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 2  high chloresterol Memory lapses, hip pains, skin itching sensations all over body,hair loss, depression and anxiety. Docs are into big paybacks from big drug companies. Patients come 2nd!! They think you're nuts when you complain about side effects. Stopping 20mg Lipitor today after 2 years. Will take the risk. M 56 2 years
 1  Lower my cholesterol Severe elbow, arm and shoulder pain. It's just a little white pill, this can't be causing all of my pain....Boy was I wrong, this pill has caused me so much grief. I couldn't even watch TV with my family as the pain in my arms and shoulder drove me to my bed. I felt so old and scared that the rest of my life would be pain filled. One week ago I ran out of lipitor and after a few days found that my arm & elbow pain subsided. Why isn't this widely known? I'm angry and also sad, sad that I've wasted all this time and angry that the drug companies are getting richer by the second. F 47 1 years
 4  High cholesterol My EKG was not good and a blood test also indicated a problem. I was sent for a stress test which I failed, and was sent to a heart doctor. I had no other symptoms of heart problems, but I had high blood pressure and overweight. So lipitor was prescribed to lessen likelihood of partial blockage to my heart. Cholesterol levels are terrific now and I may be sent for another stress test next month. I feel great on Lipitor but could not take Zocor(side effects). F 73 5 days
 1  I refused to take it Thank God, I found this site Pfizer Inc. (maker of Lipitor) AMOUNT AT ISSUE: $$$ Pending Cholesterol-Fighting Drug Tied to Liver, Kidney Injury The Kahn Gauthier Law Group is investigating possible legal actions against Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer of the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor (atorvastatin), to recover for liver or kidney damage suffered by patients prescribed Lipitor. Like other drugs in its class (the statins), Lipitor can cause elevated liver enzymes. In clinical trials, this occurred in 0.7 percent of the patients, but the rate was much higher for those taking the 80 mg dose. Another serious side effect of Lipitor and other statins is a condition called rhabdomyolysis, in which muscle cells break down and release potentially toxic cell contents into the bloodstream. Symptoms of rhabdomyolysis include muscle pain, tenderness and weakness--most commonly in the calves and lower back. Malaise, fever, dark urine, vomiting and nausea can also be symptoms. The most feared consequence of rhabdomyolysis is acute kidney failure, occurring in 30-40% of the cases. Some of the warning signs of liver failure are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, dark urine, and generalized skin discoloration. For more information on this case, you should become a member of ClassActionAmerica... F 46 0 days
 4  genetic high cholesterol I female, 5 feet 7 and a half inches tall, 117 lbs. I do not smoke and have never smoked. I do not have high blood pressure, nor have I ever had it. I am not diabetic. I am 45 and a half years old and was on 20 mg of Lipitor due to genetically high LDL for a period of seven months. At that point, I started having terrible, migratory joint pain all over my body that was very distinct and pronounced. I also had disabling fatigue and flu-like malaise. Some nights I would go to bed at 6 pm and not get up until 8 or 9 the next morning. I was quite ill. My doctor did tons of lab work to rule out things like rheumatoid arthriitis, lupus, Lyme disease and active parvovirus infection. These all came back NEGATIVE. Finally, I was taken off Lipitor to see if the drug had anything to do with my symptoms. Within 72 hours I noted an improvement; within seven days, the symptoms were completely gone and I was restored to health. I will not ever take Lipitor again as I believe it is liver-toxic and slowly poisons the patient. It did a great job of lowering my LDL (173 down to 60). My total cholesterol went from 238 down to 143. However, it nearly killed me in the process and I believe it is almost like a slow-acting poison. F 45 7 months
 3  high cholesteral & high trigly. Didn't associate my problems with Lipitor until reading this web site. I've been on Lipitor for about 7 mos. Have had problems with my hips and knees in the past but just within the last year I've been experiencing spasms in upper thighs, especially after doing anything physical. Now I have a dr. apptmt. in a few days because my right knee is so painful I can't even bend it! It hurts to get up in the morning, get out of a chair, go up stairs. Also, I have had operations on my right foot a few years ago, but now it hurts almost as much if not more. The bottom of my foot is extremely tender as are my calves. The Lipitor did lower my cholesteral wonderfully; but I'm extremely concerned that this may be what my problems are coming from. Hopefully, the dr. will tell me more this week. F 54 7 months
 2  High cholestrol Taking Lipitor 20 mg for 4 months now together with plavix, Zestril and Lopressor. Zestril and Lopressor caused many prblems so am on diovan instaed. Lipitor has recently started causing pain in back and behind the knee. Also developed hematuria . all urine test came back normal. Did anybody else experienced hematuria as a result of Lipitor use?. Am quitiing this medicine. very dangerous and should be used in extreme circumstances. M 57 4 months
 3  Type I Diabetic; high TGL and COL day two of taking the product, and I have pain and tingling in my fingers as well as a major sharp pain in the side, which could be of of many things including simply gas - a common problem as reported here. Way too early to post something more constructive, but I will come back later. Thanks to all posters here - big relief from your reports to know this is not unusual. M 39 1 days
 3  high col none no M 60 3 years
 3  prescribed after stent muscle aches in arms M 58 15 months
 1  HIGH CHOLESTEROL SEVERE FATIGUE IN MY BODY AND TIREDNESS AND MUSCLE PAINS IN MY HIPS THAT CONTINUE TO THIS DAY AFTER BEING OFF THE DRUG FOR ALMOST A YEAR. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!!!!! I was put on this drug by my doctor for my somewhat high cholesterol. The next day, after starting this drug, I suddenly felt like I had aged to eighty years old overnight but did not connect it to starting Lipitor. Up until the start of this drug I felt that I was as young as I was in my twenties and wondered if this is how you might start feeling the affects of age, by waking up one morning and feeling all that age caught up with you and now you were older than your years. I took the drug for two terrible months and then had a blood test and my cholesterol had dropped. My doctor mailed me the results of my blood test but did not send me a new prescription like he had the last time so I did not know that he wanted me to get it refilled. So I went off of Lipitor and within two months I was feeling normal again and even took a job with the post office where I walked five miles a day with no problem. I did not associate my getting better with my coming off Lipitor, unfortunately. Then I had an appointment with my doctor and he said I should have refilled that prescription by calling his office. So I did and the next day, after taking only one pill, I was eighty years old again. This time I did associate it with the start of Lipitor and then read the warnings the drug store gives you with meds and found that my symptoms were the same as what they warned against. I am not a hypochondriac and I never read those warnings so this was not a head thing. I immediately went off the drug but a year later I am still have the same eighty years old feeling and do not know that I will ever be normal again. I do not understand how just one pill can do that and this time I am not recovering like I did the first time. This has ruined my life and I would never have taken Lipitor if I knew what I know now and I am so sorry that I ever heard of this drug. This is so severe that I think taking it for even a short time can cause permanent damage. My doctor, when I told him of all this, wanted to change statins because he was still worried about my cholesterol. I told him no more statins and he then prescribed Zetia, which he said was was less effective but was not a statin, which I am still afraid to take unless I improve from the affects of the Lipitor. He told me he was on Lipitor himself and that he had no problems but then said, well he did have neck pains that could have been a side affect, but that he had been on the drug two years before this developed. I told him of the information on this site that describes some people having that delayed reaction and I advised him to take himself off of this drug for a couple of weeks to see if the neck pains cleared up! I advise, DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!!! M 60 2 months
 1  to lower cholesterol within 3 days I experienced extreme muscle pain and weakness. I felt like I was walking though sludge. For the next 2 weeks I only wanted to sleep. I have no energy. My blood work indicates trouble with my liver. I have repeated the test every week since discontinuing the drug and it has not returned to normal yet. I am now experiencing edema-swelling of the hands, feet, legs etc. I am taking lasiks trying to eleviate this. 40 mg per day is not taking it away yet. It has been nearly 2 weeks since the swelling began. I am truly concerned about any permanent damage this medication my have caused. After only 3 10mg doses I have suffered a month of side effects! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone! If you are taking it now and experience anything unusual at all, contact your doctor immediately! I feared I might be over reacting to the muscle ache! I don't know where I'd be if I had continued taking lipitor beyond the 3 days!!! F 42 3 days
 1  High Cholesterol After 4+ years I've now begun to experience joint pain and muscle weakness. M 54 4 years
 4  To lower my cholesterol Lipitor is the only prescription drug I take and have taken it for four years now. I have noticed I am gaining excess weight even though I am not eating more. My stomach is bloated, with excess gas (although could be the weight gain?). I also am experiencing increased memory loss, and fatigue, but then I rarely sleep well (due to night sweats) since I went through menopause ten years ago. I think some of my symptoms are related to being post menopausal rather than from the Lipitor. F 62 4 years
 1  High Cholesterol Eczema on hands and feet, rash on upper left torso, depression Cholesterol at 312. Stopped taking after 6 days and depression lifted a few days later. Took 2 weeks for eczema outbreak to subside. Started taking an herbal cholesterol formula by Dr. Sinatra and eating oatmeal everyday. 8 weeks after stopping lipitor was retested and cholesterol dropped to 255. obviously not from lipitor but from changes in diet and supplements. doc want to try lower dosage but i am hesitant. i'm staying on new diet and supplements for now. retest in 30 days to see how effective. trying to avoid statins at all cost. doc is very insistant, almost as if he's getting a kickback. we'll see. M 47 6 days
 1  High Cholesterol Muscle and joint pain developed after approx 12 months. Began to spread to legs, buttocks, elbow. Stopped taking 10mg / day dosage on march 17th, will hope I start to feel positive results Doctor had my on Lipitor and Tricor which seems to increase the chances of side effects. This is very scary, thought I had some type of bone cancer. Will never take this drug again M 41 365 days
 2  high CRP levels HORRIBLE GAS AND CONSTIPATION. My trigycerides and cholesterol were all normal and healhty ranges, before taking Lipitor. But because of a high C-reactive protein level, I was prescribed Lipitor. After 3 months, My trigycerides and total cholesteral went down, even though they were fine to begin with, but my CRP level went UP!!! From 5.96 to 13.2!! Since treating the CRP levels was the initial purpose in prescribing me Lipitor, and since it did NOTHING to help these levels, I am therefore unsure if taking LIPITOR for high C-reactive protein levels is necessary, let alone effective. I can't deal with this gas much longer. M 41 6 months
 1  cholesterol F
 1  high cholesterol extremly bad pains in hands,arms,shoulders I took lipitor 10mg for only about two months,then cardiologist increased it to 20mg.In one week i started to get very bad pains in hands,arms and shoulders,at the same time freezing cold,like arms plunged into freezing water,then burning sensations.after being messed about by doctors not believing it was statins,i came across the website about side effects of statins,and all was revealed.I told my doctor i would never take statins again.I stopped them about eight weeks ago.but have gone from bad to worse in most terribe pain and no painkillers have any effect.During the night,it is even worse,last night I cried with pain.but there does not seem to be an answer.I now warn all my friends about statins and their side effects.I now wonder if the pain will ever go. F 72 2 months
 3  high cholesterol severe muscle pain in my shoulders, numbness and tingling in my hands, wieght gain F 46 3 years