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 2  Familial hyperlipidemia Shoulder and neck muscle pain, tender joints, wrist pain, fogginess, depression when not getting enough rest, possible insomnia I took Lipitor for 7 years due a genetic form of high cholesterol. Controlled cholesterol levels very well. Never thought it was doing me harm, until my cardiologist bumped me from 40mg to 80mg. Had muscle pain that would not go away, memory loss (could not remember names or words at times), trouble sleeping (possibly-I've always had some insomnia). Symptoms eased at 40mg again, but did not go away. Still felt like an 'old man'. Went off the drug after much thought, all physical symptoms disappeared, physiological problems eased. Tried Crestor but it was far worse for physical symptoms. About to try low does of Pravichol and work up from there. M 41 7 years
 4  Elevated cholesterol Memory loss/ability to concentrate. Prescribed 20mg for the past 3 years or so, my cholesterol levels have all been normal since starting this medicine. Originally I was given Crestor 10mg, but experienced muscle pain, and was given Lipitor. The only problem is I feel I have suffered memory loss and the ability to concentrate since taking this medication. M 41 3 years
 1  high cholesterol Aches and pain from head to toe, very grouchy. I have been competitive in road racing for almost 20 years, but after starting this drug I began to notice my performance falling off. Later I got pains so bad that I could not run. I stopped taking this drug and after about 3 months am almost back where I was with my running. I detest lawyers, but statin class drugs are crying out for a class action lawsuit to stop their use. M 41 7 months
 1  Elevated Cholesterol level Toe tinglingling, numbness in toes, feel like I am in a fog most of the day, memory impaired, hair loss ( major symptom for me), low grade headache, vision impaired, calf pain....... Lipitor does help reduce total serum cholesterol considerably in many patients but the side effects of this 'poisonous' medication are extremely alarming. I fail to comprehend why this medication is still permitted to be on the market as there is evidence that those who have been on long term have suffered irreversible muscle damage plus other permanent side effects. How come no one has sued the manufacturers as yet? Do patients have to die first before a pharmaceutical entity can be sued? Surely some of the people who have written in to this site should get together and institute litigation? F 57 5 weeks
 1  High cholesterol I took Lipitor for 6 weeks and noticed extreme dehydration and extremely dry eyes. My eyes are so dry that they stick to the eyelids at night and I am getting microabrasions on them - very painful. Additionally, despite eating a pure fiber diet to lower my cholesterol, the medicine has made me extremely constipated. I have been off now for 5 days. The constipation is starting to go away as are the dry eyes although they are still quite painful. I have started the "Blood Type Diet" for my blood type (A) and will lower my cholesterol naturally since I cannot fathom being on Lipitor after my experience with it. I would not recommend this medicine to anyone. F 37 6 weeks
 1  high cholesertol I have had unexplained fatigue (sleeping 11-12 hours a night, and still having no energy all day)since starting Lipitor 2 years ago; my new doctor did a new test and said my SED rate is high- he suspects it is the Lipitor and told me to go off it immediately. I don't know if this is the problem, but after reading this site I will not take a statin drug again. I also have short term memory loss, and an unexplained cough. Sure, it lowers cholesterol, but I am a zombie. F 57 2 years
 4  high Cholorestral F 82
 1  colesterol tired-weak-pains all over body-groggy-light headed all these statin drugs are death in a bottle. they are the perfect med as they will cause the poor dumb patient to spend huge sums of money on tests-pain killers and other statins till they will one day they will just give up and lay down and die-BROKE-what a well laid plan by big pharma and covered by the criminal FDA food and drug syndicate. F 65 3 days
 5  high blood pressure / heart attack None whatsoever. I'm taking 80 mg's a day which is the maximum dose and it brought my cholesterol levels comfortably back into the safe numbers. M 54 2 years
 1  cholestrol Weak muscles. Achey like when you have a very high fever, only without the fever. Elevated white blood cell count (very high), but liver emzymes were normal I was on lowest dose. My LDL started at 90, but MD insisted that because I am diabetic, I should be on lipitor and try to get below 70. Lipitor knocked it down to 25. I do not know if the problems were due to Lipitor, or having LDL down to 25. I asked MD he stated "They (whomever they are), have not established a low threshold for what is safe". I stated that just because it has not been proven in a lab, does not mean it is not true. I went off the meds, and am now in search of a new MD, as I have felt worse under this DR care than ever before in my life. F 50 45 days
 1  high cholesterol Deep depression, insomnia, joint stiffness in hands and feet, inability to think clearly to the point I thought I would have to quit my job. This drug dramatically lowered my cholesterol but ruined my quality of life. After repeated visits to my doctor complaining of these debilitating symptoms he finally made the connection and took me off. Within 3 days, I started to feel like myself again. Cholesterol plays an important role in brain and nerve function and is essential to our good overall health. Do your research. Stripping your body of it can be devastating. I would much rather take my chances with a slightly elevated level than go through that again. Horrible. Pfizer should be ashamed of themselves for not clearly stating the possibility of these side effects. F 56 6 months
 1  yes tremors and tingles although the body F 62 14 years
 5  high ldl none cut high cholestorel from 278 to 134 M 72
 4  colesteral at 206 M.I. 4 by-passes cramping in calf at night bad enough to wake from deep sleep screaming. M 49 3 days
 1  high cholesterol muscle pain, stiffness/pain in hands that kept me awake at night and limited my ability to perform routine tasks such as type, trouble with walking/balance neck, and shoulder pain. They should rename this "disability in a bottle"! F 51 4 days
 2  High cholesterol and triglycerides Took this drug for about 6 months. Did the trick on lowering what is was supposed to, but I suffered extreme depression. Not worth the suicidal thoughts, so I quit taking it. F 60 6 months
 1   Severe plantar faciitis; debillitating leg pain; severe leg muscle weakness; hand weakness (constantly dropping things); palpitations; tachycardia; irrecular heartbeat; throat tightness; difficulty/shallow breathing; fatigue Began on 20 mg, ended on 40 mg. Taking Lipitor might very well be the biggest mistake of my life. F 40 10 years
 1  High Cholesterol and Triglycerides Stabbing pain between shoulder blades, I am 52 and feel 82, no energy, muscle tone depletion, strength depletion, numbness in upper legs from knee to thigh, pain and numbness in left foot, left foot larger than right now by one size, pain in feet, need special shoes just to walk now, I feel like I will not be alive next year. I've been on this for 5 years, and am going to quit after finding this website. Doctors did nothing for me. They have no idea what this drug does to people! Time to exercise, eat healthy food, and get OFF this stuff. Thank you everyone for taking the time to post, and helping me understand what was happening. Hate this stuff. Crestor just as bad. F 52 5 years
 1  high cholesterol muscle cramps all over, depression and irritable, tired Statins may or may not help with circulatory problems, but they definitely cause other severe problems. I will not take any statins again. M 43 6 months
 4  High cholesterol No side effect noticed Lipitor lowered my cholesterol M 83 15 years