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 1  Stent CAD Short time memory loss, pain in arms, rise in liver enzymes. June 2015 found to have C.A.D. after 5 day stay at hosp 1 stent and put on 40 mg Lipitor.Tablet was cut in half after one year but blood test still revealed high liver enzymes, on may first I did not renew my 40 mg Lipitor instead went on strict oatmeal , veg , fruit, low fat, low salt, low sugar diet. 30 days later the results of blood test were: total chol 142, LDL 67, HDL 67, RDW down to 14.1% from an off the chart 16.9% . I do not eat fried foods or fast food. I limit my steak intake to two times a month. I do 20 minutes on tred mill every morning and 10 minutes in afternoon. I only eat eggs no bacon on sunday morning.Trigs went from 67 to 87 but still way below and in the ideal range lower than <150 g/dl. Thank you M 74 2 years
40 mgt 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Severe fatigue, muscle weakness, arthritis;Gia, myalgia, fever, brain fog and cognitive/memory issues Sever symptoms flared up 9 months after commencing statin. My doctor spent last 3 months exploring other reasons for symptoms (sleep apnea, stress disorder, etc). Finally saw a rheumatologist and he asked why no doctor has yet suggested that I stop taking the statin. I'm in Day 2 of cold turkey and can already feel a bit stronger and reduced primary care doctor, who prescribed the statin, never brought up the statin as cause of my symptoms - and instead looked for exotic reasons. I've fired him! M 60 12 months
40mg 1X D
 4  Cholesterol at 311 Was put on 20mg of generic lipitor. So far so good. All i have is some stomach pain (but i have GERD), and a very mild headache. I was nervous at first to take because all of the negatives i have read. But everyone is different and can work for you. I would rather deal with slight side effects then have a heart attack or stroke. I go for lab work in June. I will update then. Also on antidepressant and anxiety meds and no interaction. F 37 8 days
 1  high cholesterol Started with radical personality change. One month later, weakness, severe back pain, sleeplessness, I am nearly 70 and am writing this for my husband. He had been taking Atorvastatin for 10 months when all hell broke loose 4 months ago. Our doctor has run every test possible, the last being an MRI last week with no negative results. I have taken her so many articles about the side effects and she will not listen to me. The final straw was when she wouldn't excuse him for jury duty next month, knowing he spends half of his day in bed, because there is not a "medical diagnosis". I was flabbergasted! I thought I had determined most side effects until I read about the personality changes that may happen. We had been arguing quite often. He would leave, not tell me where he was going and sometimes be gone for 6 hours. Two weeks ago, he wrecked our car. So now, doctor is insisting he see a neurologist and that we separate. I guess we're on my own now. She said he could quit cold turkey (I told her that) 6 weeks ago, then told him not to take anything else till we find what the problem is. I immediately had him start taking COQ10, with Ubiquinone and a B Complex vitamin on top of the normal vitamins and supplements he takes. I have ordered Chlorella for him to detox, on advice from a cousin :). We live in Alaska and will be selling our home and moving, as I can't take care of the winter and summer chores by myself. Our lives have been turned upside down and then to realize our doctor does not believe the statin has caused his problems is heartbreaking and fr M 65
20 mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol I feel awful, I've gone from being an energetic person to very tired. Lower back pain, pains and aches in hands and calves. Body feels stiff and sore, tingly at times. Forgetting mid sentence what I am talking about. Can't think through times and what I'm doing, when. Sore stomach, diarrhoea, periodic neck pain, strange sensation in my teeth, extra emotional than usual. Work has been a struggle this week, required time off as I can't cope a whole day. I will see my doctor tomorrow, I can't and won't continue like this. F 53 6 days
 1  On advice of medical practitioner Severe and disabling muscle weakness. Diagnosed by muscle biopsy as statin induced necrotising myositis. Weakness has continued for 2 years after stopping the statin. Various treatments are relatively ineffective. This drug has ruined my life, wrecked my retirement and compromised my family life. This drug has caused permanent, severe and irreversible damage to me. F 60 6 months
40mg 1X D
 1   Am panic attacks, severe am anxiety, pounding in ears, disorientation in am, muscle pain, itching, hives, constipation, limited urination, burning, irritability, personality change Stopped..felt better. Dr put me on anxiety highly increased..ears pounding, itching. Stopped..10 days later symptoms reduced but am anxiety and pounding still strong F 69 7 months
 1  Cholesterol Fever, chills, muscle and joint ache, my whole body hurts. I'm very shaky and rapid heart rate. F 57 4 days
80mg 1X D
 1  High cholesterol and triglycerides Two pronounced side effects: - Constant lower left back (flank) pain radiating to front - Sharp burning muscle pain when stretching, especially chest muscles. Stopped taking Lipitor and symptoms disappeared within a week. M 47 60 days
10 1X D
 2  Apparently genetic ldl Bloating , gas/wind, one day loose bowels one day constipated brain fog broken sleep waking for frequent toilet stops even if I didn't drink late backaches ... Basically after reading all these reviews I feel very lost and upset that doctors cannot approach a more natural method with vitamins diet exercice etc but look to follow their banks accounts ... each person is different all bodies are different we can't all be taking the same medication for one problem and have another 10 or more problems to contend with ... even though my parents have high cholesterol they are stress heads and my brother and sister had high ldl levels also and chose to go on strict first and exercice and take fish oil etc etc so that's what I'm going to do ... F 49 3 days
 1  High cholesterol 2 yrs neuropathy, 3 yrs atopic dermatitis, short term, 4 yrs severe short term memory problems all of a sudden, Thought it was just old age until reduced to 20 mg the increased again to 40 when severe short term memory problems occurred. Then I realized the severity- I should have not been driving. Discovered on my own that my thyroid t3 had bottomed. Increasing t4 had no affect. On 60ug t3 now. Still recovering. Lipitor is a Med of mass distruction and should be pulled. M 74 5 years
40 1X D
 4  high cholesterol none So I read a lot of super negative comments on here which made me really nervous about taking but I am going on day 4 and have had literally zero side effects. I know it is early but I am optimistic that it will work and I will come out of this side effect free. i'll post again after my follow up with the doctor. M 38 4 days
20 1X D
 1  I had a heart attack one year ago I experienced a heart attack exactly one year ago and after getting out of hospital the Cardiologist prescribed Lipitor 80mg and almost immediately the problems strated with major heartburn (that I never experienced prior) and a tiredness that I put down to the after effects of having a heart attack and a stent inserted. But other side effects started and the tingling in my feet and the aching shoulders and no energy. I knew it was the medication and when I told the doctor what I was experiencing, I was put on a 40 mg pill (pantoprazole sodium) and it worked as far as the heartburn went but all the other symptoms persisted. I have felt fatigued for the entire year and trouble with insomnia and that makes a tiring day with much confusion. Then suddenly at the beginning of December 2016, I started getting the heartburn back with a vengeance and so the doctor doubled the dose to 2 pills, one in the am and one at night. Didn't help at all, and now I am taking Dexilant 60 mg daily. I have appt's for a couple tests regarding my esophagus and stomach but I know now that my problems began with this dreaded drug. I truly want to stop it but I was told it was so very important to my survival. I would like to try some natural alternative med's and hopefully stop this poisionous drug. I just want off it and feel normal again. F 68 1 years
80 mg
 1  High Cholesterol/Heart Attack Low back pain, stomach pain, nausea, lack of appetite I feel worse now then before I had the heart attack. I have low back pain that is damn near debilitating, stomach pain very similar to what I would imagine having an ulcer would feel like. Feel sick at my stomach some of the time, food has no appeal. I stopped the Lipitor and the above mentioned symptoms dissipated. When I start back on the Lipitor symptoms return with a vengeance. AND it makes my already painful knees even worse! I go to the doctor's this week and I am going to tell her I am discontinuing the Lipitor. Of course she will swear it's not the Lipitor but I say BS! I hate feeling this crappy. F 61 1 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  High hereditary cholesterol Almost ended up in hospital. There is no words to describe how horrible my week on Lipitor was. All I know is I thought i was going to die:( felt like my whole body had been crushed under something really heavy more so from the waist up. I have been off them now for two days and I still feel like I'm going to have a heartattack. My body ached. Stinging in my bones. Breathing difficulty. Tightens in the chest like i was going to have a heart attack. Body felt bruised and tender to touch. Lymph nodes were swollen headaches. Lack of motivation. Very suppressed appetite. Body flinched a lot. Heart racing. Dizziness. Just felt so horrible I could barely function. Never want to ever experience that ever again scared the hell outta me. Have seen my doctor and we are doing it naturally now. Recommended to get ur levels down is fish oil tablets. Ginger and garlic. Still sussing everything out. I'm not a doctor but If I was I certainly wouldn't be recommending this medication to any age. I feel that it is just poisoning our systems and causing much worse problems with our health then before we ever went on them. The manufacturers need to take this drug off the market altogether F 38 1 weeks
 1  stent ended up in ER With Bad Rash. Felt like wasp stings Welts all over whole body F 59
40 1X D
 1  High cholesterol Dizziness, vertigo, anxiety and increased thumping heart rate. I took this drug with confidence and an open mind. Never again, I'm looking into the all natural method of cholesterol control! M 41 3 days
 1  High cholesterol Noticed that if I walked fast, my legs would begin to feel very heavy and then I felt short of breath. Happened on about the 13th day of taking the drug and happened on each day there after. Took my blood pressure and heart rate on the machine at the grocery store and at the drugstore and had a heart rate of 110 and high blood pressure rate which I don't have high blood pressure. had to take Xanax to get my heart rate down as it spiked to 125. We have a family history of high cholesterol as my mother has Native American ancestry. She tried Statins on and off for years. She got to one point where her muscles were so deteriorated she could not walk. So she has never taken them again and it took a good year to build her muscle strength back to what it had been. I think I'd rather die of a heart attack then to walk around every day feeling achy and that horrible feeling of heavy legs which triggers a high heart rate. I am not an overweight person. I've never smoked. I don't even eat that much. And, I exercised and did weight training and aerobics my whole life.But I have high cholesterol. Therefore from what I've read, it's part of your genetics and I'm just going to trust the Lord with my health and not live in terrible pain the rest of my life. F 61 10 days
 1  Cholesterol of 256 Dizziness, stomach aches, confusion, tiredness, trouble sleeping, muscle pain. I am healthy otherwise, labs are great and am a dancer. I stopped taking it and hope to feel better soon. The side effects are awful. Will not take statins to lower my cholesterol. Trying a strict diet. F 74 3 weeks
10 mg
 3   was put on this drug 80mg while in hospital on a suspected stroke, got heart problem before this episode. Cholesterol did drop and now taking 40 mg daily. side effect would be lost of short term memory. M 55 2 years
40MG 1X D