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 1  High cholesterol Muscle cramps, pain and weakness in calf muscles, weight gain, fatigue, mental fog This drug is worse than the reason for treatment. Hope I have no permanent damage. F 63 9 months
20 mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Been taking Lipitor for over 10 years. The last 5 years muscles have started to really hurt, problems walking, weakness pain all over. Cant concentrate feel like im in a fog. Also fasting glucose was 104 got it rechecked 2 weeks later now it is 106 and I've lost weight. I watch what i eat no drinking smoking or drugs. Going to doctor about this. Tried quitting cold turkey I became a zombie couldn't get off the couch felt almost unconscious. I worry what will happen if I miss 2 days of it. It was very strange. I don't recommend this drug. I even exercise and just doing a 20 minute walk is painful for me. I want off this. My doctor said satins really help well I won't take any if I feel like this even though my cholesterol levels are excellent great I'll just waste away. F 32 10 years
 1  Family history/high cholesterol Sheermisery I have posted here before but lately it has occurred to me that, since stopping taking Lipitor, I am also finding my mental capabilities are returning to their once excellent level. I had put my decline in those mental capabilities down to aging (I'm 75) but I now know that not to be true. I wonder now how many of the people being diagnosed with afflictions such as Alzheimer's are in fact simply showing the result of having taken Lipitor for years. F 75 10 years
2-0 mg 1X D
 1  slightly elevated cholesterol lower leg cramping and weakness / dramatic hair loss / stomach ulcer / severe right shoulder joint pain / low levels of anxiety / difficulty concentrating or focusing I started with Crestor but when that gave me stomach pains I was put on Lipitor as an alternative. Right after starting Lipitor I began to feel "off". It immediately gave me leg cramps and I developed a stomach ulcer. My heart Dr. insisted that this was the result of other meds, however my family Dr. urged me to get off the Lipitor right away. The 2 Dr. had a difference of opinion but the heart Dr's scare tactics worked I guess and I stayed on the drug. He even urged me to increase my dosage to a level which my stomach could "tolerate". After slowly increasing the drug for about 3 months I began to have sever right shoulder joint pain which I just put down to age at the time. Then the hair loss started. I lost literally clumps of hair every day for a month solid, now I have almost bald patches at the front of my hair. Blood work showed that all other things were normal including hormones , blood sugar and thyroid. I also began to have low levels of chronic anxiety for no reason (very odd for me as I'm am outgoing personality). I chalked this up to age also possibly menopause given my age but blood work proved that incorrect. I decided to quit the Lipitor cold turkey 2 weeks ago. The hair loss slowed down almost right away though there is still some happening. The anxiety is now gone. The leg cramps are better. The shoulder is still extremely sore however. I wonder how long Lipitor side effects will last. I have read people are still expe F 44 1 years
10mg 1X D
 1  Family history/cholesterol test Sheer misery I posted my original comments on 11/12/2012 as female 73 years old which was only a few weeks after I stopped taking lipitor. I have since 'fired' my doctor, haven't taken lipitor since my first post (in fact I don't take any drugs at all) and 18 months later am as fit as a flea, can do anything I set my mind to which is mostly looking after a large garden almost single-handed. I feel about 50 which as I am now 75, is fantastic! My hair is thicker, my skin is clearer, I have no aches and pains (unless I have overdone some activity I enjoy). Stay away from this filthy stuff is my advice to anyone who wants to keep on enjoying a healthy, happy life. F 75 10 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  Prevention Lots of side effects joint pain, cramps restless legs infertility sore muscles do recover well after exercise I can carry on Don't do endurance sport on lipitor or do any exercise. I stop taking Lipitor 6 Months ago and Im getting better M 56 15 years
20 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol after Angioplasty Chest Pain and Bruising. While taking 40 mg (along with Effient and Metoprolol), I experienced debilitating right side chest pain. Bruises were evident which felt very deep in my muscles. Had a half inch protrusion on one of my ribs. Stopped and felt much better. Started again with 20 mg and same side effects occurred. Now plan to be off for two weeks to evaluate. Going off Effient blood thinner in two weeks also. Scary stuff. M 56 3 months
40 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Joint paint, stiffness in movements, insomnia, foot cramps Was on lovastatin 20 mg for 8 yrs - lost weight, BP lowered, but still had hip/hand joint pain. Quit for a year and joint pain went away. New Dr said cholesterol too high and had to go on brand name even knowing I had relief of joint pain going off statin. He put me on 80 MG stating dose didn't matter that if I got muscle weakness or joint pain, it wouldn't be any worse on 20 mg or 80 mg. Day 2 of Lipitor hand pain, day 3 hip & back pain, day 4 all previous but now foot cramps at night. Quit and told Dr. I refused to take - would rather live with high cholesterol (no family history of heart disease) than live in pain and discomfort med was causing. F 64 5 days
80 mg 1X D
 3  high cholesterol rapid heartbeat and light pain in chest and tried And my doctor said take 1/3 instead of hole pill M 47 2 months
40 mg
 1  High Cholesterol Extreme pain under rib cage, sent me to ER thinking it was gallbladder attack. Ultrasound was normal. I have never had these types of pains. They are muscle type pains, not heartburn on tummy ache type pains and they are never in the same place. I feel like I am being poisoned. I am physically fit and otherwise very healthy After stopping Lipitor for 10 days all pains subsided. I felt great and my appetite returned. I restarted taking Lipitor a few days ago and the pains have all returned. My doctor says Lipitor is safe and most all of his patients have no side effects. He thinks it's in my head. I will be changing doctors. shortly... F 64 60 days
20 1X D
 1  High cholestrol I took Lipitor for my total cholesterol if 301 ! But i have depression and take lexapro 20 mg. as my dose of lipitor was increased from 10 to 20mg , i started having serious knee pain and depressive mode. Came off of Lipitor and within few days i felt much bettet My doc has changed me to 10 mg of pravastatin , no joint pain but i am feeling depressed....will stop this and i will try niacin. Prefer to have high cholesterol but have a happy mood ! F 47 2 months
 5  Cholesterol Have had no side effects. So far has worked just fine for me was put on it at a young age. High cholesterol runs in my family. F 32 8 years
20 1X D
 2  High cholesteral well been of this drug for nearly 3 months and the side affects have mostly gone.Just slight stiffness sometimes in feet.Next is now go and see my GP and see wot he has say about my finding when after being tested for any problems which were supposed to be normal.Never again will i take this drug. M 47
20mg 1X D

 1  high cholesterol muscle pain, weakness, difficulty swallowing, a.fib, complete heart block I am writing this on behalf of my mother. Mom was 89 when her pmd put her on lipitor. within 7 days she started having severe muscle pain and weakness in her arms and legs, and could barely walk. She went from an 89 yr old going oon 79, to an 89 yr old going on 99 in a matter of days. went to see pmd on the 10th day and he diagnosed her with polymyalgia rheumatica and put her on steroids, and sent her to a neurologist, rheumatoligist, and orthopedic md. within around 3 months of taking this drug she was diagnosed with atrial fib and put on coumadin. withing around 6 months she went into complete heart block and had a pacemaker placed. her quality of life deteriorated in the next two years while taking this drug. she walked with the "statin shuffle", had several falls, chf, periferal vascular disease with extreme leg swelling and 3+ edema and put on lasix. she could barely swallow (you need your muscles to swallow). my mother died 1 1/2 years ago. She fell getting out of bed (had she not been on this drug she would not have had the muscle weakness and falls) developed rhabdomyolitis, seizures, and passed away 10 days later. this drug destroyed her life. As for my own experience, after 1 day of taking this drug, severe calf pain. the next day muscle twitching. ALL STATINS ARE POISON. why don't the doctors understand this? F 91 2 years
1X D
 1  Cholesterol After about a month my extremities felt like they were dissolving. Had terrible leg and foot pains and muscle tiredness. I lost most energy due to most muscles feeling so weak. Stopping medicine has helped relieve side effects but not completely. Had not tried lower dosages (below 20 MG). M 52 90 days
20-40 mg 1X D
 1  "High Cholesterol" Stomach problems, muscle pain, mood swings, headaches, joint pain. M 47 6 months
10 mg
 5  hypercholestremia i develop cataract some time muscle ache great drug to control cholestrol M 50 25 years
40mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Shoulder, knee, elbow, joint pain. Memory fog. Anxiety. Low Libido. Atorvastatin generic. Experienced brain fog immediatley. Really bad for my highly technical attention to detail work. Started experiencing joint pain approx 6 months in. Left shoulder is so bad right now have ice pack as I am typing this and have been taking alleve daily for the inflamation and pain. I previously had pain in the other shoulder, elbow, and knee, but moved and had to get another MD. In the meantime I was off the drug for a few weeks and saw improvement of those areas. Now I have been back on for another 6 months and the left shoulder is terribly painful. I have stopped the med for a week and hope to see improvement soon. Diet and exercise does not work for my genetic high cholesterol, but I am with the majority here and it's not worth it if ending up crippled or senile. I will find a natural alternative. I wish you all the best. F 50 1 years
40 MG 1X D
 1  Put on it after knee surgery Terrible burning/numb sensation in hands & feet. Joint pain is worse than pre surgery! My chiropractor advised me to look at this website. Will be quitting this. Since surgery, I've suddenly gone on blood pressure, cholesterol & diabetes meds. Never had these problems before. F 49 2 months