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 1  Cholesterol slightly high Took 10 mg. for two years with no problems, then started to have burning,numb feet in toe area - both feet. Also, had discomfort in right side upper and lower of stomach area. After assorted blood tests which were all normal, read an article regarding neurophathy and statins drugs. Stopped the Lipitor and slowly the stomach discomfort went away, but two years later my feet are still a mess. Would not take this or any other statin drug F 77 2 years
 1  cholesterol 240 2 years with no problems, then toe neuropathy for two years now and other foot problems because of this I assume. I stopped Lipitor after taking it for 2 years and toe neuropathy started. I also had stomach problems and pain. After stopping Lipitor, I thought my heart would jump out of my chest, but now stomach and heart are both OK - Feet are terrible thanks to Lipitor. I know many others that have had problems with Lipitor - feet and legs - and had to stop. All my blood test were normal. I weigh 114 and 5'2". Hike, play golf and keep busy. It is a terrible drug and should be off the market F 77 2 days
 1  High Cholesterol Ok for a while but then started having severe leg muscle pains to point could not sleep. After 3 days of not taking it, most leg pain went away. Hopefully joint pain will eventually go away. F 61 5 years
 3  chorlestriol cognitive ability deminished. My recall was slower and not uncommon to not be able to process thoughts. The best way to describe it would be to say that I notice that I am not as smart as I use to be. I no longer take it and I am smarter. I was only taking 20 mg a day. M 43 3 years
 4  High cholesterol None, lowered my cholesterol by 47 points Balanced my good vs bad cholesterol M 48 8 years
 4  High Cholesterol Works just fine. If there are any side effects, they are definitely not noticeable. What's with all these older people (70's)complaining about the lack of sex drive? Are you guys being realistic? How much of what you are complaining about is simply related to getting older? M 36 2 years
 1  high cholesterol severe edema of lower extremities that got worse when walking/exercising/sitting/standing, vision problems, muscle weakness (lift weights every day but couldn't open a bottle of water), shoulder pain (every morning regardless of sleeping position), numbness on left side, rapid pulse, productive cough, poor coordination while walking (kept bumping into things), light-headedness (hurt to hold my head up or turn my head from side to side and that made driving real difficult), 25% weight gain (due to doctor-recommended eating to relieve light-headedness) diuretics taken to relieve edema caused cholesterol to go higher and M.D. recommended more Lipitor which made the edema worse and so on; got off that downward spiral 2 months ago and cholesterol went right back up to 300+ within a week but I'll take my chances and try to find some way other than statins so I can get some quality of life back F 52 10 years
 5  high cholostrol none F 64 3 days
 1  high cholestrol joint aches as well as burning feet F 54 18 months
 1  high cholesterol memory problems, depression, muscle aches, joint pain, exercise intolerance, transient global amnesia F 53 6 months
 1  to reduce cloresterol loss of muscel strength,vertigo caused by cramping neck muscels,loss of sexual drive,hair,short term memory,zombie like doped up state,halucinations during day,unable to walk for 2 weeks,get out of bed et al reduced mental capabiities,depression excessive sleep requirements and more that i can not remember. things improved slowly but immediately after going off the drug,it has been almost 7 months and am progressing slowly still,feel like i have long term damage,but in better shape in many respects than i have been in 5 years,it did a slow terrable number on me.i am trying to forgive them but am not getting far on that front,having interesting pleasant fantacies on that front needless to say i do not wish them well.devils drugs and doctors still hits the mark 80 years later.we should gift this medical system to the arabs with out charge but i would fear the reprisals. M 74 5 years
 1  High cholesterol Over the course of the past year I've experienced, short term memory loss, extreme fatigue,joint pain, especially in my knees. I also had reflux, that until I found this site, thought it was unrelated.Doc put me on Lipitor, when I complained that Tricor was making me tired...Lipitor was 10X WORSE !!! I WILL NEVER TAKE ANY STATIN EVER AGAIN !! Since I found this site--I thought all the symptoms were caused by other things..Now I know that Tricor started the problems, Lipitor made them much worse....NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS ARE THE WAY TO GO !! Just Google "Natural Alternatives for Lipitor"....I've been off this killer drug for 6 weeks, and feel great !! No fatigue, memory is back, knees still hurt, but hopefully, they rebound too..Doctor is PISSED-----I'M THRILLED !!! M 45 1 days
 2  high cholesterol The last two years I have had severe pain in my feet and legs with a definite decrease in muscle strength...have spent a fortune on orthodics and shoes. I take a very small amount because I have always been hyper sensitive to drugs...I am now convinced it IS the Lipitor and am going to stop immediately as a test. It definitely lowers LDL cut in half....The research is still out though. F 59 8 days
 1  high cholesterol after taking the drug for several years, I developed one of the supposedly rare side effects ... muscle disintegration/degeneration ... fortuntately when I experienced fatigue and muscle/joint pain, I remembered some of the warnings I had read when I first started taking the drug ... My doctor ordered a blood test when I told him of my symptoms and concerns and it revealed a grossly excessive amount of muscle tissue in my blood ... I haven't taken it since ... after I stopped taking Lipitor, I felt normal about three weeks later ... M 6 years
 1  raised cholesterol level episode of intense dizziness lasting nearly an hour, then an episode of intense chills and shivers lasting nearly an hour, and continued lassitude for another day. cure is worse than the problem M 54 3 days
 5  Hi Cholesterol None Maybe I'm just lucky. I went from 80mg zocor to 40 then 80 mg lipitor all with no discernible side effects. Without statins my TC is around 300, with 80 mgm lipitor it is a consistent 140. Nothing else worked to bring it down and I nearly died with 99% blockage of the LAD before an angioplasty and going on statins. Both my grandfather and father dropped dead in their early sixties. For me, this is a wonder drug. M 70 3 years
 5  Hi Cholesterol This is the same poster as the previous posting. I notice a poster attributed Bell's palsy to lipitor. I too had Bell's, I went back and looked at my cholesterol chart and found I got Bell's before I started on lipitor. There seems to be a consistent occurence of muscle pain and/or liver problems but I wonder how many other problems are not really attributable to lipitor eg see my Bell's palsy. Also I get night muscle cramps but I have had occasional muscle cramps at night since I was a child, Maybe my memory isn't as good as it was but I'm 70 and I still passed one of the hardest bar exams in the country less than 2 years ago. However I don't doubt that some unlucky people are having bad side effects, I just wonder about some of the more esoteric ones. M 70 3 years
 1  high cholesterol My left arm and neck that hurt from chronic pain are now exploding. I hope from just taking a short time no perm damage is done. The pain is unbearable. I was down to a level 4 and now hitting 10 for parts of each day. I told the dr. I felt socked in the arm, he thinks my chronic problem is just getting worse. I hope he is wrong because I cannot take this much longer. M 51 8 weeks
 1  Preventive, then high cholesterol 10mg/day for 6 years, no side effects. Recemt increase to 20mg/day caused severe pain in back, hips, legs, and feet. Unable to walk or stand for more than 10 minutes. To lower cholesterol, excercise is necessary. With Lipitor, it's impossible for me to even walk slowly, so what point is there in taking Lipitor? I stopped, MD wants me to try other statins. I have my doubts about all of them. F 61 6 years
 2  High Cholesterol, Stent Placement After taking 40 mg/day of Lipitor for a couple of years, I started to notice foot pain, diagnosed as a neuroma in the right foot, then a hammer toe, then left heel pain. I didn't connect this with Lipitor and continued to take it. I saw a podiatrist who made no mention of the connection between foot pain and statins. One day a pharmacist told my husband that there was a "huge" connection between taking statins and foot pain. I dc'd Lipitor 6 mos. ago, and my foot pain improved a lot, but I still have some daily pain and discomfort when I walk. My cholesterol numbers have shot up, but I won't take statins again. I'm afraid I'll become a "cripple." I'll pay more attn. to diet & exercise, try Vit. C and prescription Niacin. If you have foot pain while on a statin, assume a connection, and assume that family physicians and podiatrists are largely unaware of this connection. F 58 2 days