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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  Head pressure and dizziness Severe anxiety, long term muscle twitching, long term panic attack This has got to be a form of torture. I don't understand how this stuff is even legal. I went the the ER because I thought I was having a stroke. They told me it was a migraine and gave me a migraine cocktail. This was 7 weeks ago and my life has never been the same. As soon as they have it to my I freaked out and I grinned without doing it myself. They have me Benadryl which just made me sure tired. A day and a half later I started having these weird twitches all over my body including my face. It has made a slight improvement, but still there. I am praying and hoping that this goes away. If you have anything that can help please email me! F 35 1 days
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 1  severe abdominal pain was given this drug iv then given iv dilaiudid. was really jittery. came home and had horrible dreams, excessive sweating. I have literally walked over 3 miles inside of my house today and it's been 24hrs. when will this end? F 40 1 days
10 1X D
 1  Migraines Anxious, the need to walk/run, irritable, and ready to just leave the hospital This is the worst drug to give anyone. my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I was so scared and I couldn't stop freaking out. My advice after feeling like this, take two Benadryls…yes two! and wait it out breathe in and out. Worst drug ever. F 22 1 days
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 1  Migraine w nausea I felt absolutely out of control. Minutes after getting the migraine IV mix of Toradol, Compazine, Benadryl, and some steroid, I was in full blown panic attack. Wanted to rip my IV out and NEEDED to leave the ER. I felt terrified and could barely speak or breathe. I was shaking uncontrollably. It took hours to get to sleep at home and took a couple ativans to try and help me. It's the next day now and I still feel horrible and way off. Be careful. F 30 1 days
 5  Nausea due to anxiety I can't live without this medicine. It's the only thing that helps my severe nausea which is usually brought on by anxiety attacks. It also helps to calm my nerves but I don't know if that's psychological. Either way I carry it everywhere. I also use the 3mg buccastem version which acts a bit quicker. Takes between 30 and 60 mins to work F 40 12 months
5mg 2X W
 1  Nausea, Headache I went to the emergency room for vomiting and headache while I was going through Covid, I had already taken 8 mg of sublingual Zofran at home and it did nothing, the hospital administered another 8 mg of Zofran via IV port, it did nothing, so they been administered Compazine. I knew something wasn't right I thought maybe I was just agitated because I was there too long but having read these other reviews I am certain I am also one of those that had a severe reaction to this medication, I did think something was going on because I was calm sick couldn't move I was very ill with Covid, and within five minutes of receiving this via IV port, I was so agitated I was jerking and pushing agitated I wanted to pull my IV out was yanking my pulse ox off, One of the worst experiences that I have ever had with a drug as far as agitation goes. Do not I repeat do not take this medication it is horrible. Never take this medication!!!! More needs to be done about the medical facilities using this drug so frequently. F 36 1 days
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 1  Nausea Restlessness, mania, akathisia, panic, extremely cold. I was given this as part of " Migraine Cocktail"with Benadryl & Toradol...I was also put on oxygen before the Compazine was administered which I don't even know why. All of a sudden I was freezing cold couldn't get comfortable on the bed, went to the bathroom twice and just paced in there. Wanted to rip my IV out and wanted to just go home. Got home and was completely out of my mind. Couldn't sit still, felt like I was going insane. Took sleeping pills to calm down it's 2 days later and I'm like traumatized. F 26 1 days
 1  Migrane Major anxiety, restlessness, shakes. Would rather have the migraine then deal with the side effects, didn't even help the migraine attack. Listed this drug as an allergy. F 35 0 days
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 1  Very mild headache Convulsions, Panic, Vision loss, Derealization, Depersonalization, Severe abdominal cramps, Permanent brain damage. So, i can't believe i'm just now writing my experience, but seeing as my doctor wants me to take an antipsychotic it took me back to the hell i experienced. On November 28th, 2015 ( I was newly 19 ) I went to the ER for chronic illness symptoms. I told them i had a mild headache and they gave me the IV cocktail push. Almost 6 years later, i have NEVER been the same as i was before that moment. I was convulsing in the hospital bed, going in and out of consciousness, I was instantly out of my body and reality. Convulsed the entire time they did an MRI. All i know is when i was driven home my eyesight was 95% blacked out. I couldn't eat. For two months i couldn't leave my room. I had to keep one eye closed to see anything semi normally. I continued to convulse on and off for weeks following. The worst part, is it gave me de realization and depersonalization, not temporarily like everyone else, but permanently. I'm a complete shell of who i used to be. My vision is permanently altered, all because of Compazine. I haven't been "in reality" aka, my vision has been 2D and i've been in a visual and physical feeling fishbowl, behind a glass wall, non existent for almost 6 years straight. Ive taken supplements, anti anxiety meds, antidepressants, none have touched this disorder nor alleviated it all, if anything worsene F 24 1 days
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 1  Migraine I was given Compazine and Benadryl through IV at the ER for a severe migraine and it was the worst experience of my life. Within 2 minutes I wanted to rip the IV out off my arm. My entire body was restless I couldn't sit still. I was pacing around the room when seconds before I was laying down relaxed, I couldn't breath and my heart was pounding. The most miserable and uncomfortable experience of my life. I screamed for the nurse that something was wrong and she said “this is normal.” They gave me zero warning this could happen. I would rather suffer through a 3 day migraine than ever have to experience that misery ever again. NEVER take this drug!!! If you go to the ER for a migraine ask what they are giving you! They gave me zero warning that this reaction could happen!!! I've taken Benadryl many times for allergies and have never had an issue so I know this reaction was caused by the Compazine. F 23 1 days
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 1  Post Lumbar Puncture Headache I was administered the drug in the ER due to a headache from a lumbar puncture I had a few days prior. Within 5 minutes of getting the drug, I felt like I was having a panic attack and couldn't breath. I wanted everything off of me including my blood pressure cuff, IV, shoes, etc. It's been 36 hours since I got the drug and I still feel a horrible feeling of anxiety. Do not take this drug. I know most of the people reading this message are here because they had a bad experience prior to finding this website, but don't let your family members take it either. I would rather feel nauseous and have a migraine than feel like I did after taking the medication. M 35 1 days
10 MG 1X D
 1  Migraine Was given this for a migraine along forth torodol and Benadryl. With in a 5 minutes, I felt like I was going crazy. I asked to use the bathroom and I was pacing in the bathroom. I couldnt take it anymore so when I got back to room I pulled my IV out and went home AMA. I hope this helps someone. I went back to ER and they said I was having a reaction. My foot kept trying to lift itself which was scary and uncomfortable. The ER doc gave me a shot on Benadryl and Cogentin which calmed down and stop my foot for moving. I still have the shakes in my hand I'm hoping it goes away. Has not been 24 hours yet but things are much better. They also told me to take Benadryl every 4 to 6 hours which helped get the anxiety at bay. M 37 1 days
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 1  Migraine within 2 minutes of my daughter getting this medication in her iv with toradol and benadryl for a migraine she wanted to rip out her iv and was begging to leave the hospital. I thought she was startled because it was the first time she had iv medication and was not expecting the medication to work so quickly and the nurse came in and got her to lay down and she fell asleep. I thought that was the end of it. I looked up the medication as I had never heard of it and was shocked to see she was not the only one with this reaction. Later she woke up at home still anxious dizzy and she is still suffering the effects a full day an a half later. I had to pick her up from school because they called and said she was shaking and crying uncontrollably in panic. This medication should be discontinued and not given due to the side effects it has especially ot to minors. My daughter is 15 and is still scared out of her mind in her own skin. This drug should be TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!!!!! F 15 1 days
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 1  Stomach bug Dystonia and anaphylaxis Terrible medicine. Caused a dystonia and anaphylaxis reaction. My body seized up in a contorted position and my throat closed up. After epinephrine and Valium I was sent to the ICU. F 3 days
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 3  Oshner hospital Felt jittery and like i wanted to move but i felt sleepy also,and like i wanted take out my ive Felt like i had like silver in my mouth or lead F 31 1 days
Dont know 1X O
 1  Nausea headaches Feeling not like my self restlessness and not being able to sleep anxiety over the roof I went to the hospital last night for headaches gave me this medicine I was fine until I got home and started having anxiety and freaking out bad it's better than last night feeling but still feeling uneasy and like I need to flush It out my system I am on my way to the doctor now to see what they can help me with! I wish I could just drink water and flush it out my system. Has anyone started to feel better ? And if so how long did it take you ? F 28 1 days
Unknown 1X D
 1  Headache I was given a mix of benadryl and compazine for a bad headache at the ER and immediately once they put it in the IV I began feeling terrible. It made me anxious, jittery, like I had to move my legs, made my head feel super weird, and I felt trapped in my body. Super hard to describe but I hated it. The doctor listed it as an allergy my reaction was so bad. The feelings lessened after a few hours for the most part but my head was feeling weird for about a week after. F 20 1 days
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 1  Headache I was given compazine and Benadryl for severe headache and as soon as it was pushed threw the IV I felt like I was gonna die and I could barley breathe. It was so scary and I was so convinced that I was gonna die that night. I would not recommend letting them give you this combination of meds ever. I also had uncontrollable facial movements for about a week I keep puckering my checks. I was scared that would be permanent but thank the Lord it went away. F 39 1 days
20mg 1X D
 1  Anti nausea Panicking attack, fast heart rate, uncontrollable shaking, excess sweating. They gave me it to prevent nausea when I was in hospital. Within minutes I started having a panic attack. Freaked out, felt like I was trapped and dying. To make matters worse, they gave me benadryl to try to stop it but within seconds my heart rate went out of control and over 165bpm. I was seconds from cardiac arrest, the scariest situation of my life. Worse part, I come home to continued panic attacks. I felt like I was going through detox. It was horrific and here I am on day 3 and still feel like crap. F 31 1 days
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 1  Migraine Yess!! Omg !! I feel like I'm going insane. I was completely fine until I went to the hospital for a migraine and they gave me this drug. I was completely fine and have been on the verge of panicking since. I kept coming in and out while driving home. Couldn't move from my bed without feeling like I was going to pass out or die. It was the most awful thing in the world. 5 days later I cannot shake this feeling. It's better but I can't completely feel normal ! I can't even sleep without taking Ativan Don't take it please don't. F 26 1 days
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COMPAZINE  (PROCHLORPERAZINE MALEATE):  This medication is used to treat severe nausea and vomiting from certain causes (for example, after surgery or cancer treatment). Prochlorperazine belongs to a class of drugs known as phenothiazines. This medication is not recommended for use in children younger than 2 years or in children going through surgery.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)