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 2  Lower Cholesterol Having been on Lipitor for over one year, with a modest reduction in cholesterol levels, I developed a severe reaction following shoulder surgery. Approximately 4 months following my surgery, I developed an abrupt and chronic pain in my arms, hands and the back of my upper legs (from buttocks to knees). After two MRI's and EMG and blood and urine analyisis reviewed by a Neurologist with negative and/or normal results, I self-diagnosed having read numerous patient complaints mirroring my symptoms and reading a cautionary warning to physicians to consider taking their patients off Lipitor when the patient was scheduled for major surgery ( My Neurologist has prescribed Prednisone 10mg to help with the symptoms. I am trying to limit my use of the Predisone but cannot take care of basic functions without a minimum of 10mg daily. As a CEO of a large sales company and a physcially active person, I'm extremely concerned about this chronic condition. I have been off Lipitor f M 57 16 months
 1  after heart attack Tingling all over my body and numbness F 46
 4  Cholesterol Absent mindendness, trouble concentrating, blurred vision, headaches I am satisfied as the drug has been hugely successful on my Cholesterol levels. However, I am posting this due to my side effects which I have linked to the drug. M 42 3 years
 1  High cholesterol Did not help to lower my cholesterol, 55 put on 60 pounds. Will die on this medication - all my symptons on your site - hubby will get off as well (he's having eye problems). I have the rash on the forehead, insomnia (big time), sweats (so severe), difficulty breathing (huge athlete before all of this) - but no matter what I did - weight increased - huge bloating of stomach and difficulty breathing. Rashes on arms and legs as well. Tightness of throat at night (choking easily all the time - especially on crackers). Pravachol was the worst - or so I thought until I read all of this. My muscles have diminished greatly. Thanks 4 all of your input. (Also very aggitated and easily excited). F 4 years
 1  High Chlosteral Spleen Cancer and ALS patient Took this drug for three years right after it was released -- bottom line lost all ability to control hands and muscle weakness. There is no history of ALS in my family. Currently being treated at Duke Medical Center. F 68 3 years
 2  High Cholesterol SEVERE AND UNCHARACTERISTIC DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, AGGRESSION, AND MOOD SWINGS. I cannot stress this enough- my personality comepletely changed after beginning this medication. I am typically an easy going, positively thinking, emotionally stable, and motivated person. But after starting Lipitor I've gradually descended into a world of extreme anxiety, hopelessness, lonliness, and self loathing. I've never in my life been so depressed, so obsessively focused on morbid, terrifying thoughts, or so negative about everything in my life. After being off of this medication for only 48 hours, I am already beginning to see an improvement in my moods, but this will be a long journey back to my old self, I feel. Oh yes, and I also suffered from: Gas, Constipation, EXTREME FATIGUE, weight gain and bloating, and occassional bouts of diaharrea. It lowered my cholesterol, to be sure.... But it also significantly lowered my quality of life. This website has been an absolute lifeline for me. My doctor had seemed so completely unwilling to accept that my symptoms could've possibly been related to my taking Lipitor. However, I know my body and know when things are not as they should be. I have been feeling this way since almost immediately after I took my first dose. Hearing that so many other people have experienced the same exact symptoms as me has given me the courage needed to STOP this medication. So many of my family members and friends have had bad reactions to this stuff- I can not trust it, and will be looking for another way to get my cholesterol under control, if possible. Be very careful and very informed before you start any new medication. Don't always trust the word of your doctor as "the only word" and take it at its face value. When it comes to your body, you have every right to dictate, understand, and call the shots about what does and does not go in to it. F 22 8.5 months
 5  High Cholesterol None Very effective. Lowered cholesterol from 230 to 160 M 45 2 years
 1  high cholesterol Big problems with muscle cramps and numbness in my legs progressing to difficulty walking up stairs and swollen feet and ankles. Some of this could be other meds or combinations but I didn't have these problems before starting Lipitor. Statins are supposed to be the new miracle drug to keep us all alive for years longer. What a joke. Who would want to live like this? I have been off all my meds for about a week and feeling much better. I know it's dangerous but so are the drugs. F 60 5 months
 1  cholesterol pain in shoulder and arm, could not lift arm and had only been taking for 2 weeks. Could not sleep because of pain! Don't recommend at all. I recommend omega 3 and coq10. cholesterol levels went down 100 points with that alone. finally 4 months later my pain has subsided. M 72 14 days
 4  Reduce Cholesterol Immediatly reduced my cholesterol. Over the 12 years my health has weakened in many ways that I noticed some of you other posters have mentioned. Is it because we are aging? Or the drug? Symptoms... here goes. Depression. Back surgery but the afterpain was unexplained? Maybe Lipitor? Hips are sore and lower back pain. Vision reduced greatly. Hair loss. Tired most of the time. Can't get to sleep and then can't get out of bed till late morning or midday. No strength. Loss of breath. So if a person goes off this, what is the drug alternative to keeping the cholesterol down? I am thinking of stopping the lipitor and going on a diet to prevent the cholesterol from rising. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to you all. M 53 13 years
 3  cholesterol general weakness, decreased stamina M 42 3 months
 1  cholesterol 240 general weakness, reduced stamina, tennis elbow in both hands should only be taken by people with 300+ levels M 42 3 months
 1  High Cholesterol Muscle weakness and extreme pain, nausea, diarrhea, dark urine, dizziness. I have been off of it for 4 days and can barely walk. I hope that this is not permanent. I thought that I had the flu bug tht was going around the neighborhood. I had taken pravochol for years with not side effects, but wasn't lowering my cholesterol enough. F 51 12 days
 1  High cholesterol For some reason the doctor started me on 40 mg/day after years of unsatisfactory results with provachol. Flu like synptoms started immediately-then numbness in my shoulder, gas, headaches,diarhhea, dark urine them debilitating joint and muscle pain. I can barely walk-took for only 10 days. Have been off for 4 days with no improvement-I am terrified. Went to the doctor and he did no additional tests - just said to stay off lipitor. When I asked if I would feel better-he just said he hoped so-what is that supposed to mean?? Has anyone had any advice from their doctor on how to reverse these effects? I WOULD NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE-WOULD RATHER DIE OF HEART ATTACK THAN FEEL LIKE THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. F 51 10 days
 1  Cholesterol 6.9 Muscle aches. Vision severe impairment in a.m. and pain and heaviness in eyes that were hard to open in morning felt like the eyes had blown up overnight. I did not want to get up in the morning because of the eye pain. F 60 3 months
 4  high ldl and low hdl, high triglyc I've been taking 20 mg.lipitor daily since 1989 or 1990. no side effects to date and I have liver functions tests every six months. I tried other statins before lipitor, but they didn't have the affect lipitor did. M 59 15 years
 2  High cholesteral and tryglisterists After a few months I started having pain in different areas of my body and headaches almost everyday. Now I am in servere pain everywhere and trouble sitting or standing or sleeping because staying still increases pain so I have to keep moving around. Frequent headaches and stomache aches, daily. Go from extremely tired for days and nights to unable to sleep until 5 and wake up at 7 and anxiety all day. I have to take two cholosterol medications because lipitor doesn't work by itself. I definitely would not recommend taking Lipitor. I keep telling the NP that I don't like it but she says its working so I have to stay with it. F 32 1.5 years
 1  High Cholesterol muscle pain in thighs and legs. Off for 6 weeks with no improvement. I'm afraid it may be permanent. CPK test slightly elevated 74 3 years
 1  High Cholesterol After about 10 weeks on Lipitor I suddenly developed pain/cramps in both my legs, the left being slightly worse than the right. The cramps and tightness was sporatic from ankles, to calf to top of thigh then back of thigh, it didn't make sense as I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary to be feeling this way and it felt different than a overworked muscle type of pain. Although the Lipitor brought my level from 206 down to 143 within 6 weeks from what I have been reading I don't think I will begin taking it again. I stopped about a week ago, although my Dr. didn't think that was the cause, however, nothing else made sense. The pain/tightness is somewhat better than it was 3 weeks ago, but still giving me problems. F 39 10 weeks
 4  HIgh Cholesterol Calf muscle strains. Had been taking 20mg 3x/wk with excellent cholesterol reduction for 1 yr+. Have also been running 2-3/wk during same time. 3 mos ago got muscle strain in right calf that lasted 4 months. One month ago got severe muscle pull/strain in left calf. Each time I have had to quit running for several wks. Just tonight did I do a web search on lipitor and calf pain and now am pretty convinced it is the Lipitor from all I have read on this site. Was collegiate distance runner and have run off and on for years - NEVER in 25 yrs have I had a pulled/strained calf till now! Will stop Lipitor for now and try to resume running -once my muscle pull heals and hopefully it won't recur. M 46 1.5 years