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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 2  Severe Depression and Anxiety It is very important to be extremely clear regarding side effects, not to discourage others from giving medication a chance based on what you read on these reviews including my own. If I read these reviews alone I wouldn't want to give any drug a try. You have to be open to trying something and you may be surprised that you don't experience all of the negative side effects that others write about. Each persons body chemistry is unique. The reason I tried this drug is because 6 years ago I was electrocuted/shocked by a wall heater that left me with some cognitive challenged. Before the shock, I took Zoloft for 6 years and it agreed with me beautifully, however after the shock I was no longer able to tolerate SSRI's even at the smallest dose like 5 or 10 mg. I'm still very sensitive to medication and can only tolerate 10-15 mg without feeling horrible. I took this medication for four months. I also have Multiple Sclerosis and Endometriosis. For me this medication was to sedating. I felt like it effected every nerve in my body and in the morning I could not wake up. It felt like I was being drugged every night. It was to sedating for me and at such a small dose couldn't help my depression. It did help with relieving anxiety. I would still have to take Klonopin in the am for the anxiety so it didn't resolve it for me 100 percent. For me I had to discontinue this drug solely because of the sedation factor. But I think that's because it has a lot to do with my MS. M F 44 4 months
 1  To alleviate the effects of stress. If you take this drug, get a life coach first, and have your actions monitored. I was happy-go-lucky taking this drug, but separated from reality. I left the best job I ever had, lost my wife & family, my house. Basically I pissed away 20 years worth of work in under a year. I didn't care, when I should have. The result is now I have more stress and anxiety than ever. Don't make critical long-term decisions while taking this drug. M 42 6 months
1X D
 2  Bladder Incontinence After a week I began to feel paranoid and depressed, went to doctor and she said it was my generalised anxiety disorder flaring up as elavil blocks my natural serotonin. Also had intense sweating, feelings of sadness and guilt, became critical of everything I did and very irritable. M 24 10 weeks
 5  Burning Mouth Syndrome/Sjogren's Difficulty waking up in the morning. This medication has decreased the amount of pain from Burning Mouth Syndrome and Sjogren's. It has the added bonus of removing or lessening any depressing thoughts. I take 2.5 hours before I plan to go to sleep in order to lessen issues with waking up. F 48 4 years
50 MG 1X D
 3  headaches, anxiety, urinary issues Dry mouth, craving sweets, dissociation, feeling like my body and brain aren't interacting properly. Very odd to me like my hands always feel strange I sometimes feel like I'm walking on a balance beam it's almost a chore to walk. My right eye has been twitching for 2 weeks since I upped my dosage. It did help the migraines, definitely isn't helping my anxiety and is mildly helping my urinary issues (frequency, urgency) but I changed my diet and eliminated as much sugar as possible which is probably why my bladder is feeling better. I have to take my moms Ativan to calm my nerves on this stuff I'm all on edge and twitchy. All in all it's not that bad, the side effects are off putting but the med is cheap and it's has greatly improved my tension headaches. I might stop and try something else because of the weakness and strange feeling in my limbs but if nothing else works I'll come back to this drug as it's cheap and really makes me sleep like a log. F 22 2 months
 5  Depression Dry mouth is the only thing but it really works good. M 35 1 months
25 mg
 1  Fibromyalgia and sleep I wanted to kill myself and I destroyed my life. F 31 2 years
 4  Migraines At first, groggy in morning, clears after a few minutes. (normal to feel side effects for up to 3 weeks before med kicks in, hang in there) Severety of migraines lessened, was getting them every week, now if I feel a little twinge coming, I can take a tylenol and it will work. Suffered for over 40 years with hormonal migraines. Wish I would have tried this sooner, glad I found it though. No weight gain with 10mg, sleep much better now and feel overall good about life. Am actually able to start walking and exercising a bit now without worry of a migraine starting. Overall happy with it! F 51 3 months
10mg 1X D
 3   Increased anxiety and agitation, sleepiness in the morning, waking up at night. F 69 1 months
20 MG
 4  Severe nerve damage Extreme dry mouth. Must always have a bottle of water. Lost half my teeth. Had to get caps everywhere you could see. $22,500. But, I kept increasing it and now I've been on 100 mil. Did not help my pain, but it is the best sleep med I've ever had. So, I don't intend to ever stop taking it because I can't sleep at all with out it. I was in a serious MVA with a truck running a light, he totaled my small car. I am on many meds since that happened to me. I was 38 years old, he took away my life. Elavil gives me a good night's sleep. F 60 7 years
 5  depression, anxiety, migraines None The best antidepressant for me! I was sick with SSRI, I can't tolerate them. I have no side effects with only 10 mg of Elavil and I am feeling better after two week. It is sedating first few days but now it makes me "normal", relaxed, happy without anxiety like my old self. No drug-sensation and no weight gain until now. First days I was very hungry but not so much after a few days. I also suffer from migraines and maybe it's working. So with a single drug I can fix three problems: depression, anxiety and migraines. I'm really grateful for it! F 39 2 weeks
 4  Migraines Drowsy, some dizzy, heart racing daily headaches became manageable and when I get a migraine it's minor compared to before F 27 3 days
 5  Anxiety and sleep aid I've taken this drug twice in my life and it's been a life saver each time. However, it made me gain 50+ lbs each time. Sounds rediculous I'd take it again but it fixed all my other issues better than anything else I've ever taken. This medicine is great if u have a great handle on diet and exercise. Being small has always been easy for me as I have a very high metabolism....but I didn't stay as active as I needed to to continue this med. I've been changed to nortriptyline and it's decreased my appetite significantly and still works almost as good for anxiety and sleep :) F 45 1 days
50 mg
 2  Chronic headaches Increased constant headache Does this initial increase of headaches go away the longer you stay on it? M 50 1 months
15 mg
 4  Dr. RX 4 migraines cured anxiety! The first month or so I had experienced side effects such as dry mouth, constipation, dry eyes and itching. I did not have all these side effects at one time nor did they all last the full month. It has decreased my appetite significantly. I have lost 15lbs. This is the first time in my life that I'm not fearful of "something". I'm normally anxiously awaiting an illness, injury, or a devastating disaster. I've never known so much contentment. I'm good with that! I still experience some migraines but not near as frequently. I'm very happy with this medicine and plan on keeping it around. F 42 4 months
25 mg
 4  Panic attacks & depression Sleepiness, but I consider that a good side effect because I always had trouble sleeping. I also have fewer headaches and less night time itching. The main unwanted side effect has been brain fog, and because of that I am looking for alternatives. For panic attacks, I would prefer calming, but will settle for numbing. Amitriptyline stopped the panic attacks. It is the most reliable thing I've tried for that. M 58 8 years
 1  Interstitial cystitis This med turned me into a fat, sugar-craving zombie. I gained significant weight, although admittedly I was on other meds with same side effect, so I think it was a bit of a triple whammy on the weight. Also, it was very sedating. Even though I took it at night, the fatigue continued right through the day without fail. That seemed to decrease a little with time, but not a lot. I never had the least bit of pain relief. I may have had fewer migraines, but I still had plenty of them - at least 3 days per month. Again, I didn't experience any pain relief whatsoever on this med. All it did was give me side effects. I just discontinued it, so I'm not sure if I will experience an increase in migraines. F 35 6 months
 3  depression A 45 year old female on medication for anxiety and pain my doctor was worried about me after my dad passed she prescribed me Elavil 50 milligrams at bedtime when my husband gets in bed in the middle of the night he says I am soaking wet forehead shirt excetera does anybody else have this problem please help Don't take it unless you have to F 45 1 months
50 milligr
 4  insomnia After starting elavil, blood pressure was dangerously high and developed congestive heart failure. While it helped with condition prescribed for, insomnia, it caused my blood pressure to be high enough to require medication. I was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure when I had never previously had any problems. The least but still concerning effect was rapid weight gain. I gained about 50lbs in a few months. After stopping medication, blood pressure and heart function are returning to normal. Weight gain has stopped also. F 46 3 months
 4  For migraine Severe angry rages unexpected from out of nowhere at my spouse MOSTLY, For no apparent reason whatsoever!, I'm so afraid I'm on the verge of losing my spouse and Yet I'm afraid to stop the medicine in fear of having the crippling migraine pain return, What am I to do? It's the only thing that has helped the pain go away F 42 3 weeks
50 mg