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 3  Migraines weight gain (15lbs in 3 weeks), increased appetite (always needing to eat), hard to wake up in the morning, zoning out and hard to concentrate on anything, no motivation anymore I have only been on this drug for 3 weeks and although I have only had 1 migraine during this time, I do not think this is a drug for me due to the side effects I am dealing with and of course my doctor told me nothing about any of these, only said I would be sleepy. M 27 3 weeks
50mg 1X D
 3  headaches Slight weight gain, 5 lb. Loss of stamina at gym, (Reduced strength and could not run as long, I normally run 2-3 miles per week on treadmill, now .5 to 1 until i get tired)Joint pain after lifting weights. It reduced my headaches from 2-3 a day to 3-4 a week, and they only last 2-3 minutes vs. 2-3 hours. I only take it just before Bedtime...which changes since I work rotating shift work (12 hr). My doctor has suggested getting of this next month. M 46 2 months
10 mg 1X D
 4  depression and severe insomnia Over the past 6 months I have started having short term memory lose. I also have cotton mouth so badly that I am always drinking something. I am have some blurred vision and concentration problems I am beginning to get concerned because I am having major short term memory loss. I can be told a time to be somewhere and 5 minutes later I am questioning what time I was told. I can't concentrate to even read a magazine. I have also started experiencing heart palpations. It does help me sleep. I am a severe insomniac and if I am not on elavil I can stay up for days and days. The reason I haven't be put on anything different is because I have tried everything and nothing helps me in all the areas such as the insomnia, depression, and anxiety attacks the way elavil has. When i have been off of it for a few weeks in the past I go spastic. So I of course go back on it to become sane again. The last time I tried to get off of it I wanted to sleep all the time which is the exact opposite of the past times. I am not sure what I should do because I am in the fear that nothing else can cover my issues the way elavil has. F 29 8 years
150 1X D
 1  Migraines / Fibromyalsia weight gain, insomnia, stomache distress, swelling, hair loss I've been on this med for 10 yrs. I tried to come off it before but was so horribly sick from withdrawls that I had to go back on. This drug is one of the worst which is not what was thought yrs ago when I started it. It is highly addictive. Weaning off this med is a very very very slow process and a short term anti anxiety drug may be needed during that time. Do not let anyone tell you that you can wean off it in a matter of weeks. You will feel so sick that you will never want to come off it. I am trying to wean off it again. There are far too many other options out there these days. F 41 10 years
50 1X D
 4  sleep disturbances I've been taking it so long that it just didn't occur to me to look up side effects. My doctor had told me when I started it at age 35 that I might get Cotton mouth and I did. I also have vaginal dryness which my husband and I manage. However, about two years ago, I began experiencing dry eyes as well (also swelling of the eye and the eyeball, confirmed by opthamologist, though he couldn't imagine what was causing the swelling. Followup with my optometrist 10 months ago also revealed my eye pressure had increased a bit). It did not occur to me that elavil might play a role in either my dry eyes or my memory problems (which have worsened lately, like where I parked the car or worse, like the wellknown author of a book I'm teaching--or sometimes, I can't complete a sentence. I've gained 20 lbs., as well, but don't know if that's the drug or my age and slow metabolism. I was most concerned though when I finally began researching side effects yesterday that hair loss was associated for som I cherish the years of good sleep that this medicine has given me. If I miss a pill, I sleep for only 3-4 hours, at most. When I take the pill, I sleep well for 7-8 hours. Still, adding the dry eyes scares me, as glaucoma runs in my family. It has taken a year of eliminating and experimenting to finally realize that this added dryness may be the elavil. The only way to know is to wean off of it and see what happens. I have a doctor's appointment about this in two weeks. F 57 22 years
25 MG 1X D
 3  Fibro/Insomnia Dry mouth, extreme sleepiness to almost unconsciousness, sleepwalking, lucid conversations while asleep. While it has helped my fibro and apparently, helps me sleep, the sleepwalking scares me. I am on various other meds and the ONLY time I sleep walk is on this med. It started as my husband waking me up because I was kneeling in the center of my bed, pulling the chain to the ceiling fan, turning the light on and off. Then, it progressed to my kids waking me to ask if they could go to a friend's house and me waking up the following morning panicky because my kids are gone. Now, it has elevated to me sleep walking and being told about it from my 19 year old son. I am considering talking to my doctor to switch me to something different. My biggest fear at this point is going out and getting in my vehicle and killing somebody. The little bit of relief i get compared to something horrific happening...well, it really isn't worth it. F 41 1 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Anxiety Weight gain, increased hunger, dry mouth, drowsy in mornings Since starting this 7+ years ago I have gained around 14 lbs in weight ... since STOPPING it in July 2010 I have LOST that same weight with no effort ... I am absolutely certain that Elavil has a definite effect on weight. F 52 7 years
10 mg 1X D
 2  migraines loss of sex drive and difficulty achieving orgasm, drowsiness while first taking it It worked great for migraines for about 2 weeks and then it had only minimal effects. F 34 4 months
75 1X D
 4  Insomnia Rapid Weight gain I found out from someone else that had been taking it that they too, experienced rapid weight gain. After investigating, we found out that doctors prescribe this medicine to anorexics and bulimics-so that they will gain weight regardless of what they do. I stopped 3 weeks ago and have effortlessly lost 7 lbs. I'm hoping it will continue as I still have a bit more to lose that Elavil has put on me. Now I'm using a herbal combination with L-Tryptophene, melatonin, lemon balm and lavender. I follow these supplements with chamomile tea. Works great! Less weight :) F 39 4 months
25-50 mg 1X D
 4  migraines Extreme weight gain. I have gained 25 pounds in three months. Also, I have cravings for sweets and previously I harldy even ate sweets. F 34 3 months
100 1X D
 2  vulvar pain feeling lightheaded, excessive hunger, weight gain, sleepiness, dry eyes and mouth, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, mild urinary retention, mild hallucinations, occasional ears ringing didn't help my pain. increased BP was possibly due to weight gain. i had strong cravings for sweets and i couldn't exercise much due to feeling lightheaded. sometimes i would see flickering movements in my peripheral vision (this was not bothersome, just weird). F 37 3 months
50mg 1X D
 4  Depression I just submitted a review of this drug, but forgot to add some things that I think are important. I forgot to mention that this medication made me sweat a lot, too. I did mention the memory problems in my last post right? :o) Please take this forum for what it's meant for... the only one who can decide if this medication is right for you, is you. I wanted to address the weight gain issue because I know when I first considered taking this drug, I looked into possible side effects, and that one really turned me off, but I'm really happy that I did try it. My quality of life has improved significantly, and I still feel like myself on this medication, which is very important to me. The others made me feel so flat and blah, and hurt my head to get off of. There was initial weight gain, but I think that was just poor diet. Since I've started watching what I eat again, and started adding more physical activity in my days... I have lost 6lbs in 3 weeks. I know that I have a choice of what food I put in my body, and I am feeling great for these simple choices. F 45 3 months
50mg 1X D
 4  depression, fibromialga, That 300 mg is not a typo. I take that massive dose at bedtime, SE every single one they list.heart damage, memory,weight gain,...if it is a SE I have it This medicine gives me quality of life over quantity. That is because my dose is so very high. I have chosen to live shorter over no life at all. I am the exception to normal dosing. I get 5 hours sleep a night b/c of this medicine that is a great respite to me. F 50 6 years
300 mg 1X D
 4  Depression Dry mouth, memory affected a bit, very drowsy about 2 hrs after taking, slight elevation in blood pressure (okay now) Initial weight gain (not sure that was the drug though, as food is an emotional stabilizer for me) I have tried Effexor (Venlafaxine) and Celexa (Citalopram) and felt very blah. Also had no desire for sex, and had trouble reaching orgasm on both those meds. My Dr. gave me the Elavil (Amitriptyline) I feel so much better now! Started at 25mg (at bed cause it does tend to knock me out most nights) but that only helped for a bit. 50mg so far seems to be good for me. I can still function (unlike the other meds I tried) and I still have the desire for sex. I so far think of Elavil as my 'happy pill', cause I am much happier now than 3 months ago! I do sometimes worry about my memory... but give me a few minutes, and I'll forget about it again. LOL F 45 3 months
50mg 1X D
 3  IBS, mouth pain, trouble sleeping Odd dreams involving animals attacking me and other dramatic dreams, extreme dry mouth causing dental problems, slight weight gain, slight dependency on drug, a little more irritable, sluggishness during the afternoon after I first wake up(I work nights.) I visited my doctor in April 2010 about my stomach pain. He prescribed me this as well as tramadol. My diaherrea associated with my IBS has been drastically reduced, but tramadol may have combined to make the situation better. I am not sure. Sleep became much easier early on. However, more recently I have become a little more dependent on it and have built up a tolerance. I find myself taking 2 pills after my doc gave me the ok. I rarely used more than 1 for the first couple months. M 27 5 months
25mg 1X D
 1  Back Pain Bladder Spasms Extreme night terrors with waking hallucination Racing heart beat, extreme fatigue - found it very difficult to fall asleep but once asleep could not wake up in the mornings and would fall asleep continually through out the day, insaitable hunger, disorientation, poor concentration, poor memory with withdrawal side effects, inability to completely empty my bladder. Had none of these issues before taking. Really worked for my bladder and back pain within the first two days, thought it was a miracle drug! By day three the side effects started and gradually worsened instead of improving, side effects were so bad I had to discontinue with the drug. I am now on the third day of withdrawing with terrible nausea, body ache, headache and anxiety and the night terrors have continued. I didn't think I would get withdrawal effects from such a low dose for less than a month. Use with caution. F 26 3 weeks
10mg p 1X D
 2  chronic neuropathy C5/6 disc slips demotivated, changed personality, cardiac arrhythmia, loss of libido, drowsiness Amitriptyline helped me get a good night's sleep whereas before I had been waking every hour or so from chronic pain caused by 2 severe disc prolapses in my neck. But, the drug rapidly altered my personality and within 2 weeks I no longer recognised the person I had become. I was very confrontational and would see the negatives in everything. I was demotivated - at home and at work, and completely uninterested in sex despite being married only 6 weeks. At bedtime I would have significant heart arrhythmias - 1 missed heartbeat for every 10 normal (I do already have a minor history of occasional atopic heartbeats). Combined with the constant drowsiness, I decided to stop the drugs and put up with the pain and lack of sleep. My mood improved greatly within 2-3 days, but the libido hasn't returned yet (after 2 weeks). I was also taking atarax and ketoprofen at the time. F 37 3 weeks
2mg 2X D
 5  ic and fibromyalgia Drowsey first few days. Very good for pain. I was suffering terribly with neck and back pain, plus bladder pain until giving this drug a chance. You have to adjust the dose to suit your tolorance, and with me I need very little to be effective. F 62 1 months
10 1X D
 5  Fibromyalgia Weight gain; irritability occasionally but steep decrease of this side effect after a week or two. Sleepiness so take at night but early so you are not groggy in the morning. Best results if you take it at the exact time every night. Sugar cravings. Some difficulty in concentration. This is a wonder drug for sleep and extreme pain. I went from not able to perform daily functions from the pain and lack of good sleep to a completely normal life and almost no pain. I noted some people upset from the side effects when first taken but my doctor told me most of the side effects esp. in relation to my moods would go away which was true after two weeks. F 31 4 years
1X D
 5  bladder and vaginal pain Incredible fatigue when taking 10 mg tablet. But no pain! I started taking Elevil about two years ago, when I finally found a doctor to treat the pain resulting from a stubbornly chronic UTI and vaginal nerve pain that also developed. At first, I took a whole 10 mg pill and it provided me with the best sleep ever, except I couldn't get up in the morning. I began reducing the intake to "just enough" and "when needed." The drug helped me though a horrible period. F 60
10 mg 2X D