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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  Anxiety, chronic tmj pain, insomni None, except help! :) I was skeptical as I usually am, but I've never slept better in my life, wake up more refreshed than usual, less anxiety and pain! I'm loving it so far! No side effects at all thank goodness! M 49 30 days
10mg 1X D
 4  Anxiety /IBS Headache, mild nausea, dizziness, hang over feeling next morning, weight gain, heavy sweating with activity Took as a last resort to help with anxiety induced IBS I've tryed ssri drugs and they are absolute hell, I requested amitriptyline of gp after doing my own research, yes there was side effects in the beginning and took a while to work but after 2 months my symptoms were improved so much that I was able to leave the house again, I slept amazing too, my anxiety never went completely but was much better controlled, I literally couldn't leave the house, after 8 months I had no symptoms of ibs, I did continue to have a mild hangover in the morning, gained around a stone in weight, and had heavy sweating when I was moving around but I take that to be rid of ibs and control my anxiety, I remained on it for 3 years, came off as I started suffering insomnia, didn't feel it was working didn't want to increase dose coming off was OK, but insomnia got bad, been off it 2 years now, ibs never came bk, anxiety a little bit but I'm able to deal with it, it helped me alot F 43 3 years
10 1X D
 3  Depression,Vulvodynia, Fibromyalgia, Stay away from this drug.If you try to withdraw from it even slowly, you will have insomnia,aches,etc etc.I gained weight on it.Trying to live without this medication. It's been 3 months.Really bad quality of life right now. If you decide to use it, make darn sure you want to stay on it because you will not feel well withdrawing from it-FOR MONTHS!Honestly. F 63 23 years
40mg 1X D
 2  Migraine Dizzy, nauseous, can't stay awake,dry eyes and mouth , headache, irritable , anxious, sore parotid gland. M 61 4 days
5mg 1X D
 1  Migraines Dry mouth Caused a seizure in my sleep. I have NEVER had a seizure before! Had to be rushed to hospital via ambulance! F 50 3 months
.5mg 1X D
 1  Insomnia depression Blurred vision, dizzy, sick to my stomach, anxiety increased, loss of interest in things, paranoia and panic attacks on increasing the doses. Teeth also feel different. One crap drug! This stuff sux! M 53 5 months
15 1X D
 1  Back pain Hallucinations drowsiness weight gain vertigo After suffering from vertigo for months and after been prescribed loads of antibiotics for constant sinusitis which was being blamed for the vertigo and falling over 5 times due to dizziness an old school Dr asked about elavil told me to come off it. Know going cold turkey will be hard but if it stops the debilitating dizziness and getting back to a normal life it will be worth it F 49 5 years
10mg 1X D
 5  Recent Widow, Insomnia Annoying dry mouth and throat. Sleep very well now when taken with one mg of Ativan. Look forward to bedtime without insomnia. F 76 30 days
20mg 1X D
 4  Neuropathic pain Skin rash dry mouth but mangeable Only just started treatment but so far working well. Less pain, better quality sleep. F 60 3 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 2  Tension headaches Dry mouth and nothing tasted right. Only two weeks so not sure about weight gain. F 72 0 weeks
25mg 1X D
 4  Post Herpetic Neuralgia Possibly causing confusion and balance issues. Good sleep. Very laidback. F 65 1 years
50 1X D
 1  anxiety Dry mouth, vivid nightmares, increased tmj issues: teeth grinding, tension, headaches I was prescribed this for anxiety and the nightmares (unlike any in my lifetime) increased my teeth grinding to the point of chipping a tooth! Now off of it for 5 days & have been experiencing extreme insomnia. This drug is the absolute worst thing I have ever taken. F 40 7 days
10 MG 1X D
 3  Pain and insomnia No side effects on 10 mg. When started a dry mouth but after a couple of weeks that side effect was gone. And very tired in the morning and feeling of a hangover. But this also dissapeared. I've been taking Amitriptyline for more than 10 years now, 10 mg 2 hours before going to bed. It does not work everynight. When I have a lot of stress or worry to much, I can't sleep very well. I also have chronic pain caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Recently I increased the dosage to 25 mg because of an increase in pain and insomnia. I went from 10 mg to 15 for 1 week, to 20 mg for 3 weeks and to 25 mg for 4 days now . My sleep has improved and I experience less pain but still have to take other painkillers. Going from 20 mg to 25 mg I felt very tired in the morning but after 2 days it felt better. My mouth is a bit dry, but I know this will disappear in time. On 10 mg I had no weight gain or an increase in hunger or cravings . I don't know if this will change now I'm on 25 mg. But I will let you know after some time. When starting this medication 10 mg was too much for me. I did cut the pill in half untill I felt good enough to take 10 mg. I have read all the reviews on this site for Elavil. A pity is that so many people do not mention how much Elavil they are taken. When I see Dosage: 1xD, I have no idea how much Elavil it is. Therefore it is not possible to get a good idea of the medication. Side effects increase when dosages are higher. So PLEASE, mention how many mg you are taken when writing a review!!! F 56 10 years
10 mg
 5  Fibromyalgia pain and depression Groggy in the morning the first few days but I also used to take it too late (11-12). Excellent. I almost don't feel any pain and I wake up worry free. F 52 30 days
 3  Insomnia Next day hangover, dry mouth F 67 7 days
25 mg
 3  Sleep, back pain, depression Tolerance a problem. M 73 2 years
 1  to treat CRPS. severe neuropathy I took Elavil for approximately 3 weeks. By the 3rd week, I had lost 7 of my upper teeth. My dentist told me that all of my remaining teeth needed to be removed. Before this happened I had a pretty smile, now I look like a street crack addict. I would never advise anyone to take this drug!!! If you value your teeth at all, do not, I repeat, DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!! M 59 20 days
25 3X D
 2  Migraines/Insomnia Suffered from severe insomnia and migraines, doctor said this drug would work well for both. Initially this worked great and I was sleeping like a baby again,. However, as time went on it would stop working and my dosage would need to be increased. In a 9 month span, I gained 35 pounds and I am back to getting migraines and not sleeping at all. Discontinuing this medication due to EXCESSIVE weight gain, dry mouth, blurred vision and stuffy nose while on this drug. Not worth the brief benefit. F 47 11 months
 5  depression None if the SSRI's really worked, so we tried the tricyclics. This really helps me to not get in a black hole depression, and the sedative effect is great since I have insomnia. I basically take the max dose though. M 54 6 days
150 mg
 5  Insomnia Maybe a metallic taste once in awhile. No weight gain.... sleep like a baby. F 51 1 years