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 2  High cholesterol, bad liver enzymes Muscle weakness in arms and legs, blurry eyesight, hair loss, but worst of all, burning feet and painful heels Taking the drug did lower my cholesterol and after 9 years my liver enzyme tests suddenly were in a good range. I believe a good diet can do more for me than Lipitor. F 64 10 months
 1  High cholesterol muscle weakness in ankle, plantar muscle, back. I stopped lipitor right away when a friend told me that her supposedly 'fibromyalgia' disappeared when she stopped the drugs. Too many people with disabilitating symptoms taking lipitor or all the other cholesterol prescribed drugs. It did lower my cholesterol but I don't need to be cripple. Now I eat soaked oatmeal, 1 glass or dry red wine x4 weekly, watch my diet, walk 1/2 hour daily. It does lower my cholesterol from 300 to 175 I stopped it for 1 month my cholesterol went up again. I suggest people with high cholesterol to research more about all cholesterol lowering drugs. They all have the same formula with different names. Find alternatives like me...go natural. F 62 4 years
 1  high cholesterol deppression ,weakness, fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness in neck,numbness and tingling in extremeties,gas ,bloating indegestion,stuffy nose,plugged ears,lack of balance and cooridination,kidney stone,bronchitis, increased cough, abdominal hematoma from bleeding in my abdomen after coughing and rupturing a blood vessel.decreased immune system ,elevated wbc,s,trouble swallowing,hoarse voice,chest pain shortness of breath,decreased sense of smell and taste,irregular periods abnormal uterine bleeding , decreased progesterone production,dark urine,tooth decay,anxiety,anemia,back pain... I felt like I was being poisoned for the 3 years I was on it esp. the last several months after my dosage was increased to 40 mg. and I was being poisoned!!! by lipitor!! I have been off it now for 9 months and feel much better but still have residual side effects a constant vibrating down left leg, muscle and joint pain on and off still never got back all my smell and taste and still not making progestero I have been a nurse for the past 25 years and have seen the devistation of these dangerous over perscribed drugs every day I go to work.The increase in kidney failure from patients on it the increase in infections ,auto immune diseases , and the over all ill health of these patients increased confusion muscle pain and weakness trouble walking increased bleeding in patients on statin drugs. F 43 3 years
 1  preventive use fatigue,neuropathy, taste perversion, back pain,suicidal depression,weight loss, paranoia,general change in personality. Everything in my career and family life was going fine for me but a feeling of impending doom persisted in me. I do not think that enough long terms trials are done on this drug. Patients often struggle with its side effect and their experiences are not validated by physicians. M 42 2 years
 4  High Triglycerides Oddly, only positive. I seem to sleep better and have lots of interesting dreams. No adverse effects. Was on Niacin (500mg) for 90 days, but showed no improvement. Tried Tricor for about 8 days, but couldn't deal with the side-effects (sore joints, sleeplessness, gas). Been on 20mg Lipitor for 30 days now, but won't know any benefit for another 60 days. M 30 30 days
 1  Very High Lipids I added a rating about a month ago. At that time, I just stopped taking Lipitor after only three weeks because of the major side effects I experienced. Many of the side effects have lifted however I am still experiencing sore and stiff hips, knees, ankles and feet. I feel like the lower half of my body belongs to a much older person than me, I'm only 48 years old but feel 90. I am very concerned that I may have permanent damage done to my legs because of only three weeks on this drug. Is anyone else experiencing this lasting effect from Lipitor? F 48 3 weeks
 5  Hereditary High Cholesterol None. Lipitor dropped my cholesterol from the 260-280 range to the 160-180 range. M 25 8 years
 1  High Cholesterol Just before this last Christmas I had a small stroke and spent three days in the hospital. To make a long story short, there are no after effects of the stroke. In other words the symptoms went away. But, my Doc put me on Aggrenox and 20mg of Lipitor. I have very high arches and have had a little tingling in my feet for years. This is really helped with a good arch support. But for the last two months the pain in my feet and calves (and sometimes thigh) has gotten much worse. I cannot walk very far and sleeping has become a problem because of the pain. Because of the preexisting arch problem, I thought it was just naturally getting worse but after finding this web site I am not sure if it is not the Lipitor. On a pain scale it has gone from a 1 or 2 to 7 or 8. I have a followup apointment with my Doctor in two days and was thinking of asking him if I could go off the Lipitor. What do you think? M 63 60 days
 4  high cholesterol periodic achy muscles 20 mg. brought my counts way down F 55 3 months
 1  high cholesterol It did lower my cholesterol, but I became so depressed that I called my doctor and told her I refused to take it anymore. I think this effect may have been caused by an interaction with the birth control pill. it lowered my numbers, but made my life miserable F 22 2 months
 1  high cholesterol I was started on 80 Lipitor, took it for 3 months. muscle weakness, legs felt like dropping off, muscle cramps, twitching, day and night.leathargy, was coming home from work so tired, would not eat going right to bed. pain in the back in shoulder muscles. Told my Dr. about symptoms, hes idea was well we will lower it to about 20 Lipitor, I said no way. I am now on a low fat diet, and will loose about 25lbs, and use diet control, would never take another statin drug, It has taken about a month to feel good again. F 58 3 months
 5  high cholesterol I am experiencing severe hip joint pain, thigh pain, severe thigh fatigue upon minimal exertion which is drastically impairing the ability to walk anything beyond a relatively short distance. The question is.. is lipitor causing this? I am taking 20 mg a day and have been taking this for 6 years. This has been a huge problem for the last 2.5 years. I read this website and feel that lipitor is causing my pain. I have been to numberous orthopods, rheumetoligists, neouroligist, and others who cannot find any problems. So, when I read about all these people who seem to have figured this out ... I have hope. But are they correct in thier assumptions? We are all desperate to find an answer (the cause) and ultimately a cure. But is lipitor the answer? That is the question (DP 2/02/06 M 58 6 years
 1  hypercholesterolemia insommnia, loss of dreaming, inability to visualize; muscle pain, weakness, atrophy; tendinitis, tendinopathy, tendon contracture; miniscus damage; working memory and short-term memory loss, language and learning ability loss including spoken and written aphasia and inability to read; gall bladder disease, pancreatitis, acid reflux; inability to walk... I kept taking myself off this drug, was told it COULD NOT BE TH E DRUG, urged to go back on, recovering somewhat each time, but finally the damage was not reversible. Today, I live with Lipitor and (other statins) injury which affects my ability to work, and I continue to try to recover. After long and only partial recovery from Lipitor I took two other statins with similar response. My cholesterol level is over 480. I have no cardiovascular disease, and see that according to this evidence based medicine source, there is NO evidence for statins in women for prevention. Do statins have a role in primary prevention? NO! "A question to us about Letter #48: What is the evidence of benefit for primary prevention in women? There were 10,990 women in the primary prevention trials (28% of the total). Only coronary events were reported for women, but when these were pooled they were not reduced by statin therapy, RR 0.98 [0.85-1.12]. Thus the coronary benefit in primary prevention trials appears to be limited to men, RR 0.74 [0.68-0.81], ARR 2.0%, NNT 50 for 3 to 5 years." F 54 16 months
 2  Possible angina? I just took this drug (10mg)for the first time. After 2 hours I felt a warm sensation in my chest then pain then a headache. My Cholesterol level is 150. Why would my doctor recommend this drug? M 62 1 days
 4  High cholesterol, family history Have been on Lipitor 3 months. It did lower my cholesterol from 215 to 168. However, I had been feeling more fatigued and now I am getting severe shoulder, neck and back pain. Now my feet are getting sore. I am a medical transcriptionist and do a lot of typing, but my hands are so painful, I can hardly sleep at night. I am waiting right now for my doctor to call me back. My hands feel cold and tingly now. Now I am having constipation problems. I cannot believe how painful my arms and shoulders are. It works for cholesterol, but I feel like a truck hit me. Since reading all of the comments, I know it is not in my head ! I feel horrible. F 51 3 months
 1  high cholesterol stomach pain,dizzy spells,hairloss,fatigue,dry eyes, joint pain. When I stopped taking Lipitor,I was amazed at how much better I began to feel. While taking Lipitor I had stomach cramps every day. I was tired, and could not function normal. F 61 4 years
 4  to lower cholestrol tiredness, some back pain M 58 18 years
 5  High Cholesterol None that I am aware of. This drug has been extremely helpful to me so far. I've been on it over a year now. It significantly lowered my cholesterol within 3 months, which shocked me. To be fair, I am on 3 other medications, so if I was to have any side effects I wouldn't know what to attribute it to anyway. But so far so excellent. F 30 1 years
 1  HIGH CHOLESTOROL - 270 Arm stiffness. Dizziness. Been feeling horrible the past 2 years and have gone to several doctors. I've been an off and on user of Lipitor for 5 years -- 10 MG dosage. Cholestorol lowered but started developing neurological problems about 3 months ago after restarting the drug leading to Major stiffness in right shoulder, then right arm and now left arm. Stopped taking Lipitor 10 days ago. Hopefully arm symptoms will subside. M 5 years
 1  Cholesterol My brother experienced memory loss and paranoia, leading to a uncharacteristic suicide. No history of mental illness or suicide in the family. No motivation for suicide (police investigation is ongoing). His experience of the side effects apparently frightened him into suicide. He also seems to have had hallucinations. Extremely dangerous drug. M 43 2 years