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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  For TMJD anxiexty & depression This drug made me feel so wierd...not myself and extremely sad with nighymares.Also ended up in the ER on a heart monitor for several hour BPM @ 128.Scary experience im still trying to get back to norm.I would never recommend. Don't take. F 27 1 weeks
 1  Depression Tinnitus and hearing loss leading to extreme depression. Devil drug. Do not take. M 54 6 days
75 mg
 5  CFS/ME; Insomnia None that I'm aware of so far. A little tired the first day or two, but that's pretty normal for me. I've tried many different medications for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it's related symptoms - antidepressants, benzos, thyroid meds, steroids, antivirals, stimulants,and on and on. I had been taking trazodone to help with sleep for several years, but it seemed to be getting less effective. After doing some research, I asked my doc about Elavil and he was happy to write a script. So far, I have slept like a baby on it. I was a little tired for the first couple of days, but that seems to have faded. Doc also suggested Lamictal during the day, which I have not started yet. I want to use just the Elavil for a few weeks to see its effects before adding anything else into the mix. M 48 1 weeks
 5  Anxiety,stress,depression,(IBS). I never exprinced any unwanted side effects. People please do not give up.try every possible way to find the right medicine that match with your hermuony chart .i have personally tried every psychology class medicines started off with all the SSRI,then i gave up from all them,then started off with something stronger called SNRI.that also did not help.then started with older antidepressant called tricycle antidepressants and I find out med called ELAVIL.to all of you touchy felling like me I swear by who ever you guys believeing GOD guide me to it I can stay with it all my life .i would rather be medicated person than to be hitting by anxiety and stress and depression not emanations the (ibs)any day and time.please people find the right med do not give up.great day . M 28 7 days
 3  IBS Weight gain. Weakness in my extremities (i.e. arm and legs). Almost feels like I took a muscle relaxer and like I'm walking around with weights on my legs. Deep sleep. Sleep 12 hours on the weekend. When I do wake up, I feel like I don't fully wake up all day long. Lethargic. Did help significantly with my IBS symptoms. F 45 1 years
20 mg 1X D
 3  Depression anxiety Extreme weight gain, blurred vision, urine retention, dry mouth and throat. I worked great for depression, I could careless about what was going on,I could sleep better. But the side effects are out weighing the benefits.starting to decrease my dose and I'm already edgy. F 40 4 months
 4  fibromyalgia I was feeling it was harder to wake up in morning... my brain was kind of asleep for few hours... so I began to take elavil earlier and now it's better. I take it around 8PM go bed around midnight and able to wake up around10AM (I still need a lot of sleep... or maybe even a little more with elavil). No other side effect. This week I've started to have more DREAMS :) I'm happy because I've red that dreams occur during the profond/paradoxal sleeping period which is truly good to repair/energize body and also tgat this phase would be almost not there with fibromyalgia... which could explain pains and tireness and everything (I believe)... I also feel less intense pain and I was able to go gym (15-20 min gentle elliptique + gentle hydromassage one day and gentle aquaforme the other day)...I've also change my diet: protein at each meals (gruau/Brown rice/quinoa/small lentils) this is to help muscles... plus green tea instead of coffee (i cut coffe to once or two a week only... like week-end coffee only... and green tea all other times)... I also cut ALL form of stress... and turned my mind into the more positive I can be even if fibromyalgia is truly hard to accept... well... I believe elavil is helping me and I want to keep it as low as possible. F 35 6 weeks
 1  50 mg for sleep I started taking 50 mg at night two months ago.i started having the shakes just not feeling well.has anyone had this happen.i was fine for two months. F 55 2 months
50 mg
 1  taking it for insomnia Couldn't sleep and gave me a very very dry mouth F 47 1 weeks
25 mg
 2  Fibromyalgia I gained 20lbs in 3 months. Uncontrollable binge eating. Always hungry. Had to stop taking it. F 46 3 months
 2  Depression Significant weight gain, drowsiness, hyper realistic dreams Honestly, I notice the most significant difference in its effect on me if I skip a dose. I've taken it 13 months now, and I barely feel different. It helped a very small amount, but if for some reason I miss a dose, I feel 5 times worse. The dreams are strange--extremely vivid. All five senses totally engaged. You feel every single thing as though it were actually happening. I've always had strange dreams, but I've never felt as much in a dream as I did on this medication. Sometimes it's just weird, but it's often unpleasant (dreaming about being stuck with needles or getting sick or being punched or choked--you feel it even though it's not actually happening). Last week I took it very late at night (around 1-2 am) and lost the whole next day sleeping. And of course the weight gain. I was gaining more and more weight even though I hadn't changed my lifestyle. Did some research, sure enough, weight gain is a side effect. I'm wondering if it's time for me to talk to my doctor about weaning off. F 21 1 years
50 mg
 1  Nerve pain in legs and anxiety I am someone who never gets angry or feels rage, but since taking this drug I have felt horrible anger and irritability, this is so not me! The feeling is all consuming. Also I have the feeling of craving something, like cigarettes or alcohol to dull the angry feeling. The nerve pain hasn't really improved either. I'm going to stop taking them, as hate this feeling. I will see the doctor and ask for a different drug, F 35 2 days
10mg 1X D
 4  General anxiety and social anxiety I began 10mg of Elavil (amitriptyline,) once per morning. On the first day, it took approx 30-45min before I felt much more alert and felt relief from tension. My anxiety usually makes my facial muscles and lips very tense. Elavil reeve the tension in my face and lips. If tension at its worst is a 10, Elavil reduced it to about a 5. I was suprised. My anxiety will usually have my handwriting looking terrible when I'm anxious. When I write now, my handwriting isn't shaky as it used to be. My hand and fingers are much more steady. My thoughts feel less rushed. I'm not on "overdrive" as I usually am. I feel that I can take my time with tasks or when speaking. I would like to increase my dose to 20mg. I've read that many find Elavil sedating so they take it at night. I take mine in the morning. I doubt I'd sleep at all if I took it at night. It makes me feel wide awake, focused and calmer at the same time. M 41 2 weeks
 4  migraines Dry mouth in the mornings, nasal cavities are dry (which is ok with me), deeper sleep, I wake up ok, just feel like I have to take a minute or 2 to really clear the cobwebs. No change in sex drive. No shakes, no nausea. I tolerate medications well. I did NOT tolerate Topamax (generic) at all. I started by taking 12.5mg, but got a migraine a few days in, so I upped it to 25mg. I have had 2 migraines since starting the med. I don't think it's preventing, but the migraine meds I take when I have a migraine work better, so that's a plus! F 36 2 weeks
25 1X D
 1  Headache's Terrible hot and cold sweats, tremors in hands, ringing ears, terrible sharp headache,confusion and constant throwing up. Had to stop taking immediately. F 26 7 days
15 MG
 5  Depression Dried out my mouth and gave me tremors in my hands. Out of a multitude of antidepressants that I have tried, elavil is the only one that has worked. Because of it I've been depression free for 5 years. F 23 5 years
400 1X D
 2  Migraine prevention I ended up soon sick.. I was throwing up the first day, could barely move, slept through the entire day, second day I was a bit better, but I was drunk, couldn't walk straight and had problems breathing. Third day I was sick again, and had gas to no end, I had stupid cheerio burps that wouldn't go away. That is the end of that medication. Ewww. F 21 3 days
 5  IBS A bit groggy in the AM, otherwise no other negative effects. I was prescribed this due to my IBS. I had been struggling with mysterious stomach issues for the past several years, following a strange 8 month long stomach virus. Recently found out what I've been experiencing lately has been ibs. It seemed like every other day there was something going on with my stomach - whether it was nausea, constipation, diarrhea, or just an overall sick feeling. Totally interfered with everyday life, as I never knew if my stomach would act up. Amitriptyline helps me tremendously. I never experience stomach issues anymore, and I am MUCH more regular; I love it. I feel normal again. I do take it at bedtime though because it puts me to sleep. Sometimes it does make me feel drowsy for a few hours the next morning, but it's not a big deal. F 26 3 months
10 mg 1X D
 3  anxiety, panic attacks Weight gain, severe constipation I loved that this medication stopped my nighttime bruxing. It also helped with sleep and was beginning to lift my mood but I couldn't tolerate the side effects. F 53 6 weeks
 3  Insomnia Dizziness and severe dry mouth. Stopped working for insomnia after a week or so of use. Side effects are worse than benefits, so stopping this med immediately. F 43 1 months
50mg 1X D