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 1  high cholesterol I am writing this for my husband--memory loss, tremors in right hand, symptoms of parkinson's disease. since lipitor causes a decrease in coenzyme q10 and now there is a study in the archives of neurology showing that using large doses of coenzyme q10 slows the progression of parkinson's disease, i wonder how many others have experienced a diagnosis of parkinson's having been on lipitor? we began questioning the role of lipitor in Parkinson's when my niece's husband who is 57 was experiencing the same symptoms as my husband(the 57 yr old was diagnosed with Parkinson's 2 weeks ago) and the major factor in common between the 2 of them--Lipitor for 4+ yrs. not worth the risks of taking the drug. will now control cholesterol with diet and exercise M 60 4 days
 5  high cholestril gas, constipation F 57 4 years
 1  high cholosterol I have been taking 10mg of Lipitor for 3 months. After 1 month I had severe diarrhoea which cleared after 1 week , so I paid no attention to it. Excessive gas another sympton which persists. For the past 2 weeks I have had back ache (which I have experienced before) but this time not cured by chiropractic treatment. I was puzzled!! Recently after walking for a while I experienced severe pain in my right leg from thigh to knee and then to ankle which caused me to limp. I found this website and I seem to have similar symtoms as others who take this medication. I see my GP tomorrow for the results of my first 3 month blood test. I shall come off the medication today. Thank you. F 66 3 months
 1  High Cholesterol I am a 61 year old male with a history of heart disease. I had a quadruple by-pass in 1987. I have not had any heart related issues since. My nurse practioner put me on Lipitor about 4 years ago. I have been experiencing pain in my right hip and right calf muscle for about 3 years. I have mentioned this on numerous office visits and was M 61 4 years
 1  lower cholesterol Extreme back pain, nerve damage, breathing problems to the point of hospitalization stiffness all over body, muscle damage, hugh black and blue marks 6 in., hair loss, dizzyness, vision problems, close to blackouts, sinus problems,temperature, heart palputations, abdominal problems, bleeding, gas. Wore braces on calf, ankle, full knee brace and two small braces and crutches, wrist locked up on me, wore a brace for months, just to mention a few of the problems I had on all Statins. Doctors left me on Statins for seven years. My advise is not to go on any Statins I still hurt after 2 years off them. F 55 7 years
 1  high coloestrol severe depression, anxiety, sore joints, sore back, lack of energy. I recently went off it after I lost some wheight and felt great. did a 220 ldl reading and Dr. put me back on it. Depression came with a vengence. I have never gone for therapy, but had no choice. they suggested a connection with the Lipitor, so I went searching - wow what an eye opening - I am not the only one. As of now, never again will I take lipitor. M 44 2 years
 1  High cholesterol Leg cramps and pain. Contracted Peripheral Neuropathy. Have lost most of my feeling in feet, legs and hands. Tingeling in fingers and feet is painful. Difficult to walk and keep balance. Difficult to sleep due to burning and pain. Took 20 mg for about a year. Doctor moved dosage to 40 mg. Very slowly over four months I began having leg cramps, noticed I was having difficulty picking my feet up, itching (tingling) around toes of right foot. Doctor suspected Neuropathy when Athlete's foot couldn't be detected. Neurologist said stop taking Lipitor immediately. The damage was done as it spread to my hands and up my legs. Have been off Lipitor eight months and still have problems. From what I read I fear this will be with me. This is dangerous as doctors are handing this out like candy and are not monitoring their patients closely. The dark side of Statins far overshadow the benefits. M 65 2 years
 1  For cholesterol Muscle pain, muscle twitching, fatigue, I have been off of this med for almost 3 years and still have some of the side effects. this is a very bad drug for some people M 55 2 years
 1  high cholesterol Leg and toe cramping, leg pain, fasciculations (muscle twitches), muscle atrophy, memory problems, peripheral neuropathy . . . I took Lipitor for 2 years and 9 months before I finally made the connection after a myriad of tests showed no other reason for my array of symptoms. Since then, I have done extensive research on statins and would warn anybody on them to watch out. Make sure you take supplemental CoQ-10 along with a statin. If you start to have any muscle problems, quit the drug while you still have a chance. My life has been changed completely for the worse and I will probably never completely recover from the damage caused by Lipitor. 62 33 months
 1  high cholesterol I took Lipitor for about a year. I had vague muscle aches and almost overnight developed low back pain where I had to roll out of bed in order to stand up without pain. I told my doctor I took myself off the drug. I know my own body after 65 yrs and I NEVER had muscle pain before. What else could I attribute this pain to? Why is there such denial as to the damage this drug can do. I admit cholesterol went down but so did my muscles and stamina. I feel somewhat better and it is two months that I am off the drug. Do Research before taking. F 65 1 years
 3  cholesterol none M 45 3 months
 3  High Cholesterol Constant aching/pain and weakness in arms, wrists, back of hands and shoulders. Pain in lower legs and lower back not quite as severe but still present. Gas and frequent diarrhea. Difficulty getting to sleep due to aching muscles. 'Severe aggitation' and quick to snap. For a while I was almost looking for someone to push a little too far so I could punch them. I usually avoid confrontations. The aggitation is one of my biggest concerns. Also growing more and more tired. I cut the dose from 10mg to 5mg and reduced above side effects by about 40%. Surprised when I found others had similar symptoms. Took 10mg of Lipitor for 6 weeks and dropped my cholesterol from 310 down to 225. Mentioned how I felt and was directed to cut the dose in half. Have taken 5 mg for about 4 weeks and cholesterol is now around 210. M 51 10 weeks
 4  High Cholesterol and Tyiglycerides Does not appear to be giving me negative side effects My ordeal began with leg problems long before my bypass and any drugs were taken. After surgery I was given list of drugs of which Lipitor was one. I take 80mg./day at night along with asprin, 100mg of Atenolol and a host of others. Sorry to say my leg pains have not went away, and by reading many of these postings it appears to exaggerate this condition. Doctors looking elsewhere but have found nothing. I found information about leg pains being caused by restless leg syndrome. I sure hope I don't have that! Started at 262, after 8 months down to 108. Lipitor diet and excercise have lowered my cholestrol. M 51 8 months
 1  inherited cholesterol This drug is NOT fit for human consumption in my opinion! I was taking it about 4 months ago and let me tell you, I suffered the worst side effects of the drug. I had severe muscle spasms and pain all over my body. My doctor sent me to the e.r. from his office and I got there I was in such excruciating pain they e.r. doc had me on morphine!!! I am still suffering from the use of the Lipitor. There is not a day that goes by where I am not in pain. My muscles in my arms and legs are very weak. I am 31 years old with 3 kids ages 5, 8 and 11. I will be disabled for the rest of my life. I will be taking pain meds the rest of my life. Please please think twice about using this and other statin drugs. F 31
 3  cholesterol I had a chronic backache that kept getting worse. I complained about this for some time finally a doctor scheduled me for a MRI. The results indicated I have arthritis so I accepted that and attributed the aches to simply getting old, (69 yrs). Two weeks ago it got so bad that I stopped my regular exercise. About a week ago, in the middle of the night after taking my usual Lipitor dose, while making my nightly trip to the toilet, a severe muscle back cramp almost sent me to the floor. After finishing my business, I hardly could sleep that night. As I got out of bed that morning I started getting severe muscle spasms in the same old place. The spasms lasted most of the day and gradually the intensity, frequency and duration diminished. Since I had done nothing recently to cause a cramp or spasm, and realizing that in the past, the back aches usually were the worst in the morning but got better during the day and best at night just before my Lipitor dose, I suspected Lipitor. I quit them 7 days ago and my back has not been this good in months! M 69 2 years
 1  High Cholesteral I had been taking Lipitor 10mg for 2 years. About 6 mons. ago, I decided to tell my Dr. I was having muscle pain and leg cramps. He switched to Pravachol 20mg. I lasted about 2 weeks. The pain was worse. Then I decided to look on the internet to find out what was causing the pain. It was Statin. I looked that up and found what it does to the body. So, I decided to stop taking any drug and take some Q10 to build my body back up. Two months later went back on Lipitor with the Q10. 2 months later, the pain was back. Twice as bad as before, plus a whole bunch of other side effects, you see I'm seriuosly allergic to the Statin. And I know now, why I should have known this, but no one told me about it. When you are taking Statin and drink alcohol the side effects increase dramatically. When ever I drank, sipped a little wine, by body hurt so bad, I thought I had the flu. And no Aleve, or pain killer would help. I thought I was allergic to the alcohol. But now I know it was the Statin. Here are a list of the side-effects I had, that started slowly and in two years, became unbearable: Insomina,abnoraml dreams, depression, memory loss, photosensitivity, muscle pain, leg cramps, rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma, dry skin, tinnitus (left ear) taste loss, dry eyes, weight gain and finally hypertension. During the two years, I was on the Lipitor, all these syptoms started out slowly. First came the tinnitus. My DR. sent me to the ear Dr.. Found no problem, I would have to live with it. Second, came depression, Dr. put me on Zoloft. Then came the sinus problems, Dr. put me on Rhinocort. During all this I felt like I was 80 years old. My neck hurt, my hips hurt. We got a $3,000.00 sleep by number bed to relieve the pain. Didn't really help.Insomia was constant. I got hooked on Tylenol PM. I gained a lot of weight. Went to Lindora to loss weight, so I could get off the Lipitor. Lost 40 lbs. Dr. said to stay on Lipitor for prevention. This is when I decided to check it out on the internet. When I went back on the Lipitor, about 2 months ago, I had a small drink of wine at a wedding. That night my body aches were so bad, I could hardly stand it. Then two days later I came down with bronhitis, and asthma. I have asthma anyway, but it was the worse case I've had in 13 years. Then I had sinus problems again. My Dr. took x-rays for pneumonia and sinus infection, Came back clear. My Dr. wanted me to see an ear nose and throat Dr. Then my blood pressure went up to 198/90. I have never in my life had high blood pressure. Dr. put me on Norvasc. Then I had two horrible nightmares. I finally, went on the internet and looked at side effects for Lipitor. When I saw all the side-effects, I nearly died. I have all the syptoms. I stopped taking Lipitor that instant. That was one week ago. I'm starting feel a little better. I've gone to my Dr. and asked him if he new about the alcohol related problem. He said, no. There is no warning on the prescription bottle, to tell you to watch out for a reaction with alcohol. The Dr. is now doing tests, to see if there has been any damage to my heart and muscles. I also, asked for physical theraphy for my left shoulder and neck. My left shoulder is almost immobile. I think the tinnitus in my left ear has been caused by the Lipitor. I hope it goes away soon. I also, lost my sense of taste during this whole thing. I would recommend anyone who has experienced any side effects increased by alcohol, to consider an allergic reaction to the drug. Dr. was thinking about putting on another Statin drug. I said, don't you get it, I'm allergic to it. F 58 2 years
 4  high cholesterol weakness, tired all the time, leg, arm and back pain, not concentrating well, flu symptons randomly every few weeks, bad dreams a lot, purple sploches around waist. I know that it works but I would rather feel like my old self as I have always been active and love exercising but on this medication I have to make myself get out and walk and go to my gym classes. F 54 4 months
 1  high LDL/Triglycerides & low HDL Zocor [1 yr], then Lopid [1 yr], then Lipitor [5 yrs]. muscle atrophy, legs & Arms; pain in shoulders. Discoloration of skin [blotchy] on the neck. Short term memory loss. Flatulance. Lowered LDL & trigylcerides, but also lowered HDL. Started taking 10mg of Lipitor. LDL raised about 5 points and Cardioligist doubled the dosage. Several years at 20mg really took its' toll. Stopped Lipitor, tried taking red yeast rice [natural statin] [1-600mg capsule]. RYR controlled cholesterol, but is still a statin - similar side effects. M 60 5 years
 2  Hyperlipidemia Not sure if related, but increase in burning sensations in legs and hands started around the time this drug was added to my list F 48 2 times