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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 3  Migraines and chronic headaches not feeling myself, lack of concentration, extreme dry mouth, sore throat, still very sleepy in the morning. I have been taking elavil for only a week. On the second day I was headache free. After having chronic head aches for years but recently been having them everyday without relief, this was awesome. But I do not feel "right". I cant concentrate at work, and am easily confused. My job requires high attention to detail and my boss actually noticed that I was seriously lacking this for the last few days. Also I have been having crazy dreams, vivid, typically unpleasant. And am exhausted until about mid morning. I take elavil 25mg in the evening before bed. F 30 8 days
 4  GAD, anxiety slight nausea Was having trouble taking SSRI and SNRIs. For an old drug it sure has helped with my general anxiety and racing thoughts. I need to take klonopin for increased anxiety situations. M 30 2 months
 5  unexplained midback pain, insomnia Definitely makes you tired, but I needed that side effect, as a longterm insomnia sufferer. Elavil has been a life saver for me. I am sleeping better than I have for years, and it has helped reduce the frequency of midback pain flare ups. I have noticed some weight gain and increased craving for sweets. However, being in pain AND not being able to sleep was way worse than these side effects for me personally. I take 35mgs at bedtime. F 27 7 months
 3  Fibromyaglia & ME extreme fatigue.....wieght gain grrrrrrr, elevated mood, grumpy mood been on this drug for 5 months prescribed by my rhumo consultant.....started on 25mg gradual increase to 100mg, most side effect for me personally increase in wieght ...around 7lbs, mood changes .....loss of libido, did help with relief of the pain from fibro however didnt help at all with the ME in fact seemed to make it worse.....weaned of now and starting CYMBALTA apparently a wonder drug for fibro suffers......i guess i will see .... M 37 5 months
 2  Vulvar Vestibulitis weight gain, fatigue I gained 20lbs over four months, averaging 2.5lbs per week that I was at the max dose of 125mg per day. I was tired all the time. The drug helped with the nerve pain, really helped, but I couldn't keep gaining sizes and buying clothes for my fat self. F 25 5 months
 5  trigminal neuralgia and anxiety none apart from better sleep,decreased neuralgia buy about 75% and lowered anxiety levels. my weight fluctuates anyway. better than ssris by a mile M 29 4 months
 4  Chronic Persistent Migraines I really didn't notice any. Since I'm also on another antidepressant, the side effects of this product wasn't noticeable. F 19 3 months
 4  Migraine prophylactic Weight gain, dry mouth, more difficult getting out of bed in the morning. Prior to taking Amitriptyline, I suffered from extremely painful/debilitating migraines 7-8 times a month. A 10mg daily dosage had no effect; 20mg/day did the trick. I'm happy to report after 3 months I've had not one migraine! I find myself struggling with the weight gain, however. As a very active individual, I've never had an issue maintaining a healthy weight. At this point I've gained 10 lbs. Cutting calories and boosting my aerobic/weight resistance training is proving futile. Help!!! M 39 3 months
 3  Fibromyalgia Dry mouth, grogginess in am for first few weeks, weight gain, decreased sexual appetite I have been seeing a Rheumatologist to treat my Fibro and we have been doing a lot of experimenting to see what works for me. About three months ago he put me on Elavil, it has really helped with the insomnia I have been experiencing, and after a few weeks I wasn't feeling as groggy in the morning. I finally felt rested, which was very nice, but it has somewhat decreased my sexual appetite which is quite frustrating. I noticed right away that I wanted to eat EVERYTHING, I have gained about 10-15 pounds, given that the Fibro keeps me from being able to be as active as most normal people, I have tried to adjust my diet to eat healthier and try to avoid the urge to snack on candy, chips, etc. Elavil has helped with the insomnia and depression that comes with Fibro, but I'm still not totally sold on it given the side effects. F 27 3 months
 1  depression/anxiety/headaches extreme increase in appetite, craving for sweets, weight gain I was already on Lexapro when prescribed Elavil. I really don't see any improvement since first taking elavil. I still have my headaches and the weight gain has made me decide to slowly ween myself off of elavil. F 19 4 months
 3  Chronic Headaches - Some Migrane Sound/Deep Sleep,Grogginess, Weight Gain Prescribed Elavil for headaches - already on Lexapro for anxiety / panic attacks. Had headasches that lasted for days, and would then go into a migraine (with visual and auditory sensitivity). Has worked well for headaches, but have put on 10-15 lbs in a month and a half. Not happy about that. M 51 7 weeks
 5  Depression Fatigue Although I don't take Elavil anymore, this was the only medication that helped me with severe depression, insomnia and anxiety. The side effects were strong at first but they diminished with time. After a few years I went off Elavil and am now depression and anxiety free. No regrets. F 33 5 years
 4  nerve damage in head The only side effect I had was if I didn't take a Xanax with it at bed time I had really BAD nightmeres...like Freddy Cruger style! I was taking this because I had something in my head burst and the Doctors cant find what it was, but it left nerve damage in my face and head. My head hurt to even touch it and my face was all numb and tingly. It didn't help the pain at all, but it made me sleep really good and I felt rested the next day. I don't sleep well to start with, but just the pillow touching my head hurt so I wasn't sleeping at all for about 5 mounths. Then my doctor put me on this and on Xanax because I was having so much anxity from the pain and the doctors not knowing what popped in my head. the first night I took it I slept sooo good I asked to stay on it. I actully have to get Nerver blocks in my head to control the pain. But I have to take Xanax with it so I don't have nightmeres. F 41 2 months
 3  vaginal pain weight gain, about 10 pounds in 6 mos. Constantly tired I was on elavil for 6 mos...I did feel some relief, although the weight gain was enough to make me stop it. My doctor says there is no other drug I can take that would help the itching and burning. I have an appointment at the University of Michigan end of July. Hopefully they can make other suggestions and help me figure out what is wrong with me. M 32 6 months
 5  Depression/Anxiety/Insomnia Slight weight gain, taste/smell distortion at beginning of treatment I love this medication! I started on it to help me come off of some other medications I had been on for several years (Ambien, Restoril, Klonopin). It helps greatly with overall mood. I have a get-up-and-go attitude that I'm not used to having. It balances me out very well. It has helped with endogenous depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I sleep like a baby and have not had a panic attack in months, even though I am no longer on sleep/anxiety meds. The only thing that I am not too thrilled about is the slight weight gain...but it is worth it. F 29 2 months
 5  Chronic migraines Initial symptoms included severe somnolence, heart palpitations, difficulty in waking up, vivid dreams. Did help significantly with insomnia, however, this effect wore off. With tolerance over time, the medication helped tremendously in reducing both the frequency and severity of migraines. At 75mg, the only major side effect is dizziness and lightheadness when standing up. F 24 2 years
 2  Anxity Depression severe weight gain. I would not recommend this to anyone who is weight gain sensitive.I gained 18 pounds in 2 months. It took the anxitey and depression away I actually felt good but now Im fatter than I already was and I have got to figure out a way to loose this extra weight. F 43 2 months
 5  depression, fibromyalgia dry mouth and drowsiness is all I can remember, if I had others they are long gone I like this med because it helps with my fibro, which is a bonus, not what it was originally rx'd for. SSRIs make me manic and tricyclics like amitriptyline do not. It has not cured the depression, but seroquel with it helps. I take 150mg at bed time. F 27 3 years
 3  depression neuropathy insomnia weight gain, sleeping 12-15 hrs per day Definitely helped with the neuropathy; I went from walking with a cane with an escort to being able to go about my life normally. Also helped with my anxiety. Medication was being used in conjunction with robaxin and ibuprofen and alleve. However, I've been almost unable to do anything other than the very basics of life-go to work, come home, let the dog out, eat maybe, and then back into bed. I was told by the doctor that this was simply a function of depression. Upon reading other people's review of this medication I find myself astonished to discover that this is not necessarily true, and am very angry with my doctor. My sleeping has caused arguments with my husband, who is military and on a very early morning routine. I will be switching if it's possible. F 20 1 years