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 3  Migraines Shortness of breath, Exhausted throught the day, very vivid dreams, dizzy, lightheaded Although i've only been on this for a couple of days, i've noticed changes in my sleeping patterns, dreaming, and headaches. The headaches are worse. the only way i can describe it is like the headaches are fighting with the medication. I sleep in too late. I can't seem to find the motivation or energy to get outta bed. My dreams are more frequent and vivid. And upon waking up and for a few hours afterward I am light headed and dizzy. I get small blackout moments. i feel like i cant get enough oxygen to my lungs. F 23
 3  Migraines COnstipation, Fast heart Rate, WEIGHT GAIN Helped some with migraines, definetley with sleep. Still had to take over the counter headache medicine. I gained 27lbs in five months- Could not stand the weight gain any longer- went off to try something else. F 33 5 months
 1  migranes strange psychological confusion, depression, dry mouth, irratibility about two hours ago i went through in intense and scary feeling of a wave of depression washing over me. i literally still feel like i have gone completely insane. i am not on any other meds and i hate this drug and will never take it again. my headaches went away after about 2.5 weeks, on 10mg taken at night once daily, but if the mental issues keep occuring, it isnt worth it. F 17 3 weeks
 5  Depression F 61 32 years
 4  migraines and sleeplessnss dry mouth noticed once or twice a day, but not terribly bothersome. I chew more gum and drink more water now. Increased appetite but not have gained any weight due to watching what I eat. Definitely sleep more soundly and go back to sleep more easily when waking during night. My headaches seem to be hormonal (menopause) and are intermittent. Since I began Elavil (15 mgs per day taken near bedtime) I have had no headaches or stiff neck and I am sleeping well. However first three weeks I had a lot of difficulty waking up in the morning. Am trying to take the Elavil a little earlier than bedtime and don't seem quite so tired in the morning. So far it has been beneficial. I cut a 10 mg pill in half to medicate at 15 mg. 20 mgs at bedtime makes me too sleepy. F 52 4 weeks
 1  Migranes Tintinitus(Ringing in the ears),Fatigue I am a Clinical Pharmacist.. I was given this by a Neurologist for my Atypical Migraines.. Got Tintinitus with in a few days.. took 25mg for 2 nights.. then 12.5mg for 6nights.. Could not tolerate the higher dose.. When I told the Neurologist of my side effects.. She had never heard of it.. 36hrs after I stopping I am getting some relief from the ringing in the ears.. M 41 8 days
 3  Migraines & sleep Bigtime weight gain; also on Lithium, Methadone & tapering off (like 1 mo.left @ 37.5 mg) Effexor. Also ttried numerous anti-depressants before Lithum. Gained 100 lbs in 1 1/2 years +/- so be careful!! No sex drive. I sleep great. I am on 50 mg/day; thinking of going off due to weight gain & lack of sex drive. While this works for sleep hasn't really helped with Migraines much. F 41 12 months
 5  clinical depression Severe dry mouth on high dosages. Gum chewing increased saliva saving my teeth. Slightly constipating-for me that was good. Took a long time to adjust so that I wasn't a zombie. For me the difference between taking elavil and not taking it is like miraculous healing. I sleep well, return to sleep readily, wake refreshed. Stops back pain. Many generic brands are not nearly as effective as others for me. The worst ones for me are carried by the big stores. If I could afford it I would take elavil and not the generic. F 61 26 years
 3  Migrains-update I wrote back on Dec. 29th after being on Elavil 10mg for 4 weeks. I have now been on it for a little over 3 months-I have increased my dose to 15-20 mg. I am having 4-5 migrains a month-down from 8-10, but still more than I would like. Still not too bad with the side effects-my memory seems to be worse-not sure if it's the meds or old age! Great sleep still. I only have to take 50 mg of Imitrex to abort a migrain-down from 100mg. I have gained about 3 pounds-I definately crave sweets-I try to stay aware so I don't overdo it-everything is a choice! Not as happy as I was at first-seem to need to keep increasing the mgs to keep it effective. I plan to stay on it for now. F 44 3 months
 3  IC Weight gain, breast enlargment, tired all day, quick to get angry F 28 4 months
 3  Severe migraines and insomnia I have experienced the severe dry mouth, now almost non-existent and the weight gain has been horrible, I too have also had a couple of really bad anger outbursts, I actually got into a physical altercation with my husband who is 6'2 and 225! I have had only one bad migraine since starting the Elavil, 100 mg, but the anger outbursts and weight gain have me seriously considering not taking it anymore, I have a followup appt with my MD in 2 weeks, so I will see. F 35 2.5 months
 5  Nerve pain, Depression,Migraines Weight gain initially (30-40 lbs) but not sure what drug(s)caused it. Pain Mgmt Dr was 7th Dr/Surgeon/Specialist I saw & he figured out my problem & a solution!!! He took me off 150-180mg of oxycontin was on for 2-3 mos w/pain still at 6-8 on pain scale. Told me to stop taking it that day and switched me to methadone, lyrica and ELAVIL. In a few days elavil w/methadone & lyrica took away the severe/kidney stone type pain I was experiencing BUT unable to function-- became a zombie for about a year & didn't work or drive. Pain Mgmt Dr. diagnosed me w/nerve damage from having 6 inch kidney cyst drained (2 pop cans worth of fluid), filled with alcohol for 1 hr to scar it. It deadened the nerves on outside of kidney. They re-generated 18 mos later & sent severe pain signals to my brain. He told me on 1st visit I would need a neurostimulator implant (normally used for back pain/failed surgeries-- Jerry Lewis has one) but had to fail 3 therapies 1st. I failed them, but took 4 months & 3 denials before ins. OKd the implant trial. Finally had neurostimulator implant, outpatient, quick surgery 14 mos after sudden pain. IT WORKED!!! (ins pd $47,000 for the unit--explains the long approval process). Will need it the rest of my life & every 8-10 years unit changed. I literally "charge my (internal, implan F 51 2 years
 4  Migraines Started with 10mg, the second week went up to 20 mg. Prior to taking elavil I was experiencing migraines every 2 weeks, have only had a very mild one lasting only a day in the 2 months that i've been taking Elavil, but, I have gained over 10 lbs in the 2 months, so I wont' be taking it any longer. No other side affects were noted for me, if it didn't make me gain weight I would stay on it. F 45 2 months
 4  urethral syndrome, general anxiety very dry mouth and excessive thirst, weight loss. desipit the very dry mouth (feel like i could drink a bath tub full of water!) this is the only treatment that has stopped my painful bladder spasms - i used to suffer for months with bladder pain and the feeling of constantly needing the loo, but have been pain free for 2 years now which is a first! despite the dry mouth, which is a pain, i wouldn't want to stop taking it. I'm now on 75mg at night - helps a lot with sleeping too. Dont know whether it's helping with anxiety cos I've only been on this dose for 2 weeks (before it was 25mg and no dry mouth!) There are some helpful saliva substitutes on the market, like glandosane and biotin, but nothing is as good as your own! will continue on this treatment - it has also decreased my appetite (or maybe it's all that water I'm drinking filling me up!) - hence I have lost some weight, which being over-weight is a good thing for me! F 2 years
 5  Chronic Daily Migraines Was on 30mg of Elavil for about 3 weeks and it had no effect on my daily migraines (chronic daily headaches). My doctor increased my dose to 50mg and I imediately saw relief. Havent had a migraine in over 2 months (small headache once or twice). Side Effects: I sweat a lot more when working out, dry mouth (was bad at first, but now I can hardly tell), sleepiness (was falling asleep at work the first week I took it, but now I take it at night and only makes me kind of drowsy), never had the sweet tooth until recently, but I am aware of it and don't overindulge (no weight gain yet), vivid dreams. F 30 2 months
 4  migraine and neck pain dry mouth, excessive weight gain but that's because of my excessive sweet tooth craving, constipation, I was really groggy in the morning but good thru out the day at first. I want to know what to do about the cravings besides quiting the medication. I have blurred vision and I just wear my glasses when I read and it's okay. sex drive is low :( I've been taking 10mg for my migraines and neck pain, it's been working good. I sleep real good at night, I have to take to medication about two hours before I go to bed and I get up on my own 8 hours later. I have no migraine or neck pain unless I forget to take then I have really bad pain in my neck and head.I like the fact that I'm not as stressed as I use to be. F 42 4 months
 3  Fibromyalgia The most disturbing one to me is the anger. I noticed one other person mentioning it. I am also female and of similar age as them. The irritability would last until noon or soon and then I would be fine. It has been like this for several days and I may have to go off it, but it has helped with the pain and sleep!!! I have not found much at all as far as other people having anger problems with this drug, which makes me a little confused. Dry mouth, taste, and zombie-ism went away after first 1-2 weeks. F 22 4 weeks
 1  Unexplainable stomach cramps This is a terrible, terrible drug......complete loss of energy on only 25 mg a day. It was suggested by my doctor to help with unexplainable daily stomach cramps.....all is did was to make me constantly hungry for sweets...I gained 16 pounds in one month. M 55 1 months
 4  chronic headaches can't focus as well anymore, or could i ever? I started taking elavil because i had headaches 25 days a month, it was crazy, and I tried several other medications (like strong ibuprofen) while also being addicted to Excedrin. Now, my headaches have stopped but i don't feel like i can concentrate anymore, which is why i'm writing this while at work. However, my main problem with my headaches was that i could not focus, so i dont know if anything has really changed, maybe im just not a very focused person?? M 27 6 weeks
 5  Chronic Abdominal Pain Initially dry mouth, drowsyness, confusion - all of which subsided within 6 weeks; continuing difficulty urinating; recently (after 12 months or so) vivid disturbing dreams. This was prescribed at 10mg / day to help with intractible right sided abdo pain presumed to be refered from my hiatus hernia & gastric reflux. Initially this stuff sent me into a zombie-like trance for several days, but has worked wonders with my pain levels, now that I have become acustomed to it. If I try a higher dose (following pain breakthrough) I get a return of the 'fog'. I have difficulty when I try to start to urinate, and I often feel like I need to go, when I don't! I would like to wean off of it, but am very concerned that the pains would again become very bad. I'm slowly losing weight on a sensible diet, and am excersizing well - this drug has changed my life! M 53 15 months