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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 4  MIGRAINE PROPHYLAXIS Facial tic, dry mouth After 15 years on propanolol, I had to find a new medication due to asthma complications. Elavil seems to work well in preventing migraine and really helps me sleep soundly, but I am dismayed by the development of a facial tic after about 60 days on Elavil. F 43 3 months
 4  trigeminal neuralgia sleepiness good, take too much, it drys your mouth. F 36 3 months
 5  low back pain caused dry eye syndrome so stopped taking as coulnt wear contacts, 100 percent effective with chronic pain F 38 2 months
 3  Pain No side effects This medication is not potent enough when it comes to my pain.It is to help my Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.It does however cause me to be much calmer. M
 3  complicated migraines WEIGHT GAIN!!!! dry mouth and dizziness at first. feel drained of energy. initially headaches and hemiparesis were well controlled, but now the headaches are rebounding so I really don't want this med anymore. F 31 6 months
 4  MIGRAINE dsfa sdf M 21 1 weeks
 4  Insomnia, anxiety Dry mouth, weight gain, lowered metabolism, deteriation of gums, Drowsiness Works well for sleep, but over the last 5 years my dosage keeps increasing as my body builds resistance, I averaged about 100mgs a night! Went cold turkey for 5 days last week and slept very very little, am now back on but only need around 25mg great. I also mediate usualy twice a day for 30 min.. i find it helps me become more calm and helps speed up the onset of Elavil's s calming/drowsy properties to help me get to sleep fastser.. If you have any questions please send me an email. I would be most grateful to help if I can.. M 26 4 days
 1  anxiety dry mouth, headache, excess sweating, heartburn, stabbing pains in sides, unpleasant taste, eye pain, fast and irregular heart beat, shakiness, nervousness, restlessness, almost uncontrollable violent rage, blurred vision, constipation, eye pain, stiffness in arms and legs, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, hot flashes, irritability, hallucinations (floaters) i was prescribed this drug to supplement paxil 20 mg/day. paxil was innefective in controlling my anxiety, but i continue to take it as it is more effective than opioids for chronic pain in my leg. maybe this stuff isn't so bad by itself, and the horrible side effects i mention go away after about an hour, but i experience them even at half the recommended dosage, which was only 25 mg to begin with. don't take this shit if you are on paxil. seriously made me want to hurt somebody, and those feelings in turn made me think about killing myself. M 26 10 days
 4  Sleeping Unexplained minor pain at first I started at 10 mg and it made me sleep very deeply. Doctor gave it to me because I had pain in lower legs. After that, my family doctor upgraded to 25 mg as an antidepressant. It was good to sleep; but for depression, useless. I did not saw any changes. If you can sleep with 10 mg, why go to 25? Use the lowest possible dose to sleep. For depression, the dosage is much higher. Very cheap product because it is generic I think M 52 3 months
 3  Pain Elavil side effects: Weight gain, dry mouth, weird dreams, tooth decay, irregular heart beat, sweating, ejaculation problems. I have been taking elavil since my car accident. I was a competitive sports guy. Powerlifting, football, etc. Started out with good results from the medication but after 4 years on 50mgs I'm going off the stuff sleep or no sleep. I never really slept most of my life because of hyperactivity. I took up Tae Kwon Do and never felt better. Joints and muscles get stretched and worked like never before. Fibramyalgia went away and my sex life is back again. My best friend is a nutritionist and I have been on a regiment of vitamins which absolutly work. I'm 56, very active, and feeling good. My email is [email protected] if you want to know exactly what I take and do for exercise. I will return your email. M 56 4 years
 3  Fibro/Sleep disorder Hangover effect in morning. Makes me groggy, hard to get up. General weakness in lower body. Dry mouth. Take it early, 7pm. Works good but tolerance builds up. Hard to sleep w/o it. Does give me restful sleep which is better than long-term sleep apnea. M 200 days
 3  Migraines extreme sleepiness all day, couldn't wake up, could sleep for 15 hours or more and I was only on 10 mg, combined with 500mg of Depakote for prevention of migraines I noticed a decrese in my migraines, but eventually went on continuos cycle birth control which practically wiped out all my migraines, went from 3 or 4 a month on preventative meds to 1 every couple months on continous birth control F 22 7 years
 5  Chronic Fatigue, abdominal pain. Morning sleepiness, constipation, dry mouth. I suffered with debilitating chronic pain and fatigue, and had tried many other medications without much relief. Taking this drug (75 mg at night) helped restore my sleep which was the key to improving my health from terrible to fair. At least I could function and had a better quality of life. The morning sleepiness, constipation and dry mouth side effects all began to become less pronounced within two to four months, so if you have severe health problems, don't give up on it too early because of side effects. M 50 10 years
 5  Daily Migraines No significant side-effects, but it did take two months to get much benefit I was warned by my neuro that this drug was not an effective antidepressant. F 29 5 months
 5  depression and anxiety side effects were dry mouth, constipation, kind of a loss of energy, sleepiness, some loss of libido, feeling of not being yourself i have been treated for depression and anxiety since i was 25 years old and i am now 58 yo. i would like to recommend the following strategies which i have found to be helpful. i have tried umpteen thousand other newer medications and found them not to be as good as the tricyclics at least for me. my research indicates that these drugs are better on men. i think this is so because if u are athletic (which u must be on this med i think)_ pain is a more severe factor in depression. i originally took this med in the form of triavil which is elavil + trilofon (a anti- phsycotic. long term use of the latter raises the risk of tardive dyskenisia which is horrific and possibly irreversible. i have stopped the triavil because of this and proceed with elavil. one thing i would recommend is exercise to the point of being a pro. this will allow the lowest dose and add your natural chemicals to improve depression. i was able to have a good sex life on this med by varying the time i took it. dont take when u and your other want sex. try to work around this and i had no compaints. sometimes i would go off it for a while because sometimes i didnt feel like myself. try to become more self aware so that u dont go too far. my whole life revolves around my mental condition, but it is worth it as i have come to discover a sense of priority in that no job, partner, or anything else is worth sacrificing your happiness. in other words, do what's necessary to stay out of a deep depression as long as its not self destructive. M 58 28 years
 1  Osteoarthitis-Chronic pain Drowseness - Constipation - Racing heartbeat - Hot flashes - Lost of taste - Dry mouth - Skin peeling in mouth. I have stoped taking it 10 days ago and dry mouth, lost of taste and skin peeling wont go away. Didn't help pain at all. Will never take again ! F 53 30 days
 4  muscle pain in my arm None that I am aware of. It took a a while to activate. I took 25mg at bedtime . Woke up in the middle of the night but was so tired couldn't get out of bed. knocks you out pretty good. definitely take this if you want to get some sleep. F 31 2 days
 5  major depressive disorder -dry mouth -sedation -accomdation troubles (temporary) the only antidepressant that really 'dissolved' the core sptms of my dep. very good sedative & anxiolytic effect, but regulary EKG&blood exams needed as its a tricyclic AD (possibility of cardiotoxic side effects). im taking it for years now with valproate (Depakote-generic), the one and only med that really relieved my troubles. M 22
 3  Chronic Fatigue Racing heatbeat(tachycardia), dry mouth & receding gums, weight gain, excessive sweating, ringing ears (don't know if related) Without it my fatigue symptoms are unbearable but the side effects are terrible! Stuck between a rock and a hard place. M 33 12 years