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 1  Migraines This medication causes extreme tiredness. To prevent my migraines (which are pretty frequent, and pretty severe, I had to take 100mg a day. The migraines went away, but in return I was constantly tired, and my metabolism slowed down so much that with diet and exercise I gained 25 pounds in four months. F 27 4 months
 1  migraines weight gain, lethargy, depression I took a low dose to prevent migraines. It didn't work. I gained weight like I was pregnant, primarily because I felt like eating an entire tray of cinnamon rolls and then taking a nap. Once I got off the drug (and started on Imitrex), I lost a considerable amount of weight and had more energy. F 49 2 years
 3  migranes Dry Mouth, constpation and a lot of weight gain! My migranes decreased from 2-3 a week to 2-3 a month. I sleep like a log. I take 25mg at 7pm to give my self ample time for the morning. F 28 3 months
 5  Migraine with Aura None I began taking Amitriptyline to prevent Migraine with Aura. My attacks had sometimes been as long as 9-18mths apart since they started properly aged 14. I put up with the odd attack over the years but after being on a low dose of Cipramil for a few years i withdrew and suddenly got increased attacks- some of them very severe. I think my nervous system had got used to the increased levels of certain chemicals and this caused my migraine to suddenly play up, where previously it had been ok. I wasn't prepared to put up with that situation so i took control and was prescribed amitriptyline, which has been proven to prevent migraine attacks in clinical trials. I was prescribed a very low dose of 10mg (normally 50-150mg is used for depression)and it has been brilliant. I feel much better knowing i am on something that helps as it means i can live my life with confidence and less worry. Even 5mg prevented attacks. A positive side-effect is that a low dose of this drug may help you feel a l M 34 18 months
 4  headaches, insomnia Extremely dry mouth, which is affecting my teeth, and huge weight gain Elavil gives me a full night's sleep without feeling groggy all day but the weight gain was almost immediate and I am growing everyday. I would stop taking the medication if I could find something comparable that did not cause weight gain. F 61 60 days
 5  Fibromyalgia Elavil works like lidocaine. Numbs all pain and stops muscle cramping associated with fibromyalgia. Other than slight constipation, no side effects at all!!!! Wonder drug for fibromyalgia!!!! F 62 12 years
 2  IBS after gallbladder removal None, except it didn't work. Didn't help diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome after gallbladder removed. F 43 2 weeks
 3  Fibromyagia A little groggy and foggy. I haven't been on this med for long, so I am not sure yet. If it eases this extreme head to toe pain, it will be worth it. At this point I still need Vicodin to survive the nights. F 40 5 days
 3  Migraine Headaches Cravings, always being hungry, sleeping alot, being very groggy and not being able to stay awake. I was taking Elavil (amitriptyline) for horrible migraine headaches that I would wake up with. I thought it would help me out some...I've only taken it 4 times and I am very sensitive to medicines obviously.. It knocked me out for 12 hrs each time I took it. I stay hungry and I crave sweets more than normal. I dont really have a headache which is good but at the same time this medicine isnt doing me any good. I stopped taking it today because of the horrible side effects. My neuro wants to put me on Topamax and I refused to take it. It made my mother really sick and I would rather have a migraine than be sick all the time! F 17 4 days
 1  IBS abdominal pain Sleepiness and HAIR LOSS although cannot be proven.I an now depressed because I am losing my hair! I took elavil at the same time as grapefruit seed extract which I have since discovered can boost elavils levels in the bloodstream.No one will confirm this,but I have enough scientific knowledge to read a few papers which make me believe this is the case. F 24 3 months
 4  Migrain Headaches Great sleep at night-a little more tired than usual during the day. constipated-and I am normally very regular. No weight gain so far-I don't crave sweets any more than normal and I have been very careful with my diet so as to not gain weight like everyone else on here. No horrible dreams as others have stated. I am taking 10mg a day at 7pm. I have been taking it for about 4 weeks. I normally have two migrains a week-now I am only getting one migrain about every two weeks. I tried Topamax several years ago and the side effects were so horrible that I was afraid to try any other preventative meds. My neurologist convinced me to try Elavil-and so far it seems to be working and the side effects are not too bad. I am not on any other medications except for taking Imitrex when I start getting a migrain. Reading the side effects on this sight almost made me decide to not try it-I am glad I tried it. I will write more in a few months if anything changes! F 43 4 weeks
 4  Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Extreme dry mouth, dental corrosion because of dry mouth, lack of concentration, lethargic, short term memory loss, weight gain, depressive and now starting to become chesty. I was started on this by my Rheumatologist 14 years ago as I was unable to sleep because of being in chronic pain 24/7. I'm one of about 10% in my country that get no remission from RA and I was started on 100mg at night but that was increased to 150mg at night but I couldn't cope with the extreme dry mouth so it went back down to 100mg at night. It was explained to me that through relaxing my muscles to enable sleep my brain would release endorphins the natural pain killer to boost the rest of the large number of medications I'm on, and I must admit I do get between 5 and 6 hours sleep a night but I'm so groggy on a morning, and I still find the dry mouth hard to cope with which makes me drink lots through the day. If you can manage without this medication do so because I'm now getting dental problems which is also because of the dry mouth and after 14 years on such a high dosage I can't foresee me being able to come off this medication unless they come up with an amazing cure for s F 58 14 years
 3  Fibromyalgia WEIGHT GAIN (26 lb in about 4 months), decreased fibro pain, increased sweating, decreased sex drive, great sleep however problems with energy the next day - My dosage is 20 mg at night per day I love this for the sleep aspect and pain. But it's not worth the huge weight gain. I've wanted to be pain free but not at the expense of gaining so much weight. Going to try something else F 30 4 months
 3  Night sweats and insomnia Dry mouth, weight gain, vivid dreams and constipation I have been on Elavil for menopausal night sweats and insomnia from the night sweats. This has helped me to sleep better at night but realized that I have gained 6 lbs. in 6 weeks. I have also had the vivid dreams and some nightmares. I am also experiencing constipation when I previously had IBS symptoms occasionally. I am not sure if I will continue to take this medication because I don't want to gain anymore weight. This is a good medication if you can stand the weight gain. F 53 45 days
 3  GAD, mild OCD no real side effects...brain electricity in the frontal lobe Greatly helped me get off effexor XR. Once of effexor, I'm now experiementing with other SSRI's. I'm going to stop elavil because of the 20 pound weight gain in 3 months. Used to be a skinny 6'2 male but now currently weight 205 which isn't bad, but don't see the end in sight with weight gain. M 31 100 days
 3  lower back pain/ burning nerve pain Can't get up in the morning - I sleep through two alarm clocks. This morning I woke up at 7 - the time i'm supposed to be at work. I haven't been on time in months, so I called in sick rather than being an hour late. I fall alseep on the couch every night, no amount of caffiene will keep me awake. Also have ravenous cravings for sweets - cake and fruit roll ups are my thing lately. No sex drive whatsoever. Major bloating, almost look pregnant. Urine retention - two UTIs in two months. I can't deal with the side effects anymore. I can't sleep my life away. I also take Oxycontin and birth control pills, and recently added Cymbalta, so I'm not sure if the side effects are all from amitriptyline, but I'm pretty sure they are the main culprit. I think I'm going to increase my Cymbalta and ditch the Elavil and bc pills and hope that I lose some weight and regain my sex drive, I just feel so bad for my fiance. F 28 4 months
 4  ICC/ IBS Weight gain, very dry mouth, fatigue Elavil really helped ease the symptoms of the ICC (neurogenic bladder problem) but not my IBS. Without Elavil, I have the constant sensation/ pain of having to urinate (even if I really don't need to) and it is worse at night. I've been on it for 10 months and the symptoms have subsided significanlty but I've gained 13 pounds, and hae decided to ween myself off the drug. My symptoms are back but I really can't deal with this weight gain. Has anyone tried another drug for this type of pain, that does not involve amti-depressants? F 35 10 months
 2  peripheral neuropathy dry mouth, depression, lethargy, raised heart rate (100bpm), poor concentration, apathy, poor balance. Anything above 10mg makes me feel totally drugged and so depressed. I just about manage on 10mg for neuropathy. At times pain relief is not enough, but I cannot cope with the 'walking dead' feeling and could almost be suicidal. It is good for the pain. Would really prefer not to be taking it. F 60 3 months
 2  migraine dry mouth, irritability Did not prevent our daughter from having a severe relapse that lasted over a month. F 8 7 months
 5  Depression Trouble waking up in mornings. Its a life saver, I couldn't imagine my life without it. M 21 2 years