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 1  high cholestrol Torn ham string. Had months of aquatic therapy & it did not help. Finally I had such pain in both legs in my upper thigh and upper leg by my hip area that I could hardly stand it. I had noticed 5 years prior to this that my muscles seemed to never feel the same as before I started on a statin drug. I kept thinking is this old age. It got so bad that I could hardly walk after sitting for any period of time. I finally called my doctor and was advised to stop the statin drug. It took a few months for the pain to subside. I took 40 Mg for 10 years. It brought my cholestrol down but I could not stand all of the muscle pain. F 63
40 MG 1X D
 1  high cholesterol My mother developed dementia while taking this terrible drug. Since stopping she has not improved and now needs 24/7 care. 75 3 years
20 mg
 1  To PREVENT High cholesterol Bouts of extreme forgetfulness, extreme muscle pain, insomnia, tremors, cluster headaches,kidney pain, urinary problems Became unable to walk without a cane, unable to sleep, kidney problems (urine like root beer). I had a high stress detail oriented job that I lost due to inability to think fast enough to manage. I went from being a "SMEE" (subject matter expert)to crying in front of my computer unable to function. Couldn't find words, got lost on way to grocery store etc. Dr kept telling me it couldn't be any of the meds I was on. Finally Googled symptoms and first hit was Spacedoc and there was my answer. Within 2 days of stopping I had noticeable mental improvement. I stopped it 8 weeks ago and still have much muscle pain and fatigue. Kidneys have cleared, but will still give me problems if I fatigue myself. I think it is a poison, some people do need statans I guess, but not me! F 57 6 weeks
40 mg 1X D
 1  To reduce my high cholesterol I was tired, had muscle cramps, uneasiness = felt HORRIBLE. I stopped taking it. I will continue with better diet and physical activity after experiencing really bad side effects when trying the same stunt with ZETIA. M 36 2 months
20mg 1X D
 4  high cholesterol I have done very well with Lipitor for the last 2 1/2 years. It has reduced my cholesterol significantly-from over 300 to under 150. Two weeks ago I was given the new generic. This week I noticed that all my fingers and toes were tingling, a pins and needles feeling. It was like they had fallen asleep. I immediately went back to pharmacy and got brand name again (luckily my insurance pays-it will be $15/ 3 month supply more, but it's worth it). I have noticed just within the last two days the tingling is gone. Thank goodness! I read that generics have the same active ingredients, but there may be a difference in how the medicine is released. It's not EXACTLY the same. High cholesterol runs in my family and I am greatful that Lipitor can help me manage this. F 40 2.5 years
40 1X D
 2  to lower cholesterol Since taking the smaller round tablet I have been having leg cramps. I have confirmed this by not taking for two days at a time then taking them. Usually the cramps start that night after resuming the new smaller tablet. My guess is there has been a change in method of manufacture or supplier. I will seek out a natural way to reduce my cholesterol. By the blood test results this drug does not increase my HDL, both HDL and LDL readings are less than 2. Australia and New Zealand measurement. M 62 45 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Lower cholesterol, diagnosed CAD Muscle aches and weakness in neck, arms, shoulders, upper back, legs. Severe pain in left foot and third and fourth toes. Pain and weakness increased until I needed help dressing and combing my hair. I could not do daily activities such as pick up a cup of coffee or put on a seatbelt without significant pain. The ball of my left foot was so painful I could not put pressure on it when walking so I walked on the side of my foot. Symptoms began 12 weeks after starting Lipitor. I reported to my cardiologist and internist who both denied problems were related to Lipitor because my CPK was only mildly elevated (250). I also saw a podiatrist, chiropractor, and spine specialist with no relief. When it got so bad I could not take it anymore and did not care about my cholesterol I took myself off of Lipitor and got a 50% improvement after one week. I then saw a neurologist who diagnosed me with statin induced myalgia. He said he sees a lot of patients with slightly elevated CPK that many physicians do not recognized as a symptom of a statin intolerance. I have been off of Lipitor for two years and continue to improve very slowly, but I still suffer from some pain and weakness. I can now walk normal, but my toes are still quite painful at times. M 60 3 years
10 mg 1X D
 5  High Colestrol 518 None My levels went from 518 down to 175 to 190. No muscle pain or side effects. I also take 2000 MG of Niacin a day. Liver functions normal. M 65 15 years
80 MG 1X D
 2  my cholesterol high not sleeping and geting bad swets all night only happends when i take the tab 64 1 days
 1  Dr Prescribed it Ruined my physical ability to do anything. Muscles no more. Weak all the time. I will never take another one these pills................Doctors are pill pushers getting paid by the drug makers. Wake up America !! M 60
40 1X D
 3  heart by-pass in 2004 headaches, pain in throat , tingling in side of face, severe bouts of anxiety and depression-loss of reason to live! nausea does lower my cholestoral M 60 7 years
80mg 1X D
 3  High Cholesterol Was doing fine on it for years. I unfortunately was diagnosed with Colin cancer and had to start chemotherapy. The combo of chemo and Lipitor caused my liver enzymes to rise, muscle and joint stiffness as well as sore ribs. I have been off Lipitor for two days and find the muscle stiffness starting to subside. M 47 4 years
5 mg 1X D
 1  Heart attack - stent placement Insomnia, vivid nightmares when I did sleep, muscle pain, weakness, tired all the time, depression to the point of considering suicide Statins are damaging to so many body processes. The clinical trials for FDA approval weren't nearly long enough to observe all the adverse effects. We're in the REAL clinical trials now, while lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. I take grape juice and cider vinegar now - it reduces cholesterol and blood pressure with no side effects. M 57 6 months
20 MG 1X D
 2  high cholesterol, heart attack Severe chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, problems with memory, concentration. Severe depression. Cholesterol went down drastically, doctors were thrilled, but I spent a year feeling exhausted and weak, unable to find words or remember names or follow the plot of a movie. All I thought about was where and when I could lie down. I was hardly able to lift things I could easily lift before. Legs would go wobbly after one flight of stairs. Everything was exhausting. Doing the shopping or vacuuming was like climbing Everest. Symptoms stopped within a week of stopping Lipitor. I can't believe I spent a year of my life like that. I will not recommend against Lipitor because some people do fine on it but I wish my Drs. had been more open to the idea that it was causing me problems. The only side effect they asked about was muscle pain, which I didn't have, and I was basically told Lipitor doesn't cause anything else. F 47 1 years
40 mg 1X D
 3  cardiologist's recommendation Have suffered from leg cramps(principally at night) since beginning 40 mg Lipitor, 5 years ago, after a mild heart attack. Cardiologist offered no suggestions. After trying numerous recommendation for this problem such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, etc. with no effect, my family doctor suggested that I stop taking Lipitor for 3 days, and see if it has any effect. The effect was dramatic. The cramps did not occur during the night after I did not take the 40 mg with my dinner. They also did not occur on the following two nights. I did not want to restart the Lipitor (once a day with the evening meal) for fear that the cramps would just as quickly return. Since it was possible that the reason why the night cramps ceased so quickly is that I was taking the 40 mg entirely in the evening, I decided to split the pills and take half in the morning and half in the evening. Although some mild cramping did return, it was nowhere close to what I had been experiencing, and this has c M 78 5 years
40 1X D
 1   constant pain in right thigh, abdominal pain, intermittent pain throughout body, unable to walk more than 1/8 mile w/o excruciating pain in the leg, tingling of feet, elevated liver function wicked drug...wonder how much my doc was compensated by the drug company for prescribing it M 48 4 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  Chronic Heart Failure Muscle Fatigue, Memory Loss, Cramping, Cold Extremities, Shortness of Breath, General Fatigue, Joint and Muscle Pain, Inability to Sleep and induced Depression This Med was Prescribed to help control Scaling - not really necessary as all my blood work was within range. I could not recommend this Medication to anyone, just too many side affects. M 58 7 months
20MG 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Severe B/L shoulder pain, general weakness, malaise, and slight memory loss. I started out at 10 mg every day for 7 years, 20 mg for 1 year, 40 then 80 for over 1 1/2 years. Over the past year, B/L shoulder pain to the point of wearing a sling because it hurt badly when I walked. I read about the shoulder pain in assorted sites on the web. Discussed it with my PA and cardiologist. My PA stopped the Lipitor. The pain lessened but did not stop. Went to a Ortho MD who gave me 3 Steroid shots and PT. It seemed to help but pain would not stop. Narcs were ordered which helped somewhat but wasn't the answer. MRI showed a slight linear tear in my Rotator Cuff which he wanted to do surgery. Decided against surgery. Both shoulders started to feel better but still couldn't sleep on my left side. My LDL's were through the roof. After almost 10 months off Lipitor, my general MD talked me into starting Sinivastatin 40 mg every day. Well, guess what happened. My shoulder pain suddenly worsen, especially left side. I am going to speak with my Cardiologist again and explore alternatives and will be stopping my Statin today! Moral of the story.....Stay clear of Statin medications. M 54 10 years
80 1X D
 3  Moderate chlolesterol Not much -- occasional itchiness. I was taking Red Yeast statins for chlolesterol of 230, but then big-pharma got in the picture and made that illegal. Don't know if that is still the case. My doctor said Lipitor was the most tested statin drug. My real concern is heart disease which is in my family. Not sure of how tight the correlation is between low chlosterol numbers and low risk of coronary problems. AMA dumbs down the information to make is sound like getting down to ridiculous levels (100) insures that you won't have problems. I doubt it. Probably much more based on genetic history. So Lipitor is great for reducing your numbers, but extending your life ??? M 61 6 years
10 1X D
 1  high closterol within 24 hrs i was having direar, severe muscle aces, headace, collapades in the floor on the third day, called the dr, went back he did a liver test and took me off the medicane, but was still having symptoms, in 5 days i had blisters on my finger and palms of my hands, and on the soles of my feet, the blisters lasted 1 and a half years, my hands and feet would bleed, i saw another dr and he did tell me it was because of the lipitor, till this day i am still having problems, i still have muscle aces, memory loss, i don,t think my kidney,s are as good, i fell like my body is being attacked in different places in seems to come and go about every three weeks, i will have severe headaces, this has been 3 years ago, i think it did perment damage to me, some times i wonder when i am going to die, i forget things all the time, and even forgot how to get to the dr,s office once, i even forget my grandaughter name from time, im only 52 years of age, to young to have all this problems, iam so always find a alternative, if you have lipitor trash it M 52 4 days
20 1X D