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 5  Perimenopause/birth control Nothing but regular periods, clear skin, and my excess weight is finally coming off. ( I was on HRT since 2011 which really f.ckd up my body. ) Increased energy no more joint pain. Great for hormone regulation, weight loss, skin clear. F 48 3 months
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 3  Iron deficiency/contraception Depression, suicidal thoughts, extreme fatigue, anxiety came back despite being on antidepressants for anxiety. Worked amazing for skin, contraception & stopping my period completely as I'd run packs back to back - no break thru bleeding either. I would Recommend but it isn't worth the mental price you pay. Helped alleviate all period symptoms relating to cysts and endometriosis but the suicidal thoughts & irritablity were constant. Especially fatigue F 21 10 months
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 1  Contraception Extreme Nausea, Vomiting, Restlessness,shaking body and Tiredness... Please DO NOT POISON YOUR BODY WITH THIS GUNK! Wish I had done more research before taking it. I feel terrible as I wait here for this poison to work out of my system! Tummy is bloated so much that I look like I'm at least 5months pregnant! Please DO NOT take this pill!!! Yesterday I was so unsteady and shaking the entire time,I even cut my finger somehow from the constant shaking 🥺😭 F 35 3 days
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 1  Acne Clear skin, heart palpitations, panic attacks, trouble swallowing, swollen leg. The ONLY plus is my skin became clearer but this is not worth the physical side effects it has had on my body. I'm a healthy person who runs, bikes and walks regularly this put a stop to all of this. The first week I noticed a pain in my leg which gradually turned into swelling where I was admitted into ACU for a blood clot. Luckily I didn't have one but my leg has swelled for an unknown reason to the doctors because of the pill. This week after this I started having trouble breathing where I was forced to ring 111. I've never had difficulty with breathing so this was a scare. I've been having on and off panic attacks for the last 42hours and still suffering with breathing problems, sensation of a lump in my throat and a racing heart. I've been off the pill for 3 days now and will not be going back on the YASMINE pill. I urge people to stay away from this pill as doctors have little information for why so many women are feeling this way. DON'T risk it! I never write reviews for anything so please listen to this and others. F 25 45 days
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 1  Contraception Violent vomiting, extreme nausea, painful stomach cramps and abdominal pain (all of this made me call an ambulance and go to hospital because I was in agony) panic attacks so bad that the doctor's thought I was having a seizure, numbness and tingling in my right arm and leg (got tested for a stroke) and lots of crying. DON'T INGEST THIS POISON! F 23 4 days
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 3  For heavy period First day after taking this pills I feel headache , vomiting, stomach pain at all not feel comfortable but it's stop my heavy period but I feel sick F 39 0 days
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 1  Birth control & helping skin DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG or its sister drug ELOINE. How this pill is on the market, baffles AND worries me. Thankfully I linked the side effects to the same time I started taking this pill so I have now come off. I had EXTREME ANXIETY (I thought I was going mental. I have no previous mental health issues until I took this) PANIC ATTACKS EXTREME NAUSEA / SICKNESS I have two young children, and I am gobsmacked my doctor gave me a pill like this to take. I could barely look after my children as it made me so ill. Thank god I noticed the side effects were linked. Do NOT take this contraceptive pill!!! F 25 4 days
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 2  PMS Im an athlete and I train everyday as well as counting macros and calories. I did not gain any significant amount of weight (+- 1 or 3 pounds on and off during the two months) BUT sticking the diet was much harder than before, as if I was permanently PMS. I also had stretch marks appear on my buttock, something I had never experienced in my life before, even during puberty! I was also constantly bleeding a little. F 15 2 months
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 1  To regulate periods I was happy at first because it regulated my periods, I was bleeding randomly all the time, sometimes 3 times a month and my periods were really irregular, yasmin fixed this but in return I have been vomiting or near vomiting each morning, I have been so anxious and paranoid, arguing with my partner all the time, crying. Constantly crying, feeling sh*t about myself, very tired falling asleep randomly F 22 2 months
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 1  PCOS Headaches, Nausea, Chest pain, Irregular heart rate (40-140), Tingling fingers/toes, Light Headed, Sense of Doom Went from being a healthy 33 year old to a worried wreck. 2 urgent care visits with no findings. Trip to the ER where they found an elevated d dimer but no clots thank goodness. The only thing I changed in my life was taking this dangerous drug. I stopped taking it for 5 days now but my heart still races into the 120s when I get up to do anything. Now I just have to wait until it's out of my system and no one can tell me how long until I feel normal again. Anyone else have similar symptoms and how long did it take them to subside? Please help! F 33 16 days
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 1  Birth control Severe nausea and vomiting every single day, severe depression. Crying often. Irritability. Unable to sleep for more than a few hours. I had no appetite whatsoever. F 21 14 days
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 2  Periods Weight gain Severe stretch marks F 17 60 days
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 1  Birth control, acne Extreme cramps in the lower belly. Did not help with my skin either. When it was 7 days of inactive pills - there was no cramps. I have spent so much money to diagnose the cause of my pain (more then 1000 dollars). Doctors could not understand what is causing it. When the answer was super easy - just stop taking Yasmin and everything would be fine! F 35 3 months
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 1  Acne, birth control Extreme nausea, fatigue, anxious, spaced out, palpitations, sharp chest pains, numb arm and hand, bad mood Had taken Yasmin a year ago but stopped and then started it again. Had only taken it for 12 days and felt extremely nauseas every day, had anxiety and constantly felt anxious and spaced out so stopped taking. F 28 12 days
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 4  birth control before taking yasmin i had somewhat clear smooth skin now i have acne on my forehead and my nose is really dry. my mood swings are really bad and makes me angry but apart from that my sex drive has increased. F 17 2 weeks
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 4  birth control/ regulate hormones boobs got bigger overnight definitely noticeable. increased sex drive. vaginal dryness. no changes in acne. F 15 4 days
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 3  Hormonal Acne Stomach cramps, bloating, nausea, stomach inflammation. I was prescribed to this medication by my dermatologist. He said it was an aggressive form of treatment that delivered excellent results. My acne has cleared up 100% but now I can't eat anything and when I do, I suffer. I have stomach soreness for hours after I eat, and even in my sleep. There have been some days where I sacrificed eating just to avoid the pain. My coworkers thought it was helpful that I couldn't eat since I wanted to lose weight anyway. This was a reminder of how women will suffer and sacrifice their health just for aesthetics. This is not ok, and after seeing all of these comments I know this is not by chance. The medication makes you sick and could permanently damage your body. It's only been 3 weeks and I have been miserable. Screw that, I will just find a healthier way to deal with my acne and trash this poison. F 34 3 weeks
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 3  Birth control and acne AMAZING for acne - face cleared up in the first week. BUT needed up in a&e on my first month of taking Yasmin due to DVT and blood clots. Made me cry about everything. Your health is more important than clear skin ladies - do not take the pill Avoid F 22 60 days
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 2  Amenorhea Weight gain, anxiety, thirst, stretch marks I started taking this pill because I had the body of a nine year old. I did not have my period for 2 years and when I started Yasmin, I gained a lot of weight, but my skin is awesome F 16 4 days
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 3  Heavy periods, ovulation pain, cyct Stomach pain, diarrhea, dry skin, headaches, bloating I was taking yaz for more than 6 months and had spotting between my period when I switched to Yasmin as doctor suggested. No more spotting but other side effects are not fun! I'm waiting for a visit with my doctor soon. F 38 2 months
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