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 2  spinal stenosis, manic insomnia WEIGHT GAIN overnight...difficult to focus...halucinations blurred vision constipation eye twitches every day wanna sleep? no doubt it will work. Groggy hangover mornings, accompanied with a severe longing to unconstipate...if you know what i mean...worsened manic episodes because of frustation and lack of focus the next day. I gained 15 1bs in 2 weeks! I never overate in fact recently lost weight and was more confident...until i took elavil 25-50 a night. Sleep w 2 yr old son same bed and i swear i saw an "entity" hover over his body. yeah ive stopped and am still out of it hopefully soon effects will leave. dont take it if your bipolar or aDD......for fibro and pain and sleep it may be beneficial but its def not for me. F 27 29 days
 4  Migraine Took the 25MG before bed and experienced weight gain 15 lbs in 4 months. Some fatigue and feeling of muscle weaknesses. My migraines were horrific and included vomitting. I also got them frequently approximately 5 times a week. Since I started taking the medicine, I feel as if I got my life back. I would like to learn how to manage my weight with this drug. I had a very stable weight prior to the drug. F 29 4 months
 3  8-10 migraines per month, insomnia ravenously hungry all the time (even after large meals), absolutely exhausted all day, lack of intrest in sex. I was given Elavil as a migraine preventative, and sleep aid. It did work quite well as a sleep aid, but trying to get through my day at work feeling like a zombie was unbearable. I needed at least 700mg of caffeine in the morning to function normally. I almost had an accident on the way to work, because I was so tired. The groggyness lasted all day. I experienced fewer migraines while on it, but since it was only for a short time, I don't know if that was just a coincidence. I was so hungry all the time that I could barely function. I was starving, and compelled to eat much more food than I usually would. I don't care for this stuff at all. There are far better treatments for insomnia and migraines with far less detrimental side effects. I am sticking with 5-HTP. It is the only thing that has helped me to have fewer migraines, while also keeping my quality of life. Elavil is EVIL. F 30 1 weeks
 3  Depression and chronic pain Severe sleepiness - I am asleep within 2 hours of taking it, and if I force myself to stay awake I experience severe shooting pains in legs. Need to take it by 8pm, otherwise have a 'hangover effect' the next day, so has somewhat disrupted my social life. I can't drink, as this heightens the drowsiness. Weight gain, dizziness, dry mouth, low blood pressure, dry eyes. Gradually built up to 75mg daily. It has greatly reduced my chronic headaches, and lessened the depression well, but the side effects are a struggle to live with...its hard to know what is worse..... F 27 3 years
 5  migraines dry mouth (for first couple of weeks); tiredness; symptoms went away within first three weeks of taking medicine I take 25mg of amitriptylin (elavil)and my migraines have been decreased from 5/6 month to only 1 a month. I have increased energy, more alert, and much more positive attitude and outlook on everyday life. F 40 3 months
 3  neck and back pain major weight gain, hard to wake up in morning, major cravings for sweets, I was taking 20 mg two hours before bedtime every night for neck and back pain. I have never slept so good. The pain went away after only three short days of being on it! It was great! The only problem is that it made me crave sweets and I gained 20 pounds in 2 months. I developed shin splints from the weight coming on so quickly. So, I had to stop taking it. Now the pain in my neck and back is becoming noticeable again. Other than the weight gain, I was very pleased with this medication. F 29 6 months
 1  tension headaches depression weightgain,hotflushes,anxiety,fast heart beat worked well for depression and chronic tension headaches, But effected my heart big time and gave me hot flushes all day. M 40 1 years
 4  Fibromyalgic pain, insomnia Dry mouth, loss of the little sex drive I had left I survived X-mas due to this drug, which is called something else (Klotripyl) in my country. The nervous breakdown didn't come until afterwards, haha. I had been taking it before but it was only when I had taken a less complex version of it (Triptyl), decreased it to 10 mg, and then stopped taking it altogether that I realized how effective it had been. I was in much greater pain and my sleep was less restorative without it. I really was a wreck. Then I started to take 25 mg at night. I skipped most of my other drugs or decreased them, but I do have to take a sleeping pill as well in order to sleep enough (my insomnia is really severe after 8 years). My mood improved as soon as I started taking it, presumably not because it's an antidepressant but because I felt less like a physical wreck and I more capable of coping with stress. F 40 25 days
 4  Fibrom,vulvodynia,insomnia,hsp Insatiable thirst, also causes me to drink more at night so I have to go to pee all the time and thus wake up often (often due to an urge to pee even if the bladder is not even half-full). I have a theory, which I'd like to share with anyone who is taking an anti-depressant, being for painrelief or depression. Some medecines seem to speed you up, causing insomnia but maybe increasing your energylevel. It works for some, but can be lethal for others. I am one of those who are energetic by nature, but my body cannot cope with my speed. So I need something to slow me down. It seems Elavil is one of those (maybe also therefore causing constipation and tiredness in some). I have chronic diarrhoea, which is typical of people with a faster way about them, always apt to changes and no tendency to gain weight. I strongly suggest you look at your own personality type before accepting to try out a new medicine. Btw, I have tried lots of medecines and only sedatives help me. Without lots of sleep I'm a wreck. F 40 25 days
 5  Chronic daily headache Some weight gain (6 or 7 pounds). Minor constipation. Vivid dreams. I am taking amitriptyline. Started at 10mg per day for a month,which had no effect. Gradually increased to 30mg per day which seemed to resolve the problem of chronic daily headaches almost completely. Over past week have tried to reduce from 30mg to 25mg but I have noticed the effect immediately as headache symptoms beginning to recur. Will stick with it a bit longer, but then may have to go back to 30mg. Am concerned that I may have to take it 'for ever' as root cause of me suddenly having multiple headaches still unknown. M 53 12 months
 3  Insomnia,Headaches,Depression Spaced out feeling This stuff is strong.I went straight in at 100mg and felt like the living dead all day.Had to run 4 miles and drink a ton of Caffeine to wake my head back up.Best to start at 25mg,and have been on 25-50mg for a month or so. Like most Psychiatric drugs,they ain't going to cure anything and certainly not as good for Depression as a good work out at the gym. M 2 months
 1  nerve pain following nerve injury Sweets cravings, weight gain, nightmares, night terror, depression I haven't had depression before and was given this medication to help with nerve pain and insomnia following surgery. At first 10mg helped me sleep, however as the dose was increased, gained 10lbs in two weeks, wanted sweets never felt full, had nightmares, would wake up during the night terrified of shadows, started feeling sad all the time, could not stop crying. I have been off it for two weeks now. I will never take Elavil again. I would rather be in constant physical pain. F 29 3 months
 3  Daily migraines Dry Mouth at first. VERY tired, hard to get up. As long as it's taken before bed I don't notice the side effects much. I started with 20mg and it worked for a few months, then the pain came back. So increased it to 40mg on drs orders. Again worked well for a few months but pain is returning. F 25 2 years
 4  Fibro. & Chronic Lofgren's Syndrome Terrible dry mouth. Neutering effects; went from oversexed appetite to total indifference to sexual activity and delayed orgasm when I DID have sex! That is VERY disconcerting! I sleep so well on this drug! I wake up well rested. This is the reason I was rx'd the drug-to help with my chronically fatigued joints and all-over pain. It has helpd some on the pain, but I see more of a sleep effect for me than a pain relieving effect for me. At my next Rheumatologist appointment in a week, I plan on getting off the med due to the side effects on the sex drive alone! It is very upseting to me, to the point of preferring more pain in order to have my *bursting* libido back! F 42 2 months
 1  Anxiety/Chronic Headaches Rapid Heart rate, depression, disoriented, blurred vision, not feeling like myself Greatest nights sleep I can fondly remember, however, the side effects are absolutely horrid. Will never take this shit again. M 32
 2  Headaches gained 40lbs, dizziness, muscle weakness, no energy, no sex drive. Its a horrible drug. I'm just finding out that all of my symptoms are coming from this drug. It's very frustrating that I was not told of these side affects and it took so long to find my problem. has anyone else experienced muscle weakness? F 29 4 years
 3  Teeth grinding/clenching Mild constipation; sleep disorders (see comments) My dentist prescribed 10mg to try to alleviate my nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. I took the pills for about two weeks and thought they really had little effect on me--other than giving me a really great night's sleep! This was just a trial period, and I stopped taking them without any noticable withdrawal symptoms. Now that the dentist has recommended a long-term dose, I have been reading this website to try to understand any longer-term side effects. And it has been really interesting to read--especially the lady who described her nightime hallucinations--because the same thing happened to me, but I did not recognize them as side effects until reading this! On several occasions I clearly heard childrens' voices, crying and footsteps running to my bed, but when I got up to check my children were sound asleep. I also "saw" a black hand coming down at me from the ceiling and other dark presences. This is not normal for me and so it is a relief to realize it may well ha M 38 14 days
 2  Vulvodynia Increase in appetite, fatigue, moodiness/depression, not feeling like myself I didn't even get to really see if Elavil would help my Vulvodynia symptoms, I couldn't deal with the side effects. My doctor wanted to keep me on it for a while longer to see if the side effects would go away but I refused. It was strange that it made me feel depressed as it is an anti-depressant. I didn't like it at all. I can't remember how much I was on, it was a fairly low dose though. F 21 2 weeks
 4  Waking up all night very anxious blurred vision, complete loss of sex drive, inability to orgasm, mild weight gain. I'm bummed about the side effects, but I was sleeping only a few hours/night and now I sleep 7 hours straight through; it's worth it. F 47 4 years
 3  endometriosis on my bladder sleepiness,weight gain, dry mouth it started to help me at first. but my doctor has to keep upping my dosage because it seems to work for a little bit then stops working. i always have to go pee. every 30 min. to an hour. F 22 2 months