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 1  Cholestoral I did not link my problems to the Lipitor until my husband had major problems, now I know what has caused 10 years of Neuropathy, I have "Burning feet" always in bed at night, I do not have Diabetes (which would cause this) and was tested in DC at WRAMC and they found no reason that I should have this and gave me a tube of Capsacian!!! I still live with this. Four years ago I developed "Frozen Shoulder" in my left arm, unbelievable pain, within weeks the other shoulder became as painful as the first, could not raise my arms at all, tested at Bethesda Naval Hosp., no reason found, I was told it would last about 2 years unless I took therapy sessions, I took the sessions and begged for someone to put me out of my misery each time, it eventually passed in about a year but I still have shoulder pain. Today I am stopping the Lipitor, maybe I have read too much on the subject but the one that really scares me is the Memory Loss, All the drug com. tests were done to see how well the Statins did for Cholesterol and the heart benefits, but no testing (or none that the consumer was told of) was ever done to see how it effects the brain function. Memory is too precious a thing to lose to a drug! F 65 10 years
10-40mg 1X D
 3   Flatulence M 62 1 years
5mg 1X D
 2  Heart disease Severe muscle pain in shoulders radiating through the chest, cramping in back muscles, calves and hamstrings. Severe muscle pain after working out with weights, all the while losing strength. Difficulty with memory at times (i.e. remembering a name or a word). My shoulder pain resulted in a visit to a specialist who said inflammation was present but no torn rotator cuff. Prescribed physical therapy which made it hurt even more. I first noticed the pain several months in to taking the drug. After an ER visit due to severe back spasm/cramp, my Cardiologist suggested going off the drug and in the past 10 days, no cramping, the shoulder pain has eased 80% and I actually feel good. Because of blockage issues I need to move on to another drug like Crestor or Zocar but after reading some of the comments I am concerned. The medication worked at lowering my cholesterol (127 with good cholesterol over 40 and bad cholesterol under 70) but at a steep price physically. M 46 5 years
20 mg 1X D
 3  elevated cholesterol I have had tendonitis in my knees and troublesome pain in my lower legs and feet. My knee swells with fluid, so that any movement causes excrutiating pain. At first, I thought that this might be gout, because it runs in my family, and my toes swell up occasionally. But, after my doctor confirmed that my swollen knees were not gout, I began to consider other causes. It dawned on me to check the internet concerning the Lipitor I have been taking. Sure enough, many people have the same troubles. I used to be able to walk for endless miles. For about the same amount of time I have been taking this drug, I have been hobbling around, cautious of every painful step. Although it may lower my cholesterol, tomorrow, I will stop taking the Lipitor. M 42 14 months
10mg 3X W
 1  mildly elevated total cholesterol developed parkinson's disease. discovered thru 23andme DNA profiling I possess a mutation in a gene, SLCO1B1, that codes a transport protein responsible for moving statins into the liver to be detoxified. Studies have noted patients with greatly incrased plasma statin levels (>134% and AUCs more than 400% ABOVE NORMAL) toxic levels indeed. The neurological damage I have suffered due to toxic levels of lipitor seems to be permanent. Nothing I have tried has reversed the extreme symptoms. in the beginning megadoses of coenzyme Q10 did help; that was 6 yrs ago. the deterioration continues. the slco1b1 mutation IS NOT rare, occurring in 26-34% of caucasian poulation, less in african am, and more in Asian pop. seems many individuals with the mutation(s) develop severe myalgias and myopathies, prompting discontinuance of the statin. for those of us who did not suffer the muscle dmaage, neurodegeneration is what occurs in my opinion. Am aware of 7 other indicviduals who feel they are sufferring same effects as I from a fat soluble statin M 66 4 years
10 mgm per 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Had muscle pain in my back (primarily small of my back) and down my leg. I had tried Lipitor before and the result was achy legs. After some time off of this drug and feeling better, I tried it again. My back hurt so bad that I went to a chiropractor twice and no relief. I thought I might have a bulging disc but decided to go off the Lipitor again. After two months, I'm back to normal. I call this the drug from hell. F 68
10 MG 1X D
 5  hyperlipidemia Mild muscle pain. Tried Crestor and generic Zocor and couldn't tolerate the side effects. Started Lipitor and after 6 weeks my blood work showed great improvement. Total was 251-now 156. LDL was 176-now 91. HDL is now 51. Triglycerides were 96-now 69. Very glad I gave Lipitor a try. F 48 2 months
10mg 1X D
 5  Cholesterol control None Maintains my cholesterol levels at normal. M 55 8 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  high lipids Stopped because of HIGH CPK.My Liver blood test are also mildly elevated. I was in deniel that the statins would cause ME side effects- I have Terrible muscle and joint pain, Burning sensations in neck shoulders and upper chest. Palpatations . Insomnia because can not sleep from pain. I do not want to take pain killers all the time since they have side effects too. Weight gain -probably not associated. IOne of the reasons I left my job is because I was so weak all the time and had difficulty walking and driving. I was a Sales rep for a drug company and many years ago I promoted Zocor. How IRONIC that I should suffer from statins my self. My life is miserable. I feel like dying. I am sorry I did not keep my weight low so as to avoid my lipids to go so high. That way I would have never had to suffer like I am now. The doctors just say and my husband OH your in pain because you are over weight. The doctors also did not even follow me up properly. WHo can I sue?????? That is the question. F 49 3 years
20 mg 1X D
 1  cholesterol was high F 50 60 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  hyperlipidemia as determined pharma M 66 4 years
10mg/day 1X D
 1  hypercholesterolemia Lipitor had the same side effects as Zocor and confirmed that Zocor caused myalgia, neuralgia, insomnia, dementia, polyneuropathy, rhabdomyolisis, subdural hematoma, coma, and pain, pain pain. Lipitor seems to cause even more nerve damage than Zocor. Before they go to Hell, the people at Pfizer and the doctors who shill for them should be sent to a very nasty prison. Pfizer and its doctor salesmen should be stripped of every asset including their medical licenses. They should be totally destroyed. The proceeds of their financial liquidation should be distributed to their victims. M 63 4 months
20 1X D
 1  Plaque buildup not cholesterol Indigestion, intense heart pain, sore muscles, anxious, restless, lack of sleep. Has anyone had severe chest pain? I have loss the will to do sleep, emotional, just plain want to give up... F 61 30 days
10 1X D
 4  keep cholestrol level down Cannot be sure it is the drug, but around the time I was on it a month, began having pain on outer sides of thighs. Knowing some cholesterol meds can cause leg pain my doc did some kind of check on me and said it was not the drug. Still have those pains, not terrible, just feel like I have been hiking uphill and am fatigued there. Has done a very good job keeping cholesterol down... I am going to request lowering the dose w/ the doc. F 50 3 years
30 or 40 1X D
 1  high cholesterol It either caused or gave me peripheral neuropathy in my hands, arms, feet and legs. And it damaged my liver. No one should ever take a statin. It should be taken off the market. F 67 4 years
?? 1X D
 3  cholestrol The lipitor works for lowering cholestrol levels. However, I wonder if there is a corolation between lipitor (statins) and restless legs syndrome (rls). I've talked with a couple others that have rls and they are on lipitor too. Does anyone taking lipitor experience rls? I'll check back here for the results. M 57 15 years
80 mg 1X D
 1  High Colesterol First the doc thought I had gastritis from pain in my abdomen, headaches, flushing - I had an abdominal ultrasound, endoscopy, then CT scans (2) and then yesterday an MRI - all were normal. The fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, and general malaise continue. I am taking myself off this drug and hope that my apparently healthy body recovers. Why is my doctor unaware of the Lipitor side effects? Why did I spend almost $1,000 of my own money AFTER insurance on all these tests without considering that my symptoms match those for Lipitor? So frustrating! I will check back in and document how I feel in a month. F 64 5 years
40 1X D
 1  cholesterol Pain in all my muscles and joints and bottom of feet. Has continued for 3 years to date. NEVER, NEVER NEVER use it or any other statin. F 67
30mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol Severe shoulder and upper body pain including tendonitis. Was in PT for 7 months. No relief from any pain pills. Ice gave some relief. Fatigued and worse pain by end of day. Worse when changed to Pravachol- this made all joints, muscles and tendons hurt all over my body- that's how I learned it was the statins causing my problem- doctor still doesn't believe me. It doesn't instantly improve with stopping the meds either, even though doctors may say it will after 1 month. It takes at least 3+ months for the drug to get out of your system according to pharmacists- but you still may have pain that continues after that. I recommend the website for lots of info, reccommended supplements, and help on this. Recently discovered that completely avoiding all caffeine and alchohol and just drinking water durring the day helps the pain, fatigue and weakness diminish significantly. Also, warm showers help as does walking (if your legs don't hurt). F 46 10 years
10 mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Neuronal Apoptosis (Brain Cell Death) as evidenced on MRI scan, and confirmed by brain biopsy with electron microscopy, Mitochondrial DNA mutations, similar to that of MELAS, Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-like episodes. Evidenced by Brain Biopsy w/ Electron Microscopy, as well as Serial Lactic Acid levels consitently well above normal range, as well as a Muscle Biopsy studied under Electron Microscopy. I was 34 years old when I was hospitalized for nearly 1 month, leaving me permanently and totally disabled. I was a critical care Registered Nurse for the prior 12 years. I loved my job and have only 1 regret, that I ever "educated" people on the dangers of High Cholesterol, and convinced them to take these poisons. Cholesterol has very little to do with heart disease, and ALL statins are toxic. See A site by a former family physician/NASA flight surgeon, disabled by his use of Lipitor. If you want more proof, email me [email protected] I have a ton of it. I want to educate people as to the REAL cause of heart disease. M 42 3.5 years
10 1X D