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 5  anxiety panic disorder none have taken this medication on and off for 15 years but only for short periods at a time and at a low dosage 10mg even 5mg works for me that is what i am currently taking my docter is happy for me to continue on it as long as i need to M 55 3 days
 4  Migraines I do have the weight gain, constipation and excessive thirst. But I'd rather fight the weight gain and other side effects than have the chronic migraines back. I have been on elavil now for 5 mos, and no more migraines. I would suggest just working out to drop the weight back done, that's what I do. You have to weight the good with the bad, and its feels good to get rid of the daily pain. F 48 5 months
 2  migraines and insomnia extreme hunger/appetite, night sweats, hypertensive My dose is 25mg and it is not helping me sleep. I toss and turn all night. I find trazodone much more helpful. I was prescribed elavil as a replacement for topamax and trazodone. I'm glad to be off of topamax but I think I'll go back to trazodone as my sleep aid. (I need the sleep meds to counteract the prednisone insomnia I get). F 36 2 weeks
 2  miagraines/anxiety/depression sore throat,extremly sedated,increased anxiety,couldn't eat headaches,no energy, swelling I tried 25mg, 10mg, 5 mg, When I was on the 25 I mostly stayed in bed, I took this for about 4 days. The 10mg and 5mg made me feel like I had a bad case of the flu.Terrible headaches, increased anxiety where I started the pacing, couldn't sit still. The 5mg also gave me blisters on the mouth.(not cold sores)with lots of swelling going up my face. F 48 4 days
 1  Migraines tired every morning, moody Took this for migraines for a month (10mg/day, I believe). Felt like I was hungover every morning. Told doc it wasn't working, so she doubled my dose. I didn't get the prescription refilled & quit taking it. F 25 4 weeks
 1  Cystitis, bladder pain The side effects were not noticeable at first,but after my third month, I kept feeling worse. The bladder pain did subside, and it did help in that aspect, but the side effects were too awful for me to continue. I was constantly tired and had dry mouth. I have always been slim, and I gained 10 pounds the short time I was on it. Despite that, migraines, irritable, and then finally severely depressed. My family made me seek the reason, and my doctor and I determined that it was the Elavil that caused my break down. I am trying Elmiron instead, and so far so good. Please moniter yourself while on this. I was smart enough to realize that being a depressed, over weight zombie was not worth this route of treatment. F 34 3 months
 2  back pain Constipation, and bloating after only two days at 10mg. I am very regular, and knew right away what the problem was. After stopping, it only took one day to get back to normal. I was once put on Paxol(sp?) and had the same thing happen after a week. It was the most miserable one month experience. Don't know if it would've helped or not, but I can't handle the constipation and bloating. M 35 2 days
 3  Chronic daily headaches Some fatigue the following day. After a while on Elavil, I have found that it has lost its effectiveness. Increasing the dose may work, but it causes more fatigue than it's worth. After 5 years, it does absolutely nothing to touch my chronic headaches and, as of this weekend, I will no longer be taking it. F 27 5 years
 3  Arachnoiditis, sciatca, hern discs Upon increasing dose from 50mg to 75 mg nightly began experiencing sleep walking, hallucinations, insomnia followed by very deep sleep. Would fall asleep on toilet and awake falling off. Fell asleep on sink and husband found me. One night I fried 2 eggs, burnt them,fried some scrambled eggs, tho I realized I was in a drugged state I did not have control of my actions. very scary; i could have burned the house down. I went back to 50 mg with no problems. It may not have been the Elavil by itself as I am also on Lyrica, Methadone, percocet, valium, and vicodin. However, the side effects I mentioned above did not occur until Elavil was added to my drug treatment to try to ease the chronic pain of arachnoiditis--neurological pain from numerous back surgeries, spinal cord stimulator implant and revisions, etc. My pain mgt doc thought the elavil would help the increased leg/back pain at night that comes from the arachnoiditis and felt it would help with the nerve ending pain. This pa Believe I will be going off the Elavil and switching to Cymbalta. It has been recommended to me by my neurosurgeon and another pain mgt doc. Supposed to have less side effects such as the sleep walking-hallucinations, etc. F 55 3 months
 1  migraine dry mouth, vivid dreams, extreme fatigue, cravings for sweets I was prescribed Elavil for my frequent migraines. I was taking Maxalt MLT but was running out before my insurance would allow me to fill it. I tried Elavil and did not last more than 2 weeks. My symptoms were so severe, I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I am an active, early riser so this was very much out of character for me. When I did get out of bed, I had crazy cravings for sweets. I had nightly vivid nightmares. It was absolutely awful! Beta-Blockers (Propranolol) have worked much better, without the side effects. You have options. F 28 1.5 weeks
 3  Sciatic Nerve Pain Dry mouth, very vivid dreams, hallucinations, brain fog, drowsiness, cravings for food I moved from Tramadol to Elavil b/c the Tramadol was too expensive. The move was somewhat beneficial: the Tramadol was better for the specific pain I was/am having, but the Elavil is much more economical - go figure. The hallucinations only occurred once. Dry mouth is constant, as is the brain fog. Supplementing with B-complex seems to ease brain fog. I never feel rested - this could be because now each night I have several dream where I REALLY feel like I am living in the dream - kinda bizarre. Overall a decent choice, the side-effects are undesirable but manageable. M 25 2 weeks
 2  Migraine prophylaxis very mild hemiplegia/hemiparesis in first week of 10mg/day. Numbness on one side of my throat was somewhat of concern re swallowing and breathing. These sx went after a week. After two weeks on the drug, I experienced a migraine. Pharmacist told me that it should have worked by now and to speak with my doc. Haven't taken it since. Have had no migraines since! (i.e. after a month). This med is now considered by migraine specialists to be archaic in the prophylaxis of the disease. It's relatively safe and it's cheap, which I imagine is why it still gets prescribed. I feel that I may have slept a little better on this med. But, to be honest, the very best cure for my migraines is total avoidance of any triggers. Given that my triggers include virtually all external stimuli (from sound and light to noise and the ordinary business of life), it seems that I am, in our culture, very disabled. I'm trying to make the point that maybe we get migraines because we are not physiologically designed for, nor have we adapted, to the crazy demands of 21stC life. F 52 14 days
 5  Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC) I was diagnosed with Painful Bladder Syndrome after a sudden onset of pain and burning that lasted about 3 months. I was in constant pain and miserable and depressed because I was scared that I would never feel "normal" again. I felt helpless. It was awful. They were the worst 3 months of my life. When I started Elavil, for the first few months I was always hungry. Gained about 10 pounds. Craved sweet junk foods. Dry mouth in Morning. It goes away after an hour or two. Groggieness in morning but I seem to be able to shake off the morning grogginess with exercise. Take it before bedtime because it makes me sleepy. Started on 25 mg went up to 50 and now I'm on 75 - and have been for several months. Hopefully this is the magic number because I've been pretty much pain free (as long as I stay away from too much caffiene or artificial sweeteners) I make sure to drink plenty of water. It helps with the dry mouth and it's good for you to boot. I believe the more active you are, the I've always been skinny and very active so now I just try to watch what I eat (junk food wise) plus I run and exercise daily. Instead of eating sweet junk food, I'll eat sweet good food (fruits). Sometimes I'm still hungry, but I think I've got it under control. I'd rather be 10 pounds heavier than in pain! I NEVER want to feel so helpless again! F 34 6 months
 3  sleep and chronic pain This medicine was great for sleep and pain but gave me constant low blood sugar, caused me to overeat, and gain weight. Not worth it! F 33 7 days
 5  Depression and insomnia difficulty urinating (even after nearly a year on the drug), felt high/drowsy all the time for the first week The first 2 months or so on this drug took some getting used to. My doctor and I had to adjust the dosage a bit until I found a dosage that worked for me (currently 100 mg/night). I initially didn't know that difficulty urinating was a side effect so that caught me off guard. Overall, though, this drug has made a huge difference in my life for the BETTER. It's great to not have trouble sleeping anymore. I take the pill about 3 hours before I want to go to sleep and I can usually fall right asleep. F 27 10 months
 3  Fibromyalgia Weight gain - despite lots of exercise and low fat diet 20mg at night helped remarkably with my sleep problems, but no real impact on pain from FMS. I'm stopping it as problems from weight gain outweigh benefits F 44 1 years
 3  nerve pain not sure really, but it made me sleepy in the beguining. I like to stop but worry about not sleepig. i have done it in the past and i only go back to it so i can have a better night sleep F 48 1 years
 3  Nerve damage/constant nerve pain Depression, weight gain, elevated heart rate, extreme dizziness. This medication has worked best on actually reducing (and nearly, for much of the day, eliminating) the constant pain that I have had for almost two years now. It works, but I cannot cope with the side effects. I have been taking 10 mgs a night for one week, but I have just stopped taking this pill and resumed taking Lyrica. I want to take the Elavil, as it gives me relief. The side effects, however, take too much away. On Elavil, I don't want to do anything. I feel unbelievably sad. Near despair, at times. I can't stop snacking on candy, sugary cereal, ice cream, chips, popcorn, and so forth. In fact, "regular" food appeals to me not at all. The dizziness is embarrassing. My heart rate has been shooting up to 107, even when I am just sitting in a chair trying to deep breathe. I really have mixed feelins about this 'broad spectrum" medicine. It has worked on me better than Morontin-Neurontin. But in the end, I will risk the emotional rollercoaster of not wel F 39
 2  Interstitial Cystitis and IBS Weight Gain I began taking Amitriptyline (Elavil) about 3 or 4 months ago, and my Dr. increased my dose up to 50 mg. per day. It was supposed to help with both my interstitial cystitis and possibly my irritable Bowel syndrome. The first thing is that it didn't help with either one of these, and secondly it has caused me to put on close to 20 pounds in such a short period of time. I'm a short person with curves so i always weigh in at the upper limits of what's healthy for my size, but to add on as much weight as i've added, has made me feel uncomfortable in my own body and unhealthy. My doctor has had me gradually decreasing my dosage over the past 3 weeks and as of tomorrow i will be off it completely. I would seriously recommend looking into this medication as much as possible before taking it as a lot of people have experienced this same weight gain problem and there are other medications to try. I wish everyone the best! F 27 4 months
 2  insomnis, nerve pain in leg EXTREME fatigue!! Dry eye's, brain fog on 25 mg. This took a couple hours to kick in (took at 8pm), but then knocked me out pretty hard. I slept pretty good---was very groggy, but still tossed a little. Next day I had a very hard time getting out of bed at 8:30 am. I was extremely tired, groggy and v weak all day long. I couldnt do anything. A worthless day. I took 25 mg. whcih my dr. said was a low dose. Reading other posts, it doesnt seem that low of a dose. It did help with my pain, though. But not worth the other side effects. I dont think I will continue. Plus, I was told it doesn't make you gain weight...I see that is not true, either. Is there anything that doesnt cause weight gain?? F 39 1 days