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 5  High cholesterol due to diabetis 2 This med worked wonders for me.Am only gratefull to the pharmaceutical company that makes it.My lipids are at normal level in the past 2 H1C tests.As adiabetic you are at higher risk for stroke and heart attack so taking Lipitor defininitely lowers the risk.No side effects. Expensive medicine but luckily my insurance covers it. F 43 8 months
 1  High Cholesterol Congestion, cough, elbows burning, right heel pain, loss of concentration. I initially couldn't tell I was taking it. About two years ago I started waking up with significant congestion with clear phlem. Chest xray was clear. My doctor suspected allergies. Having 2 pets that seemed reasonable. About a year ago my elbows would burn like fire at times when I rested my arms on a surface. This would come and go. I also began having trouble focusing while reading and would skip around. Two months ago my right heel became painful for no reason. The more I walked on it the worse it felt. I switched shoes with no change. It hurt enough that I began to worry I might end up on disability if it got much worse. I was recently out of state for two weeks and still had congestion in spite of being in a totally different environment. That was when I suspected the Lipitor and did some research on line and saw matches with all of my symptoms. I immediately stopped it and the next morning the congestion was 80% less. I saw my doctor who agreed I need to stop it. He explained that there are a lot of side affects and there is no way to predict who will get which ones or when they will develop. The blood tests give a false sense of security since the results (like mine) can be normal yet other serious issues can develop. M 57 5 years
 1  high cholesterol due to diabetes Dizziness,falls,poor memory,loss of fine motor skills,stiffness in legs, sore feet I began having falls shortly after starting lipitor approx 5years ago.Had an EEG at that time with no abnormalities. Had another EEG 6months ago with Frontal Lobe abnormalities which I suspect is due to Lipitor. Started on 20mg and progressed to 80mg F 56 5 years
 2  cholesterol pain in my legs,loss of sense of smell,increase appetite,headaches,extreme fatigued,tingling in my arms and legs F 49 3 weeks
 1  high cholesterol Swollen and stiff knees and elbows, mental distress, others that I am now only becoming aware of after reading many of these others testimonials After being on Lipitor for 2 years my knees and elbows were getting increasingly stiff and sore. I'm a painter by trade and largely attributed it to over use of my joints. Repetitive stress syndrome. I went to my doctor, he sent me to an arthritis specialist, I had x-rays...nothing was found. I felt like an old (older) man during this period, I thought I was finished in terms of my trade and the things I enjoy most, like hiking. My prescription of lipitor ran out a few months after these tests were done. I didn't bother refilling it right away and noticed my knees and elbows felt better. I renewed the prescription and no sooner had I started taking it again that I felt the stiff joints return. So I stopped taking it, the stiffness goes away, started again, stiffness returns. After telling my doctor this story, right away he says "oh yeah, that's probably right" Pardon!? So why didn't you mention that possibility before all the tests? (luckily since I live in Canada, these tests were all covered by our health care system) I didn't make the connection to lipitor earlier because stiff, swollen joints were not listed as one of the side effects. Sore muscles yes, stiff swollen joints, no. I can see the class action suits coming against Pfizer. M 53 2 days
 1  High Cholesterol Was put on lipitor 3 months ago because of high cholesteral. Took for a month and seemed to have problems with feet, etc but kept taking. I had tests done after a month. My doctor sent a letter and said to cut the dose in half for a month and have tests again. After my second set of tests she called me and told me to go off completely. She said she realized that my cholesteral would go back up, but CPK is of concern. Was raised to mid 200's. After a month I went in and of course my cholesteral was back up and my CPK level was elevated to over 500. Now am having another blood test a week later. Not sure what it will show but I feel horrible. Tingly hands, terrible musche aches. She told me "no excercise" until we determine what the problem is with CPK level. My husband said my face looks puffy. My eyes hurt all the time. I look sickly. This is horrible. Never again! DON'T TAKE THIS!!!!!!! F 55 2 months
 1  Diabetes Diagnosis Muscle/joint pains, gastric upsets, insomnia, memory loss, anxiety, frozen shoulder ..... to name but a few. The medical profession should be made to advise patients more about the side-effects. Spotting them early can mean the difference between swift resolution or a lifetime of misery. M 53 6 years
 1  high cholesterol muscle pain in back; insomnia muscles on the sides of my back were constantly painful; I could not sleep even with ambien and melatonin. I only took it 9 days and it took a week for symptoms to gradually disappear F 60 9 days
 2  high cholesterol Extreme tiredness, dizziness, memory loss, moody F 48 2 years
 1  high cholos. leg pain, loss of memory, loss of libido and lack of sleep. M 72 6 days
 1  high Colestrol Leg pains, loss of memory, E.D. and sleep loss. I was never told of these possible side effects M 72 4 months
 1  Reduce Cholesterol I am the advocate for my father who took this drug for 8 months before he passed from an aggressive form of brain cancer in 2005. The patient data is reported for him by me. Briefly, my research during my advocacy efforts during his illness indicated that this drug may have contributed to the onset of his particular form of brain cancer (glial cell related cancer). That cancer was diagnosed 6 months after his initial Rx for Lipitor -- he died 2 months after his initial cancer diagnosis. There were no warning signs, deterioration was very fast and debilitating -- he was a "model" totally healthy individual by conventional medical standards. My father was vibrant and could work any teen into the ground for a 75 year old, had great cholesterol numbers, but he was a cardiac patient. He and the cardiologist agreed to go to Lipitor to see if they could drive LDL below 100 (his lipid profile was very, very good by usual medical standards). I will say that there was no way any doctor could have known this would happen (my research showed that Lipitor could contribute to this cancer with prior risk factors for it which would have to have been environmental exposure and from what I know of my father's work history experience), but it would help if conventional medicine would listen to patients and their families about experiences that we all are reporting in places such as this. My father could not speak for himself as his form of brain cancer was so aggressive that he went from a totally normal guy walking with a cane from initial neurological damage at inital dx for brain cancer to bedridden, unable to speak, feed himself, do anything for himself in 10 days. Don't know if this will really help anybody -- but just please be cautious with Rx medicines and advocate for yourself; you may not know everthing, but you do know best about what you are experiencing with these Rxs.....keep doing your research, tell your doctor anything you find relevent about your life as it relates to Rxs you are given, and advocate hard for your quality of life. M 75 8 months
 4  high LDL and triglycerides None for three years, then bam! Toes became so painful I couldn't stand it, as did leg neuropathy. Lipitor made my cholesterol numbers improve greatly for three years. But alas, the side effects finally showed up with a vengeance, and I can no longer take Lipitor. M 61 3 years
 1  borderline high cholesterol pain!!!!! I felt like I had sever arthritic condition. even tried two times per week with same results. tried other statins with same side effect . presently on crestor one time per week with occasional side effect of mild pain. MD said one time a week can be very effective for patients that have reaction to statins. Have not had bloodwork as yet to see if helped F 60 4 months
 1  to lower Cholestorol Severe pain in my calf muscles in my legs started about 7 months after taking the drug. My doctor kept me on it and insisted this was a common side effect. I complained for several months and then he switched me to another drug (Crestor) and the problems persisted. He then switched me to (Zochor). Finally I informed my doctor the pain was too severe and I was stopping as I found I could not even walk in the morning! The cramps persisted for months and then I tore a tendon in my ankle and months later my knee. I have had surgery but to no avail. I still have some form of pain daily. Before Lipitor I was in excellent shape and exercised regularly with no issues at all. I have never been the same. By the way 10Mg of Lipitor lowered my cholesterol 100 points but it was not worth it. This drug ruined my life! Stop taking at first sign of muscle pain! M 49 10 months
 3  High Cholesterol Taking 10 mg. and experiencing pain in feet and legs, including terrible leg cramps. Also have difficulty sleeping, occasional headaches and fatigue. Sex drive has decreased too. Wondering if the benefits are worth putting up with all of this. Cholesterol dropped from 225 to 145, but will ask doctor for an alternative. M 62 1 years
 1  cholesterol 206 Pain in shoulders joints to the point it was impossible to reach for anything above my shoulders. Quit taking it and was back to normal in two months. My doctor said it was arthritis or bursitus due to my age. He still would rather I be a cripple and go back on Lipitor. F 60 6 months
 1  high cholesterol leg pains,balance off,back pain (Lower and upper) finger pins and needles,brain vague. stomach pain, palpitations and feeling desperately miserable off medication after 15 yrs of suffering..I feel a lot better but still have leg and back pain .. I did this myself after consulting the doctor and taking him a print out of a web site with all symptoms listed.. he tore it up .. I will look for a new doctor and hope I am doing the right thing..don't take this its poison. Take raw oat meal sprinkled on your meal..... F 68 15 years
 2  high cholesterol Joint pain in the knees and hips. Pain in the shoulders. A tingling sensation in the back of my neck. Tinnitus. Weak muscles. Lipitor did lower my cholesterol, and I had no side effects for 2.5 years. Now my legs , shoulders, and hips ache. The most acute pain is in the legs. Stiffness is more prevalent in he morning. Getting out of bed is painful. The nurse practitioner did admit that these side effects can occur after 2 to 3 years. She suggested that I stop taking it for a few weeks. I stopped 2 months ago, and will not take it again. The tingling in the neck has stopped, but the leg and shoulder pain has not abated. I am 70 years old, weigh 167 lbs, exercise daily, don't smoke, and eat fruits and vegetables. I drink wine in moderation, haven't drank coffee or tea in over 20 years, but I do eat red meat in moderation. I will take my chances with elevated levels of high cholesterol, and only hope that the muscle damage is not permanent. M 70 2.8 years
 1  High Lipids Memory Loss F 61 2 weeks