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 1  nerve pain/inability to sleep MVA Extremely vivid nightmares, personality change, suicidal thoughts, weight gain and terrible withdrawal after stopping 10mg dosage Nightmares continued for weeks afterward. Effectivenss in helping with sleep decreases over time necessitating increased dosages. Would never take this drug again under any circumstances!! Dangerous. F 55 7 days
 3  20 migraines per month Fatigue, difficuly urinating, severe stomach pains (taking 40mg each evening before bed) Elavil brought my 12-year old daughter's migraines down to 5-6 per month. She had been on it for 15 months when we believed her frequent stomachaches were due to the Elavil. We abruptly stopped the Elavil (unwise!). This caused a 21-day migraine which we could not get rid of with Imitrex nor Zomig nor anything. My daughter was also vomiting daily in the shower, and sometimes several times in the middle of the night. She was dizzy and stumbling around. She was dropping things, like juice containers. She essentially spent three weeks on the couch, sleeping a lot. We had to take her out of school. We have since put her back on Elavil (30 mg before bed) but she is again having trouble urinating even when her bladder feels very full. We're going to try Topamax! F 40 17 months
 2  insomnia, depression Jitteriness; sores on gums; gross taste in mouth; extreme fatigue; intermittent numbness in arms, fingers, lips, and roof of mouth Started on 12.5 mg at night. Am now taking 25 mg. I have severe maintenance insomnia, waking up every 6 minutes during the night. Elavil did not help this problem, but did cause very weird, vivid dreams. I also feel even more tired than when I wasn’t on the medication. It has done nothing for my depression. F 39 3 weeks
 5  Depression, insomnia, migraines dry mouth, decreased sex drive I started taking 100mg a day until I experienced the full effect, and I have decreased to 50mg for maintenance. It is the sixth antidepressant that I have taken in the last 12 years, and it is the only one that has made a dramatic improvement in my life. I have not had an episode since I started taking the medication, and it successfully treats my insomnia. Also, I have only had two, count them two, migraines since I started taking the medication. I used to have at least two a month. F 24 1 years
 4  Fibromyalgia/Insomnia/Minor Depress Dry mouth and dry eyes(dry eyes could be FM too), also harder to get up and going in the morning- groggy for several hours after waking Overall, this works fairly well for me to help with my FM pain and inability to sleep. Without it- I am up ALL NIGHT and feel even more achey. Recently went to 50mg from being able to dose as needed between 10-30mg. Doctor did say was safe to take up to 100mg per dose-BUT 4 seemed to work for me, so we just went with the 50mg.Other than groggy feeling- helps alot with getting deep sleep-can remember my dreams now-which means I am sleeping deeper and better! F 30 5 months
 3  depression and anxiety vivid dreams almost every night, dry mouth at first, i feel it has helped my depression more than anything so far. no weight gain. F 44 6 months
 3  depression w/ anxiety disorder and I took elvil for the insomnia part of my anxiety disorder for many years. It works well for sleep aid and overall calming, but as I always do, I had bad morning hangover effect. I did gain weight and had some problems with overeating. Taking this or other medicine causing dry mouth can give dental probles so extra care was needed-sometimes a saliva substitute. **problem-I believe this RX is used for pain and nueralgia's also--well for me this meant that Degenerative disc desease in my neck went undetected IN my opinion because of the medication's nerve pain properties. I've been off it for 2 years and sonce then have discovered how much pain I have & I now need major surgery (corpectomy) for my neck (I am only 38, this is an unusual case of severe degeneration) ? could I have had a lessor surgery, I believe so if I hadn't used this drug for so long. *Just one person's experience. F 38 5 years
 2  Insomnia tachycardia (racing heart rate) Have taken 25mg Elavil for approx. 3 yrs for sleep and for the most part was getting good results. Suddenly in the last 10 nights, my heart starts racing like a locomotive about 30 mins after bedtime. If asleep, this always wakes me up. This will last for a couple of hours and then I will fall asleep for my normal 3-5 hours per night. Feel like crap. Stopped taking elavil for one night, no racing heart, little sleep and a tension headache the next day I won't soon forget. Dropped dose to 10mg, still experiencing mild tachycardia, still can't sleep. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. M 47 3 years
 4  migraines Hard to wake up in the morning, cotton mouth. I have been on elavil for 3 years and went from having 3 or 4 headaches a month that would last for days to barely having any at all. I am now on 100mg b/c of a few headaches I've recently had, but overall this had worked wonders for me. I can't imagine going back to the pain I had before I started taking this. F 30 3 years
 1  Daily Headaches Anxiety, Nervousness, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, INCREASED Sex Drive I was taking 25 mg. at bedtime. This was my first time to take an antideppresant. I know exactly when this drug went into effect. I had a panic gripping my chest that lasted the next 2 weeks! I stopped sleeping and was having to take Ambien 10 to go sleep. I could tell that the symptoms were getting worse and called my neurologist and stopped taking Elavil. I'd rather have the headaches! The increase in sex drive was a nice side effect! I think this drug had a completely opposite affect on me than normal. (It takes a while to get out of your system.) F 39 30 days
 1  Sleep disorder Pain and burning in fingers and toes, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, flu like symptoms, dry mouth and eyes, uncontrolable muscle twitching and tremors primarily in my legs, tinnitus. I was prescribed 10mg of Elavil a night for minor sleep apnea in the hopes I could get some restfull sleep while using my CPAP. Well this medication did help me fall asleep and probably increased my restfull sleep but the side effects were just too much. About 2 weeks after I started taking it, I started feeling a burning pain and stiffness in my hands, fingers and toes. Then came the excessive night sweats, headaches, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure and general malaise. I came off of Elavil 6 weeks ago and the pain, burning and tingling in my hands has gone away although I am still feeling the effects of withdrawal. I still have minor trembling and twitching in my legs and some mild dry mouth. This medication ruined my life for over 4 months and I would never recommend taking it. It may work for some of you, but the side effects were too much for me. M 44 4 months
 5  Fibromyalgia Syndrome Morning grogginess, low energy, minor weight gain & difficulty losing, insomnia on higher doses. I have tried many different drugs to treat my FMS, but Elavil (10 mg.) is the only one that made enough positive difference to make the side effects livable (I tend to get every side effect on the books). I have tried 2 times to stop taking it, but my sleep is restless and less restorative and my overall pain increases slightly without it. My doc also increased the dose to 25 mg. once to try to help with another problem, but I noticed insomnia immediately. Gradually increasing the dose helped (unfortunately the problem wasn't solved). It has been very helpful for me. F 33 10 years
 1  Migraine Headaches Total zombie like feeling. I basically had no energy and basically had little desire to eat, have sex, or get out of bed! I'm a fairly big guy and the 25mg dose once a day made me feel like Gumby. This medication was not for me and I suggest the lowest dosage that you can manage when first starting this course of therapy. M 35 21 days
 5  Fibromyalgia Pain and Depression Some dry mouth, but it appears that this is getting better after a few weeks on the medication. I did not respond at all to SSRI's. For years, I was bounced between different ones, and noticed no effect other than a lack of sex drive. After 5 days on Amitriptyline/Elavil, I feel much, much better. Although the drug did make me drowsy at first, after the drug took the depression away, I have more energy than I have right now in years. I feel alive again, when I was felt hopeless just a few weeks prior. If you don't respond to SSRI's, I highly recommend giving this medication a shot. You may have to drink more water or chew some gum, but it's worth it. Even at 125MG a day, living in Chicago, the cost? Only $14 a month to live again. M 27 40 days
 3  pain, migraines Dry mouth, daytime grogginess. I have been on 20mg for one week. I have noticed a deeper sleep and relief from headaches and pain. So far I would recommend a low dose of elavil for people who have fibromyalgia. I have been diagnosed for this because I have constant pain all over. Now that I have read these other ratings that say to take it earlier, I will do that starting tonight. If I get more sleep at night, I can do more during the day and I have noticed that I am accomplishing more now on this drug. F 47 7 days
 4  Fibromyalgia, insomnia dry mouth, reduced ejaculate, urinary retention, morning grogginess It's the only thing that's helped me sleep deeply. It doesnt always work, but it's better than no sleep at all. M 34 2 years
 3  vulvar vestibulitis first taking 10 mg i got dry mouth for the first 3 days then it went away. After a while my Dr. told me to increase to 50 mg gradually. I was okay going to 25 then to 35mg but when I reached 50mg, I started to have problems. I felt confusion, shakiness, slight tremors and felt out of it because of my body was feeling weird and jittery I think you should be very carefull when going up on mg. Try to stick with the mg that feel safe. It is great for getting good sleep. But stay in your comfortable zone in doses and it does help a little F 26 4 months
 3  fibromyalgia dry mouth (more at first, then occasionally), severe constipation leading to weight gain, severely blurred vision, difficulty urinating, very groggy and hard to get going the next day, increased pulse and lowered blood pressure My first two weeks of taking 25 mg of Elavil were pure bliss! I have fibromyalgia and always woke up stiff. Elavil helped me sleep (along with valerian), and I woke up without pain. Over the past two months, though, its effectiveness wore off (my shoulder blades are stiff and sore as I write this), and the constipation has been horrible, and the blurred vision has become a major problem. I would give anything for it to work without those two problems! I just got a sample of Cymbalta to try, and am hoping it works. Morning stiffness and pain from doing anything are both the pits! F 36 2.5 months
 5  depression and fibromyalgia Dry mouth and some lightheadedness on standing. Side effects went away after several weeks. I am writing because I have read many comments on here about people adjusting the dose on their own, or worse still, stopping cold turkey. This is VERY DANGEROUS with any antidepressant. You must increase the dose gradually and reduce it gradually. Please remember that all antidepressants affect the neurotransmitters in your brain. You need to be monitored. That said, the tricyclics like elavil are the gold standard for me. I do not respond to the SSRI's such as paxil. If you have depression that has not responded to an SSRI, you might need a drug such as elavil that also boosts the level of norepinepherine, which the SSRI's do not help with at all. Do not give up. There are many options out there. Another comment: people are mentioning dosages as low as 5mg-for this drug, 25 mg is standard for fibromyalgia and 75 mg is standard as a starting dose for depression. Allowable doses run as high as 300 mg under close supervision. I was on 150 mg for years but need only 75 mg now. I s F 55 15 years