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 1  My total cholesterol was 220. Muddled thinking, loss of strength and stamina. F 56 8 years
10 mg per 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Extreme tummy bloating. Tight chest. Headache. Mood swings. Awful gas tummy pains cold shivers. F 62 7 days
 2  High LDL Cholestorol Unusually fatigued in afternoon. Felt lazy and unmotivated to do anything. Went off them cold turkey early May and rededicated myself to a low carb/paleo diet. Now focusing on TRIG/HDL ratio, TRIGlyceride levels, and keeping blood sugar in acceptable range. Ratios and numbers have significantly improved and weight has dropped another 15 lbs although LDL has gone up (probably due to increase in dietary saturated fats). Will retest (out of pocket) in a few months to see if my numbers improve. Fatigue and laziness is gone and afternoon energy levels are high (as indicated by no yawning!). M 38 1 years
10 1X D
 5   None M 68
80 1X D
 1  cholesteral Before I was put on Lipitor for high cholesterol, I had an echo done, normal results. 1 year after I have been taking it, and losing 20 pounds, took another echo and showed that I was in stage 1 diastolic dysfunction in left ventricular. Plus my right ventricular was mildly dilated. Also I had elevated calcium in my blood test...never did I have that prior to taking Lipitor. My dr. said diastolic dysfunction can come from age. I am only 53 yrs old! I have low blood pressure, I do not have coronary artery disease, I am not a diabetic. This past year I lost 20 pounds which should put my heart in the healthy stage...looked up Lipitor and DD and showed a connection that the Lipitor altered my heart function! F 53 1 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  cholesterol Muscule pain and numb leg chest pain. F 57 3 years
 3  Over 300 Cholesterol - Chest muscle pains. - Pins and needles in legs and arms. - Numbness in fingers, reduced hand grip power. - Numbness/pain in back. - Numbness/headache in forehead. - Numbness in mouth. - Headache that lasts for days. -My sight also gets tired from computer a lot easier than before. The week I started to take I had the chest ache, confirmed to be muscular by doctors. At the start of the second week, I accidentally took a dose in the morning instead of the night because I took the wrong pill (skipped the night dose). The day after I started to have the other symptons. The worst one - the mouth one has faded, but the others remain. I found out too late grapefruit juice can make this drug stronger. I drank it some days during the first 2 weeks. Stopped drinking it. At the beginning of third week I took 50mg of CoQ10 per day for 3 days. I couldn't sense an improvement, but after stopping for other three days I will try again. (I need better evidence before buying a can of CoQ10, it is very expensive and hard to find around here). Will beg my cardiologist to let me try natural exercise before continuing statins. Giving it a 3, because it was effective , in a single month and with ezetimibe and exercise all my numbers are in very safe ranges. Please be careful about "natural" supplements. Homeopathy simply does not work - it is just water - The supplements that do work may also have side effects, just like the drugs. Red Yeast Rice, for example, actually contains a statin (lovastatin) , so it will most likely have all the set of side effects as the other statins... M 28
20mg 1X D

 1  Borderline cholesterol Severe lethargy, general body pain, severe pain of the hip joint, limping now. Should be discount inked from the market, causing more evil than good. F 57 2 weeks
20mg 1X D
 3  LDL was 98 Doc wanted it lower (72) drive is knocked down including sex drive. After stent (LDL was 72) Doc increased my dose to 40MG. LDL is 44 and it lowered HDL. One size does not fit all, if you are 50 or over and your family has heart issues, this may help. CHANGE YOUR LIFE EAT LESS FAT (NO RED MEAT) and watch your diet, exercise. We goofed off until now and now do it for the kids. M 57 4 years
20 1X D
 3  mild high cholesterol Muscle tightness, lower back weakness, body «stiffed» during sleep. That medication works to lower cholesterol level, but in my case it came with mild side effects like general body stiffness and muscle pain. I'll ask for another medicine. M 45 10 months
10 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Pain under ribs , restless legs .muscle pain everywhere..lethargy depression.insomnia.brain fog mood swings .lack of strength..blurred vision.forgetfulness.. F 54 4 months
 1  CHOLESTEROL I experienced permanent nerve damage to my feet & severe leg cramping. Symptoms started as a warming sensation on my lower legs after a few months and progressed to the permanent nerve damage. I discontinued taking Lipitor over 5 years ago. My feet are now simultaneously numb and painful. DO NOT TAKE THIS DANGEROUS DRUG. BE VERY AWARE OF THE PERMANENT NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES. M 55 1 years
40 1X D
 1  cabg stiff neck, sore left testicle ,arm muscles melting,legs feel like they don't belong to me. M 62 30 days
80 1X D
 1  very high cholosterol headache, gas, bloating, mood swings, ill feeling, paranoid, anxious My Dr said my cholesterol was very high. SO she put me on Lipitor. I was so sick over Christmas Holiday and did not know why. Could not eat, sleep. felt so gassy and my belly blew up like a balloon. When I stopped taking it, I felt back to normal. Ill do it naturally with eating healthily with salmon and olive oil and veggies. F 45 30 days
20mg 1X D
 1  mild cholesterol terrible muscle pain terrible mood changes could hardly walk or lift my arms stopped taking them 4 years ago and still suffer terrible muscle pain and wasting. i have set up a website for australians to connect who have been afflicted by this medication please come and join and unite in effort to educate the medical fraterity of their ignorance or denial M 49 3 years
20 1X D
 2  high cholesterol became more anxious about EVERYTHING, and noticed words would not form in my head during conversations, was disturbing and couldn't figure out why these things were happening...made me think i needed antidepressants or something to deal with constant anxiety/fear (which i have taken before and are horrible to get off of) have noticed slightly more tingling and weird pains, so I think this is a perfect time to stop taking this. I agree with another post...what are they doing to us, in the interest of "healing" us? I did take the actual "lipitor" for several yrs, and it did lower cholesteral, but started experiencing the muscle tingley thing and stopped , then started with the Atorvastatin, where i noticed the above side affects. be very aware of any physical/emotional changes F 58 3 months
10 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Severe and prolonged leg, ankle, toe muscle pain every night Doctor said it was not the lipitor...went off it myself.... Now off 6 myths.... NO more muscle pain! F 61 6 months
40 mg 1X D
 2  High cholesterol Very bad mood swings - rage. Joint pain. Extremely tired. My husband has totally changed in the past 2 months. HUGE changes in his mood and physical activity. M 56 2 months
1X D
 1  abnormal lipid profile fatigue, depression, hand and feet joint pains so very severe, dysfunctional bowel, muscle aches, no energy patients need to realize that the statins block the mevalonate pathway that leads to ubuquinol which is the catalyst for all energy formation in the human body, this is catastrophic and must be treated by cessation of statin and 200mg. of ubiquinol twice a day, takes time to reverse side effects M 62
1X D
 1  High cholesterol Overall decline in life. Depression, severe and persistent musclo-skeletal pain, insomnia, gas, severe rectal bleeding, nausea, stomach pain, syncope and more. After ten years of misery I stopped taking lipitor/atorvastatin, on the advice of my doctor, for a week to relieve severe shoulder pain, which I extended to ten days when I noticed an amazing improvement in my general well-being and after the ten days felt so much better I stopped taking it altogether. For those who feel a long life is preferable to a good life, this drug may be worth taking; for those who have enjoyed life and would prefer a slightly shorter one to a longer miserable one, stopping it is not a bad idea. Trust me - I get up every morning feeling a thousand times better, stay busy and active all day long and feel as I used to feel before I started taking this drug...and ALL of the symptoms have completely disappeared.. F 73 10 years
20 mg 1X D