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 1  Hyperlipidemia Almost immediately, I experienced severe nausea, constipation, feeling that there was a big "ball" stuck in my stomach, constant muscle spasms, inability to get my chronic daily headaches under control, exhaustion and fatigue but could not sleep. Took a week to get back to normal. No more statins...the risk of taking them far outweighs the reward for me. I plan to consult my PCM regarding natural alternatives (i.e.: niacin, C0Q10, etc.) to lower my cholesterol. F 42 14 days
10 MG 1X D
 4  coronary artery disease I've been taking statins for 20 years and haven't noticed any side effects. I've been taking 80mg of lipitor. In the last few months, after losing 20 pounds that I needed to lose my cholesterol went from 134 to 122. However, I also hurt my quadriceps on my elliptical machine and after 6 weeks it still hurts enough to keep me from walking. I stopped taking lipitor in case that had something to do with it. I'm also in physical therapy. I have no idea whether its the statins or the weight loss or just an injury. M 68 20 years
80mg 1X D
 2  Heart Attack/stent fitted Had a heart attack at 49 years old. Never smoked and fairly fit. Anyway one of the drugs i was told to take once leaving the hospital was Lipitor 80mg daily. I was fine for the first week then pain started in chest muscles. Twice these pains put me in hospital thinking another heart attack. ECG and tests showed all clear. After 7 weeks went to dr and she straight away said stop taking them. So i have. I still have chest pain around the breast bone area that feels like its in the rib tissue and under the left breast area that again feels like its in the muscle/tissue between the ribs and around the back. Its like an ache that gets worse until i lay down and rest for a while Its been 8 days now and still getting the pains. Never had any before the heart attack? Anyone else had painful rib muscle/breast bone areas? How long stopping Lipitor did it take for your pains to go. Also on Ramipril 1.5mg and Bisoprolol 2.5mg. Never had any pains before taking all this medication. M 49 7 weeks
80mg 1X D
 5  control cholestoral None that I can directly attribute to it. It is possible some minor pains and other occasional feelings like numbness are related, but they are occasional and in NO way can be linked based on my personal knowledge. I am almost 70 now...who knows what may be causing little things here and there? My cholesterol is under control (BUT I can't even be sure this is due to meds..) and I am pretty healthy overall. I have been an active exerciser for 30 years. M 20 years
10 1X D
 1  A virus attacked my heart. Extreme muscle weakness,extreme joint pain,could barely walk,had to have help just to get in and out of bed! I could barely move my right arm from the shoulder down. Hands swelling especially right one. Fatigue,fever on and off and just feeling like death! Am still fighting to get better with the help of steroids. Also taking co-q 10,magnesium,fish oil and vitamin D. Very,very slowly getting energy back after 2 months of not being on statins! I felt joint pain in wrists and hips for months! My doctor put the pain off saying I had degenerative arthritis. If you feel any joint or muscle pains please check with your doctor. I suffered for months before figuring out it was the statin drugs causing my issues! M 57 6 months
40 mg.
 1  prevent heart attack Severe shoulder pain and neck pain, winged scapula from muscle wastage, confusion, sweats at night, tingling in arms and hands, numbness in legs, constant fatigue and generally ill constantly I have just stopped taking this drug after reading this page, they have been trying to find the cause of all the above symptoms for months now after me undergoing chemo for 6 months and now in remission but feel worse than ever, this has to be the cause and the doctors must know this, 2 days off and feel slightly better M 57 10 days
10mg 1X D
 5  High LDL and total cholestrol Slight headaches. Need to check with neurologist is reading is now too low. Have a cerebral aneurysm. Taken from 243 to 129. LDL from 163 to 56 and HDL from 70 to 59. Cannot risk a hemorrhage at this point. Will be checking with Neurologist this week. When taking Liptor you need to supplement with K2 and CoQ10 200mg each to avoid muscles and joint problems. F 62 1 months
80 mg
 1  high cholesterol burning tingling, numb hands, feet, back, stomach. Body aches., Hard to walk, memory deficits. It is TOXIC, evil, poison! F 52 5 months
40 1X D
 1  stroke prevention constant headache/brain fog, occasional blurry vision, lower back pain, pain in hip, pinching sensation in left toe, tightness/pain in center of chest, anxiety, depression, irritability, constant fatigue, lack of motivation, short term memory loss and confusion, regularly feel like I'm about to get a cold/flu I am so grateful for this community. I am a 38 year old female who suffered an ischemic stroke in Nov 2014. I was prescribed a blood thinner (Plavix) as well as Lipitor, even though I do not have high cholesterol and am very healthy overall. In the months recovering from my stroke I experienced extreme fatigue, lack of energy, and depression, which is common after a stroke, as well as constant headaches and brain fog that would not go away. In addition, I would get occasional blurry vision (especially after getting up from bed). I soon began to suspect that both or either medication (Plavix and/or Lipitor) had something to do with it. After 2 months or so of no improvement, I began seeing an acupuncturist, which immediately helped improve my energy level, headaches, and post-stroke symptoms (numb/tingly sensation in left hand and hypersensitivity to hot/cold). As a result, I was able to start going to yoga regularly, which further helped my recovery. Once my energy level was back, I decided to go off both medications and soon the lingering headaches disappeared completely. During a follow-up visit, I admitted to my neurologist that I was no longer taking the medications because of the side effects, and that I preferred to lower my risk of future stroke with diet and exercise instead. Upon hearing this, he dismissed my side effects and scolded me in a very patronizing way about not taking my medication. After some back and forth, he agreed to lower my Lipitor prescription to 1 F 38 1 years
10 1X D
 1  high cholesterol headache pain back of head, stiff neck, stomach pain, lower back discomfort & lightheaded when first stand up It is very unusual for me to have a headache, so tried to figure out why was having this kind of head pain that lasted all day long as well as neck/shoulder pain, upper stomach pain & lightheaded. I started to examine recent diet and activities & realized the only change was starting on 2nd day after quitting symptoms just beginning to abate...DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DRUG F 72 5 days
20mg 1X D
 1  heart disease Bloating,weight gain,severe muscle spasms and thigh cramps,hip pain and right sided back pain. Burning feet, fatigue and feeling aged. Mentally less focused.Raised albumin, creatinine, GGT. Did not lower my cholesterol,went up slightly. Was never high any way. Decided to stop when it became apparent that drug was the culprit. I also stopped my P.P.I. as I read together they are more likely to cause myalgia. I went from feeling like I'm 85 to getting back to my running which I missed so much within a week of stopping. After 6wks I still get odd back pain but otherwise good. F 59 5 years
40MG 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Heart beats irregular...palpatations After the first day I was having heart fluttering. Choose to lower the numbers naturally. I am discontinuing this drug. F 61 5 days
20 mg 1X D
 1  Post stroke Severe muscle weakness M 75 2 years
20 mg 1X D
 2  Very high cholesterol . Already expressing right arm pain scared of heart attack ,what should I do ? F 52 1 days
 2  Elavated Cholestrol Extreme insomnia, dizziness, loss of libido, anxiety attacks, moodiness Hate this drug. Why was I put on 80mg for elevated cholesterol? M 42 5 days
80 1X D
 1  Recommended by doctor You've all been instrumental in warning me away from statins, so I didn't take up my doctor's recommendation to begin using them. Zero days usage, so no side effects. Huge thanks to all who have shared their pain here. I'm a 61 year old male who just returned from an annual physical exam. My blood pressure was 120 / 70, pulse was 67, normal respiration, yada - yada. My last blood work showed cholesterol of 186, without 'benefit' of any medication. Despite all the above, he suggested putting me on a low dose statin!! I backed away slowly, then broke and headed for the nearest exit. Thank you for sharing the lies you've been told and the funky effects of the cure! Dennis M 61 0 days
0 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Confusion, memory issues, muscle loss, weakness, neuropathy. My mother has Cholesterol of 250. She is 86 years old. No stroke, no heart attack. Strong as an ox. She does not take statins. Latest studies show that statins will stop a heart attack or stroke in only one of 144 patients studied. If you want to lower your cholesterol do in naturally. Research how to do it on internet. All my side effects went away 3 months off the medication. Still suffer some muscle pain though. M 57 10 years
1X D
 1  Doc said I was at risk The effect on me was not immediately felt, but soon had some pains in my arms and legs, then vivid dreams, head pain, poor toilet and many other things you just got used to, the constant discomfort and so on. I had also been taking Q10 for abought 3 years that helpe a lot with muscle pains, but my new Doc refused to give me Q10 so had to buy Q10 or suffer more pain then usual. Started taking Statins following 2 (two) Stents, Doc said I was at risk, I was put on Zocor for some time, then it was changed for Simvastatin, witch was very unpleasant = more discomfort, then I was given lipitor statin, about that time I had also been taking Q10, but my new Doc refused to give me Q10 so had to buy Q10 or suffer the pain. All of them gave me pain some more then others, BAD STUFF! HAVE NOW STOPED TAKING STATIN. Pain all gone, Feel like a teenager. I WILL NEVER TAKE STATINS EVER AGAIN, REGARDLESS OF WHAT DOC SAYS. M 67 10 years
 1  high cholesterol Side pain and back pain.took ultrasound ct scan and a hidascan test. All normal but cant explain pain i believe lipitor side effect. so upset as i am still in pain 2 weeks off lipitor. F 69 6 months
20 mg
 1  High cholesterol Terrible gas,, indigestion, bloating, fatigue, daily headache, vague nausea, loss of appetite. Initially thought I had picked up some kind of stomach bug. Gas, indigestion, headaches and fatigue were endless. My stomach became bloated and and my eyes were puffy, I realized it very likely was the (generic) Lipitor. I have been off or it for two day and feeling like my old self. I took Simvastatin for years with no ill effects but DR. wanted to try something new. So much for that great idea. Never again. F 67 3 months
40 mg 1X D