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 3  MIGRAINES WEIGHT GAIN!! 20-30 lbs Metabolism has slowed to zero. Increased appetite for food in general especially sweets. Waking up during the night to eat and drink. High fiber diet alone does not relieve the constant constipation or bloating. Senekot*S provides relief when used in combination with high fiber (in a few days). Night terrors-very, very vivid. Hallucinations during the evenings when I wake up from sleeping briefly. Helps you sleep provided you do not wake up to night terrors or hallucinations. Hard to wake up in am, sleepy behind the wheel. Medicine needs to be taken at the same time every evening or you start get to irritated/aggravated because it is time for the next dosage. Tingling in hands daily, internal thermostat higher than normal-always feel it could be a bit colder. Dehydration effects your entire body. I would not recommend Elavil for anyone after my experiences. Although it helped with the headaches the unhealthy weight gain was not good for my health in general-mental or physical. Also I felt the doctor "glossed over" the side effects and the side effects I reported. THANK GOODNESS FOR THIS WEBSITE!! I now know I am not part of a small percentage who experiences these types of side effects. I plan to stop this medication after my next office visit. F 34 7 months
 2  headaches extreme fatigue anger, dizziness i went to bed at 9 pm and would barely crawl out of bed at 3pm the next afternoon. I was extremely dizzy (i also have low blood pressure) and angry about everything. i couldn't collect my thoughts and i would almost forget words. I took only 5mg F 19 7 days
 1  migraines Increase in appetite for sweets which lead to an increase in weight. Groggy in the morning. Felt like my internal thermostat was turned up. The worst was the overwhelming urge to eat non-food stuff like chapstick, crayons, cereal boxes and body lotion. Try Imitrex for immediate migraine relief. Also, get an eye exam. It turned out I had a slight stigmatism and needed eye glasses. My migraines decreased greatly. F 20 6 weeks
 4  Tension headache, upper back pain Drowsiness, slightly increased appetite 25mg greatly helped relieve chronic tension headache and back pain for about 6 months but lost effectiveness after that; unsure if it's because of tolerance to drug or cause of pain becoming worse. Increase to 50mg resolved symptoms for another 6 months but constant pain is returning; will soon increase to 75mg. Few side effects; increased appetite and slight weight gain. Considerable drowsiness an hour or so after taking the pills, wonderful for falling asleep but difficult to wake up in the morning. Taking smaller dosages over a period of a few hours instead of a full dose all at once before bedtime helps somewhat. Very useful drug for chronic tension headache, but you will become dependent upon it. Low doses will have little or no antidepressant effects. M 21 1 years
 1  Disc Degenitive Desease/Arthritis Nausea, tiredness, constipation, sharp stabbing pains around chest(breast area), migranes, anxiety with aggrivation, and sweats. The first couple of days of being on it I became constipated, then I started getting really tired alot with nausea and really bad sweats during the day and evening hours constantly, then I started experiencing sharp stabbing pains in my legs then went into my chest where my breast were, then came on the migranes in the early evening, Afer a week on it I became with these side affects still presisting, highly aggrivated with high anxiety which cause me to lash out verbally, I will never take this medication ever again....I can not believe the FDA allows this medication to be on the market!!! F 42 9 days
 1  Migraines, depression Horrendous weight gain. I gained 100lbs in a year and probably would have gained more if I hadn't made my doctor take me off it. I was ravenously hungry all the time and could eat an entire cake by myself. It also increased my anxiety to unheard of levels. I couldn't leave the house, I was near suicide all the time. Not the right drug for me at all. F 33 1 years
 1  neuropathic pain unrelenting dry mouth, zero appetite, unable to wake up and so sleeping 12+ hours. i had no idea it would make me sleep like the dead. really inappropriate prescription for a stay-at-home mother of a 2-year-old. will likely ease off of this medication in the next two weeks. don't take this one if you're caring for babies. F 38 2 weeks
 1  migraines/insomnia only took for 2 nights,had an extremely fast heartbeat,little sleep,moments where i thought i might pass out apparently works wonders for some people who sleep like a baby on this but as ive learnt,some people actually have the opposite reaction to this drug which is what happened to me, will not try again as obviously doesnt suit me F 37 2 days
 5  Sleep/Fibromyalgia The first night I felt dizzy in my sleep, that was gone afterwards. It caused me to have a delay when I would use the restroom (which was nice in a way because it kept me from using the restroom 3 times a night). All side effects wore off after I adjusted to the drug which took a week (I started off on 10mg, I've been told it's best to work your way up to avoid unpleasant side effects). This changed the way that I sleep. Never in my life had I slept so deeply which all but got rid of my fibro pain. I was prescribed only 10mg at the beginning. After 2 1/2 years however it has stopped working. My doctor has up'd my dosage to 20mg. Eventually though I'd like to switch off of it for a while so I can come back to it and have it be effective again. This drug greatly improved my quality of life for well over 2 years due to the better sleep (which the sleep clearly was one of the root causes of my fibro, brain fog, etc.). M 28 2.5 years
 1  nuropathy From day one, each day I was just dragging myself through the day. Felt like I had aches and pains all over. I was in a very bad mood every day. My husband said I had turned into a different person. I had constipation so bad and no laxatives helped me. I had dry mouth. My appetite increased, all I wanted to do was eat. I had sharp pains in my eye. Lights at night were purple and still are, 3 days after stopping drug. Bad medicine for me. I stopped 3 days ago and already I feel like a new person, like my old self! I'll live with the nuropathy rather than these awful side effects. F 54 14 days
 3  depression, pmdd dry mouth, insatiable thirst, loss of appetite, slight weight loss compared to the other drugs, i like it, only on 20 mg a day and may need to increase... i like that it can be in very small doses and increased very slowly. F 33 30 days
 4  MS and insomnia Morning grogginess and bad attitude. Originally given to ne for fibromyalgia/insomnia but it turns out I have MS. Certainly works to help keep me asleep. The original dosage was 25mg twice a day. Well, I tried 25mg the first night and said, "never again". The grogginess was too much. Next bout of insomnia I tried half a pill. Still too much so I tried 1/4 pill. Now we were getting somewhere. That was about 20 years ago. Now I'm up to 50mg at night. I still wake up with a bad attitude so I just don't speak to anyone for about 30 minutes then I'm OK. I want to try getting off this stuff some day but it does help with sleep and body pains. M 52 20 years
 4  basilar artery migraines small rash when I first started taking it, drowsiness, complete loss of sex drive I was prescribed Elavil for the numbness and tingling in my body (mostly my face) associated with Basilar Artery Migraines. It has worked wonderfully and my face now only goes numb if I forget to take my pill. Although I wasn't prescribed Elavil for depression, I have noticed an improvement in my mood and general outlook on things. F 22 365 days
 4  tension headache & insomnia groggy in the am, hard to wake up, some dry mouth This is the only medication that has helped me sleep, (besides a low dose valium). I would suggest this med to anyone who needs help falling asleep and staying asleep, also it has greatly reduced my headaches, not fully but a big difference. I was not as groggy on the 10mg but that didn't really help with my headache and neckache so i went to 25mg which did help but i was really groggy in the am but i also do not get enough sleep, only about 6 hours so you may not feel groggy if you get a full 8 hours. F 31 3 months
 4  Migraine preventative WEIGHT GAIN!!! (20 pounds in 5 months). Drowsiness, dry mouth, decreased sex drive. These are all things my doctor denied would be side effects when I asked about them up front. My headaches went from 20 migraines a month to 1-2. I have been suffering for 15 years with migraines and have tried numerous drugs from all classes and nothing but Elavil has worked.But because I have gained so much weight so quickly, my doctor is having me taper off now. I even tried to take Zonegran (anti-seizure) along with it, but this did nothing to decrease my appetite. F 35 5 months
 5  Daily Headaches, Insomnia Drowsiness. I take 25mg in the evening 3-4 hours before bed. Decrease to a half dose if I am going to be out late or drinking a glass of wine as drowsiness will increase. Vivid dreams and deep sleep. As a previous insomniac, I am used to being awoken easily but sleep through now. I have an extra 8-10 pounds I can't lose (increased appetite but worth it!) My actual drug name prescribed is Amitriptyline. F 34 6 years
 4  Nutcracker Esoph causing chestpain extreme fatigue in the beginning. Continue to have dry mouth. Swelling of legs and arms. Seems to be working to stop the spasms of my esophogus as I have had very little chest pain in the 2 weeks I have been on the drug. F 41 15 days
 5  insomnia first few days groggy then cleared out I was an insomniac for years, got so severe I felt like I wanted to die. First dose of elavil 10mg I didn't even know where I was, it was a nightmare. Cut the dose in half to 5mg to start and slept like a baby, always felt really calm and great. Love this drug, but had to go off of it after 10 years causing me to pass out occasionally from low blood pressure. I miss this drug, I never felt so good in my life on this. Took away the insomnia completely. F 48 10 years
 1  IBS hallucinations, night-terrors, it made my asthma worse WARNING to ANYONE trying this for the first time. I was told to take 1- 25mg pill b/f bed every night.. The 1st night, I had a night terror, the next 2 nights I had both nightmares and auditory hallucinations (I heard voices outside my bedroom of my kids fighting one night, even though they were both fast asleep. The other night I heard my husband calling me, but he was asleep next to me.). The last night I took this pill I had a very awful dream and woke up to visual hallucinations. I saw the image of a demon/monster type thing in my closet, looked up at my ceiling to see skeletal hands, then saw a dark figure move through my room. I woke up my husband who sat up with me until it all subsided and I was able to coax myself back to sleep! I am a 36 year old Mother who's NEVER done drugs and I don't drink. My mind does NOT work like this. There is no doubt it WAS the Elavil! I am not telling anyone not to try it. For many, it sounds great. I'm just WARNING people that if they do try it, F 36 4 days