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 2  Cholesterol-200 Headache, hoarseness, and body pain I had tried to take a month earlier and had quit after a few days because of headache. Not common for me to have. My doctor talked me into trying again. Have discontinued and symptoms have subsided F 75 10 days
 1  Elevated "bad" cholesterol Extreme fatigue, loss of energy, upper back pain, morning lethargy, weakness in legs, feeling that legs cannot support my weight, vertigo, double vision, occasional vision blurring, especially when working on the computer. I stopped taking the medication. Will discuss with my physician but I won't take statins again. I am not giving up physical exercise in order to continue on such controversial medication. M 65 90 days
10mg 1X D
 1  elevated cholesterol extreme pain in hps, legs, back, and severe muscle cramps, bursitis. several months of physical therapy for deep muscle massage which was very painful, learning how to walk without a limp, and strengthening. not able to do simple household chores (dishes, laundry, etc). now have to wear a TENS unit for pain and have had steroid injections in hips for arthritis. i've been off lipitor for 6 months and have made very slow progress. still recovering from muscle pain and weekness, taking joint supplments and fish oil to help alleviate joint pain and bursitis. still have difficulty walking and doing household chores. hoping next 6 months will see more improvement. F 41 1.5 years
40 mg 1X D
 2  High Colesterol Well I already had arthritis in the hips, I had no idea that my sudden deteriation into a world of pain may have been due to this drug. But its a bit strange how it suddenly go so bad so quick. So I spent $22k on arthropscopy on both hips, with mix results. Still getting a lot of pain. Just stopped taking the Lipitor 2 days ago. Lets see if the hips get better. M 48 8 months
10mg 1X D
 1  Cholesterol SEVERE abdominal pain. I was taking no other prescription drugs, healthy and active. After taking 1 Lipitor pill daily for 3-4 days, I was in the ER with severe abdominal pain. The ER did an EKG, Ultra Sound and CAT scan. They gave me morphine in a drip and had me drink a mixture of Maalox and Lidocaine to deaden my stomach, which took care of the pain. I was sent home with Hydrocodone and Protonix and stopped the Lipitor. In the next week I visited several Doctors. Since they have found no other reason for it, their opinion is that my episode was a reaction to the Lipitor. Beware. F 67 4 days
10MG 1X D
 3  Extremely high Chol and Trig Extreme fatigue, myalgia and neuropathy (generalized). there are days that every inch of my skin feels on fire. I don't know if this is from the atorvastatin or other meds that I take but I have noticed it more frequently since starting the statin. Other meds I take CAN potentiate the effect of the statin so it may be possible but since I'm taking the least dose of atorvastatin it is questionable. My total cholesterol is 578, my Triglycerides are 3566 (not a typo) so I am also on a Fenofibrate which may also be contributing. I don't feel I have an option with numbers this high, I've got to get them down to acceptable limits, I'm too young to have a CVA or MI. M 55 30 days
10 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Muscle pain, flu like symptoms, extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Could hardly walk, blisters on toes. Felt like I was 80 years old and I'm only 41, I'll take my chances & change my eating habits! M 41 3 weeks
20 Mg 1X D
 3  to lower cholesterol bruising on legs, difficulty urinating, extreme exhaustion, vertigo F 31 30 days
10mg 1X D
 1  to lower cholesterol Extreme, debilitating sciatica-like pain in buttocks, thighs and calves that made me unable to walk. At the outset, had flu symptoms that went away; middle right finger began to 'lock,' requiring manual adjustment. Once I made the causal connection I stopped the drug (this is my second day off) and informed my doctor. He was surprised and suggested other causal possibilities, to which I attach little credence. No more Lipitor for me; I'd rather live with the cholesterol, which is slightly elevated, but not high. M 72 2 months
10 MG 1X D
 4  304 Cholesterol, 210 LDL Cold feet all the time, fatigue, occasional diarrhea, and minor back-aches similar to "abdominal flu" symptoms, fast weight loss the first 4 days (10 lbs) though this could be more related to changing to a restrictive diet. No calf or leg cramping/pain noticed. Worried about long terms effects so once I get my blood-work done again in a few months I hope my lifestyle changes will allow me to stop having to take meds. M 45 5 days
30 1X D
 3  to lower cholesterol None was diagnosed with small blockage in one coronary artery so doctor put me on this. Fortunately haven't had any of the side effects and it did crush my cholesterol numbers but only gave a 3 to warn people that you might be better off with CoQ10 and exercise, which i also do. Doctor wants me to take 40mg (a stout dose) but I only take 20mg because your body needs some cholesterol and the whole fat/chol. thing seems to be way over rated. Be carefull and do your research like you are right now! M 52 9 months
40mg 1X D
 1  Dr. wanted total chol. under 100 Severe pain in right shoulder, which went away in 2 days after I stoopped the drug. I react negatively to most prescription drugs, so I wanted to start with 1/2 dose and increase it if no reactions were noticed. Dr. insisted I take entire dose and then reduce it if I developed negative reaction. Why won't a doctor listen to a patient? I am still suffering side effects from another drug I took and quit over 10 years ago. F 73 2 months
10 1X D
 5  Cholesterol Had muscle pain, issues when first started, but I added Pilates to my Cardio program and between the cardio and Pilates, this is virtually gone. I have been noticing that I dehydrate much quicker than I ever have. I have actually woken up in the middle of the night and my mouth is completely dry. I am so happy with the results that I will do whatever it takes and whatever I need to do this right. F 55
10 1X D

 1  ldl high Swelling and pain every, agitation, muscle cramps in leg every day bad fatigue,stomach pain low thyroid first time ever ,urinary tract infection first time ever, blot clot in femoral vein deep vein thrombosis first time ever hospital over night, first time ever.and more. F 55 5 months
 5  My cholesterol was a little high. None. F 58 5 years
20 mg
 3  High Cholesterol Weight gain, severe muscle pain upon waking that eventually came to last all day. Horrible right shoulder joint pain. Developed severe hip pain when walking after being on this med for a year. Became forgetful and thought that was age related. I have decided to experiment and come off Lipitor for awhile to see if it makes any difference in pain. I've been off it for two days and I honestly already think I notice a drop in pain levels. My cardiologist insists I take it but I'm not willing to do that anymore if the pain is going to be the result. F 70
20MG 1X D
 3  high cholesterol I didn't have any side effects during the first two months and it lowered my cholesterol. However, I experienced nausea, heartburn, swollen lips and bloody nose last month. Stopped it 2 days ago. F 66 3 months
40 MG
 4  reduce inflammation after TIA I am writing for my husband. Some of his hair fell out for a few months. Then we learned about co-enzyme Q10. Since he began taking it, no more hair has fallen out, and his hair is stronger than I have seen it in many years. (I cut his hair.) We had his genetics evaluated by Genelex; Medicare paid for it. Apparently most statins are metabolized in the liver by CYP3A4 and/or CYP3A5. This is the DNA test that he asked his doctor to prescribe. My husband takes generic Lipitor, called atorvastatin. His blood tests, ordered every 6 months by his cardiologist, are excellent now. He enjoys good health. He joined Life Extension Foundation: and follows their advice on supplements. He eats a plant-strong diet, and he takes walks daily. F 77 13 months
40 mg 1X D
 3  High colesterol gene related Sore arms and pins and needles F 57 1 days
 2  high cholesterol past 30 days i have stiffness in both my hands and fingers. the stiffness is continuous and not just in the morning. its difficult for me to make a fist. i am not sure if this is caused by medication, however i am going to go off it to see if the stiffness gets any better. i have changed my eating habits the last 6 months in hopes that will help lower my cholestoral. still on lipitor, but going to stop today. F 55 18 months
20mg 1X D