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 1  high cholesterol recently wrote about my husband who was diagnosed with parkinson's--he stopped Lipitor 4 months ago, and began mega doses of coq10 -and other antioxidants and magnesium orotate- 4 weeks ago--memory problem has disappeared, tremor decreased to a minor we think my husband's symptoms of parkinson's was caused by/brought on by Lipitor's lowering of coq10 and interrupting many other metabolic pathways within the body including selenium production. time is required to determine if reversal of symptoms permanent. Have received letter about a case of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis dianosis changed to M 60 4 years
 1  Decrease Cholesterol Took for 5 years and thought foot pain was from bunion and hammer toe until I started to review side effects. Severe neuropathy, sensation of cold toes when they were indeed warm and at times I had severe burning of the feet, leg cramps, It may have done an excellent job of reducing cholesterol, but it is important to have quality of life and I did not have that anymore. I WOULD NEVER TAKE LIPITOR (or any statin) AGAIN!!!!! F 58 1825 days
 1  high cholesterol The very first day I took 20 mg of lipitor I experienced a severe headache and neck pain. I felt light headed and shaky. By the fifth day I felt flu-like and very sick. The headache was constant and only Aleve slightly helped it. I would sit with a heating pad for hours on my neck. On day 6 I called my doctor and he told me to stop taking lipitor. This is my 3rd day off the drug and I feel 90% better. I only had a slight headache and shouldar ache today. There are sooo many people that take liptior and never have a side effect and they achieve wonderful results. I will never take it again. Now I don't know what to do about lowering my cholesterol. I really do not want to take another drug. I know my doctor will laugh at natural remedies and I do not know how to do it, but I will try. F 5 days
 5  High Cholesterol levels Persistent triedness,loss of concentration,uncharacteristical moodiness,short term memory loss,light headedness(in a daze type of thing)unwarranted depression and the occasional thoughts of suicide,tightness and annoying stimuly type of feeling in the neck near the base of the skull,husky vocal chords. I am so glad to have come across this Web page. Thank you!!! I was reading pretty much all of the ones listed and the patterns are obvious to my problems mainly being the persisten feeling of tiredness when i know i shouldn't be tired. The light headedness and often foggy vision, short term memory loss and the annoying thing of not being able to concentrate very well. Basicaly, feeling way out of myself. Many are sharing the same effects and I know now that I am not imagening them. I have been on Lipitor 40 mg. for some years now. It did help my reduction of highg cholesterol. It was also a gradual onset of all the above mentioned; This is M 49 6 days
 5  Lipitor Refer to additional comments It shouldread medication taken for 6 years rather than 6 day's M 49 6 years
 1  high cholesterol blurred vision, muscle pain and weakness, fatigue, loss of stamina. Within 2 days of stopping Lipitor I feel unbelievably better!!!! All negative side effects are gone. They snuck up on me insideously over a few months, so I mistakenly believed F 48 4 months
 5  high cholesterol none this med works like a dream. no side effects and it does its job. my cholesterol has been lowered substantially. F 46 6 months
 3  Cholesterol 239 I have had muscle/joint pain, mainly in my arms which is very painful when I position them in certain ways; otherwise I am just This works for lowering Cholesterol, but not so sure about the big picture. I hesitated going on it and now believe my original impression was probably correct. I am going to try something natural instead. The pain isn't worth it. F 48 4 days
 1  high LDL terrible nightmares and insomnia, leg cramps, fatigue F 46 21 days
 1  High Cholesterol Taking 10 mg. of Lipitor. Was getting some muscle aches. A few weeks ago, got severe intense left arm and shoulder pain. My MD (who did not want me to take it) diagnosed a rotator cuff injury (liver test came back normal). X-rays did not show a fracture & MRI did not show a tear. In the past 2 weeks the toes (esp. the big toe) on my left foot have started to twitch. This is really scaring me because my father had Parkinson's. Also, in the last couple of days, I have started to get pain between my shoulder blades. I have not had my cholesterol tested since I started taking it; but I am stopping it today. It seems to work great for some people. But everyone should be very vigilant and check out any changes immediately. It is too easy to attribute a change to a pulled muscle or aging, etc. Thanks for this website. F 56 5 months
 3  Cholesterol I have had several boughts of severe muscle cramps that lead to dehydration. I have had these while on Lipitor and Zocor. There is no way I can be dehydrated because I am now aware of the problem and drink water and gatorade consantly when I am outside. This site has been amazing to me. I am 37 and have been on statins for 13 years. Other than the cramps I also have fatigue, muscle twitching, foot pain (10 x-rays), and numbness and tingling in the hands and arms. I went to the doctor last week about the cramps, and he took me off Zocor and I am going to wait and see how things are doing. The drugs do lower cholesterol. M 37 13 times
 1  High Cholesterol Two days after starting the lipitor I felt like my insides were vibrating. I wasn't sure what caused it so continued to take the lipitor. I began getting very severe muscle pain in my left shoulder, arm and chest area. I was told by the doctor that I probably pulled a muscle. After 6 weeks of taking lipitor and constant pain and twitching I took myself off of the medication. I continue to have constant twitching and muscle aches in my legs but I've learned to deal with it. I've been off of the medication about 2 months and I'm still waiting for it to improve. F 42
 1  high cholesterol and family history Periphiral neuropathy. Tingling in hands, face, back and Ulnar nerve sensitivity. Effects reversed over 2 months after terminating the 10mg/day dose. M 51 2 years
 1  High cholesterol The side effects came slowly and it took me a while to make the connection. I slowly started experiencing pain in one shoulder joint then the other. Then deep muscle pain in the muscle of one arm then the other. Finally after the muscles in my chest started aching and insomnia had set in...I called my doctor who took me off the 10 mg. dosage. Looking back I realize now that I had symptoms early on but chose to overlook them. Bad choice on my part.... I hope now that the 9 months of taking these meds hasn't caused permanent damage !! After reading more about the medication I can only say that for me....I am done with taking statins. I will control my cholesterol by losing weight,exercise and diet..... It did lower my total cholesterol and my LDL's but the effect it had on my overall well being was too devastating.... M 63 9 months
 3  to lower cholesterol slight flush, sedation, bed wetting Brought scores down 100 points F 58 2 years
 3  Cholesterol Fatigue, very tired after working hours (and I'm not doing much phisical work). Also rush all over my face. It helps lower the cholesterol, but I think it's not worth... M 40 2 years
 2  High Cholesterol After taking Lipitor for a number of years my muscles and joints in my legs and shoulders gradually became very painful. My arms are so weak I can hardly lift them. I stopped taking the drug for about a month. Symptoms have decreased but I am worried I have caused permanent damage to my shoulder joints. I also cannot concentrate like I used to I get tired vry easily. Lipitor reduced my cholesterol, but the side effects are too great. M 53 6 years
 1  lower cholesterol First of all, I noticed severe lower back pain. I put this off as a work-out related pain. After the pain intensified after it should have gone away, I became concerned. Then I noticed that my knee and my right hip hurt. Then I started crying for no reason. I yelled at my poor dog for doing nothing. ALl in all, this drug really sucks. I hate it. I hate the doctor that put me on it. I can't wait to get off of it. I shouldn't have been on it in the first place. I swear she must be doing it for the drug compant kick backs. F 19 2 weeks
 1  cholesterol inflamatory muscle pain and soreness in upper back, head pain and pressure and the feeling of being in a fog. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS DRUG! I have never had these problems until I started Lipitor. I have discontinued it 2 weeks ago with now a 40% reduction in side effects but the pain is still really bad. Does anyone know how long it will take for the side effects to completely go away? Will they go away? Lipitor lowered my cholesterol from 268 to 163 but it nearly killed me in return. It's not worth it. The doctor told me I was imagining all this and said it was so safe it should be in the drinking water supply. Can you believe that! This drug is an extremely dangerous poison. The Pfizer website is very low-key about the side effects. You better take matters into your own hands as Pfizer's only concern is profits - NOT your health. M 49 3 months
 1  high cholesterol diagnosed with Parkinsons after 10 months on drug. steady weakness onset few months growing on right side of body with tremors. M 50 10 months