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 1  cholestrol weakness,muscle pain, knee pain,memory loss,etc F 62 5 days
 1  high cholestrol Muscle aches and pains. Stiffness of limbs. When I sat down for a bit and then stood up, I couldn't move my legs. I had to wait a bit before I could get moving. Also developed plantar fasciitis in my feet. I couldn't get down the stairs in the morning, I was crawling. I had cortison shots in my feet (these were just as painful) but they didn't work. Stopped taking Lipitor and I haven't felt better. I noticed a difference within a week. These drugs are poison and should be taken off the market. I am now taking CoQ10 with Vitamin E to try and heal my body. From all the reading I have done, the doctor should have told me to take this because the statins deplete your body of CoQ10. F 65 7 years
 4  250 cholesterol level Slight muscle soreness in arms and legs. Major sorness in knees and elbows. I have gout and had been attributing the joint pain to that, but after bloodwork, my rheumatologist said it was not gout! I have an appt. scheduled to start to deal with this pain but an experience last night and reading some postings on this site are leading me to suspect the lipitor. My usual 20mg dose is taken with dinner, but I had forgotten to take it and remembered just before bedtime. I awoke at 3AM with an a knee that was just throbbing with pain. I hobbled to the bathroom and took a dose of Advil and was able to get back to sleep after about a half hour. I awoke this morning with about a 50% reduction in pain and it seems to have subsided as the day goes on. I will never take lipitor before bed again, I may cut the daily dose in half and possibly stop altogether if the pain persists at an intolerable level. Lipitor has lowered my cholesterol levels to the 180's. I had never had a reading below 218 in my life and it has been steadily rising over the last few years to a consistent level in the 240's. The ratio of bad to good cholesterol is in the acceptable zone and never had been before taking lipitor. So, all in all, the lipitor has done a good job. I will try to cope with the joint pain, but if it becomes a constant problem, I will have to stop taking the drug. M 49 1.5 years
 3  Cholesterol level reduction Muscle Pain M 68 3 years
 2  genetic cholesterol disease aching joints: wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and gas lowered my cholesterol, but i cannot sleep through the night M 46 5 years
 1  Cholesterol @ 269 After being on Lipitor for only two months, I was experiencing debilitating muscle pain in my arms, legs and back. Additionally, I was experiencing severe cramping in my legs and back. The good news was that my cholesterol dropped from 269 to 160. The bad news was that long term, it would likely impact the heart muscle. Once the doctor saw the CPK levels on my next liver function test, he called (himself) and said to stop taking Lipitor immediately. Interestingly, Niaspan had the same effect. Iím currently trying a therapy of 6000 mg. of vitamin C daily. An interesting site for information on this is vitamin_c_beats_statins_in_cholesterol_heart_disease.htm and Iíll post again after I have my next cholesterol test (2/7) and see what the vitamin C has done. I'm not certain that any of the statins are worth the risk. M 54 2 months
 1  cholesterol 270 Extreme muscle weakness and thinking problems. This has gone on for 2 years now and is not getting straightened out. I would not advise any body to take Lipitor unless their cholesterol is over 300 and then only with extreme close care by the physician. Physicians should study the drugs they give their patients instead of just taking the pharmacy salesmen word for it. M 65 2 years
 5  mildly high cholesterol Absolutely none. No muscle or joint problems through 1 year. Worked great to reduce my cholesterol by about 20% within just a few weeks. There's a lot of long-term safety data with this class of drug (statins) and I think I'll keep taking it for the long-term benefits. M 42 1 years
 3  high cholesterol levels Exhaustion after exercise such as skiing or hiking. Heavy limbs. It works for reducing cholesterol levels, but after 6 years I'm increasingly wondering about the side effects and looking for alternatives. M 54 6 years
 3  Total cholesterol = 287 headaches within 2 hrs of taking it. Low sex drive. M 49 6 weeks
 5   M 60 20 days
 4  To lower cholesterol M 58 3 years
 2  High Cholesterol Joint pain in shoulder, I could not lift my arms over my head. Extreme pain in upper back area. Pain in knees, short term memory loss. Although the drug actually took me from a TC of 250 down to 174, the side effects were just too much to bear. I was taking pain killers to numb out the pain from this drug. Unfortunately upon stopping my cholesterol went to 280 in 8 weeks. I am now starting Pravachol... M 40 9 months
 3  High Cholesterol My feet feel like I have stone bruises just in front of the heel. My hips hurt on both sides when I get up. I walk like an old person. My doctor noticed a rough sound in my lungs and a heart murmur that was never mentioned before. I'm having tests next week for both. I was OK taking 20mg but the doctor raised me to 40mg about 4 months ago. It's only since then that I've had these symptoms. I'll probably quit completely though. I'm not physically able to do anything much. And at a young 50 that is just not acceptable. F 50 8 months
 2  Hypercholesteroloemia Was on Lipitor 10 mg per day for about 5 years and experienced chronic and acute back pain which gradually improved but seemed strange to me because I hadn't really done anything to strain my back muscles. New doc gave me a different statin but I had leg cramps so he put me on Baycol. Baycol was removed from market so next doc put me back on Lipitor. My cholesterol level increased to slightly over 200 so my doc increased dosage to 40 mg a day. Hand and leg cramps returned. Hands diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome and I wore a hand brace to sleep several nights a week which controlled the symptoms. Recently developed inflammation of my foot muscles and joints and (apparently) plantar fasciitis of my left foot. Doc prescribed 800 mg Motrin qid but the foot problems became worse. General weakness in my feet, calves, and hands and tingling and burning in the soles of my feet. Depression, for which I've been taking an SSRI for about two years and may not be related to the Lipitor. I had high cholesterol (over 350) and was prescribed Lipitor in 1996 after other methods failed to have much effect. I have taken two stress tests over the past ten years and was told I had a healthy cardiovascular system with no trace of heart disease. I am 6' tall, weighed 177 lbs., and considered myself healthy until recently. I need to be able to pass a physical readiness test, including a 1.5 mile run, every 6 months because I'm in the military. I took myself off Lipitor because I can not take the physical readiness test. In fact I need a cane in the morning to get out of bed. I am not overweight. I was told to stretch and exercise more but that has not helped my symptoms, which have continued to worsen. Until recently I walked to work and shopping, 4 or 5 miles most weekdays, and more on the weekends. I also ran 2 miles, 3 times a week. Now I have difficulty walking and problems with my balance and I've gained 10 pounds because I've become sedentary. Two days after taking myself off Lipitor my feet have improved a little and I'm looking forward to resuming a more active lifestyle. I think my symptoms are a result of Lipitor. M 58 9 years
 5  tryglycerides none i want to know does it helps for reducing Tryglycerides as well other then the cholestrol M 80 1 months
 3  cholesterol 240 Body aches.Thinking of decreasing my dose from 20mg to 10mg. Just read an article about it being very important to take CO-Q10 if you are on a statin because statins deplete your natural CO-Q10 which can affect the heart. F 59 30 days
 5  Total cholesterol = 306 I only took 20 mg daily for 2 weeks - several days after stopping my toes went into muscle spasms. Don't know it there was any connection. After only 2 weeks on Lipitor, my total cholesterol fell from 306 to 178; LDL fell from 178 to 70; and, my HDL went from 116 to 89 (didn't like this result, but did like the change in the LDL). Overall the results were significant. I will start taking it again as my cardiologist has encouraged me to stay on the medication. After reading many of the comments in this website, I will remain cautious and look for side effects. Thank you to all the people who took the time to write and to the people who set up this website. Will write again after taking it for a couple of months. F 63 2 weeks
 3  high cholesterol and triclycerides Chronic pain in all my joints and muscles. Really bad in my thighs. I had been on Pravachol for aboout 3 years and switched to Lipitor because it's supposed to lower triglycerides too. I had the joint and muscle pain already and was told it was arthritis or neuropathy (I'm also a diabetic). My thighs were never this sore before I started the Lipitor, though. Both of my parents died at from heart disease at a relatively young age (dad-57, mom-66), but if this is what is causing this pain I think I would rather die prematurely than live like this. I am 41 and feel like I'm 81.I came across this site while searching for Lipitor side effects. I was also going to do a search on MS or fibromyalgia, but maybe I should just quit taking this medicine and take my chances. F 41 5 days
 1  Cholesterol Extreme weakness, diarea, bluss and ititching of the face, so tired would not get out of bed to urinate, sleeping 18hrs day, blurred vision, Dizzy spells, DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION IT IS TOO DANGEROUS M 57 8 months