to make me feel as though i am being "rubbed raw" inside and i have to ask him to stop. it is sometimes so painful that i am brought to tears.. i PRAY that this will go away. i feel dysfunctional. as for the weight gain, i do not know that all of it can be blamed on depo. i have now renewed my gym membership and working out 5-7 days a week doing cardio. i have lost the majority of what i gained while on the shot. i would never recommend the shot, and i wish i never had it. F 18 6 months

 1  endometriosis pins and needles in my legs; extreme moodiness and some depression. Very poor sex drive and depo is not helping with the endometriosis pain. Doctor had recommended this due to my recent diagnosis of high blood pressure. On Pfizer's own site (about 4 months ago) they had a warning about depo provera stating that no one should take this BC for more than 2 years due to the severe osteoporosis that is coming to light for users who used it more than 2 years. This concerned me since my doctor never gave me any printed information about side effects (that's why I was on the official site-- to find out if my side effects were caused by the medication). That part of the site is no longer accessible, so I wonder if Pfizer is circling its wagons, so to speak (maybe litagation is starting to happen??). I will not be receiving my 3rd shot in July. F 36 6 months

 1  Pregnancy Prevention MOOD SWINGS, HAIR LOSS, VERY PAINFUL INTERCOURSE, BLEEDING DURING INTERCOURSE, RANDOM BLEEDING i HATE the Depo shot. i've only been on it for 6 months & i'm already unsatisfied. the first couple weeks on the first shot were okay, my sex life was normal, then progressing toward the end of the cycle, i began to bleed during sex, & later it became extremely painful where my partner couldn't even get in. i visited the doctor to be safe & i found out i had a mild yeast infection. i took the medicine i was given, however, i was still randomly bleeding & sex was extremely painful. i began to get uncomfortable irritation in my lower parts, so i visited a personal doctor to do a pap smear which came out normal. although i was still experiencing irritation, mood swings, depression, & my sex drive was a -4.. even after i had a normal pap smear, sex is still very painful, so its obvious its the birth control. i have also lost a lot of hair, some by strands & by chunks... i thought something was wrong with my body, until i read reviews about the shot & realized that's what causing me so much trouble. i would definitly NOT recommend this form of birth control. F 6 months

 1  Birth control ACNE! Dislike this form of birth control, I have never broke out in my life and ever since I got the shot in October of 08, I've had non stop acne, last shot was March 19th 09 and I still have not had a period and I still am breaking out BAD. I feel like this shot has ruined my face. I'm so unhappy in life right now because of what it did. Other than that it is okay. The bad thing it can stay in your system up to 15 mths, so don't take if you are thinking about getting pregnant in the near future. F 19 6 months

 1  irregular bleeding bleeding for 6 months straight every single day, extreme depression and mood swings,loss of sex drive, weight gain (15 pounds), fatigue, dizziness, heart palpatations, headaches,vision problems,this is just a few of the side effects! I orginally started birth control at age 15 due to irregular periods. After Yaz gave me extreme migraines, they switched me to a lower estrogen pill which brought be back to two periods a month. My doctor suggessted Depo and said it would cause my periods to STOP so I thought that sounded great and agreed. She didn't inform me that it could also have the REVERSE affect. I have been bleeding non-stop for over 6 months now and have thousands of dollars in medical bills from fainting and MRIs because I've been so dizzy and fatigued all the time. The mood swings are harming my relationships and affecting my work and school work. Complete loss of sex drive, COMPLETE! A new OBGYN informed me that 30% of women experience reverse side effects...I THINK 30% is ENOUGH TO WARN SOMEONE ABOUT BEFORE TAKING IT! There is nothing you can do to help the side effects except wait it out. I've been waiting 3 months, and no change. I am so unhappy with Depo and strongly encourage everyone to do research before taking it. DO NOT TAKE DEPO. It has ruined 6 months of my life and has messed up my body in so many ways. I was completely healthy before taking Depo. I would rather have 2 periods a month again than be bleeding everyday. The mood swings are unbearable. Slight acne has appeared, too. I'd do anything to reverse these side effects. WE SHOULD GET DEPO BANNED!!!!! All of this doesn't even begin to describe what it has done to me. F 19 6 months
 1  Prevent Pregnancy Increase in migraines, weight gain (20 lbs), anxiety, spotting, acne, skin became oily I have been on it for 6 months. My next shot is supposed to be Dec 4, but I will not be taking it. I'm going back to old birth control. The weight gain didn't seem to bad and the acne could be cleared up with extra work in taking care of my skin; those were my thoughts after the first 3 months. I loved not having a period and not worrying about chronic yeast infections from the pill. Depo is so not worth it in the end. Our bodies just aren't meant to have something completely screw with our cycle like Depo does. After 6 months without a period, I began spotting out of no where. I have acne and have gotten 6 cysts in 1 month and have ingrown hairs all over my legs and have gained 20 lbs. I feel disgusting, not to mention the horrible anxiety I have been experiencing. I am a very strong person who has been through a lot and now I am terrified of everything and worried from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Also, I have horrible vivid nightmares every night and migraines. Apparently my body is trying to tell me that something isn't right and it's obviously the Depo. I know it sounds like a wonderful idea, but it is not worth throwing your body out of whack. F 22 6 months

 1  pregnancy prevention Very HEAVY non-stop bleeding to the point of hospitalization (entirely from the medication and my thin bodytype), dizziness, head aches behind the eyes, fainting spells, decreased bone density levels (I take my calcium/magn/vit D every day since before teh shot) which lead to fractured bones. Intense mood swings, depression. Biggest waste of time! If you are experiencing ligth side effects during the first shot - do not take the second shot! Please, learn from me. F 6 months

 1  Pregnancy Prevention Weight gain, depression, mood swings, angry, irritable, pain in knees, shortness of breath, vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness, no acne (which is good), bloating from everything I eat, it sucks, don't ever get it, it's the most horrible thing i've ever allowed in my body. F 24 6 months

 1  birth control very moody, continuous bleeding, irritable, depressed, abdominal pain, back pain, pelvic pain. My girlfriend took her last depo shot about 7 or so months ago. She took a 6month course of shots. it's been the wordst decision of her life. she's been on her period for 3 months striaght, every day, non stop. she has a very low sex drive, and is moody all the time. her back always hurts, and breasts hurts very often. do not take this drug. please. she wasn't warned about these horrible side effects and it takes a tole on her life, and especially our relationship. why doesn't anyone warn the patients?? F 19 6 months

 1  birth control EXCESSIVE BLEEDING! Hair loss, moodiness, low sex drive, fatigue, dizziness The only good thing I have to say about this bc method is that I did not gain weight, but I had every other symptom. I got my first shot in January and about a week afterward started spotting. I thought nothing of it, but I called my doctor after it had went on for nearly 2 months. Doc said that this would stop after the second shot, but instead the bleeding increased. I pretty much had a light to moderate period for nearly 6 months!!!! As a result I was always tired and started having dizzy spells. I was due to get my last shot in July and did not get it, yet I am still experiencing the dizziness. Now doc suspects that I am anemic. On top of all of this, I had excessive hair loss, which started out as more than normal shedding then increased to my hair coming out in patches. I had to get my past shoulder length hair cut to a short, spiky style, and my hair has still not totally recovered. Don't even get me started on the mood swings that ranged from me being extra sensitive to me bein F 25 6 months

 1  Birth Control EXTREME wait gain, headaches, EXTREME moodiness, anxiety, joint and muscle pain, complete loss of period I started taking the Depo shot 6 weeks after my daughter was born, by my second shot I had gained 60 lbs (after losing all of it and being down to my pre-pregnancy weight), I had completely lost my appetite and was barely eating anything (small salads and stuff to keep food in my system), but gaining faster than ever before. My period stopped all together which I didn't mind, but I was still getting bad cramping. I got bad headaches and my joints and muscles hurt all the time, I had NO patience for my baby and my friends and family said I was very moody and on edge all the time. I stopped getting the depo shot before my 3rd shot, and it has been 2 years and I have only had my period once since then, I still get bad cramps and joint pain, I haven't been able to lose the weight even after following a strict diet my doctor put me on, My Doctor said there are steroids in the shot that I didn't know about before I started taking it, and that's why I had such weight gain. This form of birth F 23 6 months

 1  birth control until essure worked hair falling out, extreme moodswings, anxiety, constant headaches, been bleeding for 5 out of six months. marriage ready to collapse. extreme moodiness, bodyaches, decreased sex drive. weight gain (15 pounds) hot flashes, i had my first injection the day after my little boy was born. I didn't sleep for three days after getting home. from that day i have cried at least once a day. my moods are constantly shifting and really hate what the shot has done to my previously happy home. I now feel like a crazy woman. I also feel very anxious for no apperant reason. I would not recommend this medicine to my worst enemy. F 28 6 months

 1  Period, birth control Nervousness, weight gain, depression, fatigue, constant bleeding, acne, hair drying out, loss of focus, mood swings, sore breasts, change in body temperature I took this because my insurance didn't want to cover my expensive birth control anymore. I should have just footed a little extra on the pills and been happy. I took one shot, and instantly I had acne, was sweating more, and gained weight. Then my period came in July and never stopped. I stupidly took a nurse's advice and had a second shot injected. My last shot was in September 2008. It's April 2009 now, and I still have weight gain, acne, dried-out skin and hair, and a plethora of mental problems. I'm nervous and anxious, and I can't focus on anything. I'm having a hard time doing anything, and I'm always tired and depressed. My breasts are sore and I can't walk a block without breaking into a sweat. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped in November, but only after I took other medications to stop it. I'm worried that my body is permanently going to stay this way. I wouldn't recommend this birth control to my worse enemy. F 21 6 months

 1  Painful Periods While on it i became depresses and was always very moody. Pains in my arms and legs, numbness, cramps. Most of the side effects did not happen until I stopped taking the shot. This is a horrible shot, I have never felt so miserable in my life, I gained 10 pounds, my breast got bigger and are sore. I get very depressed, I am always worrying about everything. I am tired all the time and just feel so helpless. DO NOT take this shot, I wish I would of seen this web site before I took my first shot. F 19 6 months

 1  Taking it to prevent pregnancy HUGE loss of sex drive, huge appetite but can be controlled by a bossy b/f, terrible mood change as me and him used to get along but now experience fights EVERY night especially over the sex drive, I feel like crashing into a wall sometimes, very depressed, definately not acting like my usual spunky exciting self. Be careful girls as this can change your life after just one shot. Also heavy bleeding and spurts of spotting. I've been on Depo since April of 08 and I'm writing this on Sep. 29. 3 injections total and my boyfriend and I have come to the conclusion to discontinue its use as it has become detramental to my health and our relationship. Being smart about our sex habits and excercising safe sex has become the smarter option. If you want to talk about it then email me at kharisma000@aol.com and remind me where you're from because I'll totally forget that I even posted on this site. F 20 6 months
 1  pre-essure procedure I've had 2 shots. I had 3 weeks of horrible spotting and shortly after the first shot, severe joint pain. I couldn't sleep at nite, kept waking up due to the pain in my shoulder. Went to physical therapy, and 2 weeks later, the other shoulder began waking me up at night. Now my hip has begun. Also, lack of sex drive and dryness. Birth control works well when it makes you uninterested in having sex with your husband. I hate depo. My doctor told me she was giving me the shot to thin my uterus prior to the Essure procedure. She gave me nothing to read, no choice. No information on any possible side effects. I had been on the pill for 10 years. The procedure didn't work, she couldn't get the coils in my tubes. So, my husband had a vasectomy, and I had to take another shot to last until he was clear. At the time, I didn't realize joint pain was a side effect. Had I known, I would have demanded that I stay on the pill. I thought I had twisted my shoulder somehow. I hadn't. I am very angry, and I feel like I've been ambushed by my doctor and the FDA and the company that makes this poison. My joints had better heal when this wears off. There had just better not be any permanent damage. F 31 6 months

 1  Birth Control ****WARNING POISON**** Will ruin your life!!! Been on the Depo shot for 6 months as of 4/14/14 I will not return for my next dosage! I have spotted non stop after the third week of my first shot 4.5 months ago and for the last 5 weeks heavy bleeding every single day to date! I have breakouts in my face along with severe headaches, sleepless nights, anger and mood swings and fatigue. Every time I call my OBGYN to voice my concern the nurse tells me its NORMAL! DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON...IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! I will soon begin to look for legal counsel that can represent all of us on an attempt to hold the manufacturer of this poison liable for all the harm it has cost. F 42 6 months
 1  Prevent pregnancy It caused headaches (which I never had much of before ever),Moodiness, some nausea while on my periods (which lasted abnormally long as I can recall, like even 2 weeks), anxiety, stomach pain, weight loss, bloated stomach, dry skin/loss in sex drive.., I had a much better reaction to the pill, which I was on for almost a year, so if anything I would recomend the pill if you are truly dedicated to remember taking them daily, but I suppose everyones different too and maybe the shot would react better with you, although I wouldn't risk it like I did. I only took the shot twice before I decided it wasn't worth all these uncomfortable side effects and I had my last shot 5 months ago, When I got off it and the symtoms lightened up a for bit but are back again and im starting to wonder when its going to stop. So exhasuting, its also hard on my boyfriend as well with me being so moody and in pain and I can rarely have sex with him ever since I had started (which was the reason I took birth control to begin with so it was pointless) , definitely has caused some issues and stress, I'd seriously reconsider taking this if you plan on it. F 18 6 months

 1  birth control DO NOT get on this horrible drug!!!! It has ruined my life and caused so much pain and agony. Depression,panic attacks,extreme fits of crying,and anger. Sore breasts and cramping. Spotting but never a normal period. Can not stress enough how horrible this is to not only your body but your emotional well being as well. F 31 6 months
 1  birth control Major weight gain! 25 lbs in 6 months!! I am hungry all the time, have had very low energy, mood swings, depression etc. It has prevented pregnancy, but at a cost of no sex drive, and due to the fact that 2 weeks after my last shot, I have been spotting for a month, and now I've been bleeding light-to moderate while experiencing other period symptoms for 3 weeks! Therefore, not been able to have sex for almost 2 months now. No wonder it has such high % of effectiveness!! This drug has completely ruined my sex life, including my self esteem (weight gain). I am very grateful that I have a very understanding, considerate husband!!! Who has since had a vasectomy, because this drug is SO TERRIBLE!!! F 26 6 months

 1  birth control diarrhea, tingly hands and feet, no sex drive, did not like to be touched whatsever, heart palpatations, every pregnancy symptom (all negative), no period..period returned right away then nothing, ovarian pain, extremely swollen and super painful breasts(more severe than pregnancy breats), increased appetite, HUGE WEIGHT GAIN (kept on my gestational diabetic diet 150 carbs per day gained 30 lbs in 3 months... hard to keep weight on when on this diet during pregnancy but while on this shot decreased carb diet from 200 per day to 150 STARVING ALL THE TIME yet weight kept packing on) started depo march '09till august '09. had first post depo period oct16-31 '09. the extremely light one nov 18-21 '09. now feel pregnant but 3 negative tests. more than 55 days late. i spoke with my doctor and she wants me to do i pERIOD DIARY to track my cycles for 3 months. um.... how can i do that when im not gettin......g my period and every symptom of pregnancy??? she didnt even offer or tell me to come in for a blood test to confirm whetther i am or not. they never tested for pregnancy when i first recieved the shot or during my second and final shot. im calling in for a new doctor. this is my body and if somethings really wrong waiting can actually hurt me more.... thanks for listening. i still think im crazy and this is all in my head but at least i know that there are many many other women in the same boat as me going crazy and waiting. F 27 6 months

 1  No Periods I really want a baby but its like every since I took that shot I dont know if im able to conceive. What should I do? F 16 6 months
 5   Emotional sleepy hungry F 17 7 months
 5  I can't take the birth control pill gained 5-10 pounds, and back acne, spotting This was the only choice for me, I had really bad cramps before, and I cannot go on the pill because i have a condition where i am at a 30% chance of getting blood clots and the pill increases it by 10% so they did not want to take the risk. I think it is wonderful. I have had three shots and at first i spotted alot, but know i just get the odd day where i spot and it is so little. F 16 7 months

 4  prevent pregnancy A little moody at first but other than that no side effects didnt gain weight no bleeding only bad thing was when i tried to get off my period lasted a month before it was normal F 19 7 months

 3  Contraceptive for the first four months, i had a heavy period for three weeks and then stopped a week before it would start up again. It has since gotten to light spotting here and there. I've had a decrease in libido, crying over a comercial or something stupid, intense mood swings and anger, tender breasts, severe weight gain, constantly hungry, anxiety, and persistant fatigue no matter how much or how little sleep. I know that part of the cause of a few of these are due to my job, (I am currently on 12 hour shifts) but i've never had this much fatigue or anger and I've never weighed this much even when i was pregnant! I plan on talking to my doctor about a different b/c I gave this a 3 due to the fact it did it's job in keeping me from getting pregnant again F 26 7 months
90 MG 1X O
 3  breaking a family pregnancy chain a lot of weight loss,lot's of pain during intercourse, no acne, mood swings, paranoid alot ive been on depo for 7 months and when i first got the shot my period lasted for about a month and a half. i've heard rumors saying that it will mess up your fertility and im 16 i dont plan on having kids until the next 3 years but i dont want to be on depo if its going to mess up my fertilty but then my mom wants me to be on depo because she got pregnant at a young age as well as all my aunt's and cousins. i dont know what to do i have very bad cramps -not like period cramps -worse im scared to tell my mom because she might get mad is their any other b/c i can get on...but i dont want to take the pill because i will not remember to take it everyday and sometimes condoms just dont work CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME???? F 16 7 months
 3  Severe menstrual cycles Weight gain, abnormal bleeding, backaches I have never had a problem with weight gain until I began taking depo-provera. I have been on the shot for seven months and I have gained 20 pounds. I am 5"3 so the 20 pound weight gain has made me very uncomfortable. However, since I have been on the shot I no longer have horrible menstrual cycles or unbearable pelvic pain. F 25 7 months

 2  prevent pregnancy loss of appetite,depression,loss of sex-drive, vaginal dryness, bleeding I cant wait for this shot to wear off, i have bled constanly since i have recieved it, and i dont even want to have sex anymore, so it is pointless F 20 7 months
 2  birth control, stop period significant weight gain(40 lbs), increased a boob size 36a-> 36/38 b/c, stopped period I was also on anti-depressant, remerol at the time and gained 40 lbs!! after time I figured that being without a period is abnormal and probably not good for the body so I got off... what made me change my mind the most was the weight gain though F 19 7 months

 2  Birth Control Weight Gain 35+ ,sleeplessness, headaches, depression I was on depo for 7 months and gained 35 pounds.I cannot stop eating I am so hungry all the time now.Its been 7 months that ive been off it and im still gaining. F 20 7 months
 2  To prevent pregnancy I have been on depo for 7 months now and already want to get o o it since i have started the shot i have had severe abdominal pain that is so bad i sit in the fetal position and cry. Other side affects i have not like is the weight gain and prolonged bleeding every time i get the shot a month later i bleed or 10 to 20 days. Depo has different side effects for everyone and I am not saying that no one should use it because it does have a very good rate for holding off pregnancy but I have been very unhappy with my experience. Another problem that has just recently popped up is bleeding after I have sexual intercourse and then having severe mood swings the day after. It has only happened once though so i dont know if it has anything to do with the drug. F 16 7 months
 2  qain weiqht and ovarian pain the shot is easy to qet and you don't have to remember everday. but i've been spottinq everyday since the second shot, somedays heavier than others. I've qained weiqht but that's what I wanted. I just don't like the constant bleedinq and neither does my qirlfriend. as far as the mood swinqs I've been a little rude but I try to control that, it does keep you kinda down, doesn't help motivation when it comes to workinq out. for me its not worth all the stuff that comes w it F 21 7 months

 2  to prevent pregnancy and regulate periods headaches, fatigue, really bad mood swings, depression, partially anti-social, hard to get out of bed, hair dryness, hair loss(falling out when brushed or washed), loss of appetite, weight loss it has completely changed who i am!!!! F 18 7 months
1X M

 2  Birth Control No Sex Drive, Bleeding After Sexual Activity, 15lb Weight Gain, Nausea, Headaches, Mood Swings, Depression, Fatigue my sex drive ended the day of the first shot, i instantly felt depressed. my body mimics pregnancy: constant hunger, i hold all my water and at times appear 6-7 months pregnant even though i'm 120lbs. after anything sex [sex, oral, manual] i gush blood for two days. i have intense headaches all the time that aren't relieved by anything. its generally depressing... F 20 7 months
1X O

 1  To prevent pregnancy After recieving the shot, I became very depressed. I have no sex drive at all, and I cannot get aroused. Me and my boyfriend had been together for a year before I got the shot and our relationship was great, not perfect but pretty close. And now we aren't together because of how depressed I am. I get mad at him for absolutely nothing. I feel justified in the moment but then when I think about it later I realize how irrational it was. I've completely stopped hanging out with friends I used to hang out with on a daily basis, I sleep every chance I get because I am so incredibly tired all the time. I've hadsevere back and knee pain. I never really thought that the shot was the cause of these problems, but after reading all the stories about the negative side effects I'm pretty sure depo has caused these issues. The one good thing about depo is that it does prevent pregnancy. A birth control that lowers your sex drive, whats the point in that? Me and my ex used to sleep together everyother F 18 7 months
1X D
 1  birth control depression,anxiety,nausea,irratablity im not getting this shot ever again i still have two months until im due for another shot. i feel like i am a crazy person, i act pissy all the time and the smallist things piss me off. i am getting married in a few months and im scared that the way this shot is making me act he might run.dont take this shot!!! F 21 7 months
1X D

 1  prevent pregnancy / to gain weight bad hair loss,hair falling out in clumps,increase apetite,depressed,no sex drive,cramps,spotting,bad acne, weight loss/fluctuating. Many more but i cant remember all. In the beginning i would bleed non-stop,probably a whole month or two. Then the bleeding started to lighten and i would spot or bleed whenever. I noticed i was always hungry and eating but gained no weight. I started getting cramps, which i still do. My hair started falling out drastically and it still is,(mostly in the bang area)but all over as well. I was a person that never suffered from acne till i took the shot. Now i have moderate acne thats getting worse. Im always depressed and have mood swings. I gain two pounds in one day and loose it the next. I have no sexual drive whatsoever. I dont like that it increases your risk of osteoporosis,seeing my mom already has it so it makes me more likely to get it now. It may be nice because you only take it once every three months, but the side effects are very bad including infertility! F 25 7 months
1X O

 1  contraceptive headaches, slight nausea, dizziness, extreme hunger all the time or serious loss of appetite, depression, mood swings, extreme fatigue, bloating, loss of libido, increased vaginal discharge, insomnia and when sleeping-severe night sweats, joint pain, constipation, digestive issues, 5 week period 2 months ago get a shot every 3 months, the first 2 werent so bad, loss of appetite-lost total 15lbs(which on a 120lb girl is noticeable), more then usual hair loss, grew tired easily, and was a little moody. but since this last shot a month ago, all the mentioned symptoms are apparant...im constantly depressed so it seems like life no longer matters, severly exhausted so i sleep all the freakin time, im always hungry, even if i just ate a 4 course meal, the hair loss has gone up so im surprised im not bald-i have baby fine hair to begin with, cant afford to lose any. sleeping is a no go, but since its necessary, i try to sleep, lucky if i get to sleep, then i sweat like a pig all night which by the time i wake, im still exhausted bigtime. ive noticed constipation no matter how much water i drink, nausea combined with heartburn when i do eat, dizzy if i dont eat for a few hrs like a normal person, increased vaginal discharge that has a odd smell to it, so i always keep a change of underthings with me. loss if interest in sex, which is a HUGE damper on my young marriage, and when i am interested for the sake of my marriage, not much else can be done pleasure-wise, so we reach for the lube kept on the dresser bc my body apparantly is no longer interested in making love to my husband, even tho i want to-he tries to understand, but its a long, slow process. and the mood swings are killer, content sitting on the couch watching tv one minute, the next crying bc im hungry or i have to get up to F 25 7 months
3X O
 1  birth control complete loss in sex drive, weight gain, low immune system causing all types of infections, irregular bleeding, bad bad cramps I hate the shot. I dont want anything to do with sex now which is not good for my relationship, and I have had many new and weird infections (such as boils, eww!) because of it. The shot has been the biggest pain in my ass.... Hate it hate it hate it! F 23 7 months

 1  birth control Weight gain, acne, blurry vision I work out like a fiend, don't eat much bread or junk and have always been able to wear the same clothes. Today I couldn't fit into the ski pants that I could fit into when I was 4 months post-partum with my second child only one year ago. That freaked me out! I am doing NOTHING differently, in fact, I exercise more and eat better because my abdomen, which has always been flat, seems flabby and bloated all the time. I am getting OFF this drug!!! The blurry vision is probably because of my age, but we will see if it gets better once I am off. F 39 7 months
 1  Birth control Kidney failure I am posting for my wife. She has been on depo. Within the past week she has been diagnosed with kidney failure as a result of the depo shot. It is not worth it. M 33 7 months

 1  birth control weight gain, hair loss, rages, headaches, memory problems, nightmares, acne This should have never been released on the market F 27 7 months

 1  Pregnancy Prevention headaches, HORRIBLE weight gain, NO sex drive, period for 5 months straight. I began getting the shot on my doctor's recommendation. Since the first day i got it seven months ago, I have had my period. Not just spotting. The worst is the horrible cramps! I never had cramps before going on the shot. I've been to my doctor and she told me my period would go away after the third shot. It didn't. In fact, It got worse. I will not be going back for my next shot and I would not recommend it to anyone! I went from 114 pounds to 140 pounds from being constantly hungry. I am an active person taking care of my horses and running every other day. And even that hasn't saved me. F 18 7 months

 1  Birth control Extremely long-lasting period!!! Mood-swings, loss of sex drive, weight-gain! I have had 3 shots so far. At first I was satisfied with it, but after about a month I took my fist shot I had my period for 6 weeks. My doctor said its because I had stopped breastfeeding, so I thought that made sense. 2 days after I got my third shot, here comes my period again, 24 days and still going!!!! I wish I knew about these side effects, because they seem to be so common. Also, I lost my sex drive completely! F 23 7 months
 1  birth control My step mom told me she was subscribing me depo provera birth control, no ifs, ans, or buts. The doctor did not tell me any side effects other than spotting for like four days a month or no spotting at all. I was very happy. I weighed 115 I'm 5'5. I had continuous, long deep periods that never went away a month after taking. When I went back after three months for the next shot, they weighed me and I weighed 135. I had actually eaten less in those months and I have a very high metabolism. I was unhappy about my weight. Still am. I continued bleeding heavily and gained ten more pounds. I told my step mom that this drug is evil and showed her these comments and she said to deal with it and she said I'm going to still take depo. I'm quite sure I can tell the doctor no because this is my body and this drug is evil. Mood swings, unwanted blood 24/7, absolute no sex drive, very emotional, I go to bed around ten and wake up at three in the afternoon! Horrible cramps, splitting headaches, horrible back pains and very unbalanced. Acne is 100 worse than before. Its all over my neck and I wash and care for my face regularly. Facial hair grows like weeds and body and leg hair too. Please Dont take depo provera, horrible drug. F 17 7 months

 5  Heavy bleeding The only side effect I have noticed is night sweats. I love the shot it helped my situation a great deal F 29 8 months

 5  do not want kids. im young. I havent had any crazy problems with the depo. I get moody at least twice a week but who knows with that...im a woman. I know woman who arent on it and they are very very moody even worse than i get. I really think its just a girl thing. Anyways, i would recommend it. I think i just depends on how your body works as to how you react to it. F 19 8 months
1X D
 5  pregnancy prevention None...in fact, I feel great, have lost 7 pounds, and have no side effects! Depo has worked reallly well for me, despite many bad reviews F 26 8 months

 4  Prevent pregnancy. Less periods. A lot of vaginal discharge on my 8th month. I had very light periods on my 7 months of having the depo shot. I was scared to have one of those longer periods because my friend had said she bled a lot for a couple weeks. I think I'm starting to experience it since I've had the period for a week and a half now and it's still strong. I do recommend this shot but you have to be open-minded once you have a longer period and it's strong. Be prepared for it. F 20 8 months
1X D

 4  birth control no period, no spotting, derpression, mood swings, slight weight loss, slight increase in acne, extreme decrease in sex drive initially (the first ten days on depo) i bled enormously. it was gross, and it scared me. once it stopped, i felt incredible. i began to lose weight. had a more than healthy sex drive ;) and no side effects... approx two months after i started, up thru now: i have had a bit of acne (which i never had an acne problem, so a pimple here and there was worth not having my period). i also noticed a very strong increase in mood swings, depression, and the death of my sex drive. although it is great to not have my period, im thinking of stopping. the depression and mood swings have intefered too much with my life and my work. F 20 8 months

 3  Couldn't remember to take pill. I am currently on the shot. I am sexually active. I've been on the shot since April and all of a sudden I started having light spotting and very weird cravings! Is this normal? F 18 8 months

 3  birth control i am always tired no matter how much sleep i get. I usually feel a dull crampy ache in lower abdomin but its worse for about a week after the shot. i do not get a period which concerns me. i love that it keeps me from getting pregnant and i dont have to worry ab surgery or taking a pill everyday. however, the negative side effects are far greater. if you have other options, use them. with every shot i feel worse. discuss implenon with my doctor currently. F 30 8 months
60 mg 1X O
 3  SIMPLE birth control Constant spotting, severely decreased sex drive, increased appetite, and possibly mood swings (I am a girl!). I've only been using depo provera for 7-8 months, so I'm hanging in there for a few more shots... but this spotting has got to stop! I don't have menstrual CYCLES anymore, just really light bleeding EVERY DAY. I'd stop right away because I hate bleeding during sex, but I barely have a sex drive from the shot anyway. I only like and use Depo because it is so incredibly simple. F 18 8 months

 2  birth control, PCOS Extreme hunger, mild weight gain, acne, spotting to mild bleeding for an extended period of time (longer than a week) For the first couple of shots things weren't bad at all... coming up to the third shot, I started having major food cravings about a week before the shot and this went on about a week or so after getting the shot. Once that stopped, I began to start spotting, which I hadn't for the last 6 months, then it just kept coming more like a mild to moderate period and so far it has lasted 10-11 days without stopping. I also started to experience some minor face/body acne and some increase in facial hair growth. Don't know if all of this is due to the shot, but the non-stop bleeding, cramping and back pain is horrible. Needless to say, I will be looking for something else when this wears off. F 35 8 months
1 shot 1X O
 2  Prevent Pregnancy Headaches the first 5 months but they have decreased. Low libido. My husband would say I was very irritable and short sometimes. Irregular bleeding and Vaginal Odor. I wanted to comment on the Vaginal odor because I have read many comments but I didn't find someone who had this same side effect. I did not have any bleeding after my first shot. I had my second last month and i have been spotting for almost 3 weeks. Since this spotting started I have noticed, as well as my husband, this embarrassing odor. For the most part I only notice this smell during intercourse. I hope it goes away when the spotting stops but it's so embarrassing that I am not going to have the third shot and will try something different! F 38 8 months
1X O
 2  to manage heavy periods constant spotting is my main issue...i have a fibroid that has caused heavy periods....tried to have it removed and the doctor ended up damaging my colon!! supposedly my only alternative is to have a hysterectomy but I've been told that I will most likely have more damage done to my colon due to adheasions from the first surgery. My doc recommended trying depo for a year to try and stop my periods....so far it has not worked. I am trying to hang in there for a full year to see if my periods will eventually stop otherwise I guess I'll be bleeding until i hit menopause. Hearing so many terrible stories about depo is scary but I'm hoping that things will eventually settle down since there do seem to be some people that do well on it. As far as other side effects go, I do have depression and lots of anxiety but I had that before I started depo so I'm not sure I can completely blame it on the shot. F 40 8 months
 1  Birth control severe depression, tiredness, mood swings,irritability, headaches, migraines, leg cramps, stomach pains, loss of sex drive First month on it I was sick a lot, but the next 3 months were really good. No side effects at all. By the 4th month, I suddenly became depressed and experiencing frequent migraines. Depression & headaches got worse, started experiencing more symptoms. I'm tired all the time, I'm in therapy for anxiety/depression, I'm just not happy anymore. I seem to have a lot of seemingly random symptoms, different kinds of stomach pains, constant feeling of unwell, I cant concentrate, I get very mad over the slightest things. I've been spotting almost everyday for a month now, now there's lingering abdominal cramps. Before this, I was in very good health. Now I'm just not myself. Its terrible feeling sick all the time. What did I do to myself? F 31 8 months
 1  to regulate my menstrual. I can't stop bleeding! I can't remember the last time I haven't bled. F 8 months

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