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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 4  Insomnia Extreme drowsiness and daytime fatigue after about 5 days at prescribed 10 mg dosage. Prescribed for early morning awakenings - 10mg at bedtime. Cut pills in half and now take 5 mg which still works well for sleep but elimanates the daytime fatigue. I also take 1mg clonazepam at bedtime along with the elavil. M 52 2 weeks
 3  insomnia Always wake up very groggy Dr started me on 40 Mg each night. Over the years, I reduced to 10 mg. It gives me a good night's sleep, but I wake up very slowly and am useless for an hour after I wake up. Also, takes 2 hours to take effect, so if you forget to take it until 11 at night you're gonna be up until 1 AM. I recently dropped Amitriptylene (Elavil) for Clonazepam. Clonazepam knocks me out cold in 30 minutes, but I would wake up at 4 AM severely depressed (but definitely NOT groggy). Added Wellbutrin to the mix and now feel really good. I think that after a few weeks with the Wellbutrin I won't need the Clonazepam either. Looking back on it, I can't imagine why I put up with that awful grogginess and the constant even but slightly depressed mood that I got with the Amitriptylene. M 44 2 years
 5  Insomnia Dry mouth, daytime grogginess when I first started taking it Have not slept as well in years. Wished I had asked for help with my insomnia earlier. F 48 2 months
 4  prophylaxis tx chronic tension h/a weight gain interacts a little with syntroid, i had to increase my synthroid dosage. F 20 5 months
 5  migraine headaches dry mouth and makes me very sleepy after 2 hours of taking it. went from headaches on a daily basis- after taking this drug i get headaches 4-6 times a month. i had insomnia before this drug it cured that problem also! you need to think smart on how to overcome the side effects like chew gum and take the pills at nite only and give this drug a chance .people give up on it to early!!! stay on it for 4-6 months!! at least then give your opinion! if you still have problems with it then it just wasnt ment for you! F 44 10 years
 1  depresion low blood pressure to the point of passing out. Reacted with alcohol which i was not warned about as i was a minor at the time and wasn't supposed to be drinking. Fell into a coma for 3 days After the comma I dumped all of the pills down the toilet and didn't sleep for 7 days. Was taking to high of a dosage for my weight, F 18 2 weeks
 1  Depression Tons. Dry mouth, blurred vision, relestness, tachycardia, tremors, sweating. Try something else. There are better TCA's available. F 27 1 years
 3  fibromyalgia I take 50 mg for a restfull sleep at night F 57 12 years
 4  Depression dry mouth and craving for sweets this is my only reliability against depression and sometimes alternate to pamelor as they both do the same thing -- I have been put on every drug for depression and the only ones to work was elavil and pamelor and if not for these two drugs I would not be here M 52 9 years
 5   M 40 5 years
 5  deppression cotten mouth, I;ve been taking it 25 yrs,cant sleep without it.I rtied all the other anti deppresants, always come back to elival M 55 25 years
 4  skull bone marrow expansion-pedia weight gain, insatiable appetite M 9 6 months
 3  depression/insomnia awful dry-mouth, dizziness, inability to concentrate (takes a liter of Mountain Dew to render oneself even marginally functional)... helped insomnia for a while, but tolerance built up quickly. also, takes far too long to kick in -- very irritating when you wake up an hour or two early and don't have time to take more. that, plus the side effects, got to be too much eventually. and coming off this drug can be extremely difficult... F 27 4 months
 4  Fibromyalgia Weight gain that would not come off. May have altered my mytabolism??? F 40 3 weeks
 5  Insomnia thirst It has really helped me sleep throughout the night. 10mg is still too much for me, so I cut them in half. A full night's sleep makes me a better person! F 37 1 years
 2  depression It dropped my already low blood pressure even lower and I almost blacked out while swimming laps--when I reached the end of my lane, all I could see was blackness, then little stars. Nobody warned me about this and it was only way later I found out it was drug related. It also made me overly agitated during the days, although it sure helped me sleep. By greatly reducing the dosage the side effects were not so bad, but still I couldn't tolerate it on a long term basis. F 37 30 days
 5  migraine headaches This medication has been great. I no longer get headaches. The only bad thing is that I get tired very quickly after taking it. If you need to sleep, this is for you! F 27 6 months
 4  depression and headaches dry mouth, constipation, sleepiness It helps me live a normal life. F 44