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 5  high cholesterol none that I'm aware of My total cholesterol was 300 prior to taking Lipitor. The Lipitor (along with healthy eating) has brought that number down to 165, so I am very happy. I have had none of the side effects that others talk about. F 51 4 years
10mg 1X D
 1  Cholesterol I have not clinically proved my theory "yet", but I strongly believe that taking Lipitor for 4 years ended up giving me Multiple Sclerosis. I am a 37 yr old male, I was diagnosed with MS two months ago. My cholesterol was it's highest at 212 when my GP prescribed the drug. My total cholesterol while on it got down to 130 ish. This is too low in my opinion and my body began attacking my CNS and now have to live with this. Again, this has not yet proven, nor have i gone down that road yet.... Big Pharma wants to promote the use of statins to treat MS, when I stopped taking mine (Jan 2010)that is when my symptoms became present?? I may have been the human rat in that theory. To make matters even worse, the therapy my neurologist wants to put me on, just so happens to be the same company that mfg.'s Lipitor....hmmm! M 37 4 years
10mg 1X D
 4  high ldl M 46 2 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Soon after starting Lipitor I developed extreme pain in both inner arms at the elbows, over the next years I developed inflammed ligaments and bursae in my shoulders and ankles. Also Nerve pain in shoulders, ankles and feet. Finally extreme burning of shoulders and ankles. I was started on Liptor 20 mg 7 years ago. It was increased to 40 mg. 3 years ago. The pain increased proportionately to the time I was on the drug and the dose increase. Neither my doctors nor I ever related these pains to Lipitor. I stopped Lipitor six months ago as an experiment. Within 3 weeks I had recovered about 50%. I hve not recovered past this point. I still can't walk without extreme pain. I have to wear ankle supports, night splints, ice compresses frequently, gel pads, elevated heels. My shoulders are doing better than my ankles and feet, but they still hurt. My GP and the surgeon who says I now need surgery on both ankles for the inflammed bursae are reluctant to connect my pain and disability My GP still wants me on statins. She is annoyed that I will not take any. I am taking Red Yeast Rice with COQ10 now instead of a statin along with 2000 mg of Vitamin C daily. Basically Lipitor has ruined my formerly active life. No more dancing, golf, hiking, even standing too long sets my ankles on fire. I will have my cholesterol rechecked in September to see if the Red Yeast Rice helps my elevated cholesterol. I was never warned that any of the symptoms I have experienced were in any way related to Lipitor. F 62 6 years
1X D
 5  lower chol. due to heart attack While taking 10 mg I have experienced no adverse side effects. It was only when increased to 20mg/day that I experienced increased bone and muscle pain. I have been taking Lipitor 10mg per day since 1997 with no adverse effects. The only problem I experienced was when one DR. increased my dose to 20mg per day to lower LDL to prevent another infarction. I have never had real high cholesterol, 218 at tops and now am around 158 total, triglycerides are also excellent. I have found that when using substitutes for this drug, I experience adverse effects, so I only take the name brand now. Good drug if you are started with a low dose right off the bat. Many Docs want to start you at 20mg or above, too much for the body to take, I think. M 55 13 years
10 1X D
 2  high cholesterol Body aches, joint pain, decreased mobility, decreased testosterone and libido, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, tingling and itchy hands,and decrease in overall strength. I have been taking lipitor for many years. I started out on 10mgs and now I am on 40mgs. I have had hip replacement, back surgery, and shoulder surgery while on this drug. I have seen my strength decrease dramatically. I have to be on testosterone replacement. My brother is also on Lipitor and has had recent knee surgery for a torn miniscus and ACL. He is also on testosterone therapy. Im only 47 and he is 45. This sounds like alot of physical problems for guys our age. It wasnt until he mentioned that he had heard about the possible dangers that statins have on tendons that I saw all of these other people and their problems with Lipitor. This could be the reason for many things that I have been suffering physically. I am getting off the Lipitor immediately for a few months to see if some of my symptoms get better. Fish oil, niacin, vitimin c, and a healthy diet!!! M 47 10 days
40mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol I started taking Lipitor in Dec 2009. Experienced some leg muscle discomfort, but went away within a few weeks. In June, I ran out of my prescription, was busy, forgetful, stupid and didn't request a refill until about 2 weeks later. It took another week to get the prescription because I had switched doctors and the pharmacy didn't follow up. Anyway, after 3 weeks or so of not taking Lipitor, I started it again. Now a week later, I feel like I've been run over by a truck. I started having extreme muscle discomfort, achiness, cramps. I assumed it was due to my half-marathon training. I ran five miles last Saturday and expected to be sore for a day. But it has continued and gotten worse each day. I also started have muscle aches in my neck and shoulders and lower back. I couldn't figure out why. I also have felt extremely fatigued and people are telling me I look really tired and asking if I'm ok. I feel like I'm in a fog and it's a chore to just walk around. Last night right F 49 7 months
20MG 1X D
 2  High cholesterol, hyperlipidemia In last 6 month, calf of left leg began to "burn" Nothing will stop it. Now, severe cramping. Also have tinnitis, headaches, cannot get to sleep on my own, Just had surgery on my knee for torn maniscus, waiting to have shoulder surgery on rotator cuff, arthritis...... I do not know if its the LIPITOR that is doing it. My doctor only increased my dosage to 60 from 40 about 3 months ago.....can we quit this med cold turkey? I have had a Myocardial Infarction in '98, have 2 stents implants, and need the med to keep my chol at least within reason, although obviously its NOT doing its job, or med would not have been increased. F 67 10 years
60 mg 1X D
 1  Hyperlipidemia Cramps in my feet, pain in the lower part of my knees, fatigue, mental fog. During the three years that I was taking Lipitor, my cholesterol averaged as follows (n = 5) all units mg/dL:

Total Cholesterol - 140
HDL - 38
LDL - 74
Triglycerides - 139
Total/HDL Ratio - 3.67

After stopping Lipitor and all other statins in 2010:

Total Cholesterol - 218
HDL - 34
LDL - 184
Triglycerides - 167
Total/HDL ratio - 6.4

After switching to 10 mg Simvistatin:

Total Cholesterol - 136
HDL - 38
LDL - 70
Triglycerides - 138
Total/HDL ratio - 3.58

I take 1/2 of a 20 mg generic Simvistatin pill daily. Very little side effects, cheaper, and does the same job as Lipitor.
M 49 3 years
10 1X D
 2  Hyperlipidemia Back, hip thigh, knee pain, which is affecting my gait. Memory loss. I almost forgot(did I say memory loss?)...fatigue. As the dose increases the pain has worsened. I have been on Lipitor for probably 10 yrs. Have tried nearly all statins with similar side effects. 10 mg no real side effects, no real benefits either; 40 mgs- fatigue, muscle aches but able to tolerate it though not happy and still no appreciable change in cholesterol. now on 80 mg and feeling extremely uncomfortable. Why am I on 80 mg? because the insurance company required a trial at this high level, before I can switch to an alternative and reduce the dose back to 40 mg. Since when did the insurance company go to med school so they can dictate what I should be on. sorry for the rant. F 51 13 years
80 1X D
 1  abnormal lipid profile I am a physician. I have been on simvastatin, pravastatin, and now atorvastatin. My joint pains are severe and I have developed a dys-motility, irritable bowel syndrome of the sigmoid area and descending colon with obstipation and constipation that is very bothersome. Cannot take statins and I agree with most other comments of patients on fatigue and joint pain and short term memory dysfunction. 60 5 years
1X D
 1  high colesterol At the beginning I did not had any side effects, until a few months after start taking Lipitor I experienced pain in the lower legs, sometimes I could not even walk in the mornings my muscles were very stiff. After consulting with my doctor he told me to stop taking Lipitor until the pain went away and to start taking it after the pain was gone. I followed the doctor's order. After a few more months of taking Lipitor I began to develop severe pain in the muscles in the shoulder area, upper back and neck, the pain and stiffness of my neck was so bad that sometimes I couldn't even turn my head when I was driving. I went to my doctor and she thought it was stress. I took off work for a month and during this time I tried to relax and the pain did not go away. I decided to be off Lipitor on my own and within a couple of weeks, the pain and stiffness from the neck and pain in the shoulder and back is going away, I feel much better now that I am not taking Lipitor. I do not think I will take Lipitor ever again, the problems that have been causing me are too much to risk my health again. I will look for alternatives ways of reducing my collesterol. F 61 2 years
20mg 1X D
 5  elevated cholesterol No side effects but greatly lowered my cholesterol. F 58 2 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol I started taking Lipitor in December 2009 and stopped after 4 months. During this time I experienced extreme pain in both shoulders, sometimes in the neck also, causing me to wake several times each night. Pain was worse in the morning but rarely went away completely during the day. Most mornings it was impossible to wash my hair in the shower as I was unable to reach the top of my head with my hands. Pain and restricted movement often prevented me from putting on shoes and socks without assistance. In January this year I started experiencing discomfort in my left hand for the first time. Now in both hands, the pain has increased, fingers are swollen and movement is restricted. My wife tells me my hands are warm to touch. The mornings are worse when they hurt the most, movement is restricted and it is impossible to make a fist. Ice and ibruprofen gel help but only for a short while. I have been taking 400 mg Ibruprofen 3 times daily for a couple of weeks on my doctors advice without This drug is clearly POISON to so many people and perhaps there is good reason to take Pfizer to the courts. However I do believe that any Doctor prescribing Lipitor should make it abundantly clear to the patient that very serious consequences could ensue that would cause extreme pain and could effect quality of life. I believe that failure to do so is a serious deriliction of duty that should be tested with complaints to the medical authorities that oversee our doctors and/or the courts. M 66 4 months
20 MG 1X D
 4  elevated cholesterol I did not experience any of the myriad of possible side effects of the drug M 62 5 years
40mg 1X D
 1  moderately high cholesterol Sudden onset of extreme weakness and fatigue. I got up one morning and could barely walk across the room. I stopped taking the drug and the symptoms disappeared F 67 1 weeks
10 MG 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol/Triglygerides Muscle pain, leg cramps, fatigue, irritable, pain in feet, neuropathy I have stopped this medication a couple of times and my doctor keeps insisting I take it, rather then alternative medications. I'm getting off of this stuff after reading so many people are having similiar side-effects. Doctors need this information! F 68 3 years
1X D
 1  high cholesterol pain all over my body. aches and overall misery M 59 6 months
30 mg 2X D
 1  slightly elevated levels stiff upper leg, quad area.some chest pain left side.not for me.called my pharma said usualy these side effects in 1-2 weeks. M 41 2 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  high LDL No side effects. lowered LDl by over 50%. itis now under 70 M 63 10 years
80 1X D