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 3  cholesterol Been taking Lipitor for two years. The last few days I have experienced swollen legs and ankles and a pain in my lower leg making it hard to get around. Thought it might be the Lipitor so I am going to the doctor in a few days. I think I will discontinue using Lipitor and try to find another alternative to lowering my cholesterol 49 2 days
 3  cholesterol Been taking Lipitor for two years. The last few days I have experienced swollen legs and ankles and a pain in my lower leg making it hard to get around. Thought it might be the Lipitor so I am going to the doctor in a few days. I think I will discontinue using Lipitor and try to find another alternative to lowering my cholesterol Did lower my cholesterol 49 2 days
 2  High cholesterol My doctor says my cholesterol levers are lower... so that's good. But I've been feeling like my mind is fading away... and it's a scary sensation, when I can't remember the names of co-workers when I'm talking to them! I feel like I'm much older and mentally weaker which is a pretty high price just to lower my cholesterol. Others have mentioned the I've stopped taking it - to see what happens. I was taking 10mg once a day... I'm still on Lisinopril (10mg) and Hydrochlorothiazide (12.5mg) each once a day - taken with the Lipitor. M 54 3 months
 1  cholesterol reduction severe abdominal cramps, leg cramps, diahhrea, after taking 10mg only 3 days. Symptoms still persist 1 week later Don't take it. M 3 days
 1  high cholesterol weight gain, confusion, depression STOP Taking LIPITOR. This drug will hurt you more than help you. Pfizer should be sued. F 51 180 days
 5  High Cholesterol After 1 1/2 years of taking 10 mg/ day I am experiencing constant gas and diarrhea. Have stopped taking drug one week ago and hope this goes away. Excellent job of lowering my cholesterol! F 47 1 years
 5  Lower chloresterol Nightmares, knee pain. M 46 5 years
 4  High Cholestoral I didn't think I had any side effects until I started reading through some of the list of problems other people are having. I thought it was just the over 40 factor. But, I too have joint pain in my knees, hips, lower back, and shoulders. I have been having pain in my left thigh. As far as forgetting things, I am occasionally saying to my fellow worker It has done a good job of lowering my cholestoral but, are the side effects worth it? M 42 5 years
 4  High cholesterol Lower back pain, stiffness in joints M 63 5 years
 1  high cholesterol and tryclicerides My liver enzymes elevated after 3 months and then doubled after another three months. I had muscle pain in the shoulder, arms, legs, a rash and also had four eye hemorrhages (one a month) while I was on Lipitor. My docter wanted me to keep taking the drug but I know this is another drug that will follow in the footsteps of HRT therapy. We were getting it to lessen our chances of heart attacks and instead it was found to increase the risk. With TV advertisements, the drug company is hyping a dangerous drug. I wonder how many people will become seriously ill before they pull if off the market. DON'T TAKE ANY STATIN DRUGS. THEY ARE NOT SAFE ! F 61 6 months
 1   Extreme burning feeling and numbing of my feet that progressively got worse...had to stop after a month and a half. Burning went away with 3 days. M 58 6 weeks
 1  cholesterol left side of jaw itches ,left shoulder aches and tingles left leg iliotial band syndrome M 65 2 days
 3  high colesterol Both husband and wife on low dosage (10 mg) We are having extreme reactions to heat. When the weather is hot we both get extreme headaches.This happens with even slight temp changes/worse with high tems outside. (80 degrees is already bad) Husband starts sweating alot.Husband also has diabetes. Both have flu like symtoms. Help!! Anyone else having these problems?. F 49 9 days
 5  High Chols. none at this time lowered my cholst. by half but try's have gone way up. F 27 7 months
 5  High cholesteral level Absolutly none This drug is amazing. I started taking 10 mg a day around 9 months ago. My cholesteral level was 288. Today I got my test results back of a new blood test, and my level has gone down to 181!! I am thrilled. I have also experienced zero side effects. Thank you. F 49 9 months
 3  high cholesterol heavy legs, muscle aches, confusion, not able to remember things like whether I had done something or where I had placed something, stomach upset, indigestion, insomnia, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, twitching, depression worse, fibromyalgia much worse. Did help lower my bad cholesterol but caused me to crave sweets and carbohydrates. Constipation to the point I suffered bouts of diverticulitis. It happened gradually and I didn't realize it was Lipitor, neither did my MD, said perhaps beginning of MS or lupus... I hope these side effects all go away eventually... F 50 11 months
 5  High Cholesterol No side effects noted while taking a 40 mg dose each day Good Medication - Overall cholesterol dropped from 284 to 174 in one month. M 58 2 years
 5  High cholesterol None Lipitor cut my LDL in half while my HDL increased slightly. My total cholesterol went from 240 to 140. M 45 14 months
 5  239 cholesterol none Doctor gave me a prescription for a year's worth of Lipitor. I took it for four months and asked for a retest before renewing my prescription. In four months, my cholesterol dropped 100 points, HDL and LDL were in better, though not perfect balance. With my cholesterol at 139, I declined to take more Lipitor. Got HDL and LDL into perfect balance within another two months using certain over-the-counter amino acids, tocotrienols, and other nutrients I found online that supposedly do the job. They do! And the nice thing is, if my cholesterol goes up again, I know that very low dose of Lipitor will take care of it. Good stuff! F 67 4 months
 4  To lower Cholosterol I have been taking Lipitor for two years and have experience leg pain, soreness in muscles and tiredness. I am otherwise a healthy person. Recently, the pain in my my left leg is so bad that I can't sleep on that side at night. My doctor suggested going off lipitor as of today to see if that is the culprit. I will post another message when I stay off of it for awhile. I really do believe that it is the Lipitor though, as I had never had problems prior to being put on that particular medicine. F 49 2 years