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 3  anxiety and depression To me, this kind of worked like Paxil, but a bit mellower. I got off of this because I couldn't stand the excessive sweating! And all over! My feet were a bit swollen also, yep, just like good ole' Paxil! It did work a bit better than Paxil, though. Not bad for an oldie but goodie! F 34 3 months
 4  neuropathic nerve pain dry mouth, excessive perspiration around neck and upper chest area, particularly in morning. Generally wake up wet. Also, dry mouth, constipation and decrease in libido. I have taken elavil on two different occasions, both for neuropathic pain (once in arm, again in abdomen). Started at 10 mg. each nite and worked up to 50. Am now weaning myself off it all together. In both instances it worked quite well, side effects notwithstanding. I slept quite soundly and could easily sleep till late morning. Upon waking, however, I felt quite rested, moreso than ususal. I had tried neurontin first in both instances with no effect. Much preferred the results with elavil. M 56 3 months
 5  fibromyalgia Dry mouth (sometimes), irregular heart rate (when drinking caffeine), and inability to lose weight(it took me 6 months to loose 12 pounds when working out). I was diagnosed when I was ~20 years old. My doctor put me on elavil, 5 mg at bedtime. I am now at 30 mg at bedtime (and have been for the past 7 years). I tried to wean myself off of it twice before (I don't like taking pharmacuticals), but almost died from the pain. I think this is a great medication for me. I could not live my active life without it. I also take many supplements/herbs to help with my pain. F 32 12 years
 1  Depression Started out at a low dose for three days (can't remember the mg). Dose doubled after those days. Immediately after the dose went up I started having some kind of nerve problem. Namely, the whole left side of my body ,from heel to tongue went completely numb. I was afraid I was having a stroke. Didn't take anymore after three days of this, and the problem went away the day after I stopped taking. Strange!! It is worth mentioning that I can't tolerate most antidepressent drugs. They have no effect on the depression but plenty of the unwanted side effects. F 38 6 days
 1  TMJ pain Dr suggested I take 10mg Elavil at night, building up by the 2nd week to 20mg's. It did help to alleviate the TMJ pain but I became incredibly, deeply, darkly depressed, lost all motivation, felt foggy headed all day and my craving for eating sweets was totally out of control. I could see myself getting fatter by the day. I tapered back down to 10mg's - stayed there for one week, then tapered down to 5 mg's and then stopped but it took me close on three months before I felt 'mentally stable' again. This medication seemed to totally crush the life out of me. I was like the walking dead while on it. F 51 6 months
 5  interstitial cystitis dry mouth, sleepiness, increased appetite in the beginning This medication almost completely relieves my pain. Additionally, since the pain was keeping me awake at night, I sleep much better. If I do wake up, the medication helps me go back to sleep quickly. I sometimes have a hard time waking up in the morning. But the elavil has make it possible for me to go through the day painfree. F 50 3 months
 2  Constant nausea/vomiting for 9yrs Feel like a zombie, out of my head, in a fog, irritation and a lot of trouble urinating. Extreme dry mouth, major vivid nightmares, hard to wake up. Shaky/jittery, seem forgetful and just not myself. Also getting irritated easily. though NO weight gain, bad taste in mouth, constipation...all this and more after only about 5-6 days of taking it. I have been sick with vomiting/nausea/diarrhea for over 9yrs. I have thrown up at least 3-7 days out of the week since getting sick. Been to numerous doctors with no diagnosis. Dr. suggested Remeron but made me depressed and have weight gain so I switched to Elavil and didn't even realize that what I've been going through were side effects until I started reading here and noticed I had almost every side effect listed. This did not work for my illness either so I see no point of taking it any longer. I would not suggest this to anyone but I'm sure it could react different with each person... I'm hoping that I wont have bad side effects when I stop taking it. F 19 6 days
 2  Fibromyalgia, sleep aid I have only taken 2 10 mg doses so far. Basically I felt drugged the whole next day even though I took my dose between 7-8pm the night before.....I also had weird dreams. I am supposed to give this a 2 week trial before deciding it doesn't work for me, but I would basically have to take Dexedrine or something the day after to wake up! Not even sure I can take those two together! As with most meds, I always like it if it comes in very small doses. Also, for me samples are probably the way to go since I am so sensitive to everything...samples at doctors offices seem to be a thing of the past (at least where I live). F 41 2 days
 2  Anxiety Groggy in the morning, severe weight gain in short amount of time, increased appetite I was on a low dosage of just 10mg for several months, but recently my doctor increased the dosage to 100mg because I was still suffering from anxiety. After just two weeks on the 100mg, I gained nearly 10 pounds. When I wake up in the morning I feel completely exhausted; as if I had not slept all night. The anxiety has improved, but now I feel depressed over the weight I've gained and how tired I always feel. So basically, I traded one symptom for two. F 36 1 days
 1  sever ibs weight gain, migraine headaches lasting several days, high body temperature, sugar and carb cravings, night sweats, nightmares, dry mouth, dry eyes, depression, blacking out 2 hours after taking the drug, increase in breast size, elevated blood pressure and constant thirst (even though i drink 3 litres of water a day). In Sept '07 my dr. prescribed Elavil telling me that it helped with ibs, and that it would not have any side effects other than some drowsiness. He also informed me that I would start at a low dose (10mg), and then every couple of weeks it would be increased until my pain began to go away, and my symptoms began to subside. So I did as the doctor instructed. But as time passed, I began to gain weight. When I brought the issue up with my GI dr. on several occasions, he said "you can stand to gain a few pounds". It took until February 2008 to get to 100mg which made me fractionally better than before, but I didn't feel great. I was also experiencing other side effects that I didn't think came from taking the drug until I found this website. In the 6 months that I have been taking elavil I have gained a total of 25 lbs. My entire experience with elavil has been horrendous, and the worst part is that the drug didn't even help me. I have wasted 6 months of my life counting on the F 28 7 months
 4  IBS ..and stress DRY Mouth for sure,tired more often, difficulty concentrating at times.Little anger issues initially but have subsided substantially.I get annoyed easier. It had really helped my ibs. Inadvertently my sleep is improved as well.Used to wake up real early and not able to get back to sleep. stunk!...but now better than before... Dreams seem to occur less frequently. started at 10 mg and gradually upped it to 30mg...30 seems to be most efficacious at this point in time.I initially got IBS from a windsurfing incident in upstate NY..polluted lake, accidental ingestion of some of the bad H20..got giardia..gave me flagle(anti parasitic)?? Ever since my gut has been screwed up..especially when i took 5HTP..that really took it over the top. So far the Elavil and i take LEVBID..Hyoscamine...to help slow peristolysis. This is all a crazy experiment...going for a ride so to speak.Anyone in Cyber land that can relate to my experience..please email! M 46 3 months
 1  fibromyagia/anxiety/depression weight gain! fast heart rate! confusion, vivid dreams,hallucinations, angry, agitated,nervous,very sensitive to light. out of control appetite! over emotional. have been taking it for going on two months, had taken it years ago gained 50 pounds so fast, i want to stop it now because of this but missing it a few days makes me sick. ihave alreadygined at least 10 pounds. F 42 2.5 months
 2  pain, and sleep aid Very dry mouth Got no sedation, no pain relief, nothing. All this med did for me was give me such a dry mouth I couldn't keep taking it. Got so dry it was hard to talk! M 52 2 months
 5  Insomnia, neuralgia The only side-effects I've experienced were after taking Elavil for a year & quitting cold-turkey - I had a strong paranoid delusion that lasted about 1 week & a gradual return of nerve pain in my teeth, shoulders, knees & back. I had no immediate interruption in sleep, but the insomnia also gradually returned after about 6 months off Elavil. If I only have time for about 6 hrs of sleep, I wake up slowwwwly & am quite groggy & dizzy for about a half hour to an hour. It does absolutely nothing for me on the nights when I am just not sleepy. This is the second time I've taken Elavil on a long-term basis. I've always had lifelong insomnia - both wakeful insomnia where I am physically exhausted but just not sleepy (sometimes for days), and early-waking insomnia where I wake up after 3 or 4 hrs & then cannot go back to sleep. I went through sleep clinics & found I was waking up when REM sleep would begin (it explained why I could never remember dreaming - I actually wasn't dreaming at all). Elavil doesn't make me drowsy, but it helps me stay asleep past 4 hours, I have & remember dreams and if I am awakened (the doorbell, the phone, the bladder) I can go right back to bed & fall back asleep. I've also always been depressed, but I have no noticeable mood-lightening or lessening of anxiety, but it also doesn't get any worse. F 34 2 years
 5  Bladder Spasms Dry mouth, sore throat are the annoying side effects. 10 mg per day before bed. Bladder spasms have completely subsided but so have my hot flashes and I have no appetite. I've lost 15 lbs since early January. F 52 2 months
 3  migraine headaches weight gain, (not sure if this was the drug...but it seems to be similar to others taking this drug..heart palpitations, vivid scary dreams, hypoglycemic-like symptoms in the mornings) I was on this drug for almost a year at 10mg a day. I gained probably 15 pounds. I remember having one awful dream of my getting into a car accident and waking up on the ground looking down and seein my leg was gone and i was laying in a pool of blood. It was so vivid and real, I swear i thought i was actually dying. I was super pissed about the weight gain, I had leukemia when I was on this drug because the chemo made my headaches worse, so i thought from sitting around sick all the time my metabolism slowed and thats why i gained weight. so i tried to lose it by cutting back about 700 calories a day, and going to the gym. i did not lose a fucking pound. when the more sever effects happened recently (palpitations, throwing up, etc) i was taken off the drug cold turkey with no withdrawal effects. i hope hope hope that the weight will start to come off easier now with my diet and excersize. this is a bad bad drug that made me very sick and fat and i hate it! if anyone has taken this dru F 17 10 months
 1  chronic pain, anxiety At first Elavil made me sleepy which I liked because of the relaxation. Over time it began to make me feel awful. I was exhausted all the time and not thinking straight. I was gaining weight even though I was dieting, then my hair began falling out. I was so bloated my rings didn't fit and I went up a shoe size. When I stopped taking it I lost 5 pounds immediately. The withdrawal was very unpleasant. In the end, this medication made my anxiety and depression worse. It did not help with pain at all. I wouldn't recommend it. F 53 1 years
 5  Sleep problems The first two weeks I experienced about a two second delay in trying to urinate... nothing big, just weird feeling. I also was midly dizzy for the first two days. After that period, I've had no side effects. I take the smallest dose which is 10mg. At 10mg Elavil was prescribed to help get me into deeper sleep cycles and to help reduce nagging "fibromyalgia" type pain. It's worked wonders for the way that I sleep and feel physically. M 29 3 years
 4  insomnia Only been 5 days, but, sleep ok. Wake a few times but able to go back to sleep. I've had horrid insomnia for yrs and after withdrawal from benzo type sleep meds sleep got worse! Tried Remeron for 2 months and gained 14 lbs along with other side effects. Since ridding the remeron and taking elavil I've lost 3 olbs in a few days! the bloating is much better too. Low dose of 10mg on Elavil hoping this will do the trick? Also, just got diagnosed with thyroid disease and started medication. That should also help the weight gain issue and maybe even the insomnia? Anyone suffering fatigue and cold hands etc check out your thyroid levels! I've had this disease for yrs! and it went unchecked! 10mg helps get to sleep after about 2hrs. Wakings during the night but able to return to sleep. Appetite still active but getting better since ridding Remeron. Some constipation but I take magnesium supp's which take care of that!! F 51 5 days
 3  For Muscle tension headaches Extreme Drowsiness, Ears closing, ringing in ears, disturbed concentration and nervousness. It prevented headaches frequency and severity but felt uncomfortable during the whole time while on the medication. M 30 12 days