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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  Migrains Made me a little sleepy, then one night after 2 weeks of taking this medication, I heard a noise in my head. I quit taking the meds. I have never had another migraine and that was 25 years ago..It was the best thing that ever happened to me.. I also have never had any depression not even one day in the last 25 years... F 64 14 days
30MG 1X D
 4  headaches/depression Sluggish. But my headaches are gone and I don't have any other complaints. I'm on a low dose too. I recommend this medicine to people who aren't use to taking medications. So far so good. F 37 7 days
 4  Headaches and anxiety Extreme fatigue, deep sleep that was hard to wake up from, dry mouth, weight gain. It took 3 months to start helping my anxiety; it did not help my tension headaches. I gained 20 pounds while on it and the headaches continued so I got off of it. Currently looking into other options for anxiety. I am experiencing mild withdrawal such as sleep disturbances, hot flashes and dizziness. F 27 9 months
100mg 1X D
 5  Migraines Dry Mouth Elavil worked great for my migraines and helped me get to sleep at night and rest. Even being on a low dose I saw results immediately. F 29 30 days
10 MG 1X D
 1  It ruined my teeth Teeth broke F 39 1 months
50 mg
 4  Insomnia, add on to Prozac Dry mouth Once we got to 75mg did help with sleep and did well as an add on to Prozac M 52 6 months
 5  fibromyalgia Omg....huge help to relax and iradicate pain. Also I have never had so much good sex! Made me feel very horny and breasts swelled up to the point I thought i was going to lactate again. Apparently a symptom is increased prolactin hence the feeling of being engorged. F 48 10 days
 4  migranes, sleep none noticed works great at quieting the mind so I can sleep, no help with headaches. F 47 9 months
25 1X D
 1  For chronic pain & fibromyalgia EDGIE- ANXIOUS TO A COMPLETE DIFFERENT DEGREE- ANGRY- SHAKING- VOLITIL RAGE- THOUGHTS OF TAKING ALL MY RX'S @ ONCE- CHATTER IN MY HEAD WOULD NOT STOP- COULDNT FOCUS ON ANYTHING- FULL BLOWN -10 WAY CONVERSATION GOING ON IN MY HEAD- BAZAR DREAMS- HATEFUL- BEYOND MOODY!! Did Not Help With ANY Pain @ All.. Have No Patients With ANYTHING!!! Hating Life.. I Hate This Medicine & I Tried It -1 Night & It Was Awful & Trying It Again Now & Im Still Awake After Taking It @ -12:00AM & Its Now -4:18AM NOW!!! Feel Really Pissy About Anything Right Now!!! Will NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PILL OF THIS CRAP AGAIN.... DONT WANT TO END UP IN PRISON FOR RAGING OUT OF MY FRICKEN MIND!!!! F 50 1 days
 3  Fibromyalgia Dry mouth, anxiety, uncontrollable shaking, irritability, moody Really disappointed that I could not continue this medication. The day after my first bedtime dose I woke up shaking and could not stop crying the entire day. Second day I was worse and very irritable with high anxiety. Third day I missed work due to panic and the shaking. The medicine did help relieve my pain but just was not something my system could tolerate. If you can tolerate it I recommend giving it a go for fibro pain. Every medicine is different for everyone. I am on to Neurontin now and hope to have better luck with that. F 46 5 days
10 1X D
 4  depression, insomnia None yet So far so good Read about 150 posts by others Which made me hesitate to take it. It appears young folks (20 and under) get sick off it. this medicine is for someone Who has tried just about every rX out there with limited relief. I sleep all through the nite (had To get up 3-4 times a nite to pee Before. No crazy dreams or sleep Driving as reported by others. Had What I thought was a nervous stomach which this med seemed to fix. Feel more relaxed and in control. Before would lay in bed all day with frequent crying bouts. I take strong pain meds which after 10 years hardly worked. This med Helps with that too. Concerned About weight gain and claims that It is highly addictive. I will Keep taking until side effects Show up. This is a love it or hate it drug. Also helps add and ptsd. M 60 1 days
50 mg
 3  Anxiety,depression Dry mouth. Groggy in the morning. I took this drug as a teenager for anxiety and it worked a treat. This time round I don't feel any relief. Although I on a low dose to start and its early days so I guess I need to be patient. It does help my back pain and I'm slightly less stressed. F 34 3 months
 4  migraine preventative and insomnia Weight gain, and sleepiness(which I needed) Didn't really work as a migraine preventative, but it helps me sleep. It also relieves a little of my chronic pain. F 36 1 years
100 mgs
 3  Pain Find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Heavy head, feeling sick, tension. So many people rate it as good, but though there is slight pain reduction I feel it is messing with my head F 80 7 days
10mg 1X D
 5  to control interstitial cystitis pa This was my miracle drug. I sleep better, I have zero ic symptoms. It's increased my sex drive and sex has never been better. Added perk I guess! No side effects to complain about others than dry mouth. F 32 1 days
50 mg at n
 1  Sleep Problems Made me sleepy. Made me feel nervous during the next day. I only took this as I couldn't get my doxepin I usually take for sleep. It does make you drowsy like doxepin but has effects on serotonin that can make you feel paranoid. Avoid if you have any tendency to psychosis or severe anxiety. M 50 3 days
25 MG 1X D
 5  Insomnia None F 38 4 days
 2  Anxiety, Insomnia, and IBS relief I sleep much better but get nothing done the next day. It has killed my motivation to do anything. There is even a touch of depression just under the surface. M 50 4 weeks
10 mg 1X D
 3  concussion Depth Perception on steps,balance F 63 2 months
 3  ibs, anxiety The started me at 25mg And now its 50mg n still team no sleep. F 35 3 weeks