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 1  Doc said high cholesterol Neurological - cognitive decline - primary progressive aphasia - loss of language Started experiencing recognizable issues 3 years ago. They got progressively worse. Have stopped taking this year. M 75 10 years
10 mg
 1  High cholesterol Aches, brain fog, made me feel awful This drug should be taken off the market. I took this drug for 10 years. At first no problems with it but I started climbing the stairs and get terrible pains in my legs. I also started forgetting things. My sister told me she had come off it because of terrible pains. It dawned on me itís the LIPITOR. I came off it and a week later I had my energy back, able to run up and down stairs again, memory and aches gone. I will never take this drug again F 10 years
1X D
 1  High triglycerides I should have quit taking this the very first day. On day one I already experienced aches in the biceps and forearms, followed by my legs, and then back. After that came a type of tiredness I had not experiences before except in the worst stages of the flu. I stopped for two days and all symptoms resolves, but my doctor convinced me to press on, claiming these symptoms would go away after getting used to the medicine. Not only am I ridiculously tired, I can't sleep well enough to get rested. I will be ceasing this medication today. M 36 1 months
40mg 1X D
 1  Borderline "high" cholesterol Suicidal depression from too low overall cholesterol (134); complete loss of rotator cuffs and resulting severley limited use of my arms. It's my belief that recent past and current treatment of cholesterol has nothing to do with patient health and everything to do with Big Pharma and doctor profits. I began taking this drug in 2003 if I remember right and continued through May of 2011 when I realized that my depression had been caused by the statin and threw it out without consulting with the prescriber, who had put quite a bit of pressure on me to take the drug and I'm still suspicious of that. The highest my cholesterol had gone was 220 and I was able to bring that down to 177 with diet. My doctor insisted I take the drug anyway because the ratio of low to high density was still off. ? Since I threw the pills away, my cholesterol readings have steadily gone down as I've improved my diet, eating nearly all organic foods, and avoiding snacks, convenience foods, and meals out. My current reading is 192 (in the middle of ice cream season - love frozen yogurt) with ideal ratios and only occasional mild depression. Unfortunately, I will never get the full use of my arms back. I consider this drug a sham and near-poisonous. F 74 8 years
20 mg. 1X D
 1  Cholesterol after Bypass surgery Major neck and lower back pain and soreness, fatigued all the time and mild depression. I never really had high cholesterol but did have blocked arteries and had to have quadruple bypass. I know it doesnít make sense to me either. Itís hard for me to judge this medicine just yet but going to look at taking a lighter dose the side effects are pretty serious. M 47 9 months
 3  High cholesterol Muscle pain backache not for sure itís associated with Lipitor but I believe it is stop taking three days ago still have some aches little better My Cholesterol is 166 I started out it was 267 F 75 12 days
10 reduce
 1  Yes Calcification of arteries (Triple By-Pass) Low Vit-D, Low Testosterone, Hand Tremors, psoriasis, Memory loss. It is POISON! M 67 10 years
 1  High cholesterol High sugar, HBP, anxiety, skin lesions, COPD, torn rotator cuff, heartburn, brain-Fog, did I say Brain-Fog!, aggression, sore muscles/nerves, depression, enlarged prostate, shortness of breath, inability to sleep, softening of nails, tiredness, I could go on and on! Cold turkey Lipitor 2 weeks ago; skin is clearing, muscles pain relief, brain-Fog is ever so very slowly lifting. Lipitor: Pure Poison!! Ive taken rather good care of myself by exercising, eating well, keep ideal weight. Docs never mentioned Lipitor side effects, instead they prescribed more poisons for each and every symptom caused by Lipitor. Scary to ponder the sheer number of people using Lipitor while operating heavy equipment, including autos! M 64 25 years
 1  Hyperliperdiamia Severe joint and muscle pain. Severe tendon pain. Numbness of both feet. Severe itchy rash over entire body. Substantial weight gain. Depression. Fatigue. Brain fog. Blurred vision. Vertigo..Dramatic hair loss. After all of these years , in the last 2 years have gone down hill to the point of barely serviving each day. Will take the risk and won't be taking anymore so I have a quality of life that I have not had for many years. How dare your company take my life away for the sake of money. Shame shame shame. F 67 30 years
 1  Yes from1998 -2002 28 day end stage Alzheimer's like hospital stay, brain mri Innumerable lesions scattered throughout white and gray matter, biopsy revealed lesions to me apoptosis (brain cell death), electron microscopy revealed mitocjondrial DNA mutations.most closely resembling MELAS, i was to transfer to a nursing home, pending bed placement, when a 18 Professor from Johns Hopkins started me on a mitocondrial cocktail including a robust dose of ubiquinol ir CoQ10, within 24 hours of starting this cocktail I began to be able to answer simple questions to verbalize the need to use the restroom as up until this point I wet and soiled myself I was able to walk with assistance and recognize my wife my two-year-old son my parents and my siblings. A few days after I was discharged home with aggressive outpatient rehab and within a month or so after discharge I enrolled in the UCSD Statin effect study which determined the holes in my brain the mitochondrial DNA mutations as well as the peripheral neuropathy and subsequent cognitive neuropsych deficits we're all a result of my Lipitor use. Since this time I have discussed with several of my doctors whom I have sent fired because of their arrogance and sheer ignorance to the nasty effects that these drugs can and more often than anyone will care to admit, and do cause. Prior to this I was a critical care nurse for 13 years and thought I knew everything there was to know about the drugs I gave my patients turns out I knew everything that Pfizer wanted M 50 3 years
 1  I was told my LDL was 109, HDL 52. Severe spinal pain, severe leg pain, weight gain, rise in glucose, loss of balance with loss of both feet control - many bad falls requiring medical intervention. I had already used Simvistatin for about 3 yrs with nearly same problems except pain escalated once put on Lipitor. Now my hand are shaking also. F 68 12 months
40 mg
 1  Cholestrol I had unknown arthritic conditions. My hands hurt, couldn't walk, felt like my heart literally hurt, constipation, depression, hair Loss, skin patches and anxiety. F 50 5 years
 1  High cholesterol On Lipitor I had muscle pain and migraines. My doctor switched the prescription to Lovastatin, which I took for sixteen years. The symptoms on Lovastatin were worse. I gradually developed joint and muscle pain, muscle wasting, confusion and memory loss. I also had kidney stones. I developed neuropathy in my hands and arms. I now have tremors as a result. Sheer poison! After six years off the statin, I still have memory problems and confusion. Read our story here: M 67 2 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Flu like symptoms, depression, weight gain,debilitating leg cramps. Have not been taking this med for 5 now on lipidil 145mg 1x cholesterol reading was 32 at the age of 20.was very active clean eating, did weights every day.and 25 yrs latter still on usual reading is between dr said that's good reading for me..muscle a stage is causing severe cramping lasting up to 20 mins. F 45 20 years
 1  ischemic stroke muscle damage, joint pain, nerve damage, brain fog, weakening of myelin in spinal canal Pure poison to human cells. You need cholesterol. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, and stop worrying about ďhighĒ cholesterol. Your dr. makes big bucks from prescribing this crap. F 65 6 months
80 MG 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol memory loss, muscle aches, abdominal pain, felt like death. It is basically poison. I can see the logic. If I stayed on this I would need 5-10 meds from the side effects of it. This makes perfect sense if you are a drug company. Nice job pfiser. M 58 21 days
20mg 1X D
 1  Cholesterol Depression muscle pain headache fatigue M 64 8 weeks
80 then 40
 1  high cholesterol Caused diabetes and eventually memory issues M 75 5 years
1X D
 1  High triglycerides and cholesterol Severe migraines, deep muscle pain in legs, weight gain, arthritis in knees After muscle pain started, doctor prescribed 20 mg Lovastatin instead. The problems from that were even worse: memory loss, confusion, testosterone levels plummeted, kidney stones, and neuropathy. M 66 5 years
20. Mg 1X D
 1  6.5 reading on cholesterol level. Tight chest. Dizziness..headache. foot pain..feels like flu but it's not. Slowed right down.. Worried about taking with my hydrocephalus etcNot for it up tomorrow.. F 63 4 days