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 4  post operative pain Trouble waking up in the morning, vivid dreams, nighmares, loss of short term memory, slows you up during the day, no sex drive, moody in the morning Good to make you sleep when you have post-operative pain, but there are to many side effects for me. I think this drug must be taking temporarely. F 43 50 days
 1  misdiagnose of stress very bad anxiety plus "buzzing" in whole body it turns out I had a bad gall bladder but doctors at a prestigious hospital decided it was stress (though they didn't tell me) and wanted me on elavil. I had bad reactions immediately but I was told this was normal and my body would adjust. It never did-I went off it after 5 weeks but 3 years later am still feeling its effects. It has (possibly) ruined my life. M 50 5 weeks
 5  Insomnia, depression cotton mouth, jitters (if caffeine is present in my system), Loss of sexual desire. I started taking Elavil (amitriptyline) six years ago. It was prescribed by my analyst as a treatment for chronic insomnia which I have had since childhood. I take my dose around 7:30 - 8p... by 10p-- boom boom out go the lights! -- To my recollection, I had NEVER experienced sleepiness. I am up to 150 mg per day. That sounds huge compared to other posts I have read! I had to gradually increase from 75mg. Cotton mouth is one side effect: doesn't bother me. If I have caffeine in my system (coffee, soda, tea, chocolate) I get the jitters. The most omnipresent side effect is a severely reduced sex drive. To be honest, that has been a good thing. I was "way" oversexed for way too long. This has given both me and my wife a break. M 42 6 years
 5  insomnia Starts with dry mouth drowsy upon waking for about 2 weeks, then none Works well started at 5 mg but have raised it to 10. I still wonder about the long term effects of the use of this drug. But it does the job for my insomnia. F 50 3 years
 1  rheumatoid arthritis extreme and unreasonable depression this was taken in an effort to alleviate pain according to my ra doc - i figure it was a trial and error in early treatment - making sure i wasnt suffering from psychological "pain". later research led me to realize that taking an antidepressant when you are no depressed will exacerbate the medicine. F 35 8 days
 2  depression & insomnia Dry mouth, I chew gum and drink tea or water 24/7. ten pound wieght gain after five years. Groggyness if I get less than 7 hours sleep. Constipation. I eat fruit, veggies, whole grains, and still need Senekot. I continue to take it because I feel like I can not sleep without it. I have tried at least 6 newer antidepressants and they all caused SEVERE insomnia in me. I take 50 mg. It worked for me while teaching pre-k and being a soccer mom. Now that I am in college, I feel retarded on it. I am cutting them in 1/2 and taking Valerian root. It seems to help me not feel so yucky in the a.m. I am glad that you guys all shared, because now I do not feel like I'm crazy. I had floaters too floating eye spots. I feel like I have to explain that I suffered a traumatic death before I started taking the drug, Now the grief is much better and it is time to say goodbye to elevil. it makes me feel lazy too like I don't want to do anything but look at the unfolded laundry. I had no motivation on it. F 32 5 years
 4  interstitial cytsitis F 28
 1  insomnia shocking feeling in my head when something surprised me. like if my dog barked i would get an electric shock in my mind. didn't help with sleep, caused vivid dreams and nightmares, only took for 9 days but the withdrawal was horrible. took 50mg and it ruined my life. made insomnia worse. M 19 9 days
 4  Fibromyalgia Dry Mouth, First few weeks very groggy in the morning, Toss and turn all night if I dont take it. Helped take away most of my constant various pain. There are times when I still have some pain but it is no longer life draining. I am able to function normally once again. Prior to elavil I spent much of my day on the couch making parenting toddlers very difficult. I take 10mgs at night F 37 9 months
 4  insomnia good for sleep!!! withdrawls suck! 25-75mg a night M 23 6 months
 1  for pain severe anxiety attack, uncontrolled frightening thoughts had only one pill (10 mg) - had to call 911 because of the severe reaction - never assume what works for others will be OK for you F 51 1 days
 4  trigeminal neuralgia weight gain, increased appetite, never seem satisfied with the amount eaten, nor type of food Appreciate the change from the constancy of the pain to at least a masking of it, knowing it is only a masking and not a cure. Has enhanced my ability to smooth over rough and jagged edges of nerves that came as a result of the head trauma. F 54 1 weeks
 5  Intense burning in vaginal area Weight gain, tired, calmer. It worked for my problem and I seem to have less anxiety over little things, such as problems at work, etc. It's the only medication that has helped me at all. I've tried many and I finally feel as though I have my life back. F 37 3 months
 4  Insomnia, sleep disorder headache, neck/shoulder spasms 10 mgs is WAAY too much. I smash it and take no more than 2-3 mgs at a time. (I'm just starting out, though.) I take this dosage about 3 days in a row, until I wake up with headache and shoulder cramps, then I go off it for a couple days (the side effects go away immediately) until the sleep problems return, then back on it. It stays in your system pretty well over time. I didn't know this was a pain med ! I just use it for its drowsiness effect, and it does bring on a nice, deeper sleep. They say it's not habit-forming, but I'm sure you'll develop tolerance. Just don't take that whole pill at first or you'll be sleeping all day! And start at *really* low dose and increase very gradually, even if it means you're taking pill-dust as dosage. F 27 3 months
 5  Migraine preventative Not many side effects. Some dry mouth and that's about all. I am currently taking 50mgs a night and I've gone from status migraines to maybe 4 or 5 migraines per month. A significant reduction with very little side effects. I would recommend any chronic migraine sufferer to try this medication. It does take awhile to kick in-2 to 3 weeks to reach steady state. F 34 3.5 months
 3  Migraines Lots of weight gain and insatiable appetite. At 100mg a day, this decreased migraine frequency but was not worth the significant amount of weight gain as a trade off. F 25 2.5 months
 1  depression Sleepy This med worked for depression, but I gained so much weight. It slows your rmr. F 33
 3  pain from shingles, fibromyalgia sleepiness, groggy, and very moody,,unusual for me~ going to try it for a few more nites, and see what happens, might have to get it into my system for it to work without the side effects? F 58 2 days
 5  chronic pain Worked immediately and helped me sleep without feeling drugged. A wonder drug! F 27 4 years
 1  insomnia agitation and severe drowsiness AT THE SAME TIME First night I took 10mg and all night I was extremely agitated and sleepy. Horrible, worse than my normal insomnia. Second night I cut the pill in half for 5mg and had horrible restless sleep, waking every hour or so. I am on to another drug to try for insomnia. This drug made my normal insomnia seem pretty good. It was a horrible horrible two nights. F 33 2 days