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 5  high cholesterol none Taking 80mg. Really lowered my LDL to 70. Don't feel better or worse on it but the angiogram was scary so I'll keep taking it until some real Drano comes along. Expensive out of pocket, though. And this is Canada. M 37 18 months
 1  high cholesterol severe leg pains M 72 3 years
 1  elevated cholesterol, post stent Severe headache, joint and muscle pain, anorexia, extreme gas, memory loss, mood swings I had a LAD artery 100% blocked a couple years ago and suffered a miocardial infarction. The pain was unbearable and the pain from the headache Lipitor caused was WORSE! I've taken Zocor, Crestor and had similar problems with side effects, but i thought Lipitor was going to cause my death. NEVER again! M 46 1 months
 1  High cholesterol I have been taking lipitor for 3 years. I though the side effects was just me. It wasn't until I talked to a friend and she told me about her boyfriends side effects, it was like she was talking ab out me. Memory loss, joint pain, swollen feet and hands, sore ribs, inability to sleep well, no sex drive, moodiness, always tired, lack of energy, increased heart rate, headaches every day, and dry joints. This all became worst when my dose was increased from 40mg to 80 mg 3 months ago. I have now decided to try other methods to reduce my cholesterol. (Mine is hereditary). I have a wonderful chiro whom suggested I try lecithin, with Omega 3, and Vit C. Here goes, I hope to be to get back to my walk of 6km a day. F 41 3 years
 1  Cholesterol For as long as I could remember I've always had perfect cholesterol (from a percentage perspective anyway). It's always been right around 120/120. For what ever reason my LDL shot up to 175 so a (not my normal one) Dr. just prescribed me Lipitor. I didn't notice any problems for just over 2 months then all of a sudden one day I stared feeling horrible like a severe flu just hit me. For the next few days I couldn't get enough sleep I was incredibly week and had pains throughout my upper body. I saw my regular Dr. and decided to stop taking the drug, she also drew blood. Luckily most of the tests came back normal but there was a small spike in something with my liver which was normal before. My Cholesterol was LDL 95 HDL 109 (which I thought it is advertised to raise?) and my triglycerides were great as well. I can't say that the drug doesn't work but compared to how I feel it's not with it and I'll never take it again. I've been off it for 3 days now and only feel slightly bett M 38 2.5 months
 1  high cholesterol feeling in a fog, memory problems; muscle weakness in mouth area causing speech difficulties like pronunciation, and chewing/swallowing difficulties like biting my tongue and inside my cheek; muscle weakness in my right hand causing me to lose grip and drop things; balance problems when turning around or standing to walking movements I was not informed by my doctor to look out for these symptoms, in fact she did not feel they were connected to the Lipitor. I know my body and this is not me. I am going to stop and see what happens. F 53 7 months
 5  High Cholesterol No significant side effects. Slight muscle aches in my back in the morning when I first started taking it, but that passed with time. I've been taking a 40 mg tablet before bedtime every day for four years. Combined with a low fat/low cholesterol diet, the drug helped lower my cholesterol to 125 from well over 200. M 4 years
 1  Colestrol I am a Gym Junky, pretty athletic, attend 4 times a week... took lipitor 40mg and that ended my gym aspirations...loss of muscle strenth, mainly calves.Have stopped taking lipitor, changed my diet, and life is slowly getting back to normal.. awful drug. Maybe the people not affected by Lipitor lead a non physical life or do not have any muscle, and therefor do not notice the effects.???? Did a great job in lowering colestrol... down to 2.7 . M 1 years
 1  cholesterol Cramping aching muscles in legs and back. Flu-like symptoms and fatigue. Foggy, out-of-touch feelings and unable to concentrate. I started out with zocor, but developed these adverse symptoms after 3 months. I stopped taking it and they went away. The doctor switched me to lipitor and the symptoms came right back. I will never take another statin type drug under any circumstances. M 50 3 months
 1   After using Lipitor for 2.5 years, I decided to stop two weeks ago because of severe pain in my left arm. I am left handed and recently couldn’t normally do my job. Twice I told my doctor about pain in my arm and he didn’t take that seriously, ignoring my complaint. After two weeks of not taking Lipitor my arm almost recovered and I can work without any pain or any problem. It started a long time ago with tingling in my arms, they were often fall asleep, usually when I wake up in the morning. From month to month pain was worst until I almost lost all strength and couldn’t use my arm. Anyway, I think I made a good decision by not using Lipitor anymore (my doctor will be mad at me). I will try with natural supplements and more exercising. I am very “anxious” about medication that can cause myopathy, liver damage or cancer. M 51 2.5 years
 5  mild elevated cholesterol none-taking it for 6 years My cholesterol is in 110 range on Lipitor M 70 6 days
 1  high cholesterol vertigo caused by cramping neck muscels,all the leg symptons noted on thi sight,arm and total muscel weakness, could not walk for three weeks,depression,excessive sleep reqmt,hair loss,memory (sht term)loss,loss of sex drv been off it 10 months,drs spent fortune 160 k looking for additional cause found none,i believe i know how to treat it and what other factors contributed to my severe reaction but it would take a book...still feeling a lot of the effects..but strong improvement since quit taking the poison M 74 4 years
 1  cholesteral imence pain in legs,calf,feet,cramping in legs and feet,even toes,,armpain,swelling,extreme heaviness in limbs,backache,bloody noes, high cpk, my short term memory is terrible,confusion.tingling,buzzing in limbs,big time depression.The list is endless. I seem to get a little relief and wack. Right back again. I have been off it approx 5 weeks. I have been to neurologists and had emg,bone Dr.for xrays primary Dr. And now the major hospital to the big guys. I will have a more intense emg and then they will do biopsies on my limbs and thigh. not one Dr will blame Lipitor.I guess it's the forbidden word to say if it's something negetive. This stuff is definitely for everybody.By the way I was only on it approx 4 months.Sad to read so many people are suffering from side effects of this but good to know I am not nuts and I am not alone. A huge money maker so I doubt it will ever be taken off the market.I've read short term and long term users of this stuff. I am beginnig to wonder if it's just a matter of time for everyone who's on it. F 56 4 months
 1  Cholesterol After taking 3 or 4 times I started having very intense muscle pain with burning from the middle of my back and around my ribs to the center of my chest. It would last from a few minutes to a couple of hours and then fade away for awhile. I had the same intense muscle pain with intense burning in my arms, neck and sometimes my legs. I stopped taking it for a few days and tried it again with the same results. I stopped taking it but it took at least a month for the muscle pains to stop completely. My doctor had me try 2 or 3 other similar medications before this one with the same results. When I told him that I was still getting the muscle pains occasionally a couple weeks after I stopped taking it he said I was crazy. I'm now afraid to take any of the Cholesterol drugs. Every one that I've tried has had some really bad side effects. M 48 21 days
 1  High Choleserol After 1 year on Lipitor, I experienced severe pain in both hips & legs, would wake up with so much pain at night that I would get out of bed for relief. Even after 3 months of nonuse, I still have stiffness, weakness & pain in both legs/ hips, especially right side & now limp. I have started physical therapy, massage theraphy & pain medicine. M 51 1 years
 2  High Cholesterol A few years after the dosage was raised to 40 mg, I began to have a sharp pain in the ball of my right foot, diagnosed as a neuroma. (It seemed more like metatarsalgia to me.) Then the left foot started hurting also. I nearly stopped walking for 6 months, hoping to get better to avoid surgery. I stopped Lipitor as an experiment, and after 3 days the pain changed completely. It began to heal after that. Every week since has been a marked improvement. After 7 weeks, it's nearly healed. I can again hike for miles without the horrible pain I experienced for over 6 months while taking this drug. Lipitor did control cholesterol, but isn't it really inflamation causing heart disease and stroke, and not the cholesterol? Is everyone barking up the wrong tree here? And what is the price of all the weird side effects no one can recognize? M 49 7 years
 1  genetic high cholesterol After three months on Lipitor, I started to feel like an airhead -- slightly dizzy virtually all the time and frequently unable to think clearly. I actually started to wonder if I were developing early Alzheimer's (I'm 58). After five months, I developed severe pain in my thighs and knees and I'm exhausted all the time. So far my blood tests have been normal, but now that I've read these posts, I'm going to stop taking Lipitor. It did lower my total cholesterol from 235 to 200. F 58 6 months
 1  High Cholesterol Joint and Muscle Pain / Stiffness I took 20 mg for 9 years and I told numerous physicians about my pain and stiffness and was told that I had arthritis and to keep taking it. I left it at home by accident when we went on vacation and within 3 days, the pain in my legs began to go away. After 2 weeks I knew it was a very dangerous medication. I went to my new physician and he wanted me to try Pravachol. Afer 4 days on it, I was in a fog and thought I had the flu. I have been off it for just 36 hours and feel better. I am an RN and should have known that I was experiencing side effects with Lipitor, but you listen to your Doctor because you trust him. I now tell my patients to trust what their bodies are telling them. Statins can't be good for anyone but the drug companies!!!!!!!!!! They keep lowering the recommended levels so that almost everyone is considered to have "high" cholesterol. If someone is 30 and on this for 30 or 40 years there is not telling what the long term effects will be. And a mi F 60 9 years
 1  Lower Bad Cholesterol Very Painful feet for past 3 weeks and lower legs now starting to hurt. Can hardly walk without higher pain level. I stopped Lipitor for a few days before now and the pain did not subside. I now know from this site that it takes longer to recover then a few days. This has caused me to miss out on my Summer Vacation with Family. M 41 1 months
 2  High Cholesterol Achilles peritendonitis and sore ankles, knees and fingers. Stiffness was aggravated by rest and better with activity. After sitting for 15 minutes, particularly with feet elevated, and then getting up to walk, my gait was like someone who could barely walk. Have stopped taking Lipitor and symptoms seem to be subsiding. Lipitor worked great lowering cholesterol but the side effects are not worth the benefit. F 56 2 years