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 1  Cholesterol of 236 Electrical sensation which was generalized. Muscle ache, shoulder pain and tingling, itchy, numbness and pain in extremeties. Screw type calves pain. Overall weakness of muscles. Problem wearing shoes because feet got painful, burning and felt too tight.. Stopped lipitor on my own. It has been seven month side effects have persisted. Had same reaction with crestor but side effects were less severe and took about three months to clear my body system. My doctor has as of today ordered all possible lab works. M 59 2 months
 1  high cholesterol After 14 days I felt terrible pressure in my head and had a first time nosebleed. The next day I was unable to walk more than 4 paces with muscle pains in every part of my body, arms, legs, stomach,back buttocks. This lasted for about a month and during this time I had difficulty in finishing a sentence or rememering words for common objects. Then I became very weak and started to have stabbing pains in my feet. My fingers and toes stiffened and my thigh muscles were terribly painful. After a year and a half off this poison, I am still having slight side effects.I would never ever agree to using it again and would tell people to be wary. F 68 14 days
5mg 1X D
 1  heart attack Night sweats,fatigue,muscle aches/cramps memory problems Hope there is something better to try! M 52 2 months
 1  Moderately high cholesterol UTI, dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, extreme sweating. I did okay on the brand name but I did get a UTI. The generic form was like poison to my body. Ugh!! F 49 10 days
 1  Cholesterol Side pain-both..after a check up was informed I had a non alcoholic fatty liver which is a side effect of taking lipitor...i was not told until after the blood test...stopped lipitor at once Lipitor supposedly helps lower cholesterol but can damage other organs... That's horrible F 1 days
 1  Had a slight heart attack Swollen hands can't squeeze never had this ever no one seems to know why My cholesterol is 94 ldl54 why am on this M 59 10 days
 1  To lower elevated numbers . Was feeling fine went for physical and was told I didnt have cholestrol but my numbers were a little elevated. So I was put in Simvastain and not long after I stared becoming constipated so I called my Dr. She said stop taking it see what happens, well I can go some but still hard to .I am so miserable my appetite somewhat and bloated not bad but still bloated. I wish I would have researhed it but trusted Dr. Scared. F 51 4 weeks
 1  high cholesterol I started this almost 6 weeks ago because I have very high hereditary cholesterol and low good cholesterol. I was having heart palpitations and my heart rate was never under 100. First couple of weeks after starting 80mg It seemed to stop. I thought it was actually working. Then week 3 started with insomnia I could only sleep about 4 hours a day then I started getting really angry and emotional then I couldn't eat and started losing weight following extreme migraines to the point I had to go to the ER. They tried to give me a anxiety med but my doc said no. I can not take anything other then this. Now I'm having severe upper right adomanal pain and severe leg craps and spasms I finally got a appointment with my doc to get off this after begging for 2 weeks. I went from a pain scale of 2 to 11 everyday. I can't walk sleep eat and try to push myself everyday but I believe if I don't stop this I will honestly die. F 30 5 weeks
 1  High Cholesterol = 234 Dry mouth. Sore throat. Indigestion. Heavy legs. Feeling out of sorts. I feel obligated to share this information so that you make an informed decision about your health choices. I generally do research before taking any medication. I did not do it this time. Dumb mistake. I was not on any medication until recently diagnosed as a diabetic and prescribed Metformin. No family history of heart disease. No high blood pressure but my doctor was worried because my cholesterol was high:234. He prescribed l0 mg of Atorvastatin Calcium (I did not realize this was Lipitor. With calcium in the name I thought maybe it could actually be good for me). I was worried about a possible heart attack--at least that was my doctor's warning. I knew I was overweight and inactive. I surrendered to the medicine and began taking the 10 mg of the statin each night. I changed my diet and began exercising (walking) but found it increasingly harder to exercise each day. My legs felt very heavy by the 5th day after taking the statin. I became concerned. It was then that I decided to do some research and read reviews. I found this website. I read approximately 200 reviews which were mostly warning about negative side effects. I took myself off the statin and within two days I was feeling better and then six days later I was back to feeling normal. No more heaviness in my legs. I continue to walk everyday. No dry mouth or indigestion. I was lucky I was not on it longterm so I had no real concern about taking myself off it without my doctor's guidance. I read somewhere whe F 58 5 days
10 mg
 2  high cholesterol Terrible memory problems. Forgetting important appointments etc. All over pain upon awakening. Terrible foot cramps during the night. Blood pressure keeps dropping very low. Seriously going to give one of the natural supplements a try. I am scared because I've had a mini stroke and heart blockage but I don't believe it's because of my cholesterol. I gave up smoking two years ago. Feeling good that I accomplished that. However my cholesterol still goes over 200 and doctor insists I take it. F 70 3 years
20 1X D
 1  High cholesterol and family history Cramps in legs, heaviness in upper thighs, can't walk as much as I use to, get tired after I walk F 66 9 years
20 mg
 1  high cholesterol Severe toothaches blisters in mouth severe headaches stopped taking three days ago getting better already this drug is poison This drug may lower cholesterol but you will not be able to enjoy life because of the pain and depression M 63 10 days
 2  High cholesterol Feeling disoriented. Not taking any more until I see doctor next week. F 66 7 days
 1  stroke Stomach pain, loss of appetite,which is causing me to loss weight, back pain, neck pain and extremely fatigued, I went to the Dr.and he changed me back to Crestor , I am just wondering when my appitite will return I stopped taking atrovastin to fays ago and still no appetite F 62 3 months
 1  High cholesterol Started with right shoulder pain. Then chest and back pain. Now slightly in my left shoulder. It feels like someone is squeezing me!!! Unable to sleep due to pain. I'm now starting to have crazy dreams. I have always been the kind of person who never stops, rarely watches tv and is quite active. Now, tv, couch, and bed are my best friends!!!! After reading these other statements with the concerns.... I am calling the dr tomorrow and getting off it!!!! F 47 2 weeks
 1  High cholesterol My heart races. Tightness and uncomfortableness in my my chest and throat fill like its swelling. Terrible drug. Never again F 42 2 weeks
 1  3 Stents placement Very sneaky drug that takes a toll over time. Got to the point where I could not walk or climb stairs anymore. Consistently got stiffer and sorer with weight gain. Told cardiologist and PC doctor who just dismissed my problems. I fired my cardiologist. Stopped taking this drug cold turkey and two weeks later feel very little pain. Will stay off this drug until my new cardiologist at UW hospital can hear me and take tests for my results. (and won't tell me I am fat and overweight like my old small town cardiologist said.) went from 185 lbs before taking this stuff to 220 lbs in six months because I was just burned out all the time and slept 12 hours a day!!!. I need to have a doctor that takes my words serious and won't just ignore my problems. What are these doctors thinking about by not considering this drug to be a poison!! Must stick up for yourself and begin questioning your doctors qualification for promoting this toxic crap. Do your homework on this drug! So glad for reliable internet sources that confirmed my problems were the same as thousands of other folks. FDA should be ashamed of not telling people of these life threatening side affects from STATINS. KIND OF SOUNDS LIKE SATIN! M 61 16 months
80 1X D
 1  High cholesterol The second day after starting this med, I had a level of tiredness like none I'd ever had. I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I also had a horrible aching in my shoulders and arms. As the days progressed, the achiness spread to my hips and legs. This morning, it was all I could do to get out of bed and I'm walking like I'm 90 years old. I could not make myself take this med again this morning. I've never stopped a med due to side effects before but I did today. I haven't even told the doctor yet but there's no way I can take this stuff anymore. I sure hope I'm able to get my strength back and stop hurting. F 54 7 days
20 MG 1X D
 2  high cholesterol After a physical and discovering my cholesterol was high, my doctor prescribed Atorvastatin calcium. While at the Dr I also complained about muscle and joint pain. After 2 weeks of taking this med, I've noticed my pain is worse and now my right side/back constantly hurts. I've experienced blurred vision as well. At work I find myself in a brain fog, a lot. I've only been taking it two weeks so I was not contributing my symptoms to lipitor. I'm going to stop taking it for a couple weeks and see if it's the cause. 52 2 weeks
10 mg
 1  High Cholesterol Right shoulder blade ache and spasms. Leg cramps and feet cramps. Shoulder throbs the worst in the early morning. The leg cramps get me out of bed at all hours of the night to walk around and massage my legs. Was also taking COQ10 along with Lipitor. Obviously it didn't help. Was taking generic Atorvastatin. I am stopping taking this immediately. I appreciate reading comments and understanding that others have the same issues. I didn't know what was causing this. F 55 90 days
40 1X D