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 5  high cholestrol/triglycerides headaches, face and scalp tingling, scalp itching, vibrating under scalp, tinnitus, twitching mouth, insomnia, vivid dreams, difficult swallowing/choking, swollen tongue,memory loss, confusion,stomach pain, left foot pain 59 year old female with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholestrol/triglycerides. Neurologist, cardiologist, and internist stated my symptoms were not all related to Lipitor side effects. After trying Zocor, Provachol, Zetia and Crestor, Lipitor seemed to be the lessor of the evils with regard to side effects. However, due to heart problems, cardiologist gradually increased the Lipitor dosage from 10mg to 40mg. Symptoms have been gradual over the years with recent face and scalp problems diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia after MRI ruled out tumor or MS. After reading your comments regarding Liptior, I have decided to reduce the dosage from 40mg to 20mg for a week to see if this relieves the most recent symptoms. If improvement is noted, then I will contact my doctor for a further reduction in the dosage to determine if other symptoms abate. I appreciate all the feedback on this medication and will keep you posted on my progress. F 59 11 years
40mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol A few weeks after taking lipitor my ankles and the soles of my feet feels like I was walking on hot coals I blamed my new shoes i bought.So I bought a new pair from the chemist they didn't stop the pain either.I was at a local club about 2 months later walked into the toilet I'd been in there many times before but this I couldn't work out witch door to walk out(I think it also has an effect on your memory).Also I suffer badly from muscle pain from my neck & shoulders to my lower back.My wife also took lipitor but has since stopped but it effected her a lot worse than me.She has since stopped taking any medication it's been 6 months and still recovering from the effects. I am now taking Ezetrol a lot better.I still get pains in my back but not as bad.I just wish the doctors would tell you about the side affects to expect. M 62 3 years
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 1  Cholesterol After taking Crestor and having muscle pain and lack of control when standing in the mornings, my Dr prescribed Lipitor. I have had increasing non stop Pain in neck and back and now severe tingling and burning in hands and feet with itchy crawly feeling all over. My bad levels have decreased but now I am afraid I may have nerve damage or liver problems and after reading this sites comments will stop taking Lipitor. F 58 5 years
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 1  High Cholesterol A friend om mine took Lipitor (all statins have similar side effects). He suffered terrible pains in hips, legs, hands etc. Lost his muscular strength, had difficulties to swallow, problems with tinnitus and memory. The problems appeared little by little over the years. The best thing you can do for yourself and others is to educate yourself on this - and other medical issues. Read books, read patient stories and look at "The Lipitor Paradox" at u-tube. It`s a very funny and sad story. Also visit for more information about side effects. M 70 3 years
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 1  Blocked Arteries-Surgery CABG-3 Depression, bursitis in left hip didn't respond to 5-6 cortisone shots, PT, toes hurt when sheet touched, MEMORY LOSS-severe, dizzyness, in a FOG bottoms of feet hurt, felt like shin splints,tingling in 2 fingers of left hand Went from 1 specialist to another-no one seemed to put it together since I only said those things that related to their specialty. Finally fingers began to "tingle" psychiatrist suggested nerve damage. That niite I got online put in 17 symptoms no matter how unrelated & came up with this site as first choice.THANK YOU ! I read & ried-I was NOT crazy! I hadn't included Depression as my memory retnd I checked I had been on LIPITOR years ago when I had my first MMDepression! I found that I had been of and on since the late 90's! My ex owned a pharmacy which has since closed and used to fill the Rx-he was on also.I'll have to depend on Drs record to estab dates. I have not taken any since that nite-called cardiologist office told to stay off for a mth. Called back this week.After another mth they will do more bloodwork. I met w/Primary Care today-ordered blood tests & referral to the Neurologist. Appt w/orthopedist M,PsyT, I refuse to take another statin Changed way I eat in March & #'s went Way down TC 152,Tri 70,LDL 64,HDL74.My mind is more imp than any drug. Still in PT & have pain but I can live w/that. Talk to Atty Fri. We ALL need to sue as Docs are only aware of muscle issues! F 65 15 months
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 1  Des stent/cholesterol Body Pains all over, major on going muscle cramps, very bad stomach pains, nervous system problems, pushing blood presure up and up and early signs of osteoarthritis. Very bad not for my body type. Came off it to see what happens. I am trying some other things to control the bad cholesterol - change of diet, exercise and some other natural things. By stopping Lipitor my quality of life has returned. My bad cholesterol is fine for now the same as a normal persons reading but not as low as the doctors would like it. Who would think such a drug can do so much harm and is recommended by the family doctor. It does lower cholesterol but it also is a major contributor to other health problems. M 48
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 2  hyperlipidemia Muscle weakness,lack of concentration,joint pain,abnormal liver function, ( ? ) unknown skin condition on hands. I was living with the initial, common side effects, but after 2 years my fingertips got puffy and/or scaly. In a couple weeks the skin began to come off and the condition spread to the sides of my fingers and my palms. I DO NOT KNOW if this is lipitor related, but after using 2 prescription ointments with little relief, I quit taking lipitor and after 1 month my hands were healed and I have had no problems since (1 yr.) None of my doctors can (or are unwilling) to explain this. They want me back on a statin drug, but I will not untill I have an answer. M 55 3 years
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 1  High Cholestoral Eye sight appeared foggy when it was perfect before, some loss of hair, aches and pains in my back, a cough, sore ankles when I exercise. Sore joints. but even more scarey it made me depressed! What sort of drugs are they maiking us take? I'm stopping right now after finding this site. It did lower my CL though I'm going to take Omega 3, carry on exercising and try my luck. M 50 5 months
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 1  high cholesterol started having muscle pain in upper right side then shoulders neck etc. . unable to walk properly after sitting for a while but the worst is being unable to sleep. These symptoms have developed over the years Have only just come off this drug and hope the symptoms will improve F 59 10 years
40 mg 1X D
 2  High Cholesterol Severe muscle cramping. Muscle weakness Lipitor dropped my bad cholesterol immediately, however, I have noticed increasing muscle spasms and cramping. My hands, feet, legs, stomach and back muscles. I am trying to improve my health yet I can not sleep due to severe leg cramping. Crippling cramps. I told my Doc today that I didnt want to take Lipitor any more. She switched me to another brand that has less of the muscle side effects. My husband had to pull me out of the bath tub the other night, my thighs would not push me up! I now know I am not crazy...fingers twitching, making my mouse click on things I didnt want to click on. Legs twitching, especially in bed at night. And the awful cramps! F 47 9 days
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 1  high triglycerides muscle spasms and pain, joint pain, headaches, memory loss, skin rash, depression, insomnia Although I complained to my doctor about the muscle and joint pain she insisted that I needed to take it so the fat would get out of my liver since my liver enzymes were elevated. F 60 5 years
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 1  raised colesterol nausea, no sleep, bad dreams,muscle and joint pain, tiredness There must be something better than this. I am going to try POLICOSANOL F 65 3 months
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 1  High Cholesterol Extended periods of low mood, loss of self-confidence, loss of interest in life etc. also brain fog & impaired memory Increased to 40mg/day in the last 6 months and then stopped taking it after reading of similiar symptoms on this website. After 2 weeks, the symptoms had gone and 8 weeks later they still have not returned. Won't be taking this anymore. M 48 4 years
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 1  cholesteral I have been taking simvostatin for about 5 years,,since March 2010 i have been experiencing pain in my left leg and foot with exteem pain in my ankle and at times i have had dificultly in walking to the point were on some days i could not walk at all because the pain was so bad also had pain in my left arm as if i had strained it lifting but i havn't been lifting, this is not like me because i am normaly very fit and i love refered me to hostpital for xray on my foot which proved normal, after reading some of the threads on here i decided not to take my nightly statin ( Since i decided to give them a miss i find that the pain in my foot is subsiding and i can walk a lot better..i never had this problen with my foot and arm untill i took this drug,I mentioned this to my doctor who said in not many words that i should have no side effects from simvostatin...well i have proved him wrong..I can only hope that having taken this drug for 5 years that not to much d M 71 5 years
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 5  High cholesterol None Quick reduction in LDL. No side effects. M 55 5 years
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 1  235 total cholesterol Started taking Lipitor 20mg in Feb '08; in Sept '10 experienced stiff, achy joints around shoulders/arms, hips and Achilles tendons. Stopped 1/22/11; slowly feeling less stiff. Can now take shirts off over my head without wincing; not great, but better. F 51 2 years
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 1  cholesterol All fine for first five weeks and then...increasing pain and stiffness at left knee. Attributed to running 15 miles per week, two 60 minute spin classes weekly, resistance training etc.. Symptoms worsened, swelling at knee, drained 25 cc fluid. Orothopedic consult; x rays and MRI revealed no abnormality. Symptoms worsend and spread to right knee. After two weeks of problems, skipped one dose of Lipitor. 36 hours after last dose, symptoms abated. 48 hours later symptoms nearly gone. MD confirms decision to discontinue entirely. Lipitor did bring my cholesterol from 235 to 175. Bloodwork indicated no liver or muscle enzyme abnormilities after 7 weeks but those results are not worth the symptoms. Switching to "Choleast" an over the counter red rice yeast formula M 60 7 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Severe pain & cramping in ankles, feet arches & back Muscle weakness & atrophy–unable to exercise Weak & “wobbley” ankles, knees & wrists Cramping in wrists & hands Rib cage tightness Constant fatigue Insomnia requiring a sleep lab study (which concluded that I have “insomnia”) Mental fogginess & forgetfulness Pancreatitis, requiring mri & biopsies Elevated liver enzymes–attributed to “fatty liver” Chest tightness & breathlessness requiring 3 day hospitalization for cardiac stress test & catherization & lung tests–negative Difficulty swallowing & swelling in throat requiring referrals to a gastro-enterologist & an ear, nose, & throat specialist: allergy testing, swallowing study x-rays, cat scan, upper GI scope with dilation of esophagus & biopsies, and finally larynx scope & biopsies-all negative Swollen nasal passages requiring sinus cat scan–negati They never made any mention of adding Co Q 10. Over the years, I had previously been prescribed steroid nasal sprays, allegra (even though tests showed no allergies), nexium, cough medicine, sinus irrigation, & various sleeping pills to deal with what I now know was my reaction to statins. Nothing helped alleviate these symptoms. Besides the toll that statins have taken on my quality of life, I’ve also spent tens of thousands of dollars on doctors, drugs, tests, labs, & procedures. I even purchased a sleep number bed & a new sofa, thinking that would help my insomnia & back pain. All to no avail. My symptoms slowly crept up during my 15 years of statin use. Just 2 years ago, I walked 4 miles a day, or rode my bike for 45 minutes a day. I did a 20 minute Pilates machine workout 4 or 5 times a week. I went from being energetic & very active to being unable to even do my own grocery shopping. Since my daughter will be having her 2nd child in 3 months & will need my help & since I was afraid that I would be wheel chair bound by then if my symptoms kept worsening, I stopped taking Lipitor 12 days ago & I began improving slightly by the 3rd day. I informed my doctor, who was not happy-he now wants me to “try” pravachol! Now 12 days post-lipitor, the hot flashes & night sweats are gone entirely. I am sleeping 5-6 hours at night, instead of 3-4. The weakness in my legs & back when climbing steps is lessening. My arm muscles st F 61
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 1  cholesterol initially noticed twitching in thighs thought because im a rn it was just in my mind 5 wks into pain in ankle to point i couldnt walk went to podiatrist who ive seen for plantar fascitits and was told bones in foot collapsing mechanical problem not lipitor made orthotics put on nsaid no reief got orthotics and now on medrol dose pack having mri tommarrow will never take again was a big lipitor fan before started on studies showed helped alzheimers now would never reccomend and have talked to numerous people who had problems F 53
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 1  cholesterol Fatigue, Brain Fog, Stuttering, Bad OCD! I am diabetic and my numbers weren't horrible but they want you below 100 - this drug and the statins they tried on me were not worth it at all. F 56 3 weeks
10 mg 1X D